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A young pharmacologist and researcher in Japan died from overworking, and was reincarnated in a parallel world looking like a fantasy medieval Europe.

He was reincarnated as a 10 year old apprentice to a famous Royal Court pharmacist, had attained an inhuman skills of ability to see through disease, material creation, and material destruction.

In a society in which dubious medical practice are rampant, price gouging through the monopoly of the pharmacist guild and good medicine isn’t available to the commoners.

He was recognized by the Emperor at that time and opened a Pharmacy at the corner of the town.

He will wipe out the fraud that has swept the world, and deliver to the commoners a truly effective medicine that was developed using present day pharmacology.

Thus the boy pharmacist will cheat by using his previous knowledge to create innovative medicines while helping the people of the parallel world, a story about living his new life to the fullest this time.

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Different World Pharmacy
Isekai Yakkyoku
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BLKCandy rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: v2c5
This could have been a novel about bringing modern world pharmaceutical knowledge to the fantasy world, but MC power totally ruined that.

The MC has the ability to create or erase any molecule as long as he can imagine its components and structure. Because of that, instead of gruesome process of synthesizing medicine and introducing those knowledge to the world, the MC just creates medicines with magic. Nope, no one is going to be able to reproduce that.

Another too cheating ability is his ability to detect illness or injury, and to... more>> verify his diagnostic with his cheating eyes. There is no need to test or gather data, he can just guesses the illness and his vision will automatically confirm if it is correct or not with 100% accuracy. And how the hell would others copy your diagnostic method? If others cannot identify it, then they cannot treat it.

And even cheater than just being able to diagnose the patient with just looking, that vision can also confirm if his treatment will be effective or not before he even try it. Nope, no need to wait for patient reaction to see if the treatment is effective or not. He get it right the first time.

Rather than his knowledge, his treatment relies too heavily on his granted cheats. Thus, he barely brings any knowledge or technique other than some random bit and pieces to the new world. After his EPIC SAVIOR time, only minimal part of his achievement would really remains in medicine knowledge of this world.

Should've grant him less cheating magic and have him adapt that cheat and magic of this world for medical advancement instead of giving him too straight cheat. This ruins any medical challenge he should face. Hell, how do other doctors suppose to copy you treatment? They don't have your cheat for diagnostic or synthesizing your medicine.

Fantasy world is nice. Combining conventional magic with modern knowledge to synthesize medicine or directly treat the illness would be interesting and revolutionize the medicine circle. But this? <<less
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remotay1 rated it
April 27, 2016
Status: --
SMH some people giving this novel low ratings because MC uses magic in a “Fantasy World”.

This is one of the few Reincarnation/Transport to Another World novels where the MC actually uses the knowledge he acquired in his previous life unlike other novels that uses reincarnation as an excuse to give the MC Cheat Abilities given by some God. It’s a decent novel give it a shot.
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Riverlia rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: v3c2
I have to say I disagree with BLK Candy's review about the cheat being unnecessary or make his medicine impossible to be replicated. Unless the reader intentionally ignore several chapters worth of content, it's obvious that while the protagonist's curing things with his cheat, he's also building the basic knowledge and technologies to manufacture his medicines. For example:


MC used his cheat to cure tuberculosis, and at the same time provide a primitive microscope to other apothecaries so they can observe the cause and start acknowledging the roles of micro-organisms in illnesses and medical research.

He used his ability to create anti-biotic because the Black Plague was upon them right now, but he told his father how to make it, and subsequently a fungus-researcher was commissioned to create anti-biotic for future use.
He repeatedly stated that he wanted his knowledge can be used after he passed away. I'm not sure how one can read the novel and assume he'll just let the knowledge be lost after his generation.

The story direction seems to be about gradual macro-level change on society, not micro-level where he has to teach one person at a time that these 'germs' weren't just his imaginary friends. So the cheat is in place to lend his opinion's weight, while he started to make medicine possible one step at a time. The cheat is also there for the magical part of the story. I like how this story isn't about science > magic, instead they are complementary and the protagonist actually have to learn to accept that the occult can be real.

