Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured


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Zheng Xiaoguang always thought that she was freaking awesome in terms of playing games. Although she was not an RMB fighter, her big brother could protect her. As such, Zheng Xiaoguang always felt great during a mission.
Unfortunately, her superiority ended until last week.
In order to align with the Fame House, her unscrupulous big brother actually “sold” her to Bluegreen-Clad, the boss of another major gang called the League of Strong Families.
Yes, he was the local lord who was crazily admired by female players in the whole region.

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Loosergirl rated it
February 27, 2019
Status: c2
Why the bad reviews? The premise is interesting. I can't help but be reminded of A Slight Smile is Very Charming but the online marriage is set up by the MCs brother (is he her real brother?). It's implied he may have done something else as well when he borrowed her account. I can't wait to find out what.

The game terminology is a bit weird though. The translator uses gangs instead of guilds, bosses instead of guild masters, and zones instead of servers. Also, if the game depicted here existed... more>> in reality, I wouldn't want to play it. It seems too much like pay-to-win. It might be a setup for the ML turning out to be rich; that would be another similarity with A Slight Smile is Very Charming.

Chapter length is decent and the plot moves at a good pace. Hopefully more chapters will be translated soon. <<less
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savii rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: --
I think this doesn't deserve the bad ratings... The story is very interesting, majority of the story happens in the game.. We only just have a glimpse of the real life FL and ml.. Even though they have full jobs, it's like they are playing 24x7🙈🙈..

The main bad thing I find in the story is it has too many game elements and too many game characters that a non gamer or non MMORPG player will find very difficult to follow...

Even though the story seems familiar with A slight smile and... more>> why not soar your majesty., its very different, the romance in particular is very slow compared to other stories even after 78 chapters they haven't got together. Even though the plot is really simple the author has made it really interesting. We can see different pov.. And it is interesting to read all the inner turmoils of different characters esp the MC..

Highly recommended... Hopefully it doesn't drag too much but since the issues are getting solved fairly easily I think this will end soon. <<less
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KichiX rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: c53
The tone when in-game is kind of like a cross between Why Not Soar Your Majesty and Time. Unlike A Slight Smile Is Very Charming, the female lead's real-world life isn't built up, although we do follow along on some truly terrible blind dates. Additionally we spend a lot of time with the characters' inner monologues.

***EDIT: The inner monologues are getting on my nerves. There's also some writing that's just...

... more>>

From Chapter 93:

"Han Meimei... was only 20... she really did not want to get married...

Han Meimei: Uhm~ I'm still young. Let me enjoy myself for two more years~

She would turn 22 after two years."

*gasp* she's 20! and in 2 years, she'll be, *gasp* 22! Who would have thought!

And here's an example of inner monologue-ing, also from chapter 93:

"[Character A]: What about [Character B]? It looks like that you don't refuse to get married in the game. If so, why did you refuse him in the past?

Zheng Xiaoguang thought in surprise, "Is he talking about [Character B]'s proposal to me? Why does he bring this up now? What an incongruous question. Does he think that I betrayed [Character B] or something?

"This is really strange..." Zheng Xiaoguang was not sure about his attitude, so she decided to answer his question truthfully."

Writing down a character's stream of consciousness, if you're not writing in first person, is lazy writing. Even something along the lines of "Zheng Xiaoguang was surprised. [Character B]'s proposals had never been serious, and these questions were weirdly pointed. After some hesitated, she answered with "he was just joking with me..." " would be better.

Obviously these are webnovels, so I'm not expecting great feats of writing, but this is the only novel I've read so far that has such lazy writing...


The two leads don't know each other in real life, so the romance is similar to Really, Really Miss You. Unusually, the two talk on the phone before they meet. Although it gives the relationship more depth, it also highlights how weird the situation is.

The general dearth of these kinds of stories means that I'll take what I can get, and Please Sign is definitely not a bad story. There is the generic "white lotus", but the other side characters are decent enough. The FL deals with most situations logically, but the ML's gifts to ingratiate himself lose a lot of their "romance" when you consider that

he's the CEO or whatever of the company that owns the game so the real money he's spending in-game to buy her the fancy clothes/weapons he's going to be getting back...


He is always on her side though, and is generally likeable. ***EDIT: I do have to give props to the ML for always having her back and using the shortest route to settle trouble. <<less
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