Salted Fish Doesn’t Want To Work Hard Anymore


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Fang Lin, a dedicated but unprofitable eighteenth-tier star, was reborn.

He remembered the lessons of his previous life and immediately had a brand new goal in life.

–He didn’t want to work hard anymore.

Seeing all kinds of opportunities slipping away from him, his agent wanted to cry: “Brother, can we fight a little? If this continues, you won’t be able to afford food!”

Fang Lin pondered for a moment, “You have a point.”

His agent was overjoyed.

He added, “It’s time to find a thigh.”

– If he could, it was better to find the kind of cold boss who only gave money and didn’t talk about feelings.

In his last life, a certain overlord who barely crossed his path, brushed past him with a cold expression and said, “Follow me.”

This time, without shame, Fang Lin took the initiative to meet up, and happily signed the owner and salted fish “feeding” agreement.

Each took what they needed, they were both happy.

Both were adults, both were smart and knew how to find a perfect optimal solution from this relationship.

So they didn’t know when, both of them also found out that something was wrong early.

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3 Reviews

Nov 15, 2021
Status: c52

Short, sugar (baby/daddy) to lovers novel. Summary is somewhat misleading, both the NU Vers and original Chinese vers.

Mc- reborn after dying an unpopular star, summary says he wants to be a salted fish but not really. He likes acting and being praised for his works, has been grounded down by the unfortunate reality of acting into a semi-inferior complex. Gives off a certain youthful, almost naive charm despite his second life.

ML- president archetype, actually wanted to support MC with no uh benefits but MC kinda misread and formed a physical... more>> relationship. Nice guy, never really know what he's thinking.

Romance- decent emotional depth, but suffers from novel being too short. Would do well to get a bit more angst and character interaction development. MC seems to fixate on ML as the turning stone of his new life. Not bad but somewhat lacking, can kind of understand why they fell for each other but also just not quite not enough convinced of it <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 18, 2022
Status: c23
Rating 3.5 The story has depth however, there are some things that I'm uncomfortable with. Put a multiple reincarnated individuals since it's not only the MC who went back a yr ago.

As mentioned in the 1st review, the MC isn't really like a salted fish. He had given up the role bc he knew that there was a person chosen for that. Instead of being a salted fish that we had thought, he took a shortcut by climbing the ML's bed. The MC mistook that the ML helped... more>> him obtained the role but it was the MC's own effort and talent that got him the role. Also, the ML didn't clarify it given by how many opportunities he had 😅 Anyway, the ML had given MC resources. I don't really like the ML's persona here. Will probably drop <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 23, 2022
Status: --
It's alright. I agree with the 1st two reviews.

I've read the author's other work and they seem to be fond of these type of characters. They also like to build up tension and mystery but somehow it falls flat.

But overall, it really is alright. Not as brain dead or "junk" as other novels of the same setting. The fact alone that this doesn't have the typical arrogant & condescending cannon fodders, and the resulting loud, resounding face slaps, is enough for a good 4 stars.
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