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“Marry me under the conditions that we will divorce in 5 years.”

Being reincarnated 5 years into the past, she will not let him and her to their predestined and sad ending! She will strive for the happiness of both, no matter what it takes.

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crimsoniv0j rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: --
I was really invested with the novel reading before her reincarnation. All the killings and torture were justified enough. The real perpetrator is known and no drama to find who is the real villain. All that need to do is to prevent the disaster to happen.

Before reincarnation, MC is obsessed with the prince, being naive and dumb at all. She was framed. I cannot blame the prince for what he did because he already have his lover at that time when MC appeared but MC kept her hopes high and... more>> did things she thought will make the Prince love her which obviously didn't happen. I also can't blame the lover because she was there originally but have been robbed of the title she was supposed to have, to be the wife of the prince and not a concubine. MC gave birth in hope to get prince's attention and love but was ignored together with her newborn. Again on this part, can't blame the prince because this was justified. Who would like a woman that is so easy to manipulate and was seen clearly depending on the main villain (not secret to the prince, he know it all along, just the MC is oblivious of this ?). The concubine/lover is pregnant and loved which she deserved anyways but killed because of MC.

All these story ground are very detailed and translated very well. Before the reincarnation, I only hate the main villain because she manipulated the ignorant and oblivious MC. The prince and his lover are good people but ruined by the MC and the main villain.

After the reincarnation, that's when I became disappointed. The MC is given a chance to seek revenge but understandably cannot change the heart and love for the prince w/c she tried to ignore but failed. She was reckless and just babbling all that she knows to happen to the prince. I mean comeon! Make it a bit thrilling. Instead because she was afraid that the prince will get hurt she just rattled out the future events to the person itself. What?! It actually ruined the excitement of the story. She rattled and then became regretful again and again but she keep doing it. 3/10

The plot is really good but I don't like MC that is wishy washy over ML.

That's it. I have more longer rant but meh ?? <<less
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June 14, 2020
Status: c93
It was interesting at first with the whole revenge thing and wanting to divorce after 5 years because she knew ML had someone he in loved with in the past life.

then the ML got jelly coz his so called half younger brother expressed his love to FL and decided to kiss her bla bla FL feel f*** it he's so hot and decide to do the deed. Goshhhhhhh don't you have a backbone dear FL? I don't mind they ended up together (I knew they're going to) but I just feel that it was too easy for her to open her heart/legs again

although it kinda taken 90 plus chapter for them to do snu snu, I still think that it's kinda rush. I'll just keep reading it till it's finished and rank it then.
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Pffftttt rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: --
It's one of those second chance novels. MC is quite witted but acts dumb sometimes when it comes to emotions. Can make you frustrated at some point bcz you'll seriously want them to come together!!.... but if you hang on with this novel it's worth it.
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linnil rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: 94
I did not think this will shine as a wonderful gem when I first read it.
The first part is the base for the wonderful character building. When you read it, you will feel like Sienna (MC) is a real cannon fodder in the other romance novel and her ending in the first time line is also a true end of cannon fodder on villainess side. Being revert back to the past before everything is starting, she did not want to repeat the same tragedy again. But the reader will... more>> probably feel annoy as sometime she will show she almost want to repeat the same thing as in the first time line as loving the prince again.
But as everything go on, you will know that everything is not the same as you can see it on the surface. Everything have a reason for it. Sienna will change too from that cannon fodder that die miserably, she will change to a main chess player on this board call politics. This novel have dept on the world building and character. Please give it sometime, I guarantee you will love it!! <<less
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RinaCK rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c202
I fell in love with the MC and how strong she was for the first couple of episod until she meet the ml. I almost hated her when she propose the ridiculous plan for a divorce (ughhh) I was groaning so loud when I read that part but I kept reading cuz I love Roy and he is the only reason I read this story. Then, she told ML about her 'plans' without a smart explaination (she did explain but some just doesn't sit well with me, I'm tired of... more>> reading how smart she is ughhh) just makes it even worst. Are you serious??!!! I just can't read it anymore even though I have reach c202... I don't care. I hate myself for reading this but I love Jamie and Roy😢 <<less
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Aldis rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c25
I decided to write this review. So far it's a good story, but if you're trying to find a 'FL that back to the past and seek for revenge to ML or change something about their relationship' I don't think this is for you. In fact, early chapters are more like she re-evaluate her views in the past and current one. And mind you, despite everything, she still loves him anndd it's not he's that bad, I guess? You'll wary of her anyway if you already had a fiancee and... more>> then your evil stepmom pushed her to you as royal princess. The trend of readers judging ML as worthless only by few chapters is something :'D I'm not defend 'as*hole ML' but technically we readers know nothing but 25 first chapters. <<less
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kikiyo15 rated it
February 22, 2020
Status: --
The plot is interesting but Sienna is so annoying! I get that she acts that way because she loved him a lot but get it together sis!

