Why Not Soar Your Majesty


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If you are good enough, why don’t you fly to the heavens, and rise side by side with the sun?

This is about a girl who played using a male character, carefully building up her strength, guarding her wallet to one day be able to sponsor her male idol.

This is the story of a group of mentally insane people.

Tang Xiao had two wishes so far, the first wish is to sponsor Mu Cheng. The second wish was to help every enemy of Su Muzhe!

Female: Wife, I have died! When I die, hold me tight! That way, the ones who have come for revenge will know that we are a pair!

Male: … …

Everyone: Why aren’t you going to the heavens?!

Everyday, when Tang Xiao sat at home, she would first, number 1: kiss kiss pat pat and stare contentedly at the collection of naked posters of her male idol Mu Cheng that she had pasted all over her home.

Secondly, she would play online games.

With her male ID, Tang Xiao would cause havoc and uproar all over the game by confessing to girls constantly everyday, mu*dering all the men and generally, harassing people in public.

Every single time, she raised havoc, a female ID named Su Muzhe would punch her and try to knock her to her senses.

Thus a marriage began between a male ID who had a girl behind it, and a female ID who had a man behind it.

While at the same time, Tang Xiao tried her very best to roll into the sheets of her male idol, not knowing that she was already associated with him in the 2D world.

This is the story of how Tang Xiao was shamelessly bribed by her male idol to marry his character with naked posters of himself, and how every time she announced she wanted to sleep with him, she was punched.

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Ge Xia He Bu Teng Fei Qi
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October 1, 2017
Status: c10.2
This CN is full of laughs and shameless characters. Full of Love and Hate relationships mixed with loyalty and shameless characters in a good way (Wait I said shameless twice..*shurgs* who cares we have the most shamless MC that is dub Queen of Shameless that surpasses Nangong Yu's shameless character) that will leave you wanting more. Although there are characters whose names are all cringey since its in english and not in pinyin but they are all hilarious names that will make you go rolling on the floor laughing like... more>> your gonna die. (I.e Ah, soft, Ah, feels good, Ah, hard, Parting Song, Wind Blows Pants etc) But don't worry they are all just game ID and not their real life names hopefully

The plot is magically full of yellow minded people from the guilds of the two love interest who is pretty famous. One member for being a shameless, yellow minded, beautiful, strong and smooth talker male gamer who is our female lead that goes with the infamous name Tang Poem. She has a lot of enemies after playing within 1 year that had set her goal to kill, chase women and be shameless and disgust people until they come back for revenge. Although people wants to kill her they are all frightened since she is pretty strong and has a strong backer, her guild. Now, you might be thinking how lucky she is but dont assume that so easily. The guild has four mottos; No money, no morals, no loyalty and persisting in scamming team mates for three hundred years. So even though they are guild mates they also like to bully our shameless Tang Poem when she is down and until she dies over and over again. Totally hilarious.

As for the ml. He is famous member for being called a goddess in everyones heart and has a good connections with a lot legendary people. He is in a guild that is enemies with the fl's shameless guild and is often involve in having guild wars with them. The ML is in a body of a girl so the FL mistakenly mistook him for a vicious woman behind the screen after the ML forced the FL to marry her in the game since the the FL was the first one to propose but then ran away resulting in a mob of legendary people chasing after her to kill her for payback. It's pretty hilarious since the FL is in a guy's body and shamelessly proposed to the ML who is in a girls body in the middle of a guild war and even promised to give him a variety of noodles if he says yes. The FL who was originally planning to disgust the ML by forcing him to say no suddenly got her plans backfired resulting a world game shaking event where many players watched the drama speculate. Going back and forth where one of them changes their gender and the other follows, making you laugh non stop.

The plot so far is created in a easy to read way where readers can laugh and wonder about the romance and how the two will face each other after knowing their identities. The romance is neither too fluffy nor too light but just right for everyone to feel satisfied. All the mentioned characters from each guild all have a pretty unique and likeable traits that leaves you a big impression though its mostly about dirty minded things XD.

For the translation, I dont see anything wrong with it. Its pretty polished and easy to read for readers and the formatting isn't messy at all where many dialogs come up and start talking. Even though for someone like me who never even play MMORPG or somthing like that, still understand since they leave notes in the end.

I don't understand how come not a lot of people has not seen this novel yet since it is 100× more funnier than unruly pheonix Xiayao and 100× more shameless than King Of Hell and many novels. Aiya, such a gem yet only a few gets to enjoy it. Tsk tsk tsk. I recommend that you read this fast since I was able to sacrifice my sleep to read it. <<less
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Railman rated it
January 31, 2018
Status: c14.1
This novel failed in comedy, (which is its biggest selling point) big time

At the early chapters I found it humorous, sporting the traditional stand up comedy formula, a straight man (tsukkomi) and a funny man (boke) , only at a bigger scale.