He spends the entire volume 1 and a good part of volume 2 denying the possibility of demon possession. Turn out it's real and one almost destroyed everything he was trying to protect


This lent tension to the story beyond 'hey I'm modern SCIENCE! Man'. I also like how it's not following the old tiring 'reality is grim dark' or 'religion is evil' route. That said, there's still some down side to this novel. Mostly how repetitive some part can be (I know the water is good already, geez) and how there's little chance for the supporting characters to show depth so far. The Queen and MC's father had some moment where they break the expected mold, but Ellen and Lotte who appear much more frequently haven't show much development beyond what their first appearance established. Overall, the novel is promising so far and I like the attempt to incorporate magic with science instead of glorifying one. Hopefully it will remain interesting.
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Kerbasi rated it
March 16, 2016
Status: --
Being a medical student myself, this novel really entertains me! Who knew pharmacists were so well-versed in the field of medicine itself? It's outstanding! I love this novel and hope for more releases :)
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Aretheus rated it
May 4, 2017
Status: v3c1 part1
This is an isekai

light novel designed for me.

    • MC was a seasoned professional in his field. Thus, explaining why he actually should know about how to cure

      the black plague

      and how to make cough drops. I remember some other isekaistory where the MC (and the two guys in his subconscious) was able to cure cholera...I didn't know what cholera was. If you haven't read that book, then you don't know what cholera is. And that idiot definitely didn't know what cholera was, let alone how to cure it.
    • MC actually proves himself as benevolent and capable before actually being recognised.
    • They skip the academy arc. When I am reading an isekai novel where modern day knowledge and technology is inserted into primitive times, I want to see the effects of those things on a macro level. This is impossible when you strangle the story with a high school environment. MC immediately starts his career and we see how much isekai MCs can makes things better when they are let loose.

      I'm going to reiterate that I am explaining why this story is perfect for me, and if you think you may be like me, then you may also like this, if you sense that you may not be like me, then you can ignore my lesser opinion.
    • They came up with a way to explain away why no one attempts to take advantage of the MC's capabilities, nor constantly fear and antagonise him. AND simultaneously not even waste that much time solving it. AAAAND move the plot as they do it.

      The archaic fools of the past just mistake (?) the MC for a god. This stops the church/knights from doing anything, and makes the knights guards against the other apothacaries.

      Cmon, that's like 17 birds with 1 stone.

      I guess at the end of the day, the faffing about has been cut out, the MC still has enough magic power to enable my power fantasy. And the big plot climaxes are still satisfying. All in all, I do consider it to be the best isekai story that is actually frequently updating now. All of the potential in the others was siphoned handily by the dreaded academy arc (knights and magic, Magi's Grandson, Blah Blah Blah doesn't want to cheat, Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho. All of the rest. Honestly, stop writing about high school).

      Edit: Just a little addendum after some months since I wrote this. The magic is a little out of hand. But then again, that changes nothing for me. The magic is always the worst part of every isekai story (next to the academy arc). So I wish they didn't let him fly. I wish they didn't let him manipulate water better than Percy Jackson. And I wish he would try to be a little more conspicuous.

      Still a good series but I don't know if I'd say 5 star,

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craBebe rated it
September 26, 2016
Status: --
What began as an interesting premise and novel quickly devolved into the MC introducing every modern health development imaginable. It's understandable that this medieval society would need these innovations, but the sheer number that the MC introduces becoming overwhelmingly tedious. Listening to how the MC is going about the widespread implementation of oral hygiene, and the manufacturing of tooth brushes got really old really fast. It seemed like the author was just scrolling through wikipedia looking for medical innovations and arbitrarily having the MC implement them.

I understand that all these... more>> things are marvels to society and things we take for granted now-a-days, but the implementation of every medical marvel quickly makes for extremely boring reading. It was an interesting approach in the beginning, but when that's all the novel amounts to things get really boring really fast. <<less
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Evanbond rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: --
I dropped the novel because I couldn't stand the beta behavior of the MC. He is in a freaking different world and he still debates the "Japanese" law of "pharmacists can't administer patients". Making excuse of this and that. He has the power to perform the act yet he hesitates. As for the story I have found it foggy and it jumps around without any depth. That's all from me.
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Kal Dano
Kal Dano rated it
October 15, 2017
Status: v3
Recommending this to everyone!!!

