Porter of Two Worlds


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Using the ability to freely travel between Earth and the fantasy world so he can… become a porter of two worlds…?

Bai Yang’s objective was to establish a production line that would yield hundreds of millions of pills, pellets, and artifacts…

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Date Group Release
07/21/17 Parallelnovels c2
07/17/17 Parallelnovels c1
02/12/17 Flower Bridge Too c1
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Sircus rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c916
Surprised that this story hasn't been picked up. It´s an enjoyable mix of shounen and mature mixed together. Many interesting and likable characters.

The story focuses on how the MC establishes a base in both worlds and the adventures he encounters while trying to enjoy life.

What I really like in this story is that cultivation isn't so heavily tied to bone age. This removes the rush/stress for the MC to constantly seek lucky chances and you get a completely different pacing.

To sum it up, nice break from the usual stories. The... more>> raws are easy to read btw ^^ <<less
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