Unique and refreshing. However, you'll notice that the author relies too much on slapstic comedy, and as the story progress it becomes repetitive.

... more>> Joke= MC does something s*upid ->ML gets annoyed-> beats her ass albeit justifiably -> everyone beats her ass-> rinse and repeat

There's few conversations that actually makes me laugh, like how MC is a female pe*vert and will do anything to see the ML body naked, although overtime, even that gets repetitive. <<less
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Xixi rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: Completed
This was one of my favourite novels for a very long time, not only because it's really really funny, but also because the MC is someone who is unafraid to say the weirdest things and do the weirdest things. I'm also a huge fan of online game dating and this is like A Slight Smile is Charming but with a more open and attacking MC. I really enjoy when the FL take initiative in novels rather than the male lead one-sidlingly chasing the female lead, it's really refreshing to see... more>> female lead not be described as a innocent watery-eyed deer, but instead a slight psychopath. The entertainment industry part of the story is a really nice touch as well, the author does a great job embodying the game part and the other parts of the story together. Overall, a hella good read. 10/10 for shameless female leads <<less
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Chryseum rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c18.1
At first this was a very engaging and fun read, but it quickly got out of hand. It has now reached a stage so shameless that it hurts to continue reading this. I would probably be able to go on if it included some scenes with actual regret or where there are actual consequences other than a pk.

... more>>

Where is the heartfelt crying or the rage quit that is not just logging off for a day. Any real person would quit the game if they are high level and lose all their stuff, even if it is not permanent. That just makes this feel less realistic and doesn't help me want to pursue this love (hate) relationship.

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swim4kicks rated it
October 29, 2017
Status: c17.2
Oh my god, I died laughing so hard. This is the first time I have been so moved to write a review for a novel! I had to find myself somewhere isolated to read this because I would randomly burst out laughing and I was getting funny looks. In other words, under no circumstances should this be read in public.
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MdragonWYL rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c83
I read finish the raws, it is very funny, if you understand the joke.

@ The time ch 3.1 was release I begin reading the raws.

And not sure it is a spoiler or not, so just to be sure I am not spoiling the story as the translation is @ ch 5.1.

... more>>

Romance is not too dramatic/ cliche to the point where female love rivals do sh*t that makes you wonder "what am I doing with my life."

Male MC have a strong will and will reject straight forward to people who he did not like not sure is it the right word, so no harem or any unwanted love romance yayy.

Have a lot of dirty and shameless jokes, that I find it funny.

My Chinese and English language is not good, so I got no comment for the translator side, hope it does not change the meaning of the joke. (Used some website to read out Chinese, so yep my Chinese is not good.)

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Kirikaize rated it
September 7, 2017
Status: c5.1
So good. Its hilarious very engaging. Its not cliffy so you can read whenever.
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sovereign rated it
October 2, 2018
Status: c63.1
At first, I was quite reluctant to read it. Because even though I'm a fan of shamelessness, a shameless FMC usually forced, I'm not trying to be sexist but it's the truth! You can see several dubbed as 'shameless' female MC was actually not really that 'shameless' but rather Sly, calculating, black-bellied girls that usually made me bored within a few dozens chapter.

Then I saw a lot of reviewers said the FMC is adorably s*upid. I was expecting those kinds of foolish, s*upid, nerve-wracking, reckless, moronic, idiotic, dense, REALLY DENSE... more>> and can't read the mood type of girl. I hate those kinds so much, they made me seethe in rage. I love dense girls, but not the OVERLY dense ones. They're just plain s*upid that way.

Days putting it in my 'maybe' list, I gave up and decided to throw the jacket and plunged myself into this, thinking that if it didn't meet my standard I could just leave a bad rating and move on.

Man, I was wrong. REALLY wrong. It started REALLY funny! The FMC is downright dirty shameless, not the sly cunning type of shamelessness, but the endearingly idiotic, loud and cheerful shamelessnes. She KNOWS what she wanted. Her goals are clear, to sponsor or be the sugar mommy of her idol... Though she's shameless and was really open with her crush, she's not the kind of girl who immediately flirt or throw herself (Well, if given a chance she might throw herself...) to the man of her dream. I hate that kind of girl, but our Tang Xiao is a good girl. She hid a pure and untainted soul beneath all those dirty language and shameless actions.

At first you will only find it funny and pretty entertaining, but the more you delve the more you feel affectionate towards the characters. I, for once, especially love Tang Xiao's guild members. They're practically the definition of "As long as it wasn't me" and readily sacrifice their members just to see them miserable.

