Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru


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Kazura was selected as the winner on a lottery that he bought on a whim and received ¥4,000,000,000 (4 billion yen).

To evade the hyenas that smelled the scent of his money, Kazura took refuge on an old residence that had been handed down from generation to generation.

When Kazura was investigating the place that would become his shelter, he stumbled on a certain room where it was possible to go into and back from another world.

The Culture and Technology level of that world was relatively low. The protagonist sometimes brought goods, sometimes brought technological knowledge.

At that world, he would find his true value as a person.


MC has Zero survival instinct; happily tells people all his weaknesses and how to prevent him from escaping; does nothing to be able to defend himself or escaped and the author uses that to set up ridiculous situations where it goes wrong for him because of such nonesense;

besides that it is very wholesome and quite good; but be aware this stuff happens


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I Won 4 Billion in a Lottery But I Went to Another World
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27 Reviews

Jul 28, 2016
Status: c4
I like the premise, but this is a seriously s*upid protagonist, and s*upid by extension, the author. How long does it take to figure out that something fantasy like is going on. He went through a magical door similar to the closet from Narnia and he's not immediately jumping to conclusions. He simply thinks it's some exotic feature of the house.

I can tell right away, this is one of those authors who fell ass backwards into a good idea but has absolutely no capability to pull it off. Imagine... more>> you wanna snoop through someone's medicine cabinet when you're in the bathroom. This is the sort of idiot who would leave the door open while he does it.

It wasn't until the protagonist started having awkward conversations with the nearby villagers that he started putting things together.

When he goes back to get more supplies, he actually says he's going to make a round trip from another country IN A SINGLE NIGHT.... Seriously s*upid author... Just say you are going to your cart which you hid deeply in the woods. At least that sounds more reasonable.

When he finds out the village is suffering from malnutrition, he opts to buy them energy drinks instead of simply fruits and veggies. MORON.... He can't even bring himself to admit to the village that it's obviously malnutrition and that's why he can cure them so easily. They could probably cure it themselves if they simply broadened their food intake a little. <<less
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Aug 04, 2016
Status: c142
It's a nice story when it's focusing on peaceful implementation of modern culture and technology into medieval age slice of life story, but when it's touching into political and war issues the MC’s naivety makes the story irritating pretty fast. To be honest it was one of my favorite read since it's pretty enjoyable until around chapter 100, but after that it goes downhill.

... more>>

Kazura's naivety's hurting the story later, he doesn't want to help the country preparing for war with two country that wanted to attack Kazura's country. Even though he know very well that if the country is being attacked they will definitely lose and all his precious acquintances will be either dead or ens*aved. He's "Nope I will only provide you with food and daily necessities, I won't help with military at all." Because he doesn't want to dirty his own hands by inventing ways to produce war tools, Valletta decided to prepare for the war alone behind the scenes without Kazura knowing.

He's so reluctant taking action to protect the country that he have to call his father for advice, and as expected the father wisely told him to do the thing he needs to do so he won't regret it later. It seems it's a clue so he will finally take a countermeasure acts for the war, I'm so happy that it seems he will move the plot again, yet after that he still won't do anything as if he immediately forgot his father's advice.

Later the MC become somewhat pathetically useless compared to Valleta, basically she does all the hard work (designing new tools with the help Kazura's book, negotiate and managing craftsmen, mining steel, smithing weapons etc) while Kazura remains oblivious in his naive world with his beloved compost and windmill. He can't even perceive malicious intent at all that even a potential antagonist almost snatched Valleta from him and he only thinks of "Maybe it's fine to give her to him for the sake of her future... I think he's a nice guy." Not until Valleta cried desperately because she doesn't want to be given to that guy Kazura realized that it's s*upid to hand Valleta over to the other guy. Yet later he disclose all important secret plans to this potential antagonist/bertrayer... the raws stuck at this point that even some Japanese reader also fed up with the current Kazura...

