After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins Without Lifting a Finger


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In his previous life, An Ji seemed to have the word “unlucky” written on his forehead.

He was born into nobility, but ended up living on the streets for ten years. He found a beta boyfriend, but the scumbag tricked him into cutting out his glands. He dedicated his life to the omega cause, but ended up dying without an intact corpse.

It wasn’t until later that he found out that everyone described people like him as “beautiful, strong, and tragic.” The difference was that the beautiful, strong, and tragic characters in stories all have happy endings, but he only got death.

An Ji: “WTF.”

Then he is reborn.

In this second life, An Ji expresses that he will only be beautiful and strong. As for tragic? f*ck that shit!

But can someone tell him why his previously polite fiancé suddenly changed personalities?

Star history states that Emperor Rongwu had a brutal nature and outstanding ability. He ruled with an iron fist and created a prosperous world that lasted for hundreds of years after the war.

Everyone thought that he was too focused on his career to spare any attention for love. Very few people knew that he was always thinking about his fiancée, the true love that he let get away because of his ridiculous notions of kindness.

The great, unmarried emperor ended his long and lonely life after choosing a successor for the throne.

When he opens his eyes again, Li Rong has returned to his youth.

The young puppy Li Rong believes that if you love someone, you must give that person freedom.

The old dog Li Rong says that is all nonsense. If you love someone, you must possess that person at all costs.

Much later on, An Ji rubs his sore waist and thinks that his new life is still tragic to some extent.

The young puppy and the old dog come in turns. Even the strongest omega wouldn’t be able to stand it… ORZ

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twobada rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: --
Charity 5 stars to offset the low stars newly listed danmeis get for some reason. 4 at best.

This novel is very short and there's hardly any action - not actual fighting but actual movement by the characters and plot progression.

There was an attempt in the beginning but then suddenly the author abandoned it. The whole thing became morally prescriptive with no real substance, and the scenes that should've been major turning points were all glossed over with time skips.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
erialolita rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: --
There isn't much romance and the story is all over the place. Too many loose ends and not enough explanation.

It is extremely short and MTL was easy for the most part. This story could have easily been more fleshed out and turned into something great. It's not often I think a story should go on longer

I didn't like the MC, he was too cold, I was never convinced he fell for ML. His character was bland except for the O rights part

ML is the best boy, but the author should... more>> have explained the background of his time with the MC on the junk star more. His changes in behavior is explained, so don't think the author is inconsistent with his character set up.

All in all if you're bored and looking for a quick ABO read, this one is decent enough. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Verdandi rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: Completed
A good read for when you want a nice romance without too much drama and other stuff thrown in. It's short compared to lots of online novels that I read, so it doesn't meander around too much. The author advertises the story as a "sweet text, " so the focus is on the romance. It's good for when I just want a relaxing read that won't raise my blood pressure. Lol.
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