Herscherik (Reincarnated Prince Series)


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The day prior to female otaku Hayakawa Ryouko’s 35th birthday, she departed the world in a traffic accident. As she opened her eyes again, she was reincarnated into a beautiful blonde-haired prince of a great kingdom in a fantasy world.

In that great kingdom… In Greisis kingdom, there’s a king despised by his retainers, tyrant nobles, corrupt officials, and so on… It’s in a precarious situation.

For the sake of protecting his father and family, as well as helping the citizens, the reincarnated Prince Herscherik is determined to fight.

Making use of his skill as an office clerk in the past, being full of initiative in his nature along with his (otaku-ish) intellect, the reincarnated prince faces many kinds of incidents.

Books in this series:

I. Reincarnated Prince and the Kingdom of Sorrow

II. Reincarnated Prince and the Knight of Twilight

III. Reincarnated Prince and the Magus of White Rainbow

IV. Reincarnated Prince and the Hero of Light

V. Reincarnated Prince and the Pride of Warring Kingdom

VI. Reincarnated Prince Series: Short Story Collection

VII. Reincarnated Prince and the Divine Priest of the Land of the Sun

Associated Names
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Reincarnated Prince and the Divine Priest of the Land of the Sun
Reincarnated Prince and the Hero of Light
Reincarnated Prince and the Kingdom of Sorrow
Reincarnated Prince and the Knight of Twilight
Reincarnated Prince and the Magus of White Rainbow
Reincarnated Prince and the Pride of Warring Kingdom
Reincarnated Prince Series: Short Story Collection
The Epic Tale of the Reincarnated Prince Herscherik (LN)
転生王子シリーズ 短編集
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/05/23 Towards the Sky v3c7 part1
05/07/23 Towards the Sky v3c6 part4
02/12/23 Towards the Sky v3c6 part3
01/02/23 Towards the Sky v3c6 part2
05/05/22 Towards the Sky v3c6 part1
03/13/22 Towards the Sky v3c5 part2
01/28/22 Towards the Sky v3c5 part1
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11/28/21 Towards the Sky v3c3 part1
11/07/21 Towards the Sky v3c2 part2
10/31/21 Towards the Sky v3c2 part1
06/06/20 Blob Translations v3c1 part2
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admira rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: v5
This is an amazing series. I binge-read all 5 web-volumes of the Herscherik series (http://ncode. Syosetu. Com/s6899b/) in Japanese after discovering this. It's somewhat unusual, being a female->male reincarnation story. Despite being born as a prince (and therefore with many advantages), he is quite conscious about his own disadvantageous position within his family.

If you're looking for a story where the MC powers up with plenty of cheats and defeats enemy armies single-handedly, look elsewhere. This series is fairly down-to-earth for a reincarnation story.
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NoobaLoob rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: v1c8
The king doesn’t do what he knows is right for the country because he’s a king and not a dictator.

The King is an absolute monarch in this story, he is described as being a very powerful knight and magician. While being an autocrat may not always be for the best, when you know a minister poisoned literally the entire royal family... behead him... you don’t need a written confession, forge charges against him. All the subjects in the kingdom hate the aristocracy.. no one would storm the capital.

If our MC... more>> truly cares about the kingdom or his father, he would channel his inner Machiavelli, and explain “the prince” to his dad (who’s a good guy who loves the MC, but is a terrible king). <<less
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: c1 part1
Okay so, I just started reading this story and to me, it is AWESOME. I love stories related to MC's transported to another world. The way how this story is being told, felt very "flow-y" to me. I love how this story is plotted out and how the story has series! I just love it! I am a big fanatic on stories related to characters being transported to another world!

Can't wait for more updated chapters!
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Haruko rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: v2
very good novel.

After reading these first few translations and seeing the illustrations, I got interested and skimmed trough raw chapters with google translate. Allthough google translated raws are not well translated and a lot is lost like that, but I got the main gist of the story and it is honestly interesting.

Protagonist and suporting characters are likeable and well thought, plot is deep and interesting and most of all I like how MC is not allpowerful superman and thus feels more realistic.
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Ann_Risha rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: v1c7 part1
I am very happy to have stumbled upon this story. And to you who skimmed on the reviews, here's a few words from me: this novel reminds me of Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter and many more other like it. However, the story is still far too short to compare with the deep depth of Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter, but Herscherick just reminds me of that novel so much.

Anyways, the protagonist reincarnates to another world, but to a body opposite of her gender. I don't know how... more>> this could possibly relate to the story, but it's something.

The kingdom is corrupt. There's a story--it was mentioned--and a reason to push the protagonist to what he is going to become: a civil servant. As far as I'm reviewing the story, Herscherick is still in the process of learning on becoming one, so hopefully the story will remain the same pace as it is and not info dump on some s*upid reason and drag on the story.

