Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta


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If a man ‘Levels Up’, any boring work can be repeated endlessly―Natsuno Taiyou.

“Talent” should be useful only in game, but even in reality how is it useful!?

When Taiyou woke up he received a power from a fairy “The ability to Level Up in the real world”, but immediately when leveling up boring work, surprisingly ‘charm’ had dropped down!―However, the charm level that was originally 0, has thank god become ‘65535′!

Taiyou aims to level 100. And enjoy a harem life with seven brides.

Associated Names
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I Almost Became a Living Cheat When I Raised my Level in Real Life
I Became a Living Cheat
Real de Level Age Shitara Hobo Cheat na Jinsei ni Natta
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New devilinme rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c290
It started off interesting but things just go downhill after chapter 100.

Many of the stories has sudden jump or simply not explained. Like at one point the wives are imprisoned and the MC is knocked down. And when the MC awakens next, miraculously the wives are rescued but the author didn't say by who or how.

The author feels kinda lazy (or maybe just runs out of ideas) and just want to focus on the lovey dovey portion.
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hlubkoj2020 rated it
February 26, 2016
Status: --
Let's see... dropped at v1c32

This novel is about a MC in modern day. One day he meet a annoying fairy that grant him a cheat. It allow him to LVL up just like in game. It goes for until he get the "harem" cheat ability which make him very popular with girls. Gets 3 triplets in his harem... meet some problem that involve them.

Then MC acting pu*sy and want to go easy on his enemy which gun him down and aiming to kill him, but he don't want to kill... more>> them in return.T his is mostly it. I am a BIG fan of harem and OP MC, but not pu*sy and spineless MC. <<less
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Oz-kun rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c163
Okay... This WN Is Interesting from the start, but that's all.


Once you reach chapter 100 things got messy, I mean literally.

... more>> This is only a friendly warning If you don't want to have any regrets reading this WN and at the same time releasing my dissatisfaction.

The story has a good start. The MC who Isn't a passive person. Unlike your common JP MC, But! It has a lot of problems... Idk what type of mentality has the writer have but...

First, he is a f*cking hypocrite, On a different level, those female characters from the start have a decent personality. But sadly has changed because of the force plot.

Yep, he Is forcing those genius Ideas, He was like I couldn't be careless? Like why not? But the thing Is cheese plot Is bearable, BUT! Rotten Cheese plot Is disgusting as F*ck! Why do I keep blabbing this? You will soon enough know why, in the spoiler part later.

The development of his harem is quite unique. They didn't fall for him because he is the MC = girls should love to worship him. It wasn't like that. Those girls fall for him was quite in a natural way? Maybe, but It Is close to It.

Now for the bad points.

This is the reason why I dropped It.


Okay here we go. It started at the arc where they're on a trip to the hot spring. This arc that should be mild easygoing life just like any other day turns out to be the worst nightmare of the MC, An unforeseen event happened out of nowhere.

(Narrator act)

An object went missing, food was gone! They thought It was because of a monkey or a ghost who has the stolen goods... Then our Hero-Kun (MC) tried to Investigate what happened. But~ the one who did It was not a cat nor a monkey, not even a ghost... It was lolita...

At first, our Hero-Kun tried to grab the suspect, all of a sudden! Bang because gravity even Einstein couldn't explain the phenomenon that occurred. Our Hero-Kun thought the lolita was a ghost because her Skin was white as snow, It was the same goes for her dress... As he approached the lolita he couldn't help but touch her... His palm landed straight to that 'Melon' then there was 'KYAAH! KYAAH! sounds could be heard.

The ghost he thought turns out to be a living being. Okay, now you might be wondering why the heck I dropped this novel... Anyways enough with this narrator act. I hope you enjoyed it.

Now, this is the real thing, I promise. Back to the topic after the 'kyaah'kyaah' event let's jump to the Important part.

Mc's second wife decided to take the lolita with a huge rack as her daughter. She decided to do some background check from the girl turns out she wasn't registered, In other words, she has no birth certificate the girl's biological parents are dead. But the main problem Is they didn't know that the girl's origins are so deep, her father was an Influential person. To be exact an old noble family that still exists even in the modern era. She is a princess of a certain Island. If you are still reading this. It goes without saying, She was Included In the turmoil that's happening to That Island, Some ambitious group of people wanted her bloodline and use her as a puppet. Then the same old pattern she got abducted, Hero-Kun was on the hot pursuit along with his harem members which have zero battle prowess... Yea they come too... Then It goes to the path his harem member turned Into a hostage after that lolita and the kidnappers run away leaving Hero-Kun to deal the after Event... Which means saving his harem... Then a bunch of hypocrite scene appeared, let's skip that part. Our MC with a resolve to save princess lolita use his cheat like the ability to turn the tide to their side. Leading a complete victory saving the loli Is 'Gods Will' now you might wondering again what with this nonsense why won't you just tell us straight to the point... That Idea Is good too, but I don't want you to think of my review was bias so I hope you don't mind.