... more>>

She used her past knowledge to change her current situation but then she gets caught up in her feelings and says/does something s*upid! One instance is her asking for a divorce right away when they weren't even engaged yet! The situation wasn't at the point where she could ask for a divorce without Carl thinking she's crazy. What's even more infuriating is the logical explanation she gives to Carl to make him understand why she's going to be his fiance.

It's like her logic lasts for a few seconds then she looses all common sense because she's caught up in her feelings or just staring at Carl because he's good looking! UGH!

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January 14, 2020
Status: c85
This a very good story plot. The main character goes back in time, as the usual, and tries to prevent her past from happening. She also tries not to fall in love with her husband as she did once before. But past that typical scenario Sienna actually fights her feelings and pushes herself to stay neutral and on friendly terms with Her husband Carl. She doesn’t resent him nor does she blame him. She understands she had a degree in fault with her actions. In her return to the past... more>> she actually only seeks revenge towards the one who caused all her misery.

However, I don’t understand her past character and her now character. She was so infatuated with Carl in the past that she couldn’t see the danger Arya posed. She was a complete naive, ignorant, idiot compared to her now character. I do understand she loved Carl and how she would truly try to help him and allow him and Bluebell be together, but I don’t think she has built a resolve with how she repeatedly tells herself to rebuild her walls. It is like she completely changed from a s*upid naive girl to a clever girl out of nowhere. Her past self and her current self are still the same person but it was like a dramatic change happened. I get that it was part of the plot and usual scenario for these novels. Plus she is the daughter of a, although not politically strong, powerful duke who are restricted in the north. (Powerful as in battle skills) A place where a girl grew up with powerful individuals who could battle strong monsters is a naive girl who is easily put down??? I understand she is naive in the nobility’s etiquette, way with words, and their ability to scheme.

Then there is Carl. I am not saying I agree with how Carl treated Sienna. However I can see where he was coming from and how he was perceiving the world. <<less
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chande rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This was one of the novel that made me wanted to rant so much. The plot was actually quite okay but the characters were unlikable and there were some things that made me disappointed throughout the story.

    • I actually like MC's personality but I hate some decisions that she made, for example: how she let Valore died even though she could save him just because she was afraid of changing the future (and also for the sake of ML). Valore was a good guy who only wished to live freely as a minstrel. He really deserved better. Another bad decision that MC made was when she used the child from orphanage to spread rumour about Arya. The vengeful Arya decided to massacre some of the children in orphanage to retaliate. MC entirely blamed Arya for that but she should know better the root cause of that incident.
    • ML was horrible. He didn't change much from the past. The only difference was in the past his object of affection was Bluebell and he treated MC coldly while in the current timeline, his object of affection was MC and he treated Bluebell coldly. We could see an inconsistency in ML's affection here. The past ML clearly cherished Bluebell so much but suddenly it changed to brother-sister affection in the current timeline. Maybe because he found the current MC more interesting? Idk but one thing for sure, both the past and current ML really brought it all to himself. The past ML could treat MC better so she wouldn't be used by Arya but he didn't even bother to try and completely ignore her. I know that he married MC unwillingly but since it already happened, he shouldn't neglect her, even only for political sake. And since he despised MC so much, why he made her pregnant with his child only to abandon both mother and child in the end? The current ML did it again to Bluebell although it was slightly better compared to MC in the past because he didn't let Bluebell bear his child. But he also ignored Bluebell so Arya could use her like she used MC in the past. It's really heartbreaking to see Bluebell turned like MC in the past bit by bit. I really wished ML somehow could remember his past so he would agonize by how badly he treated MC and his child in the past.
    • Bluebell was so childish and ignorant. I don't know what the past ML saw in her. Although I sympathize her a bit because she became a cannon fodder in the current timeline, I still couldn't like her personality much.
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lellian_lily rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Classic FL has sad life with the ML, goes back in time, and makes different choices that lead to a better ending. Nothing mind blowing, but it's a good read if you're bored.

but Bluebell, who's like the villainess/2FL of the the story, could've been better written. She was obsessed with the ML cause she had it in her head that she would be his wife one day and was a major spoiled brat, but she had nothing super interesting to her outside of that (but I did feel for her... more>> a little bit cuz her dad was shitty)

But what I DID like about it was that the ML didn't hate her. He loved her like a sister and wished for her happiness. He gave her chance after chance because of that, so watching him slowly start to hate her bc of her own shitty behavior was actually really interesting and also sad. Cause, you know, she could've been happy with a sibling like relationship with him, but she wanted more, even at the cost of his happiness.


