Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho


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A smart, athletic, who handles anything perfectly and unequalled beautiful girl, dies young due to a car accident.

And now, while possessing the memories of her previous life, she reincarnated in a fantasy-ish different world with swords and magic!

All lives were dependant of magicians, however, their numbers decreased every year due to the magic power (mana) scattered around the world running out, thus the reliance on magic for living was coming to an end.

A story that will lead to the life of a girl relying the knowledge of her previous life, as she proposes a way to live even without the use of magic while seeking for what it is, and aiming for a wealthier life.

Associated Names
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Highspec Highschool Girl's Parallel World Reincarnation – Aiming for a More Abundant Livelihood!
Resume of a Reincarnated Girl
ハイスペック女子高生の異世界転生 より豊かな生活を目指して
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Graestra rated it
July 31, 2016
Status: c24
The premise is good and the characters have a lot of potential, but there are A lot of things that annoy me about this series.

Basically every single person in this world is brain dead s*upid. They are so reliant on magic that without it they would be a bunch of barbarians in fur rags chasing after chickens in the woods. They can't do anything without magic, all production of thread, yarn, cloth, clothes, glass, crops, buildings, and most everything else is done by magic. What's a hook? What's a net?... more>> You want some fish? Go grab it with your hands!

Mages are worked to the bone like in a sweatshop where they travel around and make every thing with magic. The towns and villages don't have wells, they have stone reservoirs made from magic that mages have to come around and fill with water. Why? Because the villigars are so god damn lazy they can't even draw water! Actual excerpt from series:
"Eh—, drawing water from a well is heav—y, and it will take tim—e, it is unreasonable for the weak and would hurt the waists of the aged too. It’s impossible, impossible—"

MC invents a water pump and here is what the villagers say:
"Scooping water from the stone water reservoir is faster and we are very used to this system too—"

I don't even understand how these people even figured out how to reproduce, fricken crows are smarter than these idiots. <<less
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CaptainToast rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c27
I don't really get this novel. The world just seems so badly done.

In this world, magic is dying and because of it, society is on the verge of collapse. The MC is supposedly suppose to revolutionize the world with solutions to everything with modern knowledge.

That would of been FINE as a plot normally, but the way the author does it just makes me want to scream. The ONLY reason why society is collapsing is because every single person in this world is apparently ret*rded. They have absolutelet no innovative spirit... more>> at ALL. People in the novel can't figure out basic solutions to basic problems. The mages are just as useless. There's no magic tools or anything. The novel would of at least made sense if the reason society was on the verge of collapse was because all the magic tools and machines were starting to fail because magic was dwindling. The MC would then have to go about fixing everything.

This novel is just a mess. People can't figure out how to make wells, how to weave, how to do ANYTHING. Mages do everything. WHAT THE f*ck DOES EVERYONE ELSE DO. Mages grow the crops, mages weave. Mages build. Is 99% of this society just sitting on their ass? I mean like what the f*ck.

0/5 <<less
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lnv rated it
March 2, 2017
Status: v2c16
There are a lot of reviews who only read a few chapters and complain about things not making sense or the world building. They have no clue what they are talking about! They are simply too used to your typical isekai where the MC is fed information on a silver platter. This novel has deeper world building than most isekai, but that information is relayed little by little, and once you get that information it requires thinking about the implications. People really have to stop the bad habit of trying to pretend everywhere is the same. Culture can change dramatically just by going 100km here on earth, let alone another world. Only by understanding the backstory of how society actually got to where it was can you understand why the world is what it is. I wrote in detail in the spoiler below that debunks the ridiculousness of these reviews. But I still urge you to read for yourself and judge for yourself without going through the spoiler. Keep in mind you have to actually read quite a bit of chapters to piece things together. The MC also thinks this world makes little sense, and part of the plot is unraveling the mystery of what happened in the past to how society ended up as it was. You can't fix things until you know why it is broken in the first place. And a lot of the disconnect between the MC and the society stems from these differences.

This is a very interesting reincarnation novel where the MC is fairly powerless but does all she can to improve her life and in many cases the lives of those around her. There is no OP MC or anything of the like, even in a world of magic, she can't use it. It is mostly based on her knowledge of her past life,... more>> but even then there is limits of what she can do due to her position. Which does improve little by little. On top of that she has to deal with an entire new culture and adapt to it, not to mention deal with her past trauma. A simple to read and interesting novel.

