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After leaving the company, I dreamed of YOLO and tried to open a cafe in a secluded place.

But not a cafe… I’m awakened as a hotel manager?

[Class: Awakened as Hotel Manager (Hidden)!] [Skill: Housekeeping (C) acquired.] Besides, all the guests who come to this hotel are hunters.

Hunters come and keep giving me money.

I keep making money on a very leisurely subject,

By the time I get used to being the manager of this strange and beautiful dungeon hotel—

“Welcome, welcome to Yeong Chun Hotel!”

It was the moment when I raised my head with a bright smile.

I recognized who he was and froze.

He was someone who shouldn’t be here.

Han Woohyun.

Even Han Woohyun, the No. 1 ranked player in Korea, came as a guest at our hotel.

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던전 호텔에 오신 것을 환영합니다
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December 13, 2022
Status: c110

Daughter of an S-Rank Hunter & unable to awaken her abilities in her teens


MC decides to quit her adult job to live in her own apartment planning to make a cafe. However winds up awakening with the Hotel Manager system as Hotel Boss with a special Dungeon Hotel & a Bellboy

who is a dog when outside of the dungeon hotel

She provides hotel services to hunters in dungeons that her hotel wind up in, including helping injured S-Rank hunter ML

whom she's known since young; they are technically not childhood friends though because they weren't friends; MC avoided him pretty much


I enjoyed reading this so far and reached around chapter 110 via MTL~

as when MC reveals to her uncle about her hotel manager system; it became a free-for-all with visitors from earth too... and at around this point of the story I was expecting MC to get a hotel chef but instead she got a pop-up store so that threw me off........ In general, this point of the story kind of got confusing for me with the back and forth with the hotel accessible to regular civilians and dungeon hunters for me & with the romance quest dabbled in there


This is not action oriented and does not have overbearing romance; it also does not have a very detailed system. But the story has some touching backstory moments which I enjoyed though, so hoping to come back to read.
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expensivepeanuts rated it
July 4, 2023
Status: c41
It's an alright story if you enjoyed titles like SSS Grade Cafe. They have a pretty similar theme. The problem with this novel is it's kind of difficult to get attached to it, especially to the MC herself.

... more>>

The author clearly wants her to be this lovely perfect girl but doesn't want her to come out as a mary sue so the MC ends up getting downplayed without actually committing to it and reiterating how pitiful her life was except... It's not. This isn't a poor to riches story but a rich to richer story. She has a large backing from a lot of S class hunters who are overprotective of her and large amounts of money from her dead S-rank father. She's a stunning drop dead gorgeous beauty too. And her humble and down to earth personality is amazing. She's absolutely flawless, inside or outside, and even her social network is among the best in the country. S-rank items gets tossed down her feet for free, super powerful people keep tabs on her status and safety, etc etc.

Yes it's tragic that her dad died in the dungeon but almost every character in the novel suffered from losing one or two people to the dungeon due to the setting of the novel. I'm not saying her misery isn't important but simply that the author likes to repeatedly juice this one flaw in MC's life, like they're trying to squeeze sympathy from the reader but it just doesn't work when repeated every chapter and every other hotel visitor comes in with an even MORE tragic story. I already felt bad for her the first few chapters ok author. I want to feel for her more but the author themselves make it so hard.

I don't want to compare the characters misery to each other but the MC literally does it herself. FodderA would tell her own sad story then MC would go 'oh no that's terrible... this reminds me how my dad died. it's the 20th time I remember this today.' Repeat this 1000x.

Yeah she suffered but she's pretty much an elite within the country so...? I couldn't really feel bad as every convenience is within access to her, even before her awakening. She even used the fact her dad died inside the dungeon to encourage her S-rank Godfather figure to work on something, without outright asking him because she's a good girl and she would never be spoiled enough to ask for favours. Even the ML had it worse than her; they're both orphans but he grew up with a guardian who ab*sed him since childhood. He became an S-class hunter but is a constant subject to social assassination from her old foster family. Never had a social life nor friends because of it too. He feels unwanted outside of his fighting abilities. He is pathetic at everything else outside dungeon diving. Bro needs a lot of therapy.


If I have to point out MC's most glaring character flaw is that she's on the slow and dumb side but it doesn't seem to be intentional considering that the other characters are even worse than her. I wish the author stopped beating the dead horse which was her dad after 20 chapters. It would have made her more likeable over all. But it never stops. Don't get me wrong, she's not annoying or hateful just that only her ONE trauma stands out, not her character over all.

Worldbuilding is the typical dungeon and awakeners type similar to the likes of solo-leveling. Every awakened are ranked. S being the highest. Awakeners get skills.

Supporting characters are nothing stellar. Translation quality is on the poor side but slightly better than MTL.

