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Ye Zhou finally managed to save enough money to open a large supermarket, but when he was about to showcase his skills, he realized that he might have a mental illness.

——Every morning the supermarket opened, a different scenery laid beyond its doors.

One day it’s a doomsday wasteland.

Or it’s a war-torn dynasty where the poverty-stricken common folk ate soil and tree bark.

Or it’s a sewage-strewn environment, and as soon as you look up, you can see a medieval castle.

Or it’s a world full of all kinds of magical creatures, but ordinary people struggled to survive there.

Ye Zhou: “……”

He just wanted to make a little money! Was that not okay?!

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Wintercreeper rated it
March 2, 2023
Status: c59
I have been marathoning this for the past two days, it's truly a unique story with great execution.

MC is a likeable nobody, he starts from nothing and slowly becomes stronger with every new plane, he works hard and has no protagonist halo.

ML isn't the stereotypical cold CEO kind of character, he's somewhat expressionless but emotional in his own way, his personality fits his background perfectly.

... more>> There are many great side characters, even better, many great female side characters, all with their own story and fully flashed out personality.

The different planes are interesting and have solid worldbuilding, you can see that the writer put a lot of care and thoughts into each of them.

So far all of them are very serious, no matter how light-hearted the description sounds, this novel deals with heavy topics, like famine, death and suffering, mu*der, trafficking, etc., and some of the violence is graphic – but never tasteless or used as a shocker.
A few chapters are full of social commentary, negative and positive, all of it carefully thought out and presented in an organic way.

There's no nationalism or patriotism at all, the writer is very clear about downsides and advantages, right and wrong.

Of course, there's a mystery around MC and ML, so I won't go over the romantic aspects.
You have to find out by yourself.

I highly recommend it to everyone who likes concepts like Doctor Who, but more mature, sometimes genuinely tragic stories, and gay romance. <<less
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RickyTracy rated it
November 28, 2023
Status: Completed
I always love this kind of novel like restaurant in underworld, convenience store in acient country, Magical changing in that area like that.

I love every charactors past, development, their dreams. They comes from different places, but they blend together.

Most character development being is obviously Our MC. From wanting to be simple supermarket boss to becoming the supermind behind the history changes. He adapts well, acknowledged well, but moral standard never lost.

ML is...... so pityful. It is more obvious when they start their relationship. It is not that MC is not... more>> giving him security enough but the environment he lived make him somewhat insecure about himself. Nevertheless, he has always been reliable for all of the supermarket.

Every setting is beautiful, ugly, sad, happy making this novel heavy but radiating some healing energy.

It is pity that after MC and ML fall in love we never seen Sarah again. I wish Sarah also have the family (MC being her father) and warmth she deserve afterwards.

Anyway, it became a pleaseful ride for entire novels. <<less
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February 27, 2024
Status: extra 9
I read the whole thing including the extras. Maybe my favorite part of this novel was the fact that the female characters were not a bunch of brainless morons, cannon fodder and villains. Many BL content has mindless/villain type female characters so I'm glad this author didn't fall into that trap. The best female character imho was Chen Shu, the bodyguard.

My favorite quote from this novel, ch 209:
But he himself couldn't imagine a life without pork. Braised pork, stewed pig's trotters, braised pig head meat, what kind of things don't require pigs? A man cannot lose a pig any more than a pilgrim can lose Jerusalem.

I guess the main reason I rated it 4 stars but not 5 is because I was expecting it to have more comedy, or at least use comedic elements to temper the amount of drama introduced. But the whole tone of the novel is dark and depressing, and the comedic elements are very few and far between. The author seemed to have the intent to do some preaching and analysis or scathing indictments about various socioeconomic problems as part of the plot and character development, which at first was somewhat impressive to me. But later I felt like it would have been better to have a less serious atmosphere for some of the arcs. Was it necessary to send the supermarket to such a deeply depressing location for every arc? Was it necessary to make the ML's backstory so completely, utterly miserable? I mean, if I wanted Mad Max I can just watch the movie... ML's plane was too distressing.