Now there are some people hating on this novel due to certain stuff, most of it is baseless which I will address below in the spoiler. It would be best not to read the spoiler because I will spoil things. But if any of the negative comments is making you not read, I suggest reading this first.


1) There is nothing crazy about what she introduces early on. At 8 month old she introduces making sandals and basket (used as a trap to catch fish) out of grass. And even then she has the help of her older brother (who does all the actual work). The limits of a baby is mostly due to lack of muscle buildup, if someone retains their memories, building up their ability to talk and basic muscle action is not an issue (and even then she couldn't walk well at 8, and again her brothers help is only reason she got things done). Once the starving children got their hands on food due to her, she was able to command them without issue. From then on, she got some recognition from the starving village little by little. But the things she introduces is very limited, basic agriculture reform (which she only just barely introduces prior to being taken away, this took her 10 ENTIRE YEARS). And a few simple to make tools. All of these tools can be made by anyone with access to wood. There is no decades of experience here being crammed in.

2) A lot of people also seem to miss out on the cultural issues. For example, why the parents sold her after she solved the hunger issue. But there is a few things to be noted:
a) If you follow the story so far, outside of mages, civilization seems to have been on purpose bred to be docile. Ever since the revolt centuries ago, the mages seem to have undertaken measures to insure that there is total reliance on mages, even if you want to eat, you have to rely on mages. Nobody has any weapons, even a basic knife. All weapons are made by mages and can be dispelled by mages.

Aka, people are bred for s*upidity and reliance. This is why even merchants are in reality just decedents of nobles who did not get peerage. At first it might seem silly, but once you understand the culture and history of the world building it makes a lot more sense.

b) In those ages, being sold to a noble is most likely considered a priviledge. They did not exactly cover commoner marriage in the novel, but in most middle age societies. The girl leaves the family and the house has to provide a dowry. A noble paying you silver for your daughter is not a bad deal to them. And neither would they think it is a bad deal for their daughter either.

Actually there is even a practice if your child is a mage to give them to nobility. So they are also in a way trained in such actions.

c) To be honest we don't actually know if the parents even know her value. Most of the aid she got was from her brothers (who actually do care about her, one of them even drops everything to go search for her after). The only time she got her parents to do reforms was by tricking them telling them she heard our neighbors do it and etc. Aka, it is questionable how much their parents actually knew about her value. Now don't get me wrong, they knew she created some tools that helped and etc. But it is hard to say how much they actually understood. Because the only thing they thought about is if she was a mage or not.

Also, the villiage they live in is an expiremental villiage. Aka, these villages are not ones where people who knew each other from birth lived in. These are villages that were recently formed. So the conection between villagers is pretty weak. Aka, it is more like everyone for themselves rather than carring about your neighbor that much.

3) The noble DID NOT buy her to be a s*x s*ave. The noble who bought her wanted to educate her. But education can only be given to nobility. So what he did was to make her a temporary maid at his sister's house to get an education along side her son under the pretense of having a maid same age as her son to get along better. Once she got the basic education, he planned to make her his daughter and eventually his wife. Once she has meen a maid at his sister's house for a few years, the sister proposed to use her to offer s*x education to her son. (Which by the way was part of maid duties in some places during middle ages as well). The noble did not like that either, and took her back. (They did not try to hide her, she just got taken back because he had no excuse left for keeping her with his sister as he did not want her continuing her maid services there). Instead she would work as a merchant apprentice. On the way there, she got kidnapped by bandits.

4) Only mages or their spouses can be nobles. Period. The only reason why the nobles are hard working is due to the decline of magic users being born. The society they have is slowly collapsing which is part of the story. Back in the day when the system was set up, there was plenty of mages to go around. So there was little work. As the amount of mages declined, they ended up doing hard work due to being too much work. Hence the setup of the expiremental villages to minimize use of mages.

5) A lot of people also do not get why people are being so lazy saying "this is too hard" or etc. The reason comes down due to difference of perspective. The main character thinks of efficiency, aka how to make Job A easier so more people can do Job B. The responses she gets is people who are used to doing Job A, don't want to bother with Job B which they are not familiar with. Same reason why your parents don't want to bother learning the computer and always call you to do it for them. They are used to doing things one way and have no interest picking up new things. But again, I repeat, they were bred for reliance.

6) Also, it should be noted that magic in this world is also harder to compeat with for tools. Particularly because 1 yarn with magic can turn into 3. So it isn;t about just making yarn with tools. You need to build a whole supply chain to sustain 3X more yarn to compete with a mage.