But I think she should've lived. Having her kill herself at the end just to solve the problem quickly felt too cheap. It might've been meant to be like, oh look at the shitty lady die, thank god, you know, but I like it better when awful people have to live with the consequences of their actions.



And the ML's brother deserved better. I know he was sick and dying, and that it would probably be too convenient if they managed to magically cure him, but at the very least he deserved to throw away his title and go be the wandering bard he was always meant to be until he died. His relationship with his wife (she was more of a sister to him) was really pure and wholesome. They were raised like siblings, but then were expected to get married and have children, which was obvs awkward and uncomfortable, but they cared about each other a lot. His wife really supported him and wanted him to be happy, and I felt for her when he died since he was like her family. She kinda had a little romance going on with the FL's brother, so it was good to see her get a bit of light at the end of that tunnel. But yeah, the ML's brother deserved better.

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Jinyu rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: c241
Finished the whole novel.

... more>>

At the beginning, we see FL's wish was to be loved by the ML and it slowly transit into a desperation as she see her child going through the same fate as her. Hence, she make the wrong decision and caused her to regret. As FL return back in time, she vowed to make not the same mistake that led to the tragedy in her past life.


After reading finishing the novel, what I loved was the character development. In the beginning, FL was potrayed as weak in terms of mentality and power. She return back in time, she was stronger and wiser. As of the ML who was potrayed cold in the beginning, was different as novel progress. We start to see the reasons behind his cold appearance.

Highly Recommend this novel. I like how the story didn't get off tracked. And I love how the FL and ML was interacting with one another, however I wished for more interaction. <<less
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nobodybutsheila rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c14
I started reading this novel today but stopped until chapter 14! I don’t think I will continue reading this because I don’t like the Main Character!

First of all, she is too annoying! I thought this story would make me excited but NO! Sienna (Main Character) is too weak! I think she’s crazy with Carl (as*hole male lead) !

She already know what will happened in the future but I feel like because she’s too in love with the as*hole she will likely for sure go back to him!! I just... more>> do not like this kind of main character who is annoying and crazy! She is so predictable! Would be nice if she will just ignore the as*hole but I know for sure that’s not the case at all!

I’m just writing this so that all this annoying feeling while I was reading this novel will perish! <<less
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Arechu_Nana30 rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel really make my expectation go high at the beginning and later go down straight to the drain. All of the characters are really frustrated and useless! except Valore (SML)

... more>>

Sienna past life really pitiful as she was not loved by Carl (ML) and got abandoned worst even after she got son who clearly was push back as first crown prince after Bluebell, the second empress got pregnant. After her death due to being imprison after Arya rebellion succeed and later kill by Carl, she travel back before the tragedy happen. I expect from this now on, she will be firm and smart and focus to not repeat the same tragedy again but as soon as she meet Carl, her blinded love really taking control over her action despite how worst is him during the past life when even he don't love her or he despise her, at least have a bit some of compassion to the newborn son and do something to protect her from becoming Arya tool. The part that got me frustrasted so much when she is too easy to give herself for him. Like seriously, eventho you really love him so much, at least have some spine to not let it conquer your heart will you? Trying to be firm or at least.... control your emotion and think about your goal first.

Carl really useless for me to talk about when he did not change very much. The only thing difference is that his love and affection to different woman. He's really s*upid and let the same thing about what Sienna went through in the past life happen to Bluebell in curent life. Obviously, you can prevent the past Sienna and curent Bluebell to not getting used by Arya plot rebellion to happen by not neglect and abandoning them just like that even if you don't have any feeling love or hate whatsoever. And the fact that he didn't tell Bluebell about his true feeling that he don't love her before taking her as the second empress and later told her after she witness him being lovey dovey with Sienna really make my blood boil! (eventho I hate Bluebell because she just spoil annoying brat, but at least I know what the feeling when you having a close relationship and he was nice, caring and protecting you openly, you could expect him to feel having a same feeling for you too.) I wish the author make him suffer more before ending happyly together with Sienna or maybe make him remember about the past too. But according to the plot, the author can make Sienna be more firm or cold and let him be the one falling in love and trying to get her heart. He become one of the dumb and useless ML that I have discover. So dissapointing these two leads character...



Valore should not die and he deserved better, dear author! He just want to get out from the political world and let go of his position as the crown prince and his wish is to live freely eventho he is been dying and sick. Sienna know the future and she have a chance to save him but she don't do that because of Carl's sake. sigh....


The plot quite interesting and cliche but if the character didn't forget their main goal and stay determined and at the same time progress with their own character development with efficiently, I guarantee this novel will become one of my favourite and read again. <<less
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