After Rebirth the Tragic Omega Wins Without Lifting a Finger


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In his previous life, An Ji seemed to have the word “unlucky” written on his forehead.

He was born into nobility but ended up living on the streets for ten years. He found a beta boyfriend, but the scumbag tricked him into cutting out his glands. He dedicated his life to the omega cause but ended up dying without an intact corpse.

It wasn’t until later that he found out that everyone described people like him as “beautiful, strong, and tragic.” The difference was that the beautiful, strong, and tragic characters in stories all have happy endings, but he only got death.

An Ji: “WTF.”

Then he was reborn.

In this second life, An Ji expressed that he would only be beautiful and strong. As for tragic? f*ck that shit!

But can someone tell him why his previously polite fiancé suddenly changed his personality?

Star history states that Emperor Rongwu had a brutal nature and outstanding ability. He ruled with an iron fist and created a prosperous world that lasted for hundreds of years after the war.

Everyone thought that he was too focused on his career to spare any attention for love. Very few people knew that he was always thinking about his fiancée, the true love that he let get away because of his ridiculous notions of kindness.

The great, unmarried emperor ended his long and lonely life after choosing a successor for the throne.

When he opens his eyes again, Li Rong has returned to his youth.

The young puppy Li Rong believes that if you love someone, you must give that person freedom.

The old dog Li Rong says that is all nonsense. If you love someone, you must possess that person at all costs.

Much later on, An Ji rubs his sore waist and thinks that his new life is still tragic to some extent.

The young puppy and the old dog come in turns. Even the strongest omega wouldn’t be able to stand it… ORZ

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24 Reviews

Feb 09, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel features one of the worst treatments of the ABO setting on Novelupdates. It makes many noises about equality, but the plot actions iteratively reinforce the status quo between lords and serfs. The author tries to show off their political awareness over 'O problems' but shoves Os up through abuse of power and marriage relations -- while Bs are barely mentioned, even as antagonists or accessories. Which Communist doesn't know that gender issues cannot be divorced from the class struggle? What's with this weird kool-aid?

I can see the shape... more>> of the author's intention -- they're just some kid who wanted to write about a prodigal returning to the fold, and that politics stuff is there to make MC and ML look good. Unfortunately, the only thing on display is their own feudal expectations and some terribly undernourished writing -- at points mashing "and et cetra" twice within 5 paragraphs. The villains who were competent enough to obtain everything in the MC's first playthrough drop their balls instantly from the moment we meet them. Great attention is paid to the MC winning verbal spats at the level of playground fights.

Why read this when there are so many other ABOs out there? 1 star. <<less
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Feb 12, 2023
Status: --
I read about the genocide in a previous review and it does happen, but he forgot to mention that it was in the first life when the omega dies.

... more>>

"The usually kind and elegant prince was furious and led his army to level the entire garbage planet."


What do you think happened there? Do you think it was a simple scolding? That no one died? That no innocent people died? They even describe the planet as garbage. And then they cover the event as the "extermination of the rebels".

In the first chapter, when the omega is dying, he laments for not having followed the typical life expected from his status as an omega (rich and pampered obedient wife) so from that paragraph I got a very bad first impression, he doesn't seem to want to change the status quo.



"In his last life, An Ji left because of the ridiculous “I don’t want pheromones to decide my love", and he didn't know until now how precious a 100% match was."


He follows his nature as an omega, he accepts it, but he starts to behave like an omega "who is not like the other omegas".
Everything bad that happened to him in his previous life was because of his tantrum, and in his second life he can continue with that arrogant attitude because his fiancé is the crown prince of the empire, who backs him up without any problem.

In this novel betas are written as if they were tr*sh, and are used as cannon fodder villains that the protagonists trample without difficulty, you can see it easily because the author uses beautiful words for the omega and the alpha, instead the betas are described as evil and s*upid.

He also emphasizes a lot that omegas can never escape their nature, that inhibitors are harmful and that the best option an omega has is to be with an alpha because they cannot live without them.


"The thirst for an alpha was written into the genes of every omega. For an omega that was in heat, every cell in his body was screaming for an alpha.

He wanted to let the other person pamper him. He wanted the other person to ferociously take possession of him.

In his previous life, An Ji fought against his omega instincts all his life.

He called on omegas to be independent and self-reliant; to reproduce with whomever they chose, and even advocated relying on inhibitors to get through their estrus period. In a world ran by alphas, he wanted omegas to toss aside their subservient position and take control of their own fate.

He set out with high spirits, great energy, and lofty determination, but he failed.

