The Villainess is Happy Today


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The night she, who used to live as a powerful and elegant modern city woman, heard about the marriage of her ex-boyfriend.

She was depressed, she fell asleep.

‘Why did i become a Villainess?’

In any case, she played the role of a villainess who is losing her fiancé and harasses the main character.

There’s nothing bad about it, though. Because this villainess has everything!

But the first thing you have to do is ask your tr*sh fiance to break up!

“Let’s break up.”


“Why? Aren’t you being unfair?”

You think it’s fair to ask me to marry you when you’ve been playing around with another girl?

Dear Villainess, why did you hang yourself on this prideful man?!

“Even if you’re the Crown Prince, you shouldn’t have ignored me. I am Raylene Shan Kandmion, after all.”

Don’t you think you should have fun with all the money and power you have?

Associated Names
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Another Happy Day for the Villainess
Today The Villainess Has Fun Again
Villainesses Have More Fun
악녀는 오늘도 즐겁다
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11 Reviews

Oct 17, 2020
Status: --
This might be personal preference, but the writing is atrocious. The characters are extremely flat and the world building is practically nonexistent. I can enjoy stories that lack a bit of sense in exchange for fun but this is neither fun or logical.

First of all, no one seems to question the transmigration at all. Okay maybe the more distant characters might chalk it up to incorrect rumors, but what about her maid or lackeys? Suddenly the villainess doesn't know anything about the world and doesn't know how to act like... more>> a lady. She suddenly seems less interested in other men. Her maid doesn't question anything and just goes along with it like ?? No one is even the slightest bit suspicious which is weird in itself.

The other thing that bothers me is the MC's illogical personality. She becomes a beautiful and rich villainess but none of her previous personality seems to have come along. Maybe some of it could be excused as her thinking it's a dream, but some tendencies should come out from her previous life. The story mentions she used to starve and was ab*sed. I would think that her lack of wealth would make her subconsciously want to save money, but nope, she spends it all without blinking an eye. Ugh the other issue I have is with the ab*se thing. This has been mentioned twice since I've read the story but there is no elaboration on it. They both happen in forms of nightmares and then nothing else. No repercussions or maybe unconscious fears that come from childhood ab*se. It's as if the ab*se is disconnected from her everyday personality. Childhood ab*se should not be used as a tool to add another face to a character. Like oh she's so perfect but she's had past trauma that literally doesn't affect her so now she's so real and relatable. No. Just no.

My last problem is with her lust for beauty. I could let go of the issues above to some extent if the read is fun or entertaining. But it's not. She's ridiculously vain and just stops to stare at pretty faces all the time. I'm okay with not having a cool-headed protagonist each time but I really hate seeing her drool over some dude's face every five seconds. We get it, they're handsome. It makes sense that your demeanor would change around good looking people and you might be starstruck, but I don't want to see the MC's brain to just die around male characters. How the hell did she survive in society as an adult without at least curbing her desire for good looking faces? She would definitely end up scammed if she was like this in real life. And if it's because she's not taking the world seriously, I want to bring up the previous point. She should at least some mental resistance from acting so different all of a sudden.

Overall, 2/10 would not recommend. My brain hurt from the writing. Find another story because there's the same plot written several times but with better characters and worldbuilding. <<less
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Aug 13, 2020
Status: c8
It's so early to judge this but the female lead is annoying. I don't like the way she kept talking how handsome the ML is (I'm not sure if he's the ML but I get that feeling) because it's so repetitive. I can't even see the story's potential because so far, it's just the same as other isekai. Going to a guild for information. Breaking up engagement. Finding a new male lead.
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May 02, 2020
Status: c3
This is good, rather than suddenly become saint who hugs herroine thigh, I also prefer for being badass, slap the cheater and live for my own. That wh*re, thinking like he is the only man in the world, iuhhhh. Really refreshing, hope translator will continue this project.
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Sep 14, 2020
Status: c6
This is just a typical villainess story. That's it. As the other reviews said, the MC is incredibly superficial. She mainly cares about the ML's looks when meeting him (like I already know he's handsome. You don't have to repeat it like another 3-5 times reminding me how handsome he is), and only cares about living a luxurious lifestyle. Her encounters with the FL/heroine are lame and anti-climatic. All the characters are so incredibly flat, the plot is nonexistent/or so lacking that I can't think of one, and your imagination... more>> is the world-building. There is literally no benefit you get from reading this; I want my time back. I swear, Peppa Pig has more tension and world building than this. <<less
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Aug 18, 2020
Status: c1
This is a very typical villainess story. Too typical. I cant find it intresting. Yeah she is a "badass" but her actions and words are too repetetive. She keeps sayibg how she is lucky possesing a wealthy person. Even her fights with the "heroine" is lame.
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c20
I've read some of the other reviews and I think some are being too harsh on this story unnecessarily. There's nothing wrong with a MC who loves pretty people and just keeps commenting on it, or someone being vain, as there are all kinds of different people and she's a breath of fresh air from goody two shoes female leads who always want to help and save people because they're the most unrealistic of leads sometimes. It's odd to me that someone will judge a story so early on too.... more>> It's okay to not like ot enjoy something but again to say it's bad because you didn't enjoy it is baffling. Some had valid critics like the transmigration not being acknowledged or showing us more about the ab*se but a lot of things are shown later on especially in these types of novels. Which is sometimes better imo because knowing everything about anyone at the start is weird. I enjoyed this villainess and I'm not sure about the MLs or the other characters but I love her father and Becky (her maid) and I think this story is worth reading and quite enjoyable and fun too. <<less
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Oct 01, 2020
Status: c13
I don't really hate the MC for her behavior.i don't mind her being selfish (and it's kinda fresh in the palette).