If you are looking for an story that has a OP MC then just move on, this is clearly not for you. The story is calm and well writen tho the TL could use some help with spelling and grammar but the story is the center of my point. You won't find a more down to earth MC with a more humane goal than this Novel.

I recomend it purely since humanity needs some ass kicking at this time and this manga will break your view of... more>> the world. <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: v2c10
What happen when you don't get memories of the person's body you reinhabited. Good thing both of you had same job so there's little doubt for awhile who you are until...

This a very interesting and compelling story about an obsessive and passionate inventor in a our worlds who ends up going to another world as there medicine god though he would like to deny that last part.
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: v2c9
I love this story... Like a lot. It has aspects that make me irritated, but I love the whole pharmacy idea. The whole thing about him being a God makes me laugh and hope more people find out do he can show his mysterious-ness.

The MC is kind and I'm so glad that unlike a lot of MC in this genre he actually has an ambition. One of the reason Japanese novels irk me is because their MC does everything just so they can live comfortably (that is not only not... more>> a valid goal, but it usually only brings the MC more trouble from other people because he ignores people who he feels he doesn't have to help, even if they are hurt, then goes crazy if someone hurts his --- let's say sister -- or someone close that he has only known for a day).

Anyway this MC likes helping people and even though he doesn't like attracting trouble, he at least wouldn't leave someone hurting and swindle compensation out of them for helping (I don't see how this is justified).

Read. Whether or not you like it depends on your take on the MC's Personality. <<less
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ghendout rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: --
this LN honestly unexpectedly good, hear me out here alright...

at first glance, its your typical isekai LN, MC dead and transported to another world with OP power, I meant.... MC basically OP at everything, physical and magic

but the difference is, MC didn't care about fighting, what he care about is aiding/caring people, he develop modern medicine in magical renaissance age, with outstanding effectiveness for the end goal as increasing average life expectancy

indeed for a while only MC can produce said medicine since its hard to synthesize complicated drugs with basically... more>> "ancient" tech, but MC gradually introduce the world with "modern" contraption which will make what he wish come true

such a nice break from your typical action hero isekai stuff <<less
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sangyx rated it
March 1, 2017
Status: v2c14 part1
As with most of what I read and review, there isn't that much action in this story. If that's not your cup of tea, you should probably move on. In fact, you learn a lot about medicine as a reader and see almost no real conflict that lasts more than half a chapter. Each mini-arc focuses on certain diseases or improving medical practices, which is actually very informative for someone like me who never delved deeply into biology. This is a more targeted reincarnation novel. What I mean by that... more>> is the reincarnated MC comes from a very specific background as a medical researcher/scientist/doctor, while most MCs in other similarly genre'd novels are normal Japanese citizens. This means he can actually DO things in this world with his in-depth knowledge through a believable, realistic process.

To give a background on our MC, Falma was originally an exceptional (but not exceedingly so) pharmacist in the world who one day gets struck by lightning and (probably) dies. In his place is the soul of a renown medical researcher with the power of the Medicine God, powers that include being able to create any compound out of nothing - but only as long as he knows how that compound is made. This is a cheat, but the MC understands how the world can't JUST depend on him, so he still searches for the same compounds, plants, antibiotics, and medications in this world that are equivalent to the ones he's familiar with.