There's more info about the protagonist's previous life as an office lady--an accountant, I believe. The previous life isn't just simply a reason for the OP powers of the protagonist--which by the way he doesn't have (magic nor talent for swordsmanship). All he has is his experience as a 35-year old office lady from his past life, and his determination to make things right. He hasn't invented things that an average office lady shouldn't know about nor know of how its constructed, but I think that's not the focus of the story.

There is a small bit of character development from the protagonist

Before he resolved to serve his kingdom, he had thoughts on living a comfortable life as an aristocrat and turning a blind eye to the corruption he was seeing. It was mentioned. The protagonist said so himself. But something happened and now he changed. I don't want to spoil too much so it's better if you actually read it.

and an in depth view on other characters, too. It molds them to life, in my opinion. They're not just there to glorify the protagonist like some god with unfathomable powers (which, again, he does not have).

Lastly, a personal comment that probably has nothing to do with the review: I've been looking for several novels like this for a while, but ever since I have not discovered something as good as Herscherick--Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter aside. Honestly, the recommendations aren't great and have almost nothing common but superficial things with both stories. I shouldn't involve another novel in this review, but their striking comparisons just speaks to me. Both novels are about building a greater and better society while improving oneself as a person, a leader, and their other respective roles. They are wonderful not because of amazing, magical, supernatural powers, but for their wit, knowledge, deductions, and desire for something greater. Herscherick still hasn't gone through true tribulations like Iris did, but his will and determination is there. I feel like if he went through trials, he would suffer and doubt himself, but the rewards will be so sweet. It will be even more so for me as a reader if I see such a development in a character. Hopefully this would happen. I would love to see the protagonist grow, both in a literal sense (as he's still a child) and figurative sense.

I see great potential in this novel, and I hope people will see that potential in it, too. I hope that it will not disappoint me. <<less
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Cilia rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: --
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah only 2 chapters or so in and im already in tears what is this a combination of cuteness and tragedy ???? you lure me in with a cute looking MC and then SLASH AND SMASH AND DESTROY MA POOR HEART ಥ_ಥ (┳Д┳) dont mind me just ranting for my broken heart (T_T) if im like this from only 2-4 chapters I wonder if I can last the whole novel (;へ:)anyway to all da brave translators that are breaking their hearts so we could read this masterpiece thank... more>> you very much....... please don't abandon dis (;へ:) (◕︿◕✿) I wanna give it 10000/100000 if I can ╥﹏╥ (>﹏<) (☍﹏⁰) 。 (╥_╥) <<less
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vasiliassy rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: v7c1
I already give a spoiler in the forum! Please read it in https://forum. Novelupdates. Com/threads/prince-herscherik-and-the-kingdom-of-sorrow.27521/#post-3448742

How author tell the story is little boring but the political plot is realistic, very detail, have a long history, and the main problem is good enough to read.

Its like Pharmacy in another world plot novel if you read that novel till raw v6 lol.

Ehm, Its story that tell about shota who collect many of bishounen guy lol, nonono its full of politic ahahaha
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sarahpigeon12 rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: v3c1 part2
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NinjaDemonAngel rated it
September 28, 2016
Status: c1 part 2
So far so good! It certainly seems interesting and proving to have a fun and energetic MC! Those illustrations also seem to promise awesome scenes and I am practically salivating in how the MC is going to make everything work out. Can't wait till there is more!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shubh rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: v1c1 part1
Well, apart from the Prince his whole family is pretty much hateable!!

Especially the KING, he is a hypocrite, and the worst ruler ever possible. He is supposed to care a lot about his family but he has several mistresses and consorts and 7 kids!! Wow, does it makes any sense?? He is supposed to be wise and quite good in magic. He has an amazing butler, he is the king, yet he couldn't figure out how the mysterious disease is infecting the royal family and use it as an excuse... more>> to destroy the lives of the commoners!!

Yet the author tries to redeem them (especially KING) at each and every mention, and frankly, it is rather frustrating.

Apart from that, the main cast (the MC, Kuro (butler), and MC's Knight) are likable.

The MC seems to force his ideals sometimes but he is well aware of that and respects other opinions so it's passable. Also, his nature is quite good so he makes a good MC. <<less
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Rurumson rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: v2c7

I mean, I always loved isekai but sometimes it can be tiring to always see that the MC is always so OP that the plot was just getting too distasteful. This one however, has a nice ring of having a placated MC. One of which has actual struggles and gets frustrated at his (her?) inabilities.

