My Girlfriend is a Zombie


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When disaster struck, Ling Mo knew that the kinds of zombies depicted in doomsday movies would in fact, be totally different from reality…

Normally, the most important thing to do during the end of the world is to survive, but when Ling Mo picked up his girlfriend from an abandoned bus, the trajectory of his life had gone completely out of control.

The cause of this was very simple. His girlfriend, mutated…

Wait, Shana, that sickle in your hand looks like its being pointed at my pants!

Senior sister! Stop trying to pounce on me the moment I’m distracted!

And little girl, is it really alright for you to just hide by my side and laugh?

Lastly…all of you, stop trying to bite me…ahhh!!!

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Virus Girlfriend
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New PushkarSarkar rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: c1361
I like this novel Very much!! It has many Good points That make it different from other other CN MCs. The MC is Smart as f*ck and still OP which is a +1 point which makes it different from other CN MCs. And the intresting apocalypse world plus emerging superpower makes it really interesting. And the intresting viewpoint of zombies ia also wellmade.

Just felt a little sad bcuz of the 'open end' ending. It was just a starting of a new journey and the author just ended unexpectedly. I hope... more>> author just pulls a next series wich is a continuation of the this series and shows his journey through the whole world finding the mother and discovering new type of mutation. I hope the author really surprises us with a comeback!!! Until now thanks for the hard work author.. But honestly it really feels empty after completing a nice novel. 😭😭😭 <<less
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Rafu the Shield Slayer
Rafu the Shield Slayer rated it
May 20, 2016
Status: c5
This is a pretty good read. It's plot is pretty cliche, but added with a twist.. It became an above-average story. I'll rate it 5-stars right now, but may change or not depending on how the story goes.

I recommend this for people who wants to read Zombie Apocalypse + Power Upgrading, you'll like this story's concept.
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graydragon12 rated it
August 27, 2018
Status: c85
This is a self fantasy about a dude with super power in a zombie apocalypse that want to f*ck his hot zombie girlfriend all the while picking up more hot zombie girl and also hot/cute girl to add into his collection in the name of "saving them from the zombie plague and return their humanity".

... more>>

He can mind control zombie


For the first few chapter where the MC is still a normal dude with a special quirk, this series deserve 5* due to an interesting start, relatable MC, and a unknown world. Slowly but surely, the gloom that haunt most CN novel creep in: cultivation/similar thing for power up. However, I read many cultivation type novel before and the reason I give this one a 2* by the time of this review is that the MC become a major hypocrite and a random harem seeker out of the blue.

With that power, the MC life is as comfortable as he can get in a zombie apocalypse scenario. At first we see him struggle to learn and control such power as well as scavenging for food and other necessary and imo, the best part of the novel.

Skipping ahead, the MC and his zombie gf find a group of survival which is lead by a badass girl surround by useless leechers (remember the badass girl part). To tell the hypocrisy of the MC, I gonna tell the treatment of the MC to this one specific dude spoiler-ish but it happen quite soon in the story and I won't be telling name so read if you want. In short, a normal dude in a team that isn't a badass, pull his weight and try not to be a burden and MC view him as useless.


He is just a normal person in highschool, has a brain for common sense, can tell people emotion by facial expression, do whatever it take to survive, not physically fit but try his best not to hold down the team and did whatever necessary to not be seen as a burden in the group. Quite a normal guy don't you think ? Well f*ck you cause MC straight up think he is a useless leecher and don't give a rat ass if that dude die or not. When the dude has a chance to leave MC to join another group, he didn't say anything about the MC special power and try his hardest to not do anything that would make up ended up a liability but still, MC is a hypocrite

"In this world, strength make right. If you don't have strength, you are dead weight" - MC word

Spare me the crap MC, you have special power and convenient ass pull power and now you look down on normal people huh. In the end, dude got forced into a petty squabble between MC and another bad-ass girl (more badass). The MC sexually harass the girl and feed the dude to zombie. To clarify, he feed 2 guy to zombie and sexually harass the girl. But in his mind, he didn't "kill him", the zombie did. Later on, MC control a zombie to kill other person and yet he said "this is the first time I kill and it feel disgusting". What a load of crap. You put a human in a room with a chained hungry rabid dog, set the dog free to eat the dude and feel nothing but when you actually do it with your own hand you feel disgusted ? MC also said "this is the first time I kill people". First time really ? Hypocrisy at the highest level. Oh the reason he kill ? To protect another badass but currently sick girl so MC feel sorry and has to take care of her.


