National School Prince Is A Girl


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On the surface, she’s a gay high school boy. Underneath, she’s the hacker known as Z, who hunts criminals on the internet. A girl dressed in men’s clothes; a master at playing games, punishing evil, and having the highest skill in seducing girls. When people learned that “he” was actually female, the entire population blew up!

Fu Jiu: “Great Deity Qin, do you have a girlfriend?”

Qin Mo puts down the laptop: “I don’t have one.”

Fu Jiu starts to seduce in a low voice: “In that case, you have one starting now. Me.”

Hearing this, Qin Mo leans over tyrannically.

Fu Jiu is dumbstruck: “Hold on! What are you doing?”

Qin Mo: “Using my privilege as a boyfriend.”

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62 Reviews

Apr 21, 2017
Status: c800
Being a sucker for gender bender novels, I read the translated teaser chapter and dove right in. Sometimes I rate a book a 5 when I think it deserves 4+ but this is a through and through 5 star novel in my view. This is a really well done web novel. The characters are to my taste, three dimensional, character development is terrific and evolves throughout the novel. As strong as the main characters are, they each have their own flaws to make the story more interesting. There is plenty of dialogue and much of it artful and witty. You can quickly glean how intelligent the writer is, upon reading through a few chapters. I love the MC to death. She is incredible in male disguise because of her personality and charisma. She's wicked and an incorrigible flirt who can get her way with strangers-- men and women. This quality drives the overly jealous ML wild! Her responses to questions and punchline comments just makes me sputter time and again. The author is so clever!

The ML is a pretty standard personality, cold, detached, inwardly passionate type, controlling-- but it all becomes cute because he is constantly thwarted by the MC.

It all becomes funnier when you discover he was a cute little boy (smaller and weaker than the ML) that was dominated and treated as a "pet" by the MC in their childhood-- but he doesn't remember this (selective memory loss.. :\) But because of this, when the MC shares how she had a favorite friend in her childhood, the ML lectures her on how and why that child (himself) is an awful character out of jealousy.


The writer leverages the gender bender theme to a maximum effect.

First the ML rejects the MC's flirtatious overtures because he is not gay! As he becomes more and more attached to her, he makes her his little "brother" and uses that as an excuse to fawn over her. Finally he comes to terms that he is in love with her (and the fact that he is gay) and schemes to make her gay. Then, the MC begins to realize she wants him back but she thinks that he is gay and wants her because she is male. She dresses as a female to see if he would accept her as a woman but it drives him crazy (because he is too much into her) and makes her change back. She gets the wrong impression that he is truly turned off by women.


This is a really engaging work. I highly recommend it and I'll definitely try out the writer's other piece as well.
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Nov 19, 2018
Status: c147
I came here for the comedy and funny misunderstandings of gender bender between the MC and ML with the ML questioning his sexuality.

But instead I got a passive MC who goes along with the ML's possessive and controlling attitude.

Everything was good and all till I got to ~chapter 130-140ish where:

