Plan of Marriage


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She became a mermaid after getting stuck in a game?!!

In order to see the end of the game, I must marry the prince…

But if the prince is gay, what the hell do I do?

In the midst of constant game overs and seemingly endless regressions, the woman who had become a knight stepped into her 6th round.

“Dongsaeng, stay still.”


“Is it because the knight arrived so soon? At this rate, I’ll think I’m actually gay.”

A man who is, in fact, not gay, and a woman who is growing weary of repeated deaths.

In a world finally advancing towards its completion, a romance fantasy where a true ending can be witnessed.

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Mermaid Pirate
플랜 오브 메리지
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Aug 03, 2023
Status: --
might be biased bc I'm tling, but I love it so far! The MC is very cool and collected, she has that girl crush vibe and obv shes pretty asffff. Some more details about the plot (most of this can be found in the prologue) :

MC is inside a video game based off of the little mermaid as the main character, and she has to make the crown prince fall in love with her. But SPOILER ALERT (not rly) : HE'S GAY!!! Aka she fails every time. The story's plot... more>> takes place in the 6th round, so she's died and repeated the story about 5 times already, and obv she is very tired!! Finally, in her 6th life she decides on a new strategy:

crossdressing as a man to make the "gay" crown prince fall in love with her + becoming his escort knight instead of the saintess


super excited to see how things progress and I will be updating this with more spoilers on characters/plot as I continue to read! <<less
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