Although it was kind of funny that this reminded me of Detective Conan, on the part that a kid is investigating undercover and using his (her?) child-like form to be inconspicuous, when there... more>> is already someone much older on the inside.

This is a fun read and I just binged. Now, I'm happily awaiting the new chapters. Hope the update won't take too long :)

Also, the kid's a woman on the inside but a male on the outside so I don't really know how to use the pronouns for the kid MC. My guts say that it should be "he" but another voice in my mind says that I should respect her "being a woman in mind" so idk lol. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Licht Heiter
Licht Heiter rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: v6c15
I love everyone here! Everyone was caring and very loving or loyal to MC. The MC wasn't an OP character and had no cheats whatsoever. Everything depended on what the MC had learn and know about this world. He is pretty self-aware and knows what he should do and is calm at most times. I feel pity for the MC because he was doing his very best for his people and family. The plot is also deep and interesting. I couldn't stop reading and have reread every chapter published once... more>> every few weeks!

I'm very excited and anxiously waiting for the next volume!! Not sure if it'll come out anytime soon, but I'll definitely check once in awhile. <<less
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rndmsmmrflng rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: v6c15
I love it!

First impression: I thought it was gonna be centered around an OP MC who will develop the country with its prev life knowledge but it was wrong. Hersche def not OP, rather it is his charm, character and personality that attracts OP people to serve him. I like the way her knowledge from her previous life do not take up the majority of the plot (at least that's how I see it).

I've read some reviews (& Lun's thoughts) about how irresponsible Hersche's family is and I must say... more>> I agree. I mean I like how they get along really well and it might not a big deal to Hersche (since he's mentally 35+) but if you think about it from another's perspective, letting a 3-7 yrs old take 'that' much responsibility is just too much. I know how stubborn MC is but I somehow hope his fam will show resistance like owning up more responsibility since they're more physically and magically competent???

Anyway, I love the story overall and I can't wait for the next installment which is the academy arc. I'm so exited but I think it won't be soon 😭

P. S. My broke ass can't even continue reading the series through purchasing the LN so I have to bear the MTL translations. (It's bearable if u get used to it)

I know romance is not the focus but I sure do hope to see a glimpse of cutesy fluff with Hersche & the crayons (lol hahahaha) fam <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lilly2805 rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: v2 illustrations
Catching up to the newly updated chapters makes you stop and sigh at how beautiful everything flowed and how crisp and clean the translation was.

If there's one novel that I would recommend for how unsuspecting and exciting it is, it would be this one.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shrly rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: Completed
I already know this LN since long ago even buy every single e-book of this LN. But decide to write a review because I think this novel is underrated even tho its really worth a lot of appreciation. Herscherik is LN I adore the most because of the story line, the character and the plot is amazing. And how the writer put a lot of effort to create this series is something that I appreciate the most. Just hoping everyone will try to read this. It will get you hooked!

... more>> <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
theragingpanda rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: v2 illustration
Aaaah AAAAHHH I love this series sooo much!!!

I'm a sucker for isekai stuff but this! THIS! This is some diamond. MC is not OP but but s/he is surrounded with strong people who loves and loyal to her/him. And s/he will continue to captivate people with her/him charms! Like me

I also love how s/he and her/him retainers solves the corrupted and mysterious stuff around them.

I will wait for V3 to finish being translated so I can binge read. Give this story a read! I'm sure you'll love it! Uh also I have also shed some manly tears on some chapters hehe
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
herochii_banana rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: v6
SUPER RECOMMENDED if you like a political story with a little reincarnated theme spice

I binge read this novel with MTL and I'm not regretting this. A good premise like Common Sense of Duke's Daughter, the protagonist didn't have cheat---wait, the cheats are the people that he recruited (lol). But a little different than Duke's Daughter, I think "reincarnated" theme have to be concluded, in retrospect of Hersche's age. He will be a weirdo (for the reader, he's already a weirdo for the people in the novel though), because his wisdom... more>> isn't something that a 3 y.o. Kid will have. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kerbasi rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: v2c6 part1
Just finished reading until the latest chapter, and I must say, this is really really good! It kind of reminds me of Kuroshitsuji somewhat (but I won’t spoil why) haha. I love how she uses her past life skills and applies it to the kingdom. I actually want to read more novels about kingdom management because of this series! &Lt;333

All in all, I love this so much ?

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s collecting extremely skilled bishounen on the way to her dreams! Hahah this would be a reverse harem... more>> if she didnt become a boy xD

Must read!! I wish it was completed so I could binge read till the end though huhu <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 25, 2020
Status: v1c3 part6
A very disappointing story. Stories are usually open and blatant about using plot armor but this story is very subtle and insidious about using it which makes it rather despicable.
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