... more>>

The ML got extremely jealous of the MC talking with her classmate friend/tutor and decided to force the MC to stay a night at the ML's house. At that moment I thought, okay, this is a little disrespectful considering the ML doesn't even bother to ask the MC for her opinion, especially when the MC already spent her whole day accompanying the ML's antics. But I thought whatever, probably just another plot hole or to show off the ML's possessive nature, so I continue to read on. When the MC arrives at the ML's house, she decides to take a shower since she'll be staying over and the author went into vivid details of how amazingly perfect and smexy the MC's body was. For a good portion of the chapter, the author basically went: long legs, perfect curves at all the right places, big bouncy "jade rabbits" on her chest, white smooth skin, squishable softness everywhere, etc. At this point, I was a little creeped out by all these details since I wasn't really expecting that. The ML also popped up a bit during the shower scene to give some toiletries to the MC, and that's when we really see the pe*verted nature of the ML ogling at the MC's slight exposure of skin. Sure, this might not be a big deal to most readers, but I felt disappointed by the ML's break in character when I thought he was supposed to be those cold, aloof CEO MLs like Hidden Marriage or Trial Marriage, in which both novels had MLs who respected the MCs' personal space and doesn't exactly barge into someone in the bathroom. In the first place, this is the ML's bathroom, why are there no toiletries to begin with? Does the ML not usually use shower gel, towels, lotion, etc., am I suppose to assume the ML is magically clean and shaven without needing to do anything? Any who, during dinner at the ML's house, the ML didn't allow the MC to eat dinner, which I found completely confusing. Bro, ya already forced the MC to stay at your house, yet you're not going to provide for dinner??? That's like the worst way possible to try to woo someone, even though the ML at the moment wasn't planning to pursue the MC, this is still horrible manners for a host. But of course, after the MC acts flirtatious/cute/whatever to the ML, he finally relents and gives her food. I was absolutely dumbfounded by these past couple of chapters I read about the ML's controlling and possessive nature in which he blatantly decides on stuff for the MC without her permission and not giving her personal space. The ML keeps on giving excuses like he's only doing so and so because he's the older brother, so he knows what's the best, or the fact that he's wealthy/powerful/the best thigh to hug so there's no reason for the MC to reject him, etc. Is just a complete turnoff. Whenever a ML starts using his position/wealth/power to justify that his actions are good, that's when ya kinda know he's an a**hole. So all in all, I was completely disappointed by the recent development of the ML's character as he changed from his cold, aloof CEO image into a possessive pe*vert. The MC tolerates all of the ML's antics with the reasoning that she'll be able to achieve her goal faster with the ML's protection, which isn't exactly wrong, but that attitude with no fighting spirit makes it seem like the ML doesn't respect the MC as much as any human would like to receive. As an avid reader of romance novels, I much prefer a ML who respects the MC's personal space and opinions, but from the chapters so far, it seems like the ML doesn't do that. Overall, the ML's character is a horrible letdown, so I'll be dropping this novel till further chapters are out in the hopes that the ML's behavior changes for the better, but if not, I'll be dropping this novel for good. For any one who's into the controlling type of ML, this novel may be to your liking, so why not go give it a try!

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Sep 30, 2018
Status: c25
As I work as programer myself, I feel absurd reading this hacking activity without any real principle.
And a good hacker did not mean a good gamer alrighty.
Many can coding but bad at game OK?

I think for hacking story I can only accept at least the bloody monday in regard for the real hacking principality.

If you come only for romance and gender bender and can ignore absurd hacking skill being play out, you should be able to read this happily.
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Oct 12, 2018
Status: c56
originally, I gave this novel a try because gender bender + romance satisfies my current tastes. But, the characters and their behaviour made it really unbearable for me to read any longer.

1. fu jiu (female lead)

she started off okay, typical cool hacker with a sweet tooth kind of person (with the whole posing as a male thing too, of course). After a while her flirtatious nature was introduced. Why would you intentionally flirt with the person you would be working under soon?? Is it not common sense that people... more>> would get annoyed when you’re constantly pushing their buttons and blowing in their ear?

2. almighty qin (male lead, don’t remeber his full name since this and “ceo qin” is mentioned so much)

god-like, unattainable, and cool was what he was supposed to be. Really, this character is the definition of “expectations vs reality”. What high-up feeling? All I see is a stuck-up guy with an intensely weird way of trying to help out the female lead. Force— literally, FORCE her to pay for a meal she cannot afford (and he knows that). Then follows up by sending her huge amounts of ingame currency... ??? I don’t get.

3. butler

he’s the person who constantly reminds the female lead that there was someone else living in that body before she came. He does that in the form of doubting her actions (basically in every chapter thus far). I understand that it’s probably for plot but, the nagging and level of distrust really bugs me.

i know I said a lot of bad things about the novel, but it’s still a good read if you want something light-hearted (I guess). Honestly, I think there are much better novels out there... aie anyway, to each their own. Read and see for yourself, this is just my opinion. <<less
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Oct 02, 2018
Status: c1447
I started reading this novel mainly because it is very popular within the Chinese community and I wanted to give it a try. By “giving it a try”, it lead to many sleepless night of continuous reading. My review may contain many spoilers, please read at your own risk.

Firstly, even though I have and am still reading the raws, I have re-read the novel by reading the translations. I find the translations really good. Honestly, even though I am able to understand Mandrian well, it is not to the point... more>> of understanding their online terms and certain vocabularies to perfection. By reading the translations, it technically allowed me to find out what I didn’t understand or skipped out from the raws. I think the translations will be exceptionally perfect when they explain the game in the chapters later on. (Which I will be anticipating for).

