Underground Doctor


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Ashiya Kaoru (35) was once called the genius surgeon. However, due to covering for his best friend’s medical malpractice, he lost it all.

One day, while net surfing, he came about to a certain website by coincidence.

After jokingly filling out the empty fields, he decided to go to sleep.

When he opened his eyes…….it wasn’t his familiar room, but a completely unfamiliar different world.

Not only that, it was a different world without much advancement in medicine.

The status he inputted into the site now reflected on himself. Using present day medical knowledge and recovery magic, he’ll relive his life.

Associated Names
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Tensai Gekai ga Isekai de Yami Isha wo Hajimemashita.
The Genius Doctor Has Started up As an Underground Doctor in Another World
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Date Group Release
08/11/20 Lazy Translations c2 part3
08/07/20 Lazy Translations c2 part2
08/04/20 Lazy Translations c2 part1
07/31/20 Lazy Translations c1
07/28/20 Lazy Translations prologue
07/21/16 Raising the Dead c2 part2
06/08/16 Raising the Dead c2 part1
05/28/16 Raising the Dead c1 part2
05/25/16 Raising the Dead c1 part1
05/25/16 Raising the Dead prologue
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Eroid rated it
November 30, 2016
Status: c2 part2
Currently the story although not being entirely unique, is very interesting. The story focuses on a man transported into another world as a 18 year old boy with extreme amounts of medical knowledge, mana, and medical skills. However, the only downside is that the updates are long and the content is short. And Mr. Translator-san is some dude in Asia living in the jungle where the internet is scarce.
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June 11, 2018
Status: --
Right now, not a lot of action and it looks a lot like paralel world pharmacy but more rushed and less refined.. Will wait a bit more before rating though!

... more>>

not much about the main character, but he seems laid back and chill - OP as hack too, and is not one of those goofy idiotic types, actually is quite cunning from what I've read so far... few characters introduced, church galore and labyrinth exploration~

actually, he reminds a little bit of Underswap Papyrus, ahha! Just a little..


looking foward to what this will become! <<less
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MarutaDean rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: --
this one has a strong romance !! the story is so good to follow. not your shy jpMC. the story is about a doctor that got reincarnated to another world with healing cheat ability (not holy element) the author arange the plot so good I think. MC not ruthless but rational but sometime yeah... but the author recently stop updating the last chapter is one year ago maybe author do some research about medical technology
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