Let's continue to the story. Our hero-Kun go on a journey to resolve the problem... His first and second wife Isn't alongside with him on his journey... But his newest third wife wanted to go for no reason not thinking that she would've been a burden or something... Our MC Is the same old guy... Just getting along with the flow, agreed with it. (WTF) Yep, he doesn't learn his lesson... Anyway, continue to the story... Along the way was easy goings-on... Day passes through... Our MC meets a real deal scumbag pervert person Ins and outs... Was talking to him like 'Mother-daughter bowl' n stuff... All of a sudden his little fairy warned him that his third wife was In trouble then our Hero-Kun wanted to rescue his wife as soon as possible was blocked by the pervert. He was irritated then sending a 20% punch to the guy which a normal person couldn't block...

But to think the pervert was strong enough to block his punch... Then he got serious but the pervert was good at dodging he was like a falling leaf... Our MC punch couldn't connect... He was so frustrated then little fairy gives him some advice.

Then hero-Kun took the enemy attack head-on catching his opponent off guard sending him flying out of the ship. When he reaches their lodging what he saw was... A pool of blood of the guardian of his third wife, He was already too late...

(Instead of calling an emergency crew to take care of the guardian, our MC took the person to the hospital instead of giving a chase to the kidnappers)

Like that when the MC confirm the guardian's safety he went out to search for his abducted wife...

(While leaving his only key for searching her little fairy. Who has a connection to his wives that can easily locate their position... He left the fairy in the Hospital!)

He went alone search aimlessly... (D*yum~, a**hole, Facepalm, WTF! Reaction) then POV for his harem candidate... Knowing Hero-Kun was missing she couldn't locate him... Instead of a sitting duck... She sent a command to her subordinates to find his location... But leads to getting backstabbed by her own trustworthy right-hand maid... She was sold out... When she went to the location that mentioned where our Hero-Kun Is... She was trapped... Then meeting the enemies captain surprisingly! The pervert 'Mother-daughter bowl' n stuff... Knowing she would be humiliated rather than resisting she tried to commit suicide by biting her tongue off... But our Fairy-chan+MC that should be searching for his wife, came running full throttle to save our gurl... Then fight n` stuff happened he repelled the enemy, sending them running to their tail in-between their legs...

Commanding little fairy to follow them to know third wife's location (Yep WTF BRO! The author is clearly contradicting to himself! Ignoring the fact he wrote that fairy-chan can locate his wives!)...

(A sudden enrage #%%%%#>€$£$€[email protected]&&₱!!!!)

Back to the story.

After saving harem candidate he wanted to send her to a safe place... Then another harem candidate appears stuff happened to show his cheat likeability.

Then escaping to the scene, but an unforeseen person appears...

It was harem candidate # 1 right-hand maid! Then battle n stuff happened he defeated them.

Suddenly little fairy appeared saying the third wife is coming to them being held as a hostage...


Our MC got dumbstruck (Me too)... In the chain of events. Then harem candidate #1 turn around to talk to MC with her ever-brilliant plan! The plan is, she will surrender herself... While making the MC escape along with candidate #2. Of course, our Hero-Kun won't accept that! Sadly he got knockout by candidate #2 then left...

Now our strong and brave n smart candidate #1 face the enemy captain pervert.

Surprisingly the pervert changes his mind he didn't eat her up but instead, He wanted to crush our MC first before breaking her into pieces...

Then he stripped candidate #1 naked as a revenge play and proofs for his employer that he was doing his job... While the true story is, He was waiting for the MC to rescue them and crush him like a bug... Then f*cking her right of the front of him...

Well, that is his plan... After all, the plan is just a plan... CUZ! BOOOOOM~! DEUS EX MACHINA BABEE!!!!

The strongest harem candidate saves MC wife n harem candidate #1

(I was like what!?!? All of my dissatisfaction n hatred because of that pervert hasn't cleared out yet and now you are throwing me this?!?!?)

While the MC defeated the captain pervert squad, He was trying to face the enemies without knowing that the abducted person got abducted yet again. Confusing right? Anyways strongest harem candidate appears right in front of the MC, saying his third wife n candidate #1 Is safe n sound...