Secondly, the plot. The plot is rather complicated I must say. I feel that this entire novel is dissected into several different parts. When all of the different parts are pieced together, it shows progression of the character and their romance. One of the example in where the author has dissected the story (where I won’t spoil too much of the novel)

The story is technically dissected into before Qin Mo knew that Fu Jiu (Bao Jiu) is a girl, after Qin Mo knew that Fu Jiu is a girl, Qin Mo suspicion of Fu Jiu is Hacker Z and after Qin Mo confirmed his suspicion on Fu Jiu (Bao Jiu) to be Hacker Z.

Before QM knew that FJ is a girl, the entire story is rather hilarious. FJ has to hide her secret in close proximity since QM always keep her close by. As readers, we can feel how tense she is whenever her secret may be exposed. It is quite understandable on how she is always nervous and worried since our male lead, QM, is very sharp and smart. FJ then lived in fear of being found out. As slowly, QM falls in love with FJ where he even thought he is gay. The scenes were very hilarious. At this part of the story I find the story still rather light.

After QM knew that FJ is a girl, he openly shows his affection even though people who didn’t know misunderstands him. Regardless, he shows his utmost care and love. Which slowly progressed into his susipicion of FJ to be Hacker Z. At this point of the story, I rather feel sorry for the male lead since both of them have to live with misunderstandings. On the bright side, Qin Mo and Fu Jiu still stick together regardless of the misunderstandings


One of the parts of the plot I enjoyed reading is the descriptions of the game. Well, honestly, the descriptions weren’t very explicit. But as a reader and someone who played games, I can feel the excitement and tension just reading these scenes. The competitive matches reminded me of MOBA games such as League of Legends. It made me want to play LoL even though I haven’t played in a very long time.

The romance in this story is a romance that is sweet but it may consist of misunderstandings and suspicions. This is especially for our main characters’ romance. I would say that FJ (BJ) and QM romance is rather complicated. For QM, his love is consistent throughout the novel

except for one point of the story. But don’t worry, his subconscious actions still shows his love for BJ.


The romance of the side characters were included as well. Compared to the main characters’ romance it is less complicated but it still contains misunderstandings and loyal love to each other for some couples. Reading the side characters’ romance do live up the mood in the novel when the novel is too dark at some point of time.

Other enticing reasons why I continued to read the novel is it contains some inspiration quotes and teaches some value. This novel contains rather quite a few inspirational quotes. One of the quotes I exceptionally love is “正义也许会迟到,但不会缺席”. This quote can be translated into “Justice May be late, but it will not be absent”. This quote is very inspirational to me because I feel like it is very relatable to real life where the innocent may be waiting and persistently living on just to prove their innocence.

In conclusion, I would rate the novel about 4.5 stars. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a gender bender novel that is patient to read 1735 chapters+ (as of today) and a reader that may have an interest in gaming. (Since the competive scenes may take up quite a lot of chapters later on) <<less
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Rain Cloud
Rain Cloud
Mar 18, 2017
Status: c1
I know I'm jumping the gun here by giving this five stars, but this series seems to be too interesting to simply give it one star. What the heck, random voter! Give this a chance before giving this one star on the first chapter!!

I personally really love this translator's pick of novels, so I have full confidence it's going to be an addictive series. Many thanks to the translator and I hope the previous thoughtless person who rated this one star doesn't keep other readers from giving this a chance... more>> :) <<less
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Jul 21, 2018
Status: c1666
Currently on chapter 1666/1923:
... more>>

Another novel I love and hate. Especially all of these long ongoing novels. I dislike those cliffhangers, man. Why isn't it completed? I want those HEA!

I am a big fan of the MC. Gender bender novels, particularly ones where the girl is confident, shameless, handsome, and clever, are amazing. I get very salty whenever gender benders are shy and weak, especially when they become shy and weak and easily embarrassed boys. But here the MC is tall and handsome enough to bewitch all genders and all ages. Silver hair also sounds amazing, though for sure IRL it probably wouldn't look as good as it's written. Also, the concept of her monthly period being painful is used twice to add complications, and then never again addressed. Also can I say I totally love her car and would like to order one for myself pls.

I would say that the worst thing about this is the amnesia. I really dislike when amnesia is used, since it really bothers me. I feel like memories make up a person, and especially when the ML gets totally amnesia'd, I felt really painful for the MC. It's hard suffering through the distrust and constant fear of your lover leaving and forgetting about you, possibly even turning against you on someone else's whims. So yeah, I disliked the amnesia trope. Also, I quite enjoyed the gaming aspect of the story, which reminded me of TKA, but later it seemed like everyone just started retiring all over the place. Plus they even dissolved the team. What exactly was the reasoning for that? Bc the ML got his wish, they just randomly dissolved the team?