7) Also one person complains about moving around and character development. Every time the character moves, they are fairly well developed. Not to mention there is hints these characters will show up again (And some do). Her moving, a lot of it is outside her power, that is just the reality of a harsh world. Some moves are planned by her, others are forced on her against her will. Welcome to real world. But the things she does do not just disapear, there is plenty of buildup and domino effect.
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Felix3D rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c71
It starts out so promisingly.

Unfortunately, most of what the previous reviews highlighted are abandoned soon (around chapter 15 ish), and this becomes more of a Shojo-y interpersonal relations kind of story... that not only does not take time to develop the characters and relationships, but also moves from place to place often.

Did you notice how in ch11/"Recollections" the setting changes massively and basically "drops" the previous area? Sort of like an MMO character moving from a starting zone to the next zone while leaving all the extra questlines unfinished?

Get used... more>> to that. There's a lot more coming just like that. <<less
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memoryspectre rated it
September 11, 2016
Status: c148
So most of the reviewers seem to have problems with the world and how idiotic people seem to be, but as the story progresses, you come to understand why this country became so dependent on magic. Also, as more characters are introduced, you'll see that there are people out there other than the protagonist who have ideas and don't want to rely so much on magic.

The first large arc (the reincarnated girl's childhood) moves the protagonist with each mini-arc and introduces many characters. These characters and areas are seemingly left... more>> behind like an mmo... in the first arc.

Once you reach the second arc, it's clear that the first arc just set the stage for the fun part (though the first arc is still quite amusing, the story doesn't really start til the second arc). The second large arc is puberty. And all those characters that you thought were left in the dust in the first arc start coming back into the picture and taking up larger roles. The second arc builds the characters and relationships so they become more three dimensional.

If you gave up on this series because you thought that everything that happened to the protagonist was transient, then you're like the protagonist of the series during the first arc. She thought the same.

Then came the second arc and everyone she had left behind. If you persevere til the second arc, you'll find that the story, world, and characters have a great deal more depth than you thought. <<less
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FatalStrings rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: v1c6
The setup of the story is well thought out. Instead of a neet reincarnated to a magic world and be an op magician, its an ojou-sama reincarnated to a declining magic world, giving all her recreations of tools and modern day knowledge more importance, and making the plight of the village more consistent and sensible.

Also I find the MC's inner monologue to be reminicent of kumoko, which is funny.
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SageRozenburg rated it
September 10, 2016
Status: c24
Bad World Building, Everyone is starving but no crime, Its like everyone is too hungry to steal or pillage for food. The world is too girly.
... more>>

Parents have seen their child solve their village's hunger issues? Parents say lets sell this child for a meager 3 silver coins, a noble bought a intelligent child that can make tools and sell them causing the territory to flourish? The noble said lets make her a s*x partner for my kid for the purpose of education (s*x s*ave), well they decided to hide her away to another land and got kidnap by bandits, since then story is going downhill faster than the Hindenburg passenger airship LZ 129

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Woods Runner
Woods Runner rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: v2
A fun read with addictive pacing and a good balance of heavy and light moments. If you can read japanese then go straight for the LN since it seems like bits were rewritten for the better during the editing process.

First volume fleshes out the main character and her motivations while the second one builds the world up. The former has a much more serious tone to it given what Ryou goes and it hits the right notes in showing just how scarred she is by her abandonment issues. It makes... more>> her out to be a very sympathetic character so reading how the poor girl works through them with the help of those around her is fairly cathartic. The end of the first book ends with plenty to look forward to given what gets set up once Ryou is given the chance to decide her future.