I would say the only real negative is that there hasn't been much getting in the way of Falma. Nothing that makes him think "oh, this is a real problem." Any conflict he's had or problem he's faced gets resolved in the same chapter. So if it keeps going on this way, I can see this becoming very tedious since there's no real antagonist, especially considering how long each chapter is. I think if Falma ends up going to school the story may become a little more humorous. <<less
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Narutolvr rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: v2c10
Me when originally reading the summary: "ability to see through disease? Really? Does he even have to do anything then?". It seriously sounded like such a ridiculous OP premise even worse than those MC's that immediately wake up with skill stealing skills since they have to fight at least. But it's not like that! Although the skill is way too convenient (diagnosing diseases and identifying treatment wtf?), I'm hanging in there for a few reasons:

1: I want to see the reforms he's planning for the medical world come to fruition.... more>> Don't listen to the reviewers who claim he's just using his skills without a care. He's properly laying the foundations for a self serving community in the future. But, as a 10 year old kid, it's not something he can do immediately, nor does he intend to watch people die just because he doesn't want to use a compound current technology can't synthesise. 2: As a super biochemistry/science nerd and doctor wannabe, the descriptions of compounds and treatments are accurate and enjoyable.

3: Sort of a shallow reason here, but I like that the author acknowledged that the pharmacists of the current world aren't just a bunch of apes smashing 2 rocks together to make medjcine. They use what they have to come up with treatment methods that can be effective. I'm tired of LN's where the MC comes and rescues a world of dumbasses who wouldn't know how to breathe if he didn't show them how. I'm also curious to see how the MC in this novel incorporates the new world's methods into his knowledge.

One minus though is the god awful French littering the novel. I don't even speak French save for a few phrases, and it's painful for me. It's to the point where the author clearly Google translated random words, and sometimes not even well because there are places where Italian words/names are called French sounding. <<less
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March 30, 2018
Status: --
if you lack basic knowledge of chemistry this story might fall flat on you. Alot of people complain about how his powers are OP and his techniques are impossible to copy but I feel like people forget that he also comes from a world did this all without magic. Its not impossible to replicate the things that he makes with his powers but the people if that world simply lack the knowledge to do so. Most of the time he uses his creation ability because he currently doesn't have to... more>> prestige and technology to make it at the moment. And his medic eyes dont tell him what disease the other person has it simply states what part of the body is being stress and using his knowledge he is able to determine what the illness is.

theres not much action and thats ok, this is a story about how he brings about a new age of medicine and figuring out of the mystery of the medicine god. Its actually pretty entertaining too. If you want romance, action, or OP "lets show the world how awesome I am" then this really isn't the story for you. But if you enjoy seeing a smart dude with really convient powers causally saving people's lives and improving the overall state of the medical world in this era with a dash of history and economics sprinkled in, then go ahead and give this story a shot. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JoyArenas rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: --
It started out good. But...

... more>>

it started to get really annoying at volume 6 (thanks to good old Google Translate-kun) it's the arc where it starts to get serious and where demons and the supernatural started to enter the story and the arc where he's forced to accept the existence of demons and magic. Yes he's a scientist and a modern earthling so the existence of demons and supernatural doesn't seem quite real but he has seen it in front of his eyes many times since coming to that world and he didn't even tried to learn more about magic and countermeasures and how to fight demons. And because he's so righteous and so kind, he couldn't leave a stranger in the streets asking for help even though he knows his own family and people are on danger back in the imperial capital he didn't go back immediately. He's really a good guy isn't he *rolls eye* now he's forced to accept the importance of magic pharmacy, demons and his own power. I know he's an elite doctor in his past life but the things that happened shouldn't have happened if he's just cautious and accepted from the start that the world he reincarnated to isn't as safe as his previous world. Kinda s*upid for a doctor

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kimpoiot rated it
November 23, 2017
Status: --
The premise is great, story OK, but MC and his powers? Not so much.

The author is consistently heaping praise upon praise unto the MC like "he did X because he was a world renowned researcher" and you would expect the MC to act the part. But no, the MC behaves not like a world leading scientist but instead acts like a naive little kid who doesn't know sh*t except utilizing his "cheat skills". Speaking of skills, it just basically tells him what the illness is and the necessary medication to... more>> utilize after a bit of guesstimating on his part and it also lets him create and eliminate any substance that he can imagine the structure of. No other man can literally do these things except him and he is being totally reliant on those. It removes the tension because he already knows that it can cure the patient and it also removes the possibility of him influencing the other world's medicine, which is one of his main goals, because he is literally the only one who can accomplish those feats. <<less
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pokegamerxz rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: v2c9
It's my first review so don't expect so much.