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Apr 27, 2018
Status: --
There is this trend going on with Isekais that because Japan is so peaceful, everyone from there is kind, gentle, naive, s*upid, moronic, idiotic, and clueless. Barring a very limited subset of novels, most of them treat their knowledge, skills and items with reckless abandon. Ie: giving out stuff that's never before seen, teaching knowledge that sometimes should remain untaught, using god-tier skills that are unique to them. More often than not, they also suffer no consequence from these actions.

Now, I sometimes enjoy such s*upidity drenched power fantasy novels myself... more>> but in the case of this novel, I find it hard to swallow. This novel tries to blend realism with fantasy but in a real world, the MC would be locked up and tortured for every bit of knowledge he has. Heck, the entire village, especially the female lead, would suffer the same fate. Some may argue that his pathetic ass was blessed by the God of Luck and therefore landed in a place with kind (even though they betrayed his ancestor) people and government, but please, if the other countries found out what they had, they would band together and attack his sorry ass country which he seems so reluctant to protect.

I hate it when MCs just go around doing sh*t without thought. This particular one irked me the most because he doesn't even have the overwhelming power to protect himself from the consequences of his actions. Yet he hasn't suffered any. <<less
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May 05, 2016
Status: c86
It is a decent slice-of-life novel, with some potential. For some reason, there was a focus on a waterwheel for several chapters, that I thought that the waterwheel might turned into a transformer. I like the MC, he seems like an ordinary guys that happened to end up in another world and some of his actions reflect what most people would do in the same situation.

Update: MC is too naive and s*upid for his age. The MC seems like he knows nothing about history, and is too trusting of almost... more>> every one. He is ruining the story, and it would be better if the female lead takes over as the MC. <<less
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Aug 18, 2016
Status: c55
Ugh writing reviews suck. I think I'll procrastinate by flying to a different city and then write a review. Flying sucks. Let me drive to the next state to take the airplane back. This kind of weird logic is basically the premise of this series.

Guy wins the lottery but feels burdened by the 10 family members who pop out of nowhere asking for some money. Annoyed and not wanting to share his newfound wealth, the MC drives to the country side... to take care of an entire village of... more>> strangers. Then he voluntarily decides to use his wealth to help a new country of strangers.

I don't understand what motivates him. If you are familiar with Japanese MCs, you will notice that a lot of the male leads have no real directions or aspirations. They are all 'will not kill' or 'laze around at my own pace' kind of stories. This is a 'laze around at my own pace' kind of story that in theory I should enjoy, but the backstory and MC really holds be back from enjoying it. The MC isn't particularly cool nor is he interesting. It was the world building that brought me into the story and it is the MC that is going to bring me out of it. He's too selfless, too dense, too nonsensical, too non human in his reactions. He has almot no passion, no drive and nothing that makes him memorable.

I enjoy the story, hence the 3 stars but it is a slice of life on the weaker side of novel offerings. <<less
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Nov 21, 2017
Status: --
If you can get over some of the more ridiculous parts of the story it's actually pretty cool.

Id love to give it 4 stars, but I really feel the MC lacked a brain from time to time. Also the self m*sturbation that Japan does with the whole "I'm from Japan so we are really gentle and kind people and our food is the best in the world" type of crap you see in every Japan fantasy ever. I guess it's called fantasy for a reason. Japan has some pretty big... more>> problems with how people in high positions in life treat those below them and Iv'e certainly eaten Japanese food before and was not impressed. Compared to Americans that think they are the only country in the world with freedom and basic human rights, I guess Japan isn't so bad... but it like many countries is far from perfect.

A lot of people seem to have a problem with all the ages of the girls that are possible love interest for the MC. All I can say to that is... different place (world), different time period, and people used to marry young back in the day just because of how young people usually died. It's not unusual or morally wrong at all if consent is given. Just my opinion on it.