I do believe that after the ML regains all his memorizes, aka the last 1/5 of the story, was much better slice of life instead of constantly worrying about his amnesia. Plus the MC and ML are aboveboard together and sugary. I do really enjoy all of the side characters and couples, but I do wish that they could have focused on the MC and ML even more bc obviously I care about their sugar a lot more than all of the other couples. When can I see the MC in college? Is she even going to college? I have no idea what's happening. This is why I don't like ongoing series. But the MTL has been pretty good, and the amount of tears I've shed over this has been substantial. Will come back to see what happens. Chapter numbers are totally wonky though.

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Sep 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel, was one of my first webnovels. I would go to school reading this novel, and leave school reading it. I enjoyed it when I was young, and I look back on it fondly because of nostalgia, perhaps. It was my biggest entertainment while my life was full of expectations from parents and stress from school. It was one of the novels that got me into reading web novels.

The novel is enjoyable. It merges so much together that sometimes you don't know what is happening, but it works. The... more>> plot was stringed into a line, despite all the elements, and I enjoyed it. Maybe I was young and I was still new at webnovels, but I enjoyed it. I loved it.

I have to say though, despite my love for the novel overflowing, there are some major flaws in this novel that no one can ignore.

1. It doesn't work on common sense. The plot besides the gaming part, is almost entirely composed of random junk. Hackers don't run some kind of underground website where they all follow one lead young boss hacker in the dark Web or something, nor do hackers or programmers automatically mean good gamers. A lot of sh*t that goes in the story makes absolutely no sense, yeah. The protags are absolutely OP and it's the shitty kind of OP.

2. Somehow, the author manages to fit everything into one plot. Hacking, gaming, gender bender, military, romance, bl, reincarnation, face slapping, family drama, crime organizations, a lot of it is a jumbled mess. The arcs are sometimes really broken, and I'm sure not everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

3. The romance is kinda bad, but my memory is already pretty fuzzy. For me, I know that that kind of romance would only fail in reality, and the ML is really annoying but I guess it works out in fiction, although some parts were just awkward to read. (There is smut later on in the story though not much.)

In conclusion, f*ck common sense. Don't read it if you like novels with common sense. But hidden in this bunch of shit, is is some really good stuff. Somehow, this novel is crammed full of sh*t but enjoyable at the same time.

I would 99% recommend this novel, but if you love common sense and a normal plot (+a normal romance) just don't read it. End of review. Sorry for ranting.

There's something about the author I want to say, isn't spoiler, but it's too long for the review so I'll keep it in the spoiler box:

The author has been found to copy and paste other people's work into their own novels. I don't think this situation happened in this particular novel, but he plagiarised in his other novels, and with quite concrete evidence. I used to like this author quite a lot, just because of this novel. I don't know what to feel now. The novel itself is still really nice to read, but I don't know how I'd feel if I read their other novels.

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Jul 24, 2018
Status: c1
For the first time in my life, I wish a was born as Chinese. If so, I won't have to wait for updates and just read it raw. Damn it, just when I found one with an interesting plot, it only has 2 chapters translated when the original's like a thousand chapters longer. I love cool main characters. Especially when the genre's gender bender and the FL lead's like BAM HOTTY COOL COOLER AND COOLEST. (If you understand the reference

then (`・ω・´) ノ high five fellow otaku)
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Apr 16, 2021
Status: c1
ML is just to creepy. He is a huge Mother Gothel and gaslights MC all the time, is à controlling jerk and abuses her pretty much the entire novel. I don’t get it how people can read it and feel like not washing their brain with bleach after.

MC seems more like Bella Swan reincarnated with hacker skillz rather than a super duper op hacker - seriously, all of MC’s awesomeness washes away before ML - the entire novel looks like it was made to rotate around ML - and its... more>> pretty much accepted that he’s an abusive ahole.