I agree with one of the reviewers who said that the staff (especially from Great Liang Dynasty) were like sycophants to the MC, because they considered him to be an immortal. There were countless times I wanted to slap either the staff or the ordinary passersby characters who misunderstood the identity of the MC as a deity or immortal. The MC has this character setting where he is so gentle that he accepts all the faults of his staff and these passersby (the "gentleman shou" appears in so many danmei, sorry but it's annoying to me!), even if the supermarket manager Aunt Li abandoned her smallest daughter to starve alone by herself. The MC said that Aunt Li was useful because she was ruthless. Personally, I think that mother's character is too problematic. If you are willing to sacrifice the closest members of your family in order to ensure your own survival, you will always have some psychological problems and deeper character problems. But MC never mentioned giving Aunt Li some serious, regular psychological counseling. Moreover, once you trod across the lowest bottom lines of civilized humanity - engaging in cannibalism or human trafficking, for instance - in order to survive, can the people around you really trust that you won't stab them in the back or go unhinged at a crucial moment? The extra chapters about Cao'er looking for her younger sisters really made me sob, her story was too sad, I don't think I could have forgiven Aunt Li no matter what if she were related to me.

I guess my biggest issue with this novel is that there are a few eccentric side characters that I liked more than the main characters, whose personalities were something you see commonly among every BL couple in danmei. There was a side character called Bai Yu who was a huge face con in the Warring States arc that I loved, as well as the humble but adorable male orc who had a crush on MC later in the vampire bodyguard Sarah's plane. I would personally like to see more main characters with aspects of their personality that are less cliched and more unexpected. The shou is usually the gentle one, and the gong is usually the expressionless one who has undergone a childhood full of suffering. Uh, why is this exactly? Can we have a few more reversible couples? Or a few shous that are irritable and violent while the MLs are gentle and dependable, but because they are gentle to everyone the shou gets super jealous? If I was in better health I would definitely write some novels like that, alas. I'm just tired of predictable stories and gentlemanly shous that tolerate any mistake from female characters just because they're "fragile women".

Lastly, I think author must have been either too annoyed by their own story or too tired from the hectic pace of fast updates/bad health to continue with an arc about reuniting with Sarah after she defeated her mother and siblings. This is common in web novels, so it wasn't that big a deal to me, but I noticed on jjwxc that there were a lot of upset readers who wanted to see Sarah have her own happiness!

[But because I liked that male orc in Sarah's plane, I discovered that there's a ton of half orc BL romances in Western MM fiction!!!]
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Jessy_m rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is very enjoyable, with a unique twist on the main character traveling to different worlds. The story is just right for people who want to read something happy with a touch of sadness. As you read, you'll find that the characters have sad and dark backgrounds, but they're not described in a way that breaks your heart or makes you want to cry., the fluff is ok but not enough sweet like I like, they only become couples at the end,

The only issue I have with the... more>> story is its ending.

First, I could have continued reading more of this story if it had continued. I enjoy novels where the main character isekai'd into settings like restaurants, supermarkets, or director roles.

Second, the ending felt incomplete to me.

I would have loved to see the MC pick up Sarrah and accompany the ML to his plane, as he had mentioned. It could have been fun to witness all the awkward reactions and interactions with the parents. Additionally, I would have enjoyed seeing them revisit all the places they had been to after 50 years to witness the impact they had made and see all the statues, how they worship MC and how much people achieved thanks to them, specially ML world, like make it green or something.

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trash_generalist rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is surprisingly... deep? If you've read the author's other works, you'll know what I mean. It's oddly purposeful. The author packs a lot of content in a bite-size novel (in my eyes, at least). Most of it is in explaining the world and the people living in said world. For a world-building addict like myself, this was just perfect XD! In terms of plot and conflicts, this novel can't be said to be very good. At least, it's not very exciting. There isn't much tension either. But the... more>> author has a way with their words, making you sink deeper and deeper into their world. Here, there are multiple worlds explored, which makes it even better. Each instance is very unique. The MC doesn't really have a purpose or BIG goal anywhere. It's more about experiencing the different planes that he travels and growing up as a supermarket boss lolol.

