Seiun wo Kakeru


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There was once an ordinary and remote village to which a man, who had no relatives, appeared. Since then, everything has changed. Labor became pleasant, people stopped starving and became healthier, resulting in population increase. On top of that, the village started to flourish in trade. A time of huge change and considerable turmoil was about to begin, a revolution that no man could turn a blind eye to.

In the ancient bronze era, even more distant than medieval times, a certain blacksmith was yet to make his great effort.

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nakie08 rated it
December 19, 2015
Status: --
I tried to like this story but I can't. It works really well as a crafting novel. The methods included about smithing sound like they're coming from actual first-hand experience. But I think the story should have stopped at the crafting level because I don't think the author knows much about agriculture, trade and government. I mean, there's a feudal government and its capital has a population of 500? And it's imposing 'heavy' taxes on around 30 villages, with what manpower to enforce it exactly? There wouldn't even be 'civilization'... more>> yet at that population level. And then there's the supposed 'great war' with 150 men on each side. It's ridiculous. I actually lol'ed when I read about the bronze-age villages trading Canola oil.

(edit: it might've been a translation error. They could've meant r*peseed oil instead which was used in ancient times. Canola is a 20th-century plant bred from r*peseed in the '70s.) <<less
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ArgosYesu rated it
November 14, 2015
Status: --
Very interesting type of story. I'm just fervently hoping there is no NTR in this story... cause the MC has his hot wife and this is the past... urgh... nobles should die...
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CrimsonWing rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: c84
It gets boring and a number of times I had to force myself to continue. The author is rather lackluster. You can clearly see the areas where he doesn't put enough thought and detail into the story, and some of the details he uses are incorrect. He also does poorly with conflict, adding foreshadowing that something bad will happen when it really isn't a big deal, and is fixed within a chapter.

There isn't really any depth to the characters. The main character is your typical Japanese man who has pretty... more>> much been spineless as of c84. The heroine is just emotional and jealous for the majority of the time. She doesn't really trust the MC, worrying that he will cheat on her even though he has showed no inclination toward that. The other characters are just there, sometimes it seems like he is setting a character up to be important, but nothing really happens.

In short for a slice of life it is shallow. There are much better novels out there, but if you have read them and are waiting on updates then go ahead and give it a try. This isn't something that will stick with you or make you think, at best it is a time waster. <<less
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Oath rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: c94
I love this story, very much.

Overall wonderful novel.
Needs very little improvement to be publishable LN level quality.

Great character building
An actual love interest for once
Modern knowledge in past tech setting

Translation vocab is off.

Simple easy to find example:
The walls were covered with gray spots, which would explain the use of the charcoal.
Should be
"which would denote the use of the charcoal.

Jumps right into an arc with no prologue.
No real hook, or this-is-why-you-should-read-this style intro. Too many novels around for that sh*t.

Other thoughts:
Silly critics seem to think showy things are bad things.
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Prochy rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c94
It is interesting novel, some things like blacksmithing, products (someone said canola oil was weird, but in india, china and such it first appeared around begening of bronze age, so it is fitting), child death rate and such and then there is the bomb in setlements/towns sizes, to the level if I sometimes ask myself if translator didnt forget some zeros somwhere.

It is ok, relaxing read if you like slow slice of life but nothing exactly great.
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lekhoa88 rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: c63
Like a few reviews have already mentioned, the story is shallow & lack character development.

Read it if you have time to spare, or willing to skip some details.

Chapter 62:
"... Eiji entrusted Katharina with the job of dyeing the fabric. Katharina was reluctant at first as she originally planned to withdraw from doing that, but in the end, she accepted it gladly."

Out of nowhere, the author mentions that Katharina is reluctant, but he does not explain why. What's the point of mentioning it then.

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Narutolvr rated it
November 13, 2016
Status: c63

Overall, it's just kind of boring. It can't be a great world building story because quite a few details either leave the reader confused or require too much suspension of disbelief. And it can't really do anything else since nothing seems to happen. Well, if nothing else, the chapters strictly about crafting are excellent, so maybe the author should pull away from politics/HR altogether and make this solely about the MC's inventions.
How would I describe this LN? Not sure. It has it's good points and bad points. As for good: it's unique. The story isn't your typical OP protagonist in another world building a harem. It shows a guy with a particular skill using that skill to improve the lives of the people around him. Bad: he's a moron. Despite the author mentioning multiple times that he "has a good head" he mindlessly introduces modern technologies and inventions without the least bit of thought to the impact they can create, and his motivation to do them are usually way too shallow to make up for the potential troubles. Plus, he somehow seems unable to understand how highly valued all the tech he's introducing would be, even in situations where literally a child would get it. Ex:

Not realizing the feudal Lord would want to use his iron forging to make weapons to enforce their logically unfeasible rule.

You'd hardly believe a well-trained, college educated, fully adult blacksmith would be so misinformed on the worth of his works.

But rather than a rant against the characters (because I've got a few opinions on that wife of his), I think it's inconsistent character creation on the author's part. Plus, there's the fact that the political setting of this LN is laughable at best (see nakie08 review).
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sgrey rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c50
It's boring. There is no plot, no goal, only very detailed and slow everyday life. It's not funny, the romance is small and very little ecci. None of the characters are developed, no one have any qualities to remember them by. There are many characters in this novel, yet I can barely remember their names or what they do. The amnesia part is s*upid since it plays no role in this novel at all and MC gets his memories back very quickly. You would think that this type novel would... more>> have strong character interactions, and development, yet I can't even think about a single personality trait of MCs wife, except she has large b**bs. <<less
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Maleandar rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: --
I have to say I am really enjoying this story so far. Basically a man wakes up and find his life changed. No real memories, but glimpes of his past. However he clearly remembers his past job and skills. What is different is he is from modern Japan and is now in a bronze age setting type culture.