If you are looking for a read to pass the time, this might be decent enough. I started reading the manga before getting sick of waiting on updates and decided to read this instead. Manga is basically the same. It's decent, but not great. <<less
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Aug 29, 2016
Status: c57
Very interesting story if you look at it as a concept, MC is too dumb and naive. A good read if you don't mind the MC.
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Dec 04, 2017
Status: c87
Starts out pretty decently, Main Character wins it big in the lottery and escapes from people who want handouts by hiding in a mountain cabin. I'll even give the fact that he escaped people who vaguely knew him harassing him for his lottery winnings to take care of a bunch of starving strangers as the author showing the MC's compassionate side in the face of life threatening issues.

However, this MC is too bland and useless. The MC has no other redeeming qualities, he's not good at anything and he really... more>> doesn't have any talents or traits. Every problem is solved by him going back to modern day Japan and buying products or contracting professionals. The MC's only character is that he has money and will not ignore suffering if it's in front of his eyes. He's also physically and mentally weaker than starving villagers and most people in the story.

When the story moves beyond the scope of the village it derails and goes a bit off the rails when the MC meets the local noble's underage daughter in the city. The story also introduces information about the pending major war that threatens the very survival of their entire country.

Did I also mention the MC is ~26 years old and in the story the author suddenly writes about how he's shocked speechless at the beauty of the 15 year old daughter of the local Lord? It was super creepy just how many of the story characters were lusting after a 15 year old all of a sudden. All we know about her is that she is 15, loves money and wants to marry a rich man to live in luxury. She falls in love with the MC because he gave her a cheap modern day necklace worth a fortune in a fantasy world. Ultimately she is just a character who's only defining characteristic is that she loves the MC. Which in this story's case is.... money. <<less
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Dec 31, 2016
Status: c66
Grammar: 1.9/5
Story: 2.9/5
Writing: 2~2.8/5

First I would like to state that I am enjoying this series. With that out of the way, let's move on to the review:

Grammar is horrible... just horrible, but the translator is doing this as a free service and has stated that his translation will not be 100% accurate or properly translated. Constant tense shifts within sentences. Awkward wording/phrasing is rife throughout the translation. Entire paragraphs are nearly indecipherable. The author tries, but English is obviously not his/her first language, nor are they entirely knowledgeable about the use of words and/or descriptors.
The story is about average, fantasy setting with lots of instant gratification. The only thing that makes the story stand out would be the manner in which the MC is able to go back and forth between worlds, but that in-and-of-itself has been done a few times with other series.
The writing is a rather tricky part to review for this series since the translation is not very accurate. There are moments when the author's style shines through and is quite enjoyable, while at other times the translation is a complete mess and makes it a headache to read. Thus my approximate rating instead of a solid rating.

Over all while the translation is a mess, the story is quite enjoyable. Not a recommended read in my case, but still enjoyable.
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Sep 23, 2015
Status: --
MC is suddenly rich but is a common man with kind-hearted personality. The atmosphere of the story is peaceful slice of life with no bloody battle or violence which is pretty refreshing and relaxing. MC can go back between our and the fantasy world as he like it and he often brought stuffs from our modern world to those medieval era world which most of the time stunts the people over there.

The core of the theme is that he uses his newly found wealth to help people without any ulterior... more>> motives such as gaining fame, attracting opposite s*x, and other common greed templates. He even works hard in doing it, that's why the MC is really like-able except that sometimes he can be pretty gullible in some situations (but not being too dumb or dense).

From my experience as otherworld theme reader, if you like Death March (Desumachi), you'll most likely love this one too because of the OP MC (not strong but ultra rich) and relaxing theme with occasional outstanding situations. <<less
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Dec 09, 2021
Status: --
Since I cant punch somebody, I'll tell you, premises are good, but this dense MC if you hit his head with nokia3310, it'll cost you your nokia phone and your hand. If you on your way to fight, or you have beef with someone or even many people, read this, just think of this s*upid MC, or if you read the manga, try to place his face on your opponent, you'll unlock berserk mode. Thanks
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Aug 06, 2015
Status: --
We got our protagonist that won Yen or 321 million U.S. dollars... o (O.o) o
To flee from greedy people trying to get him to give them money he fled to an extremely old house in the country side that belongs to his family and inside discovers that there is a portal to another world where he can come in and out as he wish and in that world finds a dying village.... using the money won to help the village he ends up with one of the girls there and the story continues of him using his money bringing things from his world to this =O.