Then our MC collapsed out of exhaustion, after that our MC wakes up, asking what happened n stuff...

While being shock by the pervert captain comes to their hideout seeking an exchange for his squad in any demand...

The process of making a decision was left to our MC.

(Me I was like 'Judgment Day!' Hoping to beat him haft dead or cutting his d*ck)...

But not everything will be according to our wishes, cuz our saint MC...

Released the prisoners without any complaints or hatred. He couldn't even bother to think of that kind of stuff.

He was like 'As long as my lower head Is functioning everything Is good.

(f*ck YOU! B*TCH)

Well isn't like he has no reason why he released them peacefully.

His reasoning was...

He has no hatred or enmity to the pervert Captain!

Would you look at that, Yep! I even refresh my browser 5x to make It sure I wasn't reading it wrong... But sadly the reality sucks I read It right.

(I was so enraged that I almost broke my smartphone screen, my GOD! ARRRGHH RAAAHH!!!)

Let's count what happened because of that guy.

First, the third wife's guardian was actually his mother in law... Got shot by a bullet.

If he came a little bit later she is dead... Cause of death severe wounds n blood loss...

Then his third wife... Got abducted by the pervert captain sadly he can't touch her cuz she can still be used as a hostage.

Plus he clearly stated If third wife mothers was around the Island he will r*pe her along with her mothers...

Then-candidate #1 who was about to get defiled by that scumbag save by the bell cuz of MC...

If he was a little bit late, the only thing, that he will saw, was a cold dead body of candidate #1.

Cuz she attempted to suicide... Yet he has no enmity nor hatred towards perverted Captain!

Seriously man? If the author throws some random excuses like he was just a high school boy...

Then f*ck YOU!!!..l..

When I was at that age because of just a few grievances, I beat a guy half-dead, even broke his head open...

Luckily I only suffered detention and paying every cent of the bill (parents money).

But the point is, He is so unrealistic, unreasonable character biggest hypocrite character I've known so far.

That Is the reason why I dropped It.


So If you still want to read It go ahead.

Tip - your mindset should be just scroll reading while wasting your time. <<less
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metazoxan rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c150
It's rare I see a series go downhill this badly.

When the series started out it was a moderately decent slice of life. The MC's "Cheat" was simple but enough to serve as a trigger for the MC getting a harem and plot device for solving problems a normal human couldn't.

all of this goes out the window past chapter 100. The MC starts to consistently lose EVERY fight he gets into and for embarrassingly s*upid reasons. Several fights he loses because he wasted so much time talking in the middle of... more>> a dangerous situation that things get worse and he gets into trouble.

The overall plot also starts to get... dumb.


Okay so at the start of the arc the MC meets a new girl who he takes in for reasons. Turns out she's the long lost daughter of the super powerful family he had a run in with at the start of the series. So she gets kidnapped and like a moron he brings all of his defensless harem members with him to chase and they all get held hostage. Also the only harem member that could fight is rendered useless due to her sister who was NEVER mentioned before showing up and making her surrender. They get away but he managed to chase them down later and get her back.... but sadly that is only the beginning.

On a boatride to try to deal with the situation the MC's one harem member he brought with him"because she wanted to come for absolutely no reason" gets kidnapped. What follows is a s*upidly convoluted plot involving a power struggle where the MC loses fight after fight and all of the bad guys are a bunch of smug scum yes the MC is too worthless to punch their faces in.

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Sumire rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: c30
Silly story with no objective. Characters have a hard time to build up personality, development of both plot and romance is unbelievably bad. Even the comedy is bad and was used out of place.
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magefeanor rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c156
It was a decent slice of life harem series with a fun enough leveling concept. The MC was sensible enough, a tad bit s*upid, but that was offset by a trait where he became smart when angry.

With the recent arc all that was thrown out the window.
If you like utterly pathetic and downright s*upid characters that lose every encounter they enter, this is for you.
The only reason the MC is alive and his harem hasn't been raped is because of s*upid luck.

Go read something else instead, this one... more>> isn't worth the investment anymore. <<less
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imacute rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
it light hearted, harem, comedy, has action. He is getting harem and more powerful in a ridicilous way. It has more charm than the former hero. The haremness is quite strong within this one. The girls are quite funny specifically the silver girl
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ZeroA2 rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c106
This is an interesting premise, characters, and humor. I really enjoy the back-and-forths between the characters, but the humor goes to the point of incredulity sometimes. E.g. The MC regularly gets so deep in thought that he is 100% oblivious to people shouting and arguing in front of him. And the internal logic does not hold up.

