My Husband Hides His Beauty


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Halstead, the land where demons roam. As a demon hunter, a high-ranking lord has one secret.

“I hear the face behind the mask is so ugly?”

“Even demons will be afraid!”

It’s the monstrous appearance of Lord Erden, hidden right below the mask! Everyone sympathizes with the lord’s wife Leticia, who married such a lord, but she also has a secret to hide-

“I’m always grateful. This monster’s face must be disgusting and horrible, but he never shows it and does it so well. ”

“Eh, what? Of course.”

“Since your arrival, our land has developed remarkably. The demons are tied to their wives. That’s amazing. No matter how much you think about it, you’re too good for me. That’s why I have to divorce you myself!”

Leticia, who was listening with a hazy face, was shocked. Divorce?

But unlike her determined husband, Leticia had no intention of getting divorced! He wouldn’t either.

The husband, known as a terrible monster, was actually a great beauty.

Are you divorced now? The devil will cry and the trick + obsession will come.

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남편이 미모를 숨김
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Rainy_Roo rated it
September 13, 2020
Status: c9
I want to start off by saying that I desperately want to like this story, but I feel like this story is lagging so far. My problems are mostly cantered around how inconsistent the MC is.

The MC is reincarnated and remembers her past life. She is an adult in a child’s body and is shown to be mature, yet she acts like a scared child when hearing about rumours of the North, and when she meets some old maids with grey hair she treats them like villainous witches.

At the start of the story we are told that people who remember their past lives are considered witches, and that the MC has hope that there are other people out there who remember their past, but when she meets the maids that she called “witches” she treats them with contempt. Everyone treats her so nicely yet she treats them like criminals, this wouldn’t be an issue if she was an actual scared twelve year old, but she’s an adult who’s crying like a baby when faced with an older person. It’s frankly ridiculous.

I’ve only read up to chapter 9, and I don’t believe this is a huge plot spoiler, but I’m going to tag this as a spoiler just in case.


Then after being terrified she suddenly decides to stay even when given a chance to escape? There’s no character or plot development in between her being scared and her wanting to stay, she just randomly switches her attitude to suit the plot.


On the positive side, once she does start opening up I really enjoy her interactions with the ML. I find they’re quite cute together and I’m already in love with the gentle ML. There’s only a three year age difference (the manhua made him seem much older so I want to reassure anyone that he’s not an adult yet), and I’m really looking forward to them growing up together. I really love childhood friends-turned-lovers types of stories so I’m interested in this! The MC also seems like a cool character once she’s an adult, so I do have high hopes for this to come.
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theliongirl rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: c9
It's only on Chapter 9 but I can already tell that this is going to be one of my all time favorites - I absolutely love it!

The main character is charming and her thought process is really funny; the male lead is really sweet. Other than Chapter 1 so far this is taking place when she's 12. They're my babies, I love them! ToT

A summary with very minor spoilers:

... more>>

Because of a marriage contract between the former heads of the families, her uncle sent the main character, an orphan, off to marry the northern lord in place of her cousins. The male lead was just going to have a fake marriage and send his 'wife' back home, but when he learns her family was abusive he says that she'll stay under his protection instead.

The northern lands are desolate and filled with monsters, and the northern lord himself, though incredibly strong, is under a family curse that makes him believe that his face looks hideous. This makes him sorry that his wife is stuck with him, so he wants to get divorced.


The age difference is three years, and judging from the prologue they're still not together even as adults, so I really doubt there'll be anything creepy like the other reviewer was worried about. Their relationship seems like it'll be healthy and cute.

So far this has been a charming and funny story with some moments of seriousness. I really recommend it! <<less
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Neiara rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c3
At first I thought it is like all the other reincarnation storys that I really like but one thing stood immediately out. "In this world, those who were reincarnated or knew about the future were considered a witch''. So I think maybe in the future we will get to know more people than just the FL who knows their past life. That would be interesting. (°O°)

Her parents are dead and her Uncle and aunt which took since then care of her are shitty as hell. I hope Karma strikes... more>> eventually back.

Leticia is only 12 years old as she was send off to be the monsters bride. Thats a little disturbing but we don't know how old the ML is until then I don't say anything more to that. ^^
In the first chapter we only get a glimpse of the pairing but that the FL is really thirsty for the ML and his shining beauty made my day. (≧∇≦) /
The last chapter showes that the FL is not a Damsel in Distress so now I'm really looking forward for the next chapters. <<less
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