Regarding about her seeing only the face I don't think it makes her bad? She might have transmigrated but she is a "human". She is also just "Admiring" the beauty of the people, not ravaging them cause of their beauty (yet?). We have the 7 deadly sins for a reason and the characters did show them. The following is just my opinion:

So far,

MC has showed lust towards things/people... more>> that are beautiful or catches her interest (admiring them/it something like that).

Heroine girl is envy (and maybe gluttony? Ain't sure yet). She envies the MC or basically the elite girls/families (find it out yourself lol don't wanna spoil or smthn). Im not sure if this is also became her driving force to 'things'.

Guild master showed greed. He is greedy for riches. (But base on the latest happening, he had reasons and I understand why he's like that)

The crown prince is pride, cause his f*ckin prideful and too full of himself as the c. Prince. (Base on how he acted in the prologue and as the story develops).

Sorry my English sucks :> <<less
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Oct 11, 2020
Status: c14
Well... I fell in love with the MC.

The novel is Korean so you can expect top notch story writing technique (I have nothing but praise for the way Korean Authors write because they are excellent at building their world and doing appropriate set ups and the pay off is awesome)

It's up there with "tr*sh of the Counts family" regarding story writing.

... more>> Well, fanboying about Korean authors aside, I can focus on what makes this unique.

She's a villain with modern moral standards... you'll know what I mean when you start reading things, what one could consider outrageous on todays world it's... a given, on the setting of the novel...

She IS twisted, because she sees fault on things that would be considered normal on todays world, and her train of thought is spot on, when someone is as egoistic as her (But she's not a bad person, she's just too self centered).

I love the fact that she doesn't shy away from using her power and money the way she wants to use it.

She's still a spoiled brat that acts as she wants, but with the common sense and moral standards of someone in a much more advanced civilization, so she uses her whims to improve the things around her.

The dialog is witty and interesting, it's... incredibly beautiful and it never comes off as obnoxious, I loved the twist of how the original heroine is and how the people around her start to view both of them.

I very much prefer this moral standards and societal structure over the super "Pure, humble, meek women" ideology of Japanese stories that shatter the setting of aristocratic times.

IF you don't like "egoistic" characters, you're not going to enjoy this, I personally find the whole thing cathartic because of her strong character, with the power to accompany it, she's one of the best frikken characters I've read in a long time. <<less
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Apr 09, 2020
Status: c3
This novel is cool! Love the MC, bope to see her develop ber plans for the future
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Oct 16, 2020
Status: --
Its a typical villainess story, indeed. But its overall good. I mean, even if I saw someone handsome there would be me saying, "Omo, he's so pretty.", because all in all, the MC only admire them and praise them, though its repetitive, because she's a human. Well its only my opinion though. But its so nice to see how badass she is knowing that she is the villainess herself in the original story. She didn't act pure like a saint saying she'll change for the better but change only those... more>> necessary. She's like Melissa of Beware of the Villainess.

Ps. I don't actually know what I wrote above but all in all, I like the story. <<less
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Apr 02, 2023
Status: --
I'm being GENEROUS with 3 Stars.

I only read 40ch of the manga and then spoilers.

Unfortunately, The TL is a free solo one, and the quality wasn't great. So I couldn't really understand everything or get into the story. I was quite sad abt that. (Novel & manga both).

Better TL would definitely bump up the rating.

From the spoilers, I can tell that the story was unnecessarily dragged n convoluted for Drama, but it didn't work too well. Maybe it's the author, maybe it got lost in TL. Who knows.
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