At a certain point he needs to get stronger to meet one of his goals and not only does he not try to level up, he doesnt even ask what the next task to... more>> level up is. This story has a lot more potential than is being realized.

Finally, in the beginning he fell in love somewhat quickly but held himself back and made sure of his feelings. By the third member of his harem, a pretty smile is enough for him to fall and pursue. Would be nice if any part of the story was taken seriously so you could care more about the characters and their relationships. <<less
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TokenZero rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
About a guy who’s greatest joy in his life is to level characters to max,
... more>>

however he got in an accident where Truck-sama unfortunately ran something over... his cell phone with his latest game character that only needed a little bit more exp to reach max after that he met a fairy that let him level in real life

So he became a character and raises his level in real life by repeating the same tasks over and over. As he raises his level he accidentally get obtains a high charm value and brings in trouble in the form of girls.
Its not overly complicated (at least of yet) and the MC really is just a regular guy so no super cheat abilities or use of magic (so far). Its a fresh feel to other game elements novel in its simplicity of the level system <<less
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July 10, 2019
Status: --
As far I can tell, this is a medicore novel and a Forced Harem. If I was being questioned if this is a good novel ? NO, Is it worth reading ? Probably. Then, I shall give a straight answer : this is not to be recommended to read due to the force harem rather than a normal harem. Here is the thing :

  • MC is a only a high school boy that still haven't reach the age of maturity/an adult, He is somehow involved in an conspiracy of a certain shady corporation that have been existed since the ancient times of japan. He was a victim during he met the first heroine. By prologue, the first heroine was by a chance of encounter at his school. As time goes by, the MC was in a pinch of luck but due to his special " cheat" abilities. He was somehow manage to help the first heroine. However, the first heroine have been attracted to MC and telling him to make HAREM for her sake. Surprisingly, He hesitating to the absurd request but he goes by the flow. (As stated, the MC does not make harem due to his decision but instead he was told to do)
  • the MC was certainly having a tough decision or tries to contributing an argument in many times. Yet it was either been interrupted, rejected or ignored by his forced harem members and most annoyingly the fairy "devil".
  • The author is lacking in explanation of the MC cheat abilities sheet. It's confusing to me that the numerical stats besides the "harem" and strength were not shown to the readers. Yet it was stated that some have changed through out the story and not being displayed
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Renaxan rated it
August 15, 2018
Status: v3c101
So far story is about MC who has no real target, build a harem, got power to protect them, waifu keep coming because MC is harem magnet. Basic harem plot goes on.

Dont expect much from battle, its clearly slice of life type. His leveling way pretty mediocre, he need to do silly things to level up. MC are guys that you kind expected about..~harem hunter, do anything for his woman~naive as even enemy want kill him he doesnt want try biting back.

Character development, kinda slow just like story progressed arround.... more>> Girls has their own setting and circumtance and everyone relieve arround MC. For world building, its modern type that we everyone know well.. With some stuff mixed.

Comedy and romance is there but for me it kinda shallow and baseless, you can judge for yourself when reading this. Overall 3.5/5 as decently okay for me, just if you can hold on our MC attitude. <<less
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vaendryl rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: v1c22
A silly low quality story that entertains but I don't expect it will for long. I don't really see a future for this series as the gimmick will wear out long before a real story has a chance to start. The narrative tension at the start is so contrived and taken with such lack of sincerity it's clear the story is too laid back for any real plot arcs of note to ever develop. if you enjoy harem novels and don't mind the dead trope of the pussy-MC you will... more>> probably derive some limited enjoyment from this series. If not, you'd best skip to more interesting stories. <<less
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NotYourCat rated it
July 5, 2016
Status: c48
I like Harem novel/manga/anime and let me try give this series a review..

The STORY is about a masochist pu*sy guy who like to do boring things to rise his level.. I like and also Don't like the MC.
-This MC would do anything to rise his level, +1
-a bit pu*sy about relationship with Harem member in first few chapter but later has resolution that he'll accept them and the first 3 Harem (counting as 1 beacouse they triple) also want the MC to have Harem. +0
-acting pu*sy... more>> and so soft with opponent that want kill him. Yes I know he is just a normal highscool boy, and killing in this world at the modern time also crime, but I just Don't like it. Maybe Because I too much reading xianxia? But -1
So it's like this

Story is so-so
But the thing he did to get level up is quiet funny so +1

The girl
-Little fairy +1
-Triple sister +1
-Silver haired gothoc loli with bigbreast +1
-Ojou-sama from enemy house +0 (I haven't charmed by her)

If you are into Harem just read this. ^^ <<less
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DevilScarlet rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: --
Well although the setting is a bit different than usual (not your usual Japanese harem other world LN) it’s a bit similar.

