Rebirth and Redemption


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A campus bullying incident led Chu Feng to receive a message of Rong Yun’s suicide after ten years.

Rong Yun’s relic is a novel based on him…

At this point, he came to know that Rong Yun had always liked him.

In deep regret, Chu Feng returned back to high school.

This time, he wants to protect Rong Yun, his achievement and let him have a different life.
At first, he only wants to compensate for his mistakes, but he didn’t know when his compensation become’s true love.

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azuron rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: c4
As someone completely unaffected by the r*pe tag, I am unable to understand how a novel with such a nice premise has a rating lower than 3.5. Although the translator used present tense a lot of times, the lack of an editor makes it completely understandable. Because, when a chinese text is MTL-ed, the entirety is written in present tense.

As far as the story goes, so far I am loving it. Rebirth- check. Responsible and protective gong and delicate yet strong shou - check. And I hope there is a... more>> little bit of face slapping, but a short, sweet novel where everyone is happy from beginning to the end is fine by me. I really hope that the translator is not scared off by the low ratings and continue it. <<less
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Arisana rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: c3
4 stars for now...

I liked the blurb and then saw the r*pe tag... and it took me 5mins to make a decision if I should read it or not. Well, I'm just glad that I did. I like redemption stories. Man, uke is so pitiful. I just want him to find happiness.

And I'm curious about what happened to seme. Did he die or just fell asleep? Will he come back to his original timeline where uke is dead? I have lots of questions. (+_+)
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rhianirory rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: Completed
there's something very wrong both with his "I raped you because I like you" confession and the MLs calm acceptance of it. I almost stopped reading right there but some of the other comments made me keep on despite myself. RongRong acts more like a shy maiden then a boy and is very passive and accepting with the personality traits of a carpet. He's very intelligent, knows he's gay and his EQ isn't zero, yet at the same time he's yet another shou who has to be petted and taken... more>> care of as though he were a child, rather than being treated as an equal partner.

that being said, thankfully there is some character growth for both the MC and ML. The ML learns to be a much better person and the MC becomes mentally stronger and more confident as they near the end of the novel. There isn't much hardship for the two and very little struggle. The unintentional influence they have on their roommates is pretty funny to watch as well, though most of the main story is focused on the MC and ML

eventually everyone becomes gay


the story was free of the normal angry and disgusted parents and while it had its share of the usual scheming green tea b*tches, it also had some decent female side characters that weren't selfish or crazy. If your looking for a story with a lot of drama, potholes and bumps on the road to true love than this one isn't for you. It's sweet and a little shallow (surprising, given how it started with a brutal rape) but the end will make you smile despite yourself. <<less
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March 17, 2019
Status: Completed
One thing that might turn off for some is only the r*pe part. And that is just only the beginning of the story. Although I generally don't like that part it's not the whole part of the story.

I can say that the story is very heartwarming and kinda cheesy, but I mainly like the characters themselves.

MC is the gong is actually a jerk during his highschool years and has matured a lot as an adult. His death was triggered by the ML (shou) and was rebirth. Now I do like... more>> MC but as a character he is already mature and from his perspective he only focus on his shou. He resolve to amend his wrong doings he decided to make the ML happy in his intire life.

MC is mature and responsible, and in the story you can only admire how loyal, responsible and communicative he is with his lover. And that's the kind of husbando that you would want. He is absolutely determined to make a future for him and his lover.

Now there's the ML the shou. He has a background of his own that explains on his current (past) mentality. He shy but is a hardworker and learner. And while he is shy it doesn't stop him from facing difficulties. Due to the support that he doesn't have from MC timeline, the ML has grown to be more confident.

The ending is pretty normal I would say because there are some part of the story that I wish to see but didn't appear. There might be some side story but I couldn't read them. So I would say it's a semi satisfaction.

A lot of side CP but I do wish to see their interactions more. And boy there is a lot of white lotuses.

In my opinion I like it. It's not a bad story per say but I do enjoy it. Mainly how ML has grown to be an adult. The interactions with the characters are really nice too and I think it's really what makes the story enjoyable to read. <<less
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February 6, 2019
Status: Completed
So fluffy and sweet. I was nervous bout chu feng choice to become an actor again but all is well.


theres so many cute supporting couple toooooo

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max2payne0 rated it
September 1, 2018
Status: c5
I really wanted to read this after first read the description, but I was busy for a while so I didn't get to it until later. Now, I wish I'd taken a closer look at the tags.

... more>>

I wanted to give this 3 stars, because I do like redemption stories and have some of my own, but the r*pe really bothered me for someone that's seen/read a lot of bl with it. I gave an extra star, because it wasn't glossed over. He didn't go back in time to before it happened, but right after, and he took responsibility. While I feel like it was still swept aside really easily, at least he feels bad, and I hope he continues to feel bad.


For now, it's not so bad that I can't keep reading, but my opinion might change depending on how things go. At the moment I heavily dislike, but not necessarily hate, Chu Feng and look forward to him making up for his actions. <<less
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Moraxella rated it
August 1, 2018
Status: Completed
Premise is kinda iffy, the execution of the rest of the story is great, while the ending is meh. I get that this is a fluffy sort of stress-free story, but,

... more>>

Rong Yun’s script getting picked up by a director is all well and good but having all his friends becoming part of the crew is kinda cheesy and way too convenient for my liking... what happened to Chu Feng’s career after they came out afterwards is also a mystery, and that was the part I was looking forward to the most.

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