He failed utterly and completely."


But later they forget this important fact. No inhibitor improvements? How are omegas supposed to go against their nature?

The omega rebellion in the previous timeline failed because they were financially dependent on the betas to sustain their movement, and they never found a way to make money? Did it never occur to you to seek the support of the queen who was the driving force behind the changes in favor of the omegas? Are you telling me that the omegas were so s*upid that they didn't realize something so obvious?

The omega says that he owns his body and will do what he wants.
But how easy it is to say that when he has no difficulties to face: his fiancée loves him, his family adores him, he is rich and powerful.



How could the omega be so innocent in his first life if he is supposed to have been lost for 10 years on the garbage planet surviving?


It is quite annoying, it is not explored why the rebellion happens.

Aren't there more REASONABLE reasons for betas to want to rebel? They are all so EVIL that it even seems like an unintentional comedy.

It is assumed that the beta Yu Jingmo is a radical and will obviously do unreasonable things, but it is not exposed what ideas he had to lead a supposed rebel army. Come on, people aren't s*upid enough to follow a madman who will surely lead them to certain death.

Although there is a possible reason:

Only alphas and omegas can have spiritual power, which leaves betas helpless.
Why don't they talk about the clear abuse of power that betas might be facing?
Alphas and omegas who don't abuse their power? Surely there are.
But it's not hard to imagine alphas and omegas harming betas without fear of retaliation.
But we don't get that perspective, because the protagonists are part of that powerful group, and the protagonists are the good guys...

Yu Jingmo is laughable, it shows that even the author hates him, he is supposed to be a super intelligent beta who has never been recognized or valued because he is a beta, but that is left aside, his brain gets a black hole and he jumps into the sea of fire all by himself. Nobody wants it, nor does the author want it.

By the way, this novel regards adopted children as things that can be discarded if they start to be annoying:


“Why are you quibbling with an adopted son?” An Yanming opened his eyes and said in a steady voice, “If you don’t like him then just send him away.”


And the worst thing is that:


The adopted son omega who would "take the place as the new omega light", is r*ped and is expelled from the family.

And the novel justifies it because he was a cannon fodder that deserved that karma.


Why add a useless rebellion plot? Probably to make the protagonists look good.
The omega rights? It was very superficially talked about, it's more like a plot device to make the omega protagonist shine brighter, it's very magical, all magically worked out for a spectacular happy ending.
A lot of serious things are not taken seriously and it's joked about not as a form of satire or black comedy, but more like it's light comedy.
All the antagonists have a hole in the brain, but the previous reviewers with high ratings may not care because they are only looking for the romance plot between an Alpha and an Omega, the rest doesn't matter, I guess. <<less
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Jan 28, 2023
Status: --
This is shit.

Alpha ML make a genocide of an entire planet only for "love".

The omega says that is better be the cute, pampered and submissive omega (which isn't bad, because of course they were created for, right? Is that the message that the omega is trying to give? Who cares about killing hundreds of innocents for his tantrum? Oh, poor thing 😒)

The betas takes the worst part, because they are seen as s*upid things for daring to claim their rights, and that anyone who rebels against alpha and omega... more>> supremacy must die.

Omega rights? This is more like an example that an omega will always fulfill the role with which he was born and that they are only temporarily rebellious until they meet the right alpha who will "lead them on the right path".

In summary: privileged with their "problems", betas considered as third-class creatures, massacres that nobody cares about, and an omega that "finally knows his place" <<less
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Mar 18, 2023
Status: --
Ok, so, I tried to give this novel a chance even after reading the reviews because of my very strange taste. But... it wasn't the best.

I find myself frowning alot at the hypocrisy and gets annoyed when one conflict doesn't get solved properly. Also, I get frustrated at the plot at times. Like there are times when a conflict can easily be resolved, but the author had to stretched it far and beyond and made it almost vexing to read. While other times, conflicts (Like the ones with the ex-bf)... more>> gets swept under the rub really easily.

And the politics. Oh god.

It's always 'Alpha this!' 'Omega that' but betas are never treated well.

Although the premise of bringing up a group of people that has been oppressed is a good and intriguing premise, it wasn't treated well by the author at all. For some reason, it felt like a 13 year old wrote this to show off or something like that.

The MC, although not the worst, annoys me sometimes. Despite being homeless for 10 years, then living with the ex for 3, then getting betrayed, he comes off as... not that smart despite what the texts say.

The story loves to suck MCs d*ck and anyone who dares as to question MC gets the cannonfodder treatment. Even the adoptive brother, who although pretty evil, gets r*ped, blamed and executed from the family.