MC op, ppl amazed, harem with girl added along the way, MC calm (too?), levels system, side character OP. Even so it’s still interesting, there is a plot different than usual and if the author keep it up the modern setting can give some good evolution...

... more>>

will we have all kind of woman in his harem? We already have
Twins/triplets, tsun twintail, aireheaded pure shirohime, calculative big boobed oneesama, loli baba, fairy... When will a ore-girl appear? A yandere?...


I recommend it for lovers of Japanese harem and want a different setting than usual <<less
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Aruzu rated it
January 26, 2016
Status: --
It is a good novel,

About a guy and a harem.... the harem doesn't seem rushed or forced, of course is thanks to one of his cheat stats but it flows really well with the story so far.

It's a simple novel, the MC is likable and not OP, but above all the conversation and situations are funny and interesting
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Orcanaman rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c100
A very interesting read where the MC is a cheat harem protagonist BUT BUT but he has the go-nads to 'stick it too' the girls he dds into his harem AND there is actual plot and character growth, Visible character growth not that 'bottom' growth that some MC's get from there harem making them go left when if he was on his own he would go right or just sit there forever.

The romance is actually believable if the introduction of the first 'girl' is taken out. And the MC straight... more>> up admits his dream of a harem and how many people are going to be in it sooo that was really nice there

all in all;

translation: 5/5

plot: 4/5

things that help keep your attention: 3.5/5 <<less
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fir537 rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: --
Okay slice of life themed story, with harem and powers.

MC is someone who is close to being an introvert, yet still has friends who he talks to. Obsessed with leveling up in games instead of clearing objectives. One day, obtained a fairy and the ability to level up after a visit from Truck-sama.

Casual-ish story, with harem, ability and ability users, and various 'sinister' plots. Character development seems stalled at times, randomly added in to conveniently explain some things. MC seems too ignorant at times, yet capable of high level thinking... more>> when necessary. Chapters tend to steer off randomly from the previous chapter while describing or explaining things to the reader, thus making the relevant detail passed over to the next chapter. MC monologue is too long, probably just me but I dont really like reading half a chapter worth of monologue. Also, MC is an introvert, thus lacking interaction with the opposite sex, thus making his harem ability somewhat incompatible with his nature and also the main source of comedy for this novel. <<less
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Sai47s rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: c71
An ordinary novel about the main character of the reader, with a good start, but then everything becomes fixated on the harem. The plot becomes monotonous and boring. It feels like the harem has replaced the whole story. Enemies are protagonists, naive and unfinished plans to the end. There is not enough stiffness for characters, events and actions. All this depresses and disrupts.
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Abinashallstar rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: --
This author even though is a japnese, basically a Chinese novel fan, I can see that. But the story is not that interesting.
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Sherrynity rated it
August 25, 2018
Status: v2c88
This is a slice of life for sure. There are some action scenes involved, but the main point of this story is how MC tried to solved every problem that haunted his harem candidates.

MC was a mediocre boy at first, but somehow he gained the power to level up through doing menial tasks... repeatedly, almost to the point of insanity.... more>>

later it was explained how he was actually a hard-worker, but he was disappointed by how his effort did not worth the reward so he devoted himself into playing RPG

He met his harem candidates as he kept getting involved in weird situations (occultism, assassination, eternal youth, etc)

What I really love about this novel is MC's character growth. At first, he was just your typical teenager. But as the time passed, he was slowly and steadily able to made up his mind to confronted his future goal.

The turning point... I guess it was when he wanted to escorted Aoba-san into his harem around ch 80. You can sense his determination to pursued his aim.


If you want to read this novel, read it with the mindset of enjoying slice of life novel. Expect some drama too because almost all of his harem candidates are quite... problematic. <<less
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Jotyma rated it
January 30, 2018
Status: --
Alright, so its been at least a year or so since I've read this, however, looking at all these comments has made me very confused. A lot of the posts are claiming that he doesn't do the deed with any of the harem, but I distinctly remember him doing so upon reading that part of the harem is a trio of triplets. Other than that, expect the book to be nothing more than a level grinding, RomCom MC w/ harem members that he actually gets to use his member with.... more>> A passable three stars. <<less
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