Anyway, that's about all I can say. This is the kind of story that I love but always feel kind of speechless about. Like I can't describe what I like about it. It's just... good? In terms of characters, you can say that they're very simple. But they also feel very real. In terms of romance, I thought it was cute. It's not the focus, and it was never meant to be, but for a shounen ai, there's enough sweetness there for you to chew on. So, yeah! Great read, would read again. My rating for it is 4.25/5! I'm a very picky person, so that's actually a very high rating for me lol.


SUMMARY: The MC has been obsessed with running his own supermarket for years. When it finally happens, he's thrown off by a sudden plane jump that brings him to a world where people are fleeing from famine. He doesn't really realize this at first. He traveled with his supermarket building and there's a newly installed system in it, but it doesn't tell him what he should do next. It's just there. Anyway, he doesn't know what to expect from this strange situation, and he's not willing to risk his life for the sake of his curiosity.

Fortunately, he's pretty lucky. A mother and daughter pair came knocking on his door, and through them, he was able to find out more about the world. It's also due to them that he figured out what role to play! That is, the BIG BOSS. In a world of chaos, he can only pretend to be a master immortal in order to survive with his weak body and wealth (i.e., the stock in the supermarket). Eventually, he unlocks some new features in the system that tells him what to do next. It's all about figuring things out bit by bit, gathering new people around him, and slowly building up momentum until he finishes what the system wants him to do and is able to travel to the next world.

(As for the ML, his name is Zou Ming, he was hired by the FL from the system database and he helps the MC a lot in the early stage. There's a big mystery around this quiet and loyal ML, but I won't say it because it's more fun to figure it out yourself.) <<less
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ToEatOrNot rated it
December 8, 2023
Status: --
Idk. The premise is good and stuff. I just don’t really like how the employees behave sometimes. They believe he’s an immortal and then apparently feel so much better than other people because they’re the servants of an immortal? Like they seem to feel like they’re above other people because of their newfound job. Which is accurate but idk. I don’t really like that behavior. Kinda similar to sycophants behavior.
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nlovers rated it
August 20, 2023
Status: --
i like the novel itself, its good and have a consept of helping more people in different world.

what I dont like is he use word god so aborgine treat him as god to make them believe and save s*ave but he didnt really explain carefully what he want, for example, the witch doctor because he feel honor to serve the MC and think he was blessed by God his pride and think his above other people, is there any difference between noble and priest that think they above all? No,... more>> instead of giving help I think he makes things worst, because those people are greedy there are possible that once his gone they will try to rule the world become next tyrant because they feel blessed by god, how to s*upid🙄🙄i want to continue but I think its boring.

I think its ok to make himself look god but this will not treat the root itself I will make things worst because people will become dependent by god, and thinks it should be like this and like that. I once read a novel I dont remeber the name but his original world is apocalypes and have wood supernatural ability, but he transmigrate on beast world later on he was treated like a god but he gives his last will like gods is not powerful and dont need to give donation for his church that make priest become rich and he said that people should trive for themselve not be dependent on God, later on the decendance of those beast can't transform anymore but they become free and more successful. <<less
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nitan rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel has a unique taste... It's like IRL was transported into the novel, you are constantly aware of the feathering edges of classism in society at all times. You are a social animal, a capitalist trying to survive in the world. You are alone and no family/backing to help you. There are dangers everywhere, your identity can be a strength or a weakness, from strangers, from seemingly innocuous interactions. Anything could flip on its head; you have to be smart. You feel almost weary about it.

I was never immersed... more>> in their story, but the story is definitely steeped in a strong flavor of IRL. It's like coffee, the stain, smell and flavor is so strong. Even though it's quite long, I think the way the author writes and thinks about thing is very clever. I enjoyed the story immensely because of the tit for tat businessmen that came to challenge the owner.

Even though I didn't relax an inch and feels weary the entire time reading this novel, I still think I got something valuable from it. Not to mention it's admirable to even write something like this, I respect it alot. <<less
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