The only good thing about this (that's why I gave an extra star) is the cute puppy dog ML and the MC's brother.

But that's all. I do not recommend anyone to read this unless you just want to pass time. It's not the best but it's not horribly bad. If the author were to plan out the actual ABO and futuristic type things, then this would be infinity better. But that's just my opinion. <<less
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Dec 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The author chose a story about gender discrimination, victim blaming, omega liberation movement, and beta rebel forces for a 27 ch novel... you can basically imagine how it goes. It had so much potential. Sweet and supporting ML, a badass MC, a family who loves MC but still have the same discrimination ingrained in them, a possesive and toxic ex boyfriend, oh so much... And yet not a single one get explored well and in details because it's only 27ch!!! There's no way you can solve all of those heavy... more>> topics in less than 30 ch, it actually made me sad. <<less
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Feb 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Novel plot had lots of potential, but everything went down the drain since author was lacking skills.

It needs more explanations, could give some event details, could use multiply points of view of ML/ex-scum to give bigger picture, smoother way of changing time and place. It was too fast paced by the end, sometimes I was confused of how MC is at school, but also teaching in different ABO one? Plot with ex-scum was dropped with no explanation and he was reborn too! Didn’t he use his opportunity too? Why he... more>> never questioned MC changes and not re-appeared again?

Author chose all those topics and never bothered finishing those properly, could have just had MC or ML reborn and that’s all. This is one time read and forget type of novel. <<less
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Jul 14, 2022
Status: --
There isn't much romance and the story is all over the place. Too many loose ends and not enough explanation.

It is extremely short and MTL was easy for the most part. This story could have easily been more fleshed out and turned into something great. It's not often I think a story should go on longer

I didn't like the MC, he was too cold, I was never convinced he fell for ML. His character was bland except for the O rights part

ML is the best boy, but the author should... more>> have explained the background of his time with the MC on the junk star more. His changes in behavior is explained, so don't think the author is inconsistent with his character set up.

All in all if you're bored and looking for a quick ABO read, this one is decent enough. <<less
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May 30, 2023
Status: --
This novel is the worst.

Very serious topics are touched with very little seriousness just to make the omega protagonist look "unique and different"

Those reviews with high ratings are probably ignoring this issue because they only come for the romance.
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Nov 19, 2022
Status: Completed
this... actually has so much potential, if it's longer. I feel like author focus is all over the place. MC backstory, past life, lover moments, are detailed. but his fight against his (also) reborned past lover is just one chapter, his effort about bringing equality is not enough fleshed out, some in detail but more just in passing in the latest chapter.

or maybe author just pick wrong base for short sweet story. this plotline is more fit for longer story
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Jun 28, 2022
Status: --
Charity 5 stars to offset the low stars newly listed danmeis get for some reason. 4 at best.

This novel is very short and there's hardly any action - not actual fighting but actual movement by the characters and plot progression.

There was an attempt in the beginning but then suddenly the author abandoned it. The whole thing became morally prescriptive with no real substance, and the scenes that should've been major turning points were all glossed over with time skips.
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Feb 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I would have given this novel 5 stars if not for the fact that the author just brushed off important plot points. The characters are great, but more could have went into their developments. We don’t really get to see or walk through the developments. We’re just like an outsider with no insight into how or why the character is what they are. Honestly, the high rating is simply because the romance intrigued me and is the only saving grace of this novel; and the OPness of the MC.

First complaint:

... more>>

First off, I want to complain about MC’s ex being arrested and yet there’s really no closure. I wish the ex was able to explain himself more to MC because there seemed to be a misunderstanding, yet not at the same time. During the intro, they all stated that the ex wanted to cut out MC’s brain to experiment and try to manipulate spiritual powers since MC was SSS level. However, the ex states that he just wanted to be able to control MC and make sure he never left him since so many people kept on saying that he as a beta as undeserving of such a good omega.


Second complaint:


ML merging with his puppy and old dog forms should have been more described and placed heavier emphasis. In fact, I feel like this would have been a great addition to the story and brought the audience in more. I would have liked to see more interactions between MC and ML about their past life and have them explain their emotions in the past. The fact that the author simply says after ML goes out for a mission and they had to use mental power and blah blah blah... I already lost interest. Why couldn’t we go through this part with the ML? All we have is the MC’s confusion and POV, and at the end, we don’t even get to see them talk about their past life considering what MC witnessed after he passed away. MC was always curious about why ML would lead an army to execute the beta rebels, so I would have liked to see ML answer that question.