The story its quite touching and the romance is starting to get solid, while reading you can notice that there MAY be gods in that world that favors the MC, and I expect that things will get difficult once the greedy nobles finds out all the things that the MC has brought over and more likely there will be a lot of conflicts!, the tricky part is that the MC is absolutly normal lol, he is just a kind and quite smart dude that won a fkng lot of money XD
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Apr 13, 2019
Status: c43
Starts off interesting and gets progressively more dull and repetitive as the story progresses. The author had an incredibly interesting idea, but lacked the ability to make the execution enjoyable.

The MC is so flat personality-wise that its honestly hard to feel anything for him or about him. The rest of the characters are pretty much one dimensional and empty of anything that gives them depth.

If this was a quick first draft that was going to be fleshed out, filled up, polished, and expanded, then I would honestly have looked forward... more>> to the end result. As it stands, I had to give up shortly after chapter forty, as I honestly couldn't force myself to read any more.

There are a handful of scenes in this story that really stand out, which is why I stuck with it for so long. It's just a pity that those scenes are so few and far apart. If it wasn't for those nuggets of gold hidden amongst the chaff, I would have given this one star instead of three. <<less
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Aug 03, 2017
Status: c21
It has an interesting premise but I'm dropping this as I'm kinda offended by MC personality. It just doesn't click with me and the author actually made him that way just to make plot.

A story where completely clueless, dense and no sense of vigilance guy which makes you wonder how in the world you're from working society and still alive? "I found a devastated place with persons, let's help them by giving them stuffs out of nowhere and hope nobody find out. Damn, If only I could bring them to... more>> Japan, I would"- kind of guy, without batting an eyelid.

If you're okay with the things above or you actually want to see how an idiot (probably) trying to save the world, give this a go. <<less
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Feb 24, 2017
Status: --
I only recommend reading up to Vol-1 equivalent of the LN in the WN. It's an okay slice-of-life with a very unique fresh start. Though I felt a bit annoyed when the girl starts trying to build a steam engine and that she literally mastered reading japanese in like 20 days?

Yep time is an issue in this novel along with logic problems. Digging a waterway and building a water mill after being cured of plaguing sicknesses, growing potatoes, all in less than a month's time. Is this world LMS or... more>> is the author smoking Weed while writing? (Though most of this might be corrected in the LN version)

You'll also find out that the women in this novel end up in japanese cliches. Expect it, embrace it, and hate it if you must.

Now that the MC brings in more high tech later on, I expect a very depressing situation where the inhabitants will eventually go nuts for it like we see in Log Horizon. To the points that the girl will end up building guns and such even if the MC doesn't buy them over but give her books.

I'll come back to this novel maybe when it ends and see if any of this happens. <<less
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Feb 21, 2016
Status: --
why would people compare this to death march is something that I can’t see

the only thing that they have in common is the world travelling, and even that is completely different

while one can freely travel from one world to another nothing changes to him on a personal level, he’s still the same average man with a degree of naivety that makes me cringe

... more>>

he assumes the role of a god and goes with it, introducing new things and techs, things that will eventually gather not so quite good attention


it’s quite true what the tags say “smart female lead” because our MC certainly isn’t

the other (Satou from death march) pretty much starts with overwhelming personal power, which allows him to pretty much do whatever without any real consequence, yes they’re kind individuals but satou actually knows how to apply common sense (from his world and the one currently resides) to fit the situation

if kazura did the same thing he does here in death march he would probably be dead within the week <<less
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Dec 14, 2015
Status: --
this one pretty interesting....
MC got wealthy on the first chapter, then used his money to help people from another world, though he a bit reckless on spending and on bringing technology to other side.

story is original, good wording arrangements, and not your typical “other world, harem, dense, riajuu should explode” things (at least in my eyes).

story pretty much slow paced (my opinion), MC not so smart and not so s*upid, a bit reckless though.

