Nostalgia World Online


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Nostalgia World Online, commonly known as NWO, is a VRMMORPG that allows players to experience the in-game environment with their five senses as realistically as the real world.

Arisa Amemiya was invited by her childhood friends to play VRMMORPG for the first time in her life.

This is the story of her journey from a beginner to become the most feared player with the nickname of ‘Head-Hunting Princess’.

Associated Names
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Nostalgia World Online〜Head-Hunting Princess is coming! You will be my dinner tonight!
Nostalgia World Online〜Kubigari hime no totsugeki! Anata wo bangohan!
Nostalgia World Online〜首狩り姫の突撃! あなたを晩ご飯!
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06/03/24 CraneAnime Translation c1-2 part1
05/29/24 CraneAnime Translation v1c1
05/22/24 CraneAnime Translation prologue
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