Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family


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In the midst of the battlefield, I was born with a gift that I could not even bloom and died. But when I opened my eyes, I was reborn as Dain Sogres, the youngest son of a prestigious count’s family. My talent is not just one! Spears, assassination, magic, summoning, and even the swordsmanship that could not bloom in my previous life!

In the midst of the happy family I had always wanted, I show off my endless talent!

“Spears! Dain must learn spears!”

“I don’t know how useful it is to learn stealth and assassination techniques.”

“Magic is the trend now, father and mother!”

“If my brother were… summoning would be really good…”

Hmm, I guess it’s a happy family, right?

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명가의 역대급 재능천재로 환생했다
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