The Male lead is also an A-Class in my opinion. Not overly black-bellied like your usual ML, he might be hilariously harsh to the MC in the game, but in reality, he valued MC more than anything. He's very sweet and supporting, not overbearing or anything. He might have his own stern moment but that was only when it was really necessary, he can't bear to scold MC really...


The ML actually had known the MC's identity in the game because they were actually neighbour, whenever he killed MC's character in the game he would always hear a responding string of curses from the other side of the wall, hence he made a connection XD. And the ML actually had been in love with MC even before the novel started, they met irl before at some kind of event and ML quite liked MC's pure eyes. Cliche, but the supporting fact is, ML felt admiration first because MC knew and speak 3 other languages fluently. Added with their frequent conflict in the game and how MC always kept shamelessly proclaiming her love to her idol which is HIM. He got really fond of MC and slowly fell in love.

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NinaYuki rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c39.2
(I believe this is the first novel that compelled me to write a review with more than one paragraph and here it is:)

This novel is really the best of it type - comedy + romance + gaming.

Each chapter makes you laugh sometimes just a little - but in these chapters you will receive something else to compensate, usually the development of the romance (which as usual for this type of novel is very slow, but at least we have a very good comprehension of how did they fall... more>> in love and is very cute) - and most commonly you will laugh hard at the MC's actions and also her guild friends.

The MC is hilarious, she is extremely shameless and it is not even a bit afraid of throwing her face away. I think she is well developed and very consistent in being 1)shameless 2) shameless 3) bully the weak and is afraid of the strong 4) shameless!

The ML until this point wasn't very developed outside of the game context, but overall he is a Snake. Really, and he is absorbing the MC's shamelessness which is super funny, how he goes from a cold and distant goddess to a snake husband, not forgetting the qualities that most ML in romances must have: caring, loving, strong, smart and handsome. -Reasons why I will never get married, bc really I've too spoiled by MLs...

On the other characters they each have their own well-developed personalities, my favorites are the ones from the MC's guild Ferocious Tiger Sniffs a Japanese Rose (I think is what is called), one of the three top guilds in the server, known for their shameless members, that have a code of screwing with each other all the time, but never allowing bullying from outsiders.

The gaming aspect is not very developed, which I think is expected bc is not really the focus of this novel, being different from A Slight Smile is Very Charming once there isn't really detailed descriptions of the game like monsters, classes, missions and leveling up, when the characters appear playing they are usually trolling or talking or PKing each other - but believe me, you'll want to read everything that happens in the game, bc is where most of the bizarre and funny stuff happens.

And although the main protagonists are both actors until the chapter which I am in (c39.2) the author hasn't really explored this side of their lives.

Also, a good bonus is the MC's pet - Er Ha or Dumb Husky - which I love just bc there is a dog in the story, really I am that easy, cuz I am a sucker for dogs, especially big ones like Huskies, and also because there is this little extra help to develop the characters. <<less
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sobermari rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: c36.2
It's hilarious and because the MC is shameless it doesn't give you secondhand embarrassment or anything, just stomachache from laughing too hard.
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marizz rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c25.2
First time I have ever reviewed a novel (and I've binge read about 80~ novels now) but I just felt the need to do a review for this because I can't emphasize enough how hilarious and I guess creative this novel is ? I literally almost die of laughter every time. This is certainly a fresh of breath air from other novels of the same genre - modern, romance, comedy (huge emphasis on comedy!).

Unlike most MLs, this one is not the cold, I'm-amazing-at-everything-I-do and I'm-the-boss-here kind of guy. Sure he... more>> still has ML script qualities like being super popular, talented and rich; but he's not arrogant and even though he kills the MC at every chance he gets (ingame, cuz MC is practically asking for it) he still looks out for her and is pretty nice to her irl even though he knows what shameless things she's been saying behind his back (ingame since she still hasn't figured out who he is yet).

For the sake of keeping this review "short", just a few words are needed to describe the MC: shameless, naïve, shameless, pe*verted, and SHAMELESS ??? it's no wonder people are dubbing her as the Queen of Shameless! Her, her guildmates, and even her boss are all part of this whole shameless network.

Anyways, this novel is really worth the laugh and I know someone wrote a review before to not read this in public, and I ignored that.... No one could possibly understand just how much self-control I had to use just to not burst out laughing!! Read it on the subway and bus rides and boyyy my cheeks ached from holding in all that laughter!

Hopefully everyone who reads this will enjoy this as much as I did! Let's go Tang Xiao!! Amaze us more with your shamelessness and pursuit of your male God/ingame wife ?