Recommended for someone who looking for something original or want to take a break from mainstream storyline for a while.
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Apr 09, 2023
Status: c90
(This is just my opinion, so pls don't mind it)

So, I tried to give this a chance because I have a fetish for ' I am weak but is mistaken as strong/a god' type of stories.

But.. he's so f*cking boring.

There isn't a single personality at ALL. Personally, I am fine with introverted or naive characters. I sometimes find it cute. But he, the MC, is so boring that even stale bread would taste more interesting. He is the densest, most s*upid character that I know of. He's so... more>> dense that even a brick wall would be jealous.

Not only is he boring af, but the story is as slow as a sloth climbing up the f*cking tree. Even though it's slice of life, there is no progression, no entertainment, no life, and just plain boring.

I get that he's supposed to be an ordinary kind of guy... But even an average japanese salary man that works from 9-5 and has sold his soul to his work place has more personality then him.

But it's just my opinion (⁠◡⁠ ⁠ω⁠ ⁠◡⁠) <<less
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May 20, 2017
Status: c77
While I find the development of the land and people's livelihood interesting, the main protagonist can be, well, a bit naive. Or maybe just a bit too careless for his own good considering that he might get killed in that world.

Kazura is a normal Japanese person who, one day, won the lottery. Yes. He instantly became rich with a lucky draw. He decided to retire and live in an old house his family owns in the countryside. As he starts his life there, he realizes that one of the rooms... more>> connects to another place - another world. It hasn't been modernized yet and people have lately been experiencing famine because of the recent war. He decided to help them with his money that he won from the lottery. That's basically the story.

Considering how he quit his job and now has no other source of income, he sure has been recklessly spending his money to improve these people's live. While I am not against helping them, I just find it naive or just really s*upid for him to do this considering how he realized that he actually can't take the nutrients from the food of that world so he still has to eat the ones from his original world unless he wants to die. He's also, as I mentioned earlier, careless, that it makes one think "when will he blow his cover" instead of "will he blow it". Let's hope he doesn't get threatened or anything when that time comes.

It's a fun read if you ignore those points I mentioned earlier. He ends up improving the lives of the people living there because of his modern knowledge, food and tools. Read if you like these kinds of stories. <<less
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Feb 13, 2017
Status: c72
A Japanese Web/Light Novel I actually like, had to add a 5th star. Ok, so there are actually a few really good Japanese L. Novels. But.... there are to many more that... Read spoiler: Rant

... more>>

MC Retells/Brags about the same event to 3 different groups of people, basically repeating the same story 3 time 3 chapters in a row... every 6 chapters intervols

MC doing the greeting/social ediquette dance, Don't call me sama, just my name to every single new character, for over 6 sentences, then saying 1 more sentence of Plot... and then waving goodbye. (Don't mind when it is used properly for important figures and when social standing means something + Real Plot... but when even done during fight scenes...)

Oooops, sorry, forgive the little rant.. Just hate investing time into 30+ chapters of a L. Novel to find out that it is Slice of life crap that introduces the same Japanese "staple" cuisine into every 10th filler chapter....


I PROMISE you, that this story is not like that!!!

~Mystery: Characters that can turn out to be Evil or good... Wait, some characters that are shades of grey, with real personalities left up to the readers to determine there questionable actions based upon noble intentions... Imagine that

~Unique Plot: Its new/rare/interesting enough to give you something to think about even when not reading the story... (so you can daydream at work.... What If?)

~The MC doesn't have any super powers/combat powers, and actually has to use a more logic approach to resolving events.

Ok, so it's not a 5 star epic saga... but it's much better for a more mature audience then nearly any other 4.2 or below star rated Japanese novel out there. <<less
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