Second volume has her in a much better place, logistically and mentally speaking. Her narration takes on a much lighter cheekier tone befitting a teenager a few years older than her presently 10 year old self save for the insights being reincarnated from modern Earth affords her. The setting elements that get brought in through this volume brings up some interesting questions on what a society overly dependent on their upper caste would be like. Things go almost too smoothly for her this time around though pushing her somewhat into Mary Sue territory but given the direction of her growth and what she gets up to here, I suspect the conflict and heavier tone from the first volume will start coming back with the third volume where it seems consequences are awaiting her. Bits and pieces of her new world are adding up and they're forming a picture of an imminent revolution that she's already playing an indirect role in. One particular subplot has been played for effective Monty Python-esque humor but with how it's progressing it's only a matter of time before it brings serious complications for the great Uoyr. There's plenty waiting to unfold by the end of the book and things end on a promising cliffhanger so I'm very much looking forward to where they'll lead. <<less
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zyd rated it
May 23, 2016
Status: v2c20
Well, written LN. The story develop from slight of life at start and with a little drama as a spice. The story development is quite interesting and make me wonder what would she able to do in this new world with limited power and authority.
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linnil rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c22
So much ridiculous logic in the world building.
- none-mage can not do a thing even though they almost stave to death.
- hunrend years ago or so none-mage still have a brain and can produce thing without magic but now they depend on mage without thinking of depend on themself first. I mean there no one. really there no one who think that they should at least do something even though in the river or forest still have some animal running to be caught and eaten but nope they... more>> don't. They will wait to a miracle from a mage to come help them... Owww now you all will stave to death come on! You guy even sell your own daughter to survive but you can't think of something to eat other than farming depending on the mage to come help them?
- native none-mage = idiot who can't think and cruel person who sell their child to survive even though it is not a last resort.
- mage = noble = hard labor every day. Now, I must admit it's the first time I see noble is doing hard labor as a norm. You have status but not your time of happiness which is still understandable. But if you compare the work of noble and some stave idiot on rural village, you will see how nonsense is it. It too much reverse for how society work. So much so that I can not comprehence it.

Ah but even though the nonsense logic got me irritant but the MC personality still got me to keep reading it. I want to know if the MC can take some sense into the idiot people of this world. I can keep reading this as a filter as other novel out there still being translated.
Drop at 32th chapter...
Even with MC personality not doing bad, it still did not help this novel.
I can't take it anymore why bother building many character and then abundon them after as if they are tr*sh.... MC's family in the beginning is not even appear again and it make me wonder will all those abundon characters ever will get the screen time in the next next arc...
Drop.... <<less
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Nyamu rated it
June 21, 2019
Status: --
I am not going to say much on why its "good". The other 4-5* already said it.
The ones giving it a 3* have different opinions on why its 3* and some of it is justifiable so I will just ignore this. This review is merely to make people sort of not turn away from this story because of the 2* and 1* reviews about bad world building.

First of all, there is crime. Not immediately since its a slow story and definitely not nearby a noble's house because that would... more>> be suicide. Second, about the idiots that can't even make a well and stuff. Some would say "ridiculously s*upid" I would say "somewhat realistic." You would be surprised at how s*upid and lazy the human race could become when they are spoonfed. I would know, I live in a country where a selected spoonfed majority say s*upid stuff capable of (slowly) destroying the country (or their entire race) on a daily basis in the name of equality and that everyone that doesn't agree with them is racist, an evil to be purged.

Point being, when the 'mages' have been expected to do everything since its more convenient and efficient, smart people don't get the motivation to do stuff. They give birth to less smart people, repeat, and now your great great grandchildren are all lazy spoonfed people that can mostly look up and say FEED ME. <<less
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BaramII rated it
September 1, 2017
Status: --
It's good, but unfortunately, when it starts getting good, the author kinds of, wipes it out. Axed it or something.
I feel that the Author is prone to get Mind Blocked. He's a fine writer, but he can't do long story.
... more>>

The village she was in started improving, what happens? She gets sold, the territory she got sold in is improving, what happens? She got kidnapped. The group that kidnapped her started improving, what happens? The bandit group left her to a friends territory that needed improvement, since they didn't have any magician. BUT the author didn't bother doing anything in that territory, and just went directly to school arc. The story stops there, since there's no more updates, I'll bet when the School Arc gets interesting, she'll run away and/or stolen by another country or something.


Anyways, when the Arc is reaching or on it's climax, the author decides to suddenly restart it to a new setting.

Read it, it's "ok".
It's written just fine, translated just fine, but as I said, each Arc feels like it got axed and ended right on it's peak. <<less
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XeroDK rated it
July 31, 2016
Status: c26
Wow, so far this series went beyond my expectations. At first it started as your typical reincarnation story where Ryou, the smart female protagonist, uses her knowledge of modern day to improve the lives of her family and village. But then the direction of the series became clear after the first arc and while it's sad to see Ryou suffer, it's also clear that it's the building block for the sweetness to come.

I want to give Ryou to biggest hug I can. The novel has a good balance of character... more>> and story and I really hope the author continues to go this direction. <<less
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Lantis rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: --
A very good read. Although it is a bit of a stretch having her do so much at such a young age.


I'm so glad that the author chose not to give her a magic cheat, despite making it so omnipotent.