All in all an OK novel if you have nothing else to read or waiting for that SSS grade cafe update. <<less
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Foolish Mysteries
Foolish Mysteries rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: --
It's a good and a refreshing one to read, but the FL is kind of annoying in the first few chapters. She seems kind of slow, but considering that she only have 11 stats on her intelligence. It's quite reasonable.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bohda27 rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: c97
It's a good slice-of-life story with dungeons, management and a cute protagonist. ML (S-class hunter boyfriend) not forgotten.


So far, there is an evil church probably connected with the demon king. From some leaks, it is revealed, that some human hunters sacrifice others in dungeons to steal half of their power while the other part goes to dungeon monsters raising them.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Amethyst rated it
July 6, 2023
Status: c80
I really like this type of setting, fantasy mixed with action and slice of life. It is so much fun. Similar to SSS grade cafe

The MC is flawed. Although the author seems to drag her trauma a bit too much. It became like her main attribute, luckily this is only prefelant in the earlier chapters and changes in the later chapters. Because it would start to get annoying.

The translation itself is passable to average.

The ML is very cute. He lacked a bit of backbone in the beginning but slowly grew... more>> up as we progress through the story.

The romance isn't the main focus but it is really nice. The way they get closer makes sense.

The story has some sad emotions in it from the different guest that visit and the MC herself, but not the type to make you cry.

Her aunts and uncles are also very enjoyable.

You will definitely like this story if you like the Dungeon theme and Business Management theme. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ricelord rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: c30
Translation need work. Narration in past tense, please. Other than that, this novel suffers from subpar writing. The style is very childish, and no, the argument that Korean novels are simply written that way doesn't work. There are Korean novels that are written well, and this type of copy-paste-tweak novel is not the type that has good writing. Main character has potential, I suppose, but is utterly uninspired. Main ML is a push over apparently. The whole trope of 'character (usually ML or side lead) acts like a dog', all... more>> cute and tail wagging or whatever is boring and is a trope that needs to stop. Setting is also nonsensical and doesn't carry enough weight. Why wouldn't an apocalyptic world warp society to the point of major change? Why is it that such a strategic source of power, an S-rank hunter, have no protections or privilege against a common man trying to threaten them with social death (?) It just doesn't make sense. Of course, the ML is also nonsensical for not just walking away. Dialogue is childish and there is no semblance of actual conversation.

I do not believe this novel deserves the rating it does. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WartimerSloth rated it
April 2, 2024
Status: c137
This is a comfortable read about a competent and fairly wise manager of a moderately described hotel. There's a nice balance between the daily life and hotel elements, with the romance slowly growing into something steady. The most developed secondary character isn't the ML but the clever mom who becomes a hotel manager. The romance is wholesome yet less of a focus and less interesting than the hotel management, thus the camaraderie takes up as much time. It's also nice to see the MC doted on as a niece. The... more>> danger felt greater near the start despite the actual stakes being higher later on, but by this point the MC has relied on wit to resolve hotel conflicts more than cheats.

I didn't find any massive flaws, though this story is closer to a comfort read than anything thought provoking. I find a lot of quibbles with this kind of relaxed writing when I get into it though. The hotel's design and ambiance should be described much, much more, because it's more relevant than any character aside from the MC. The MC's wise remarks are more emotional intelligence that suits her personality than any involved thought process for us to enjoy. This is a fairly lax system novel so many problems have convenient solutions and many quests have convenient timing. There's a non-awakened aunt who you'd expect had some presence in MC's life but only her awakened family members are relevant, which feels a bit off. I'm glad the ML isn't toxic, but I'm not sure where the relationship can go from here (about the halfway point). The ML matters less to me now than the Manager, who is mostly present to be a business partner, so at this point I'm judging the story on how well may favorite Manager is treated. Yes, I like it a lot, it's to my taste at the moment, but I find faults with it. My worry for the story is

The full cast are now more or less clearheaded and focused, so the tension increasingly relies on outside circumstances. While the internal conflicts were thin, and the external conflicts are imaginative, the internal ones had more heart. Oh well Manager just hit on a fun event, let's see if it involves emotion or mostly inconvenience, and if the author can recover their footing.


The current translation has issues with pronouns and attributing lines to characters, but it's otherwise decent. A manhwa adaptation is also releasing. <<less
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Imacouchpotato rated it
April 19, 2023
Status: --
It's a good read.

It's more about Dungeon Hotel business management and development. The hotel consists of MC and hardworking yet cute animals, or spirit staff. It provides miserable guests with a safe bed, warm food, clean water, and other everyday essentials while exploring or raiding a dungeon, a hostile closed-off area filled with monsters as well as treasures.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aeiru28 rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: c68
A bit like SSS class cafe.

MC (a daughter of the late S class hunter) is suddenly awake when she enter the building she bought (actually she want to open cafe, but she suddenly get hotel manager class).

The story is not heavy plot one. And I just can't help to smile when I saw ... more>>

the relationship between her and her sss fan club lol (her father's friends who really love/spoiled her (like a precious baby) , and coincidentally s class hunters too), or maybe the ML's reaction (and his unrequited crush can be unknowingly a great assist to the quest MC get, lol)

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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