In fact, that part of the story could have went like this:

Hearing the question from An Ji, Rong thought back to his mission one month ago.

Being as powerful as he was, he had never faced such a detrimental event where he felt threatened. Everyone thought that the mission would be quick and easy, but who would have known that an accident would happen amongst the vast universe — causing them to face against an enemy that could not be seen nor detected by their technology, neither were they able to do physical attacks to the enemy. Instead, they had to rely on spiritual attacks and use their mental strength to defeat the enemy. At the end, Li Rong almost gave up as his spiritual strength started to run out.

However, as Li Rong began to lose consciousness, he saw an empty vastness of white. In that vastness, there was an omega that constantly tried to pursue him.

The omega would say, “Handsome, would you like a drink?”

He was faithful and loyal to An Ji though, and stated, “Get away from me.”

Once the omega was removed from the scene, Li Rong was unable to see any other people. However, there was a shadow visible.

For some unknown reason, he called out, “Li Rong?”

“When did you know?” the old dog asked.

“An Ji told me, ” puppy answered.

“... ” the old dog reacted.

“Will you be inside me forever?”

“I don’t know. However, I feel my consciousness fading away.”

As the old dog said that, his shadow began to travel farther away from the body of Li Rong.

“No, you can’t! Wait!” the puppy shouted and chased after the shadow.

Eventually, the shadow stopped and his running slammed right into the shadow — merging the two souls of old and young.

Once the merging of the two souls happened, old dog took control and saved everyone from the unseen enemy.

However, all of these, Li Rong would not tell An Ji. Instead, he wanted An Ji to know about his heart full of love and adoration.

*Honestly, I probably wrote more than the author for this scene in the novel. I’d love to expand it even more, but I’m gonna cut it short because there’s no point since y’all probably got my gist already.


Third complaint:


An Can could have been expanded. Honestly, you’re gonna tell me that even though he loves and is so possessive of An Ji, he would let An Ji run rampant with Li Rong without causing Li Rong to be jealous? I feel like conflicts between Li Rong and A Can should have been brought up because there’s so way 2 alphas who look at one person as their saving grace will not be competing with each other. An Can just disappeared after An Ning got r*ped... Author, add more plot! These will make your story better! Honestly, I feel like the author cut corners here. I’m extremely unsatisfied.


Well, besides these complaints, I will say that I wished there were more lovey dovey chapters. Instead, we just end with ML being punished for being too secretive and smart for his own good by MC. 😝 He deserves it. <<less
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Feb 11, 2023
Status: Completed
It's not as bad as what I was expecting, but it's not great either.

One big weak point is that the translator didn't put in line breaks so a lot of the scene breaks / time skips were unannounced, making the story a lot more confusing. Also, later on, it read more and more like pure MTL, so I'm assuming the translator didn't get into the details of the writing and accurately pinpoint some of the translation issues (like the random Meditteranean popups).

I would call this more of a romcom story... more>> than anything else.

Most of the ABO issues that are mentioned aren't unilaterally resolved, so some readers might be put off by the fact that only some progress was made and the focal point was purely on the romance between the MC and ML. There is no genocide of any planets (not sure what the reviewer read, but it's not this story).

Anyway, the biggest weakness is that the author tried to write a story with a lot of political layers by ignoring most of the politics and trying to fit it into a short, rebirth romcom, but they weren't savvy enough to carry it out well. <<less
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Jan 13, 2024
Status: Completed
Before starting to read, I didn't know that the translator divides the chapters into many parts; it's truly a pity because that really confused me a lot.

I feel like this novel had the potential to be longer. The plot and diverse characters had a great opportunity for long-term development. Similarly, with the ABO gender inequality, as the importance of Omega rights for the main character was emphasized, I truly thought there would be much more depth and a richer background – I didn't expect it to be something fleeting. I... more>> also can't help but think about the MC's younger brother. I feel that themes like these could have been handled much better. <<less
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Mar 26, 2023
Status: DNF
It's basically a short tr*shy romance pocket book length novel lol and I was just in the mood for one after having finished a super long emotional novel. Read this when you're in the mood for it. I partially enjoyed it because of the state I was in and because I knew what I was getting into.

This is by no means deep or whatever, and it isn't one of those where certain messy elements of an ABO universe is seriously explored. In certain chapters, the author maybe tries to? I... more>> think? It's kind of a mess honestly

It also has a few elements of crack when we first meet the parents. So another flag saying this really isn't a book to be taken too seriously.