First of all this is a wonderful novel that have elements of education in it. It teaches a few type of diseases along with the cure. There are also symptoms mentioned. By no means should this little knowledge be used for practice however it is very refreshing to divert from the usual entertainment novel since other than entertainment it also provides little education. I think that the story fits well with the character. He did not invent any equipment for advance medicine... more>> technology as he simply can't. He is a pharmacist and not a engineer nor a doctor. The only thing he can do is knowing what cure for the disease. Thus his cheat powers of identifying the disease is very logical and reasonable. However I do agree that the other cheat powers might be too over powered. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
February 1, 2017
Status: v2c10
I have had this on hold for over a year now but I'm left with no choice but to read it now since Manga finally translated. This is really great and I enjoy every minute of it. No cliché stuff. Original cheat abilities that are really unique.

... more>>

If what the Manga says is true. He had a little sister who died and had wholeheartedly faith in him! Its just so sad.. However in WN we see no background on the MC or why he is so obsessed


But personally I think the LN is a lot better. It goes more in depth if you've seen the Illustrations or read the Manga. Anyways, I really love Lotte and Ellen! Also the Queen who gets jealous! Such cute characters and they make my day! I really hope we see more Translations of this and it deserves more popularity.

My only complaint is the MC has no ambition! He gives credit to others for his technological advancements. Thus the Queen makes the most interest and money. I hope he takes his mantle for the Church and grows influential... <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Silvertin rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: v2c10
Good read, this really doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. It has a nice fluffy positive atmosphere about it. As the tags imply the protagonist is quite kind. He is working on trying to get that parallel world historic setting (I am not sure what it is, but there is in fact "divine arts" that conjure fire, make plants grow, purify the earth, make water out of thin air etc. Its not purely fake occult stuff!)

I wont explain why because of spoilers and to add that extra... more>> mystique. But the story is very well written, and there are stuff that when you read in future chapters, you will look back and be shocked. What and why? Why not read and find out? ^.~

You probably haven't been able to tell unless you really paid attention to the tags, but the protagonist is REALLY OP in several ways. More on that in the spoiler

He has those special diagnosis abilities, though its really just more of an indicator for when he diagnoses correctly. He has what appears to be infinite divine power (basically mana), can use divine power on what seems like a tactical scale since he has made small islands disappear. Probably the craziest of all... he can ERASE things from existence!

He erased Ag and Ag+ (silver) from a noble with silver poisoning to point of being incurable, he erased seawater and held it apart like MOSES. He can also turn semi-transparent and apparently go through solid objects!


I do wish the translation was released at a much faster pace though. (release frequency as of this review is one per 19.3 days). It is slow to the point where you can come back a year later and it might only be half way through the next volume. That being said it wont get enough publicity because it is too slow to read regularly, which wont give it the popularity to be discovered, which makes the translator think it may not be a very good project. Which ends up giving it this kind logic loop of not being highly rated or popular and may cause some sort of demotivation I guess.

Possible huge spoiler below, definitely a spoiler on something that happened in a chapter.

I think the protagonist might really be medicine god. He has the powers, he himself doesn't quite think of himself as human anymore because of the crazy things he can do which is out of the norm for even divine arts. In one chapter a place he released his divine power ended up becoming a sanctuary with all the positive energy connotations and lush plant life. Because of his wishes the church inquisitors who found out who they think he is (because of that incident) basically worship him, regardless of if he wants it or not. He told them he doesn't want information on him being spread, taking that as Medicinal god decree you bet it was followed!

All this being said I really hope that somewhere in a story development him being the Medicinal God comes out, maybe not to the public, but definitely to the church and the other major figures

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FTxNexus rated it
January 14, 2016
Status: --
I think this a really enjoyable story. The "logic" is sound, but we have yet to see the deeper parts of the buisness side. Him giving commeners and nobles cheap medicine and banning dangerous products, will surely make him an enemy for a lot of peoples. So he will either have to become more cunning or find some capable allies. Which means we will see more pseudo politics and buisness, and maybe a little bit action.
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