Not for me- if there was no romance, this would have been a pretty epic novel, but I can’t shake up the disgusting feelings when I read ML’s interactions.


he forbids MC from having friends and tries to control her social life with an iron grip, to the point where he calls her school to change her desk mate from a girl to a boy because he didn’t want her to “flirt”.

calls her dumb (in a roubdabout way) and implies only he can teach het school work.

forces and bullies her into a lot of unpleasant Like dumpling a 9k bill on her head, making her leave with iou to the restaurant only to transfer millions of in game currency to her to show off how rich he is.

makes fun of her body (he thought she was male at the time and made fun of “him”)

amongst other skin crawling things disguised as “romantic”


Romance and Love are not ABUSIVE!!!! <<less
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May 12, 2019
Status: c320
Originally gave this 4 stars. Now I'm at 2, 5.

I like this novel. I've read a lot of gender bender, and this is probably one of the best, however, there are some things that I really can't stand about it. Main one is; the descriptions of their handsomeness is EVERYWHERE! I don't think you can go one chapter without it mentioning their beauty at least 1-2 times. In the beginning I was fine with it. I'm a sucker for pretty characters after all *cough, but, It gets really annoying with... more>> time.. "Turned around looking as handsome as ever" "his side profile was really handsome" wow really? It's not like I've heard that 13953 times already.



At first I thought she was just the typical genius cross-dressing female lead, but she's actually everything (almost) I love in a female lead. She's confident, and can protect herself and also the people she cares about. The best is that she doesn't have a saint-complex though, if she finds someone annoying, she has no problem with showing them that they should scram. Apart from her proud character, she's also flirty (I really love when they know how to flirt idk why) handsome and quick-witted. Ml:

The stereotypical - Handsome, rich, tall, powerful, famous yadayada male lead. He started out pretty fine, though I was not a fan of his aloof personality. I prefer confident, social, cool and strong characters. He didn't really like MC in the beginning (which is pretty understandable tbh) but when he first started getting closer to her, he changed from cold dickhead to EXTREMELY overprotective cold dickhead. Yeah he's sweet to her sometimes, but Jesus man, he wants to decide everything for her, and uses the excuse that he has to protect his little brother? What? An example is; MC was sitting together with her girl-friend in school, ML finds out and goes "My brother sits together with a girl? Oh hell nah! Lemme just use my authority over the school to make sure my 'brother' can't sit with females anymore" another one is the same girl and MC. They were literally only sitting together at the table, and he, yet again, uses his power to make the girl change seats with him, because he thought they were acting too close. Bro, that's what you call F R I E N D S. I could mention a thousand more, but I'm not bothered. Out of all the times he has decided things for her, without asking, I only remember a single time she has refused. Honestly, if I was in her shoes, I would tell him to f*ck off with his annoying behavior.

Why am I still reading this? Well, despite mostly hating the ML and thinking the MC is dumb and unrealistic sometimes, it's still a pretty good read. The story line is nice and the gaming part is different and exciting in it's own way. The other side characters also have their own unique personality which is great. I can only hope that MC will start refusing ML more, or at least ML stops being so demanding.

Edit- Okay nope wth, so ur telling me this cold qin can play games, seems to have an education in literally every possible thing AND can fight? When the hell did he have time to learn all this, he sounds like an OP character from one of those isekai mangas lmao

Edit #2: ive noticed many who've read 900+ chaps really like it, but no way in hell am I gonna ead that much for it to get good, and also, I wont be able to forget the abuse the ML has done, even if he somehow manages to get better. The way he overshines the FL constantly is horrible too. I mean its been two years since I dropped this, no, more, but I still remember vivibly how disgusting it was. Like healthy romance? Dont. Read. <<less
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Sep 03, 2021
Status: Completed
I was re-reading national school prince is a girl and I found how s*upid it actually was. I really liked it when I read it the first time. I really hate the cliche "ML lost his memory, MC is his childhood friend" also, the whole hypnosis sh*t which is capable of making someone lose their memories and turn them into a mu*dering machine? killing anyone who they don't like. I find it really weird that the police and military can't deal with that master hypnosis guy just bc he can kill someone without lifting a finger. tf?? and that fan jia girl annoyed the sh*t out of me. I hated her character. anyway, when ML got his memory back it was because of an necklace w a picture of bo jiu I think. then waits until the asian cup to tell her that he regained his memory? first of all, why did jiu go back to china to play esports w mo? all those years of professional hacking down the drain for a boy? lastly, what the f*ck was up w that vampire shit... jius dad is a vampire lord or something and revives her mother? oh my god that wasn't rlly needed at all. anyway, I actually quite like this book. the MC is my favorite type of MC and the cases ML and MC tackled were interesting. I feel like the book ended too soon though. I might have missed it but I want to know if qin mos mom finds out that jiu is a girl and her reaction. also, what happened to the og bodies mother?? she just kind of disappeared. anywho, I know chinese novels arent the best and always have sh*t pacing but they're quite interesting for a while, until u decide to drop it. overall, decent book, got rid of my boredom!
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Oct 08, 2017
Status: c379
Currently using google translate to read this book. It's hard to read with the crappy translation but all in all the humor is spot on, the romance is slow but heck, reading about Qin Mo 'eating vinegar' trumps that deficiency by a lot. Ah, this is why I love gender bender so much especially when the reveal hasn't happened yet.
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Jul 02, 2020
Status: c137
So even though I haven’t finished this story, I’ve skipped around enough and read enough chunks to at least for an opinion and overall the story is... ok! Honestly, I really do like the MC, I personally love flirty protagonists/characters who don’t aim to sleep with people, but flirt to fluster/flatter others. ML’s a little more uneventful, your one in a million Powerful CEO who is really intimidating to everyone else but to MC he’s super indulgent. I wont lie, the FengHu side couple is my favorite and I was... more>> much more interested in them because pining + childhood best friends?? Sign me up!