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Jezvee rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: --
There's nothing really special about this novel...

At the beginning I was a bit annoyed by how arrogant the protagonist was. I definitely got the feeling that she was viewing herself on a higher level than everyone around her (I hate that she kept belittling the people around her for not being as technologically advanced as her), but that's what you get when the MC was an Ojou-sama in her previous life. I guess it's a change from the usual humble MC. She also accepted the fact that she died and... more>> reincarnated right away, but for some reason kept denying the fact that she was in another world. For someone who claims that they're a genius, she took a long time to figure out that she wasn't on earth anymore despite the obvious facts. And about her being a genius. It's more like the author made everyone around her ridiculously s*upid to make her look "smart".

A whole bunch of other events happen that don't usually occur in other novels like this, but just because it breaks a few cliches doesn't make it a masterpiece. <<less
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August 5, 2017
Status: v2c15
This is a reincarnation story. The main character is a poor farmer's daughter in a country paralyzed by the loss of magic. She 'invents' non-magical tools and solutions. Later on the story becomes similar to other shoujo transmigration novels. In fact, there is even some non-cliché darkness with the main character's abandonment issue and the possibility of being used in the future. Though not enough to de-fluff this novel.

Some ranting...

I read some bad reviews for this novel and hesitated before I took it up. How s*upid. This isn't nearly as... more>> unrealistic as I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess or Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo. The commoners may be s*upid, but the s*upidity is explained.

Also, if compared to the stone age level they should be at, they are doing okay. Remember, humans didn't originally do agriculture at all. Digging wells wasn't done until much later. I'm not sure about the fish, but didn't neanderthals only know how to catch fish with their hands? If modern technology stopped working today, would you know how to make do with no tools? I bet I would whine and complain if that happened. <<less
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KamuiSC rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: --
Not a great novel but people complaining about the society being s*upid are the very same people who would be useless in a world without electricity.

Just make a fishing rod you say? How does one do that well, bet you’d have to google it.

Just make a well LoL? How do you do that and how do you do it without contamination?

The novel is not great but failing to understand how a society can collapse when a major convenience is removed is laughable when you live in a world that will... more>> grind to a halt if a solar flare or something was to knock out major electrical grids for a while. <<less
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CatCat19 rated it
June 8, 2019
Status: c249
Its a good story, if you the type need a "hype start" this novel is slow pace type, so perhaps you wont like it.

MC not OP (well since she cant use magic, when this world is magical world), this world is cruel (racist), no fluffy relationship (even though some char nice enough).

For some review below 2 star, about the setting world. Yes I understand it too but I see 'a bad world' where our MC need to fix it, and I think author want to convey how the world... more>> become better because MC. Tbh, even in our current world we also more or less like that. Well... if you like Ascendance of Bookworm, im pretty sure you also will like this novel.

I gave 5 star because I like slow pace development story and not mind if it few hundred chapters, less romance, no harem, world develope/modern knowledge, isekai, dense female, and above all is author really really know how to write (im so curious and use google translate to continue read and can understand how the story go on).

Translator also write it wonderfully, even though its already few months without update (what happen translator-sama?). <<less
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July 1, 2016
Status: c18
A very good slice of life novel, which is not boring unlike others with similar genre would have as there is some unique traits.


Unlike other reaincarnation, here MC is not a noble, but a poor daughter of farmer that sold her to a merchant, then she become a maid.


Nearly every chapter is eventful, not just doing random thing without meaning. The interaction between characters is very interesting, especially MC and the young masters.
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Arha rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c16
Okay, setting aside that we've already had two major scenario changes fifteen chapters in, I had to drop it because of two serious problems.

First, I have this troubling feeling of 'I think the world and the people would be better off if all the useless commoners died.' Waaah, using a well is too hard. What, you made a pump for it? It's still too hard! Give me back the magic water box! The nobles aren't much better but at least they're not that incredibly dim. But even the 'nice' nobles... more>> Ryou was living with own s*aves, Ryou being the most obvious among them.

And what's with Ryou? She's sold off, ens*aved, has it suggested she be used to sexually initiate children, is forcibly adopted (or was going to be) and then told she'd be told to marry some dude against her will and then impregnated and she reacts with an 'oh well' feeling. How am I supposed to care about this girl when she clearly doesn't care about herself?

Three stars might be generous but I felt two was a little mean because the actual writing quality was okay and the characters do have distinct personalities... they're just all awful. <<less
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