Edit: ended up DNFing. It got tr*shier and almost headache inducing lol. I love me some nonsense in ABO but dayum I couldn't even like the MC or ML. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 04, 2023
Status: c27
Honestly, I wanted to give it more. The characters are likeable for the most part, there's no unnecessary drama, style of writing isn't bad. The premise was very interesting, but the author choose too many things to write about. It would be ok for a 100+, maybe even 200+ chapter series, but 27 is way too short. It seems rushed, some plot points are omitted. The moment I thought the plot would pick up and develop it was the end. Overall, nice, short read, but it will leave you unsatisfied.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 26, 2023
Status: --
It's short & has flaws, but still a good read!

Honestly, it could really be fleshed out more. If u condense a 60+chapter story into 27chapters, this is what u would get! So of course it's a bit rushed, not very detailed. However, it's still good & keeps u interested. Also, the logic was on point!

I'm writing down all the plot points in the spoiler & how many chapters it could have been fleshed out (Be it all at once or peppered throughout the story).

U have been Warned!

S... more>>

1. Start with MC growing up in the tr*sh star - 10chapters.

Story only mentions it 😭

2. Reuniting with family & running away - 3chapters.

Story only mentions it, with zero details😭

3. Reincarnating back at the specific point. Remembering what happened & changing the key immediate scenario - 5chapters.

v need a more in-depth look into the past life.

4. Meeting the ML, changing things with the fam & caring abt his brother - 10chapters

Author went through this so fast 😭

5. The whole party arc & the adopted son issue - 10+chapters

v need more intrigue!!!

6. Add another 10chapters of fluffy chasing & romance

romance needs some actual chasing n falling in love. V got an official couple from the get go. It's better than having angst but v miss some of the thrill!

7. The exBF & Beta Organization thing - 10chapters

Again. Opportunity for intrigue!

8. Omega/gender equality initiative & school arc - 5+chapters

Opportunity for political intrigue & fun school arc!

9. Ending, tying up loose ends & Extras - 5chapters

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 30, 2022
Status: --
Very short but the ML is hilariously cute

when they kissed for like the second time and he fainted and had nose bleed the queen was so freaking funny because she cant believe that her alpha son fainted out of over excitement. She was so sure that he was poisoned or something.

but yeah as others had mentioned there were plenty of plot points presented: the ex, the adopted brother, the revolution but since it was really short it was not talked about more in detailed that would have given the plot... more>> points justice <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 18, 2022
Status: --
Rated this a 3.5/5.

I don't know if I was influenced by the novel "Transmigrating into the Male lead's ex-boyfriend, " (which has one of the slowest romance ever but the story is great) but in terms of romance and pacing this novel handles it pretty fast and not in a good way. Like for example the MC literally has his whole backstory explained, ML's backstory and relationship with ML and car s*x crammed into like the first 3 chapters.

First impressions are very important to me so I could determine how... more>> the MC, ML or side characters will be the whole story and therefore help me predict what the story will operate and turn out (e.g. face slapping, gory, stereotypical, intelligent, s*upid). And oh boy.... I do not like MC so far. He's very talkative and easily assumes things to be instantly right, just like when he assumed ML to be terminally ill just because he was very possessive of him. (Mind you this was like chp 3 or 4) Maybe he should've Idk, was affected by the pheromones you (MC) are emitting since your 100% matched and just had s*x in the car? Or since you knew he behaved differently back then, speculated that maybe he (ML) was reborn too since you were??

I haven't fully read the whole novel but so far it's decent for a rebirth story. I hope the main lead's like the Ex and ML do actually get fleshed out as the story goes on instead of just like 2 lines of their backstory explained and never again with the MC. <<less
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Jan 24, 2024
Status: Completed
The author really created a lot of plot holes which is really unfortunate...

The idea of the story is built very epically, the background characters are also strong but the whole thing is really inconsistent 😭😭

It's a light read, but the story jumping from one conflict to another is really unsettling.

I want to praise this story, but the way the author outlines the plot is really unfortunate...
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 23, 2023
Status: c23
I'm not gonna lie I've speed read the last part just to be done - the novel had potential unfortunately the potential was for a novel that had one 0 added after the number of chapters. The important and interesting things seem to be glossed over or skipped entirely and the further it goes the worse it gets. The unprompted timeskips make it seem more of a compilation of vignettes than coherent story (thus speedreading). It seem as if halfway through the writer lost interest in the story along with... more>> any coherent ideas about where the story was going and wanted to be done with as soon as possible and quickly mashed together preprinted excepts. <<less
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