Plot wise, the story is kind of a mess. It’s pretty good in the beginning but later on it just wants to do too much, Esports + Military/police + hacking + acting + idols + god knows what else. The author just wants to do too much and stuffs both the MC and ML with too many skills and the plot with too many scenarios. As for MC, if you’re very very against the whole “Mary sue/MC is perfect” thing, turn back. MC has hacking, fighting, undercover skills, etc. she’s written to be a badass and she truly is pretty cool at times but the thing is, she’s unfailingly perfect which can get kind of grating.

Overall, it’s an alright story. Yeah it’s not believable in the slightest and both the length and the plot can get kind of grating. However, sometimes you just want to read a decent story with cool people doing cool stuff and don’t want to sit through 70 chapters of character development. When that happens, this story is sure to scratch that itch. <<less
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Dec 27, 2019
Status: c243
Story starts out decent - would have been better if not for the ML - he's too controlling...I don't enjoy the ML getting jealous of anyone MC even looks at, let alone interact with... it was funny a first few times, now it's just annoying...
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 20, 2019
Status: c15
I usually do not rate until I read enough chapters, but there were some obvious problems with this novel in the beginning.

  1. A good novel is good because is it educational and engaging. By educational, I mean the MC is a hacker, so there should be some hacker terminologies. So far the most scientific thing I heard was "a flurry of numbers flew across the screen" or something like that. If the MC is really a professional hacker, then they should be able to escape from other hacker's tracking, yet they managed to have their own location leaked so easily without knowing.
  2. Novel obviously lacks some things. The MC is too reckless and I feel no authority from teachers and those with power. Sometimes characters response is confusing. not to spoil anything but at one part the MC is known for poor reputation but the teacher still trusted him/her. she/he also offended some bigshot but no one scolded her. Why the MC dress as a boy is also in question, and soon I found out I lost interest in reading any further.
  3. Too op. To be a hacker and a martial artist, yet in their past life they easily died. I kind of already predict the story. MC shocks people with their OPness. Handsome male chuckles at MC and thinks "hmmm... interesting" Handsome male shamelessly chases MC, maybe some BL? In the end, I'm almost 100% certain the MC gender would be revealed.
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Oct 16, 2018
Status: c40
'crossing the future' has ruined me for other gender-benders. Stories like this just seem flat and uninteresting in comparison, but then I'm not a huge fan of romance novels to begin with.

if you like the typical Chinese romance genre with all the usual cliches then you'll probably like this story well enough. I couldn't get past chapter 40 myself and am rather surprised I hung in for that long.
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White Head Ice Prince
White Head I
Sep 28, 2018
Status: c23
Plot setting :

... more>>

TopHacker transmigrated into a second generation handsome young girl who crossed dressed as a guy her entire life cause of her mother. She's weak, likes to show off, disrespect her caring mother, and chase pretty boys (especially that one Awesome Male God) while dressing up as a male thus making everyone think she's gay and getting bullied etc. (Basically an idiot with a shitty personality)

Top Hacker now has to fix her rotten reputation, face slap the bullies, make money and steal the Male God's heart without intending to.