Oh, and of course a big thank you to the translators who have gifted us this diamond in the rough on a REGULAR basis. Takes a lot of dedication to do that so thanks again! Y'all are doing a great job! ? <<less
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Shio rated it
October 28, 2017
Status: c17.2
I like how shameless the MC is. I love how the male MC is even more sly than the MC. Most importantly, I love how the guild member protect and bully each other at the same time. Bullying teammates are the best thing in mmoヾ (。・ω・) シ

There's almost no romance scene until ch17.2 lol. Both MC have met in real life, but never really interacted with both sides knowing each other's online id. Only one side know the other, but didn't tell the other because it's more fun that way.... more>> There's no lovey dovey moment in game either since both sides are too busy annoy & kill each other. (Which is a nice lesson to learn: don't fall in love with some character you just met at online game kids.) The story is cute without being overly cheesy, and the MC is not a brainless MC. No black belly male MC that only looks good but never do anything too. Props for the author for creating such a fun novel to read. <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: c36.1
This is hilarious! So perfect! I probably scared off my neighbors - it's 10 am and I was laughing the whole night.

If there is a flaw to this novel, it's the fact that the game, the guilds and the players don't exist in real life.
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Shem rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: c43.2
Its really rare to find a shameless female MC, that's why I really like this one. Plus the comedy is really good ? I always end up hurting my jaw from laughing too much.
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bunnydesuuu rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5/5 Absolutely tr*shy and ridiculous parody-type comedy where the characters just do very s*upid or ridiculous things. Brain circuits go haywire almost at every turn. Gets quite diabolical and jokes can be quite distasteful or inappropriate so if you're more sensitive (esp about r*pe jokes) then this is a novel you should skip. The first half of the novel was a tad boring when both ML, FL and their friends just kept going in circles killing each other and making terrible dirty jokes. It's kind of funny but it's also... more>> boring because nothing legit was actually happening. Later, when the relationship finally started to develop and ML and FL finally met in person, things start to get going and funnier in an actual funny way. Overall. Pretty damn funny novel but also absolutely ridiculous. Read with an open mind and expect chaos, or else don't read it. <<less
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Aoi-chi rated it
July 5, 2018
Status: c69.2
This is an amazing novel. The translations are very well done, and it reads smoothly.

I am a person who can't read any c novel with a dumb and foolish lead, especially if it's a comedy, without dying of secondhand embarrassment.

There is no secondhand embarrassment, I was absolutely cracking up at parts, a first for a light novel of any sort.

The characters are likable, and middle school lunch table pe*verted. Dirty jokes and foolish flirting everywhere.

10/10 recommend.
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applebeans rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c53.1
Tang Xiao (MC) is s*upidly adorable, shameless, and has dirty mouth... She's quite complex being all sorts of things at once, most times she rushes forward without thinking and courts trouble! But she'll still surprise you
the three-dimensionality of MC definitely made me adore her even more!!
ML is very natural in his love, and I never feel like it comes out of nowhere.

  • If you're interested in chinese language, the jokes and slangs would be a plus and add to enjoyment, if not, it might be hard to go on, it's pretty heavy on these slangs.. plenty tr*sh talk as you'd expect from gaming characters
  • This is all fluff, and easy to read, the characters are entertaining! Don't look for complicated plot here, it's pretty straightforward, can read while commuting, or in queue, if you're careful about the person behind you seeing the dirty jokes..... so far I haven't seen NSFW, only dirty jokes... I'm sure the TL will tell us if there are any (+ Tl is so nice and easy to chat with!)
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Tickle_lass rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c54
Cute story.. The kind of story that can make you dead laugh.. My mom give me strange look bcz of this ?
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LittleBigJewel rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c37.1
This book is a masterpiece! I can't express how much I love this book.

One thing about the MC is that she's 1. Shameless 2. Shameless 3. Shameless and you might get surprised at this but she gets even more shameless! Despite that, you get to love her more at every chapter.

The ML is just like her but keeps it hidden. He only show his shamelessness to overthrow MC's shamelessness. Might sound weird but true. These two I swear are the only people in the world who can handle each other's... more>> shamelessness.

But beware, this book gives you stomach cramps because it's too funny.

If you're looking for drama or anything complex, you won't find anything here. This book is all light and fluffy with shitload of comedy. So, if you're into books like that, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. <<less
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Keima-kun rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c15.1
I love this so much. It has the vibe of 'slight smile is enchanting' but funnier.

The MC is literally the most shameless and funniest female lead I've ever seen in a novel. The male lead also has personality which I feel so atractive.

Fun and enjoyable to read.
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