The story is slice if life and we watch him as he goes thru the motions of discovering this new world and help improve his village. What I also like is he is... more>> not weak-hearted and is decisive in the romance area. Clearly a breath of fresh air for me. BUT, once again he is one of those MC’s not willing to kill...... yet. I say yet as you will need to read the story to understand. 5/5 stars for me. Little to no action, but a great read, as you can put yourself in his shoes easily. <<less
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mystichead rated it
November 4, 2015
Status: --
This is a fairly interesting and intelligent slice of life series.
It starts small and will scale slowly but into more complicated aspect both related to ACTUAL crafting and even markets and society.
All the characters even those who appear for a single chapter are very very well fleshed out. Currently the cast is small and theyre being built out as being slowly introduced. And the mechanism to restrict casting is rather fairly intelligent, and no s*upid cheap fanservice. Fanservice is there, but its put there tastefully and very occasionally, and with good quality, and not spammed all over. This series can be treated as a quality made artisan delicacy in compared to fastfood that spams cheap titillation in being the majority of its contents.

It has tension in its places, there it needs it, its not without it, and its very smart of the author to recognize it, otherwise it becomes monotonous.

If you are looking for a quick cheap fap; this isnt for you.
If you're looking for cheap constant titillation both s*xual and otherwise, cliches and templates; this isnt for you.
if you're looking for action and fast pace, and constant drama, or just quick ups and down; this isnt for you

If you're looking for something relaxing and or intelligent that might even make you very very very slightly use ur head to think a bit rather than base emotions.... this is for you
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ElectricIcecream rated it
October 9, 2015
Status: --
If you're interested in the smithing techniques of old, without machines and mass production, then this novel will give you what you want. The MC starts with only some bronze tools (spade and pickax) and moves on to forge a furnace, hammer anvil and more. He introduces modern techniques into a society where they only had bronze tools. A unique atmosphere, rather large time-skips, and very informative of old Japanese smithing techniques and tools. Relaxing and not too long chapters.
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calebra rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: c94
It makes me sad to think that this series might've been dropped by the author, on the interesting part even. There have been no updates from the main Japanese website apparently, but I'm still hoping for the best.

This story progresses quite slowly. The main guy, Eiji, is a blacksmith from modern Japan who, for some reason, woke up in a place that isn't modernized yet. People are living a hard life and death can come knocking on your front door anytime. He starts the development of iron tools to make... more>> their lives easier. With the knowledge he shared and the things he has recreated, the people's lives in that village has become more comfortable and the mortality rate has more or less dropped.

Some readers might not like how the story slowly builds and develops but for me, the progress is quite alright. It's like a slice-of-life with a bit of tools development and life progress. There's even good romance as he marries and gets a wife in the early chapters.

If you're okay with an everyday-life kind of feeling from the novels you read, then you might be able to enjoy this. <<less
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BrotherofHavok rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: c71
A good story to read, but might not be for everyone. A light novel about a modern blacksmith going to a different world where he can really show off his expertise.

there are some problem areas, maybe due to the original author or the translators, but as long as you don't knit-pick at it the story works out just fine.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
March 22, 2016
Status: --
At first it was very good with the mystery of his identity and the way he helps his environment grow. It was certainly worth reading the first few Arcs but then the story just gets ridiculous later on.

He uses his “Superior Knowledge” way to recklessly and even gets in unnecessary trouble by envious people. He’s a very spineless man. The reason he stayed was only because of “Boobs” and later cries about how much he misses his previous life.

The Heroine herself is a very paranoid and cry baby... more>> girl. The romance was good at first but then it just becomes ‘ridiculous’. She has no redeeming trait. Her only role is “Good house wife who does cleaning and food”.

Ill have to rate this 3 Stars. If your in it just for the ‘World Building’ then you should really read this! <<less
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Mousa4 rated it
October 11, 2015
Status: --
So far (10 chapters) the story is about a guy industrializing a town. The MC seems to be from Japan and was transported back in time or to a different world, we are not told who exactly the MC was, and we don’t have a lot of details of the world. But the story is only 10 chapters in and I am pretty sure as the MC learns about this world so will we. This novel is a fun and easy to read novel which doesn’t seem to have too... more>> many tense moments, but I can definitely see some times where there will be suspenseful moments (for example trading and dealing with relationships, with other villages). The MC is smart and a good judge of character. He is a well rounded character and I can see him do a lot of amazing things in the later chapter. The other main character is a strong willed woman who will work without complaining, even if no one is helping her. The other characters from the village that have been introduced fit there roles well. The people in this village are like a one big family, no one is too selfish and people would do what it takes to have there village grow. The romance is also quite cute, so if you like romance you would definitely like this novel.

In conclusion if you are tired of reading novels that have endless action, cliffhangers, and MC becoming more op by the second, than this novel is for you

ps. When I am writing this only 10 chapters are out, so there are bound to be some changes, but I don’t see the novel taking a huge turn in the characters and story as the novel goes on.

pss. There is no action in this novel <<less
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