Female Lead's Personality :


She's domineering and bold and brings out the handsome sexiness of her current body that people couldn't see before due to the previous owner's shitty personality. She's also adept at flirting and seducing boys and girls alike. Not to mention Face slapping and fighting and Hacking and acting cool and infuriating the ML initially.


Male Lead's Personality :


Female Lead's senior in highschool. Cold and highly Dangerous. Proud. Nice body and face. Desired by all. Apparently a CEO. Super awesome family background related to the military as well. Rarely attends school. Has a lot of body gaurds when outside. His character uptil now is still not accurately portrayed since the story is from the Female Lead's point of view.

Most likely he gets displeased how the female Lead gets ahead of him in some way, later his fury turns into curiosity then love after which he precedes to courtship.


The personalies of the main characters and the plot setting is a big plus from me but what took away that one star from my rating was the amount of sense and realism the novel cast aside for the sake of acting cool. Some of the protagonists actions don't make sense since there are easier ways to accomplish the same goal (albeit less overbearing) My knowledge of hacking and computer engineering is inferior but I do not think such degree of cyber vandalism is even 'possible' in real life.

But this is fiction ! So I'm going to take it ! Our FL is OP that's it, we don't ask questions. We don't think deeply into why she plays games to earn money when she's so OP.

If you can sit back and watch our genderbender MC act cool, flirt and slap faces then this novel is for you. <<less
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May 22, 2021
Status: c1696
I enjoyed this story also: if you haven't read until atleast chapter 679 then DON'T WRITE A REVIEW (unless you already know whats going to happen from a spoiler), thats not even half the story and theres going to be flaws in your review that are going to be obviously countered when you read more of the story. I like this story because even though at first the MC is passive when Qin Mo shows possesiveness but no she's actually rebelious. And even Qin Mo, shows a hint of weakness... more>> later in the story which I feel sets him apart from other CEO male leads. Though there are some sub-plots they all lead up to something, and it's not only Qin Mo and Bo (fu) Jiu who the plots are centered around, but it's the entire Supreme Alliance (I didn't lie, but if you think I am then its obvious you still haven't read atleast half of the story). Each character have thier flaw's even if it's only temporary like when Yaoyao, Feng Shang, and Yin Wuyao have thier insecuritys, Lin Feng's naivity, Bo Jiu being reckless at times, and Qin Mo's wanting to be possesive, and each of the Supreme Alliance get stories of thier own. Even the villians that ACTUALLY TAKE UP PARTS OF THE STORY have reasons to do evil, like Rao Rong but a more evil example is the plagerist girl. And there are parts of the story that go wrong like when Fu (Bo) Jiu lost while playing agianst another team, but in the end it ends up being okay. (To the people who rated it 2 stars, did you think I wouldn't notice that most of you only read as low as 15-400 chapters and write like you've read the entire things and point out flaws that are eliminated later on READ MORE u might grow fond of it :) ) <<less
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Orange Oranges
Orange Orang
Mar 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed the story in the beginning. It was fun to really all the face slapping the MC is giving out. I also enjoyed the gener bender aspect (haven't read one in years) and her disguise is good. All the fluff the MC and ML puts out are sweet. But man are there so much dog blood drama.

The author packed way too much in the story. There are so many subplots and it was no longer a story I originally signed up for. While it was cool, when all of... more>> these events are centered around the MC and ML, it becomes a bit tacky... If only the author made changes to some of the story...

There is an antagonist...

The bad guy was someone who is well versed in psychology. He uses the power of suggestion to make people do his bidding. Apparently that is very scary and no one knows how to catch him. While I do agree that the power of suggestion can be powerful and dangerous (i.e cult leaders), but the author gave that power way to much credit. They made the antagonist out to be some sort of god, and it is kinda ridiculous lto read at time.


All the side characters are interesting (some more than other), but there are way too many chapters focusing on them. So many romance subplots...

Pretty much every side characters that showed remotely any romance plotline, ended up with the person of their interest. Althought, I do like that there are also same s*x couples.


The supernatural element is real here. I am not talking about the part of the MC waking up in another person's body. I thought that was the only supernatural element but boy was I wrong. Althought, it's not my fault since there was no hint of it until much much mich later in the story (a few chapters before the end)...


Apparently MC's father is a vampire... It is so extra.


I only decided to read this because of the manhua. It took me so long to finally finish it. <<less
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