In his mind, MC don't see any person beside hot badass girl useful. Why girl you say ? Cause every single badass in this novel so far is a girl. Also if it is a dude, MC just gonna hate his ass for no reason anyway cause he is a prick. The more I write the more I hate the MC. If what you seen so far is your type then this is a novel for you. I don't hate cruel and cold heart MC but I want a MC that act true to his nature. Not some wishy washy that look down on other because "you don't have super power there for you are shit" but still think he is a "good" person for some s*upid reason. <<less
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Pretender rated it
February 11, 2018
Status: c1361
It's a good read and deserves a 5 star here (by the standard of the site). First: I would like to beg all of you to forgive my english, reading this much MTL is kind of destroying it. Second: I don't really have the patience (or even the means to do this) to give this review a lot of my time.

I would also like to say that the fact that this novel is not better ranked than now, or even that it doesn't attract translators to rush and fight for... more>> the "right" to translate it, makes me surprised. It has a lot of popular genres, like harem & polygamy (in other words, true harem), action, zombies, apocalypse, cunning protagonist etc, and well written at that, lol. Couldn't even find a "Latest chapter discussion" forum for this one.

But to the review:

Good points: Its well written, interesting story/plots/arcs, good subjective and objective world building (well, at least for me, lol), the MC has a good and funny harem (we can easily distinguish their personalities, each having their particularities), the suspense and "terror" are interesting, the MC and the villains are not retarded (and we can even say that they are intelligent, lol). We can also feel the MC and the people near him being developed (not poorly done).

Bad points: rushed and open end (perhaps the author wants to make a continuation? Don't know.). Some points I feel could be better developed, especially nearing the end, some characters that we think that perhaps will have more plot and developments together with the MC (totally subjective, speculation for the future) simply disappear or appear close to the end just to give a "hey what's up, X and Y things happened, bla". Perhaps there's more bad points, but now they don't come to mind.

Little talk about tags that could "scare" people away: 1) There's no Automatons, 2) There's no relevant loved one that dies during the story (Death of Loved Ones), 3) The MC is not seeking a harem (Harem-seeking Protagonist), what I saw was "accidents" happening because of the situations or actions justified by tension of life and death. 4) There's lolis in the story, yeah, but the MC doesn't have romantic relationships with them. Kids exist there, cute ones and scary ones too, haha.

And it's that, good night/day for you, bye~. <<less
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Overlord rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: c55
How come this has so many upvotes? Chinese upvote mafia?

It already begins with the title, dunno if it's because of the translation or whatever.. First and foremost, the (main) girl is not his girlfriend, at least not at the beginning, because he never got her consent and they weren't even dating before the outbreak happened. Secondly, the infected are obviously NOT zombies, zombies = undead. Why is it that every time a story is based on a viral infection peeps are calling them zombies, even if it has nothing to... more>> do with them? It's just plain s*upid, the disease is more reminiscent of a form of "raving madness".

The story in itself, well, it does not leave much of an impression, kind of average. The fights are boring, we get an MC who's using his power to restore the consciousness of his childhood friend. What a good guy, and lovely romance right? Yep, if it weren't for him violating the girls more or less against their will, because he's simply controlling them like puppets, exploiting their circumstances. I already see him becoming a serial infected rapist.. Lmao.

But (t), and that's a big butt! It still is an okay read, if you're into apocalypse type and viral infection themed novels, at least the novel won't be like the worst read of your life. <<less
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keklel rated it
August 2, 2016
Status: c55
It's basically pokemon. You collect zombies and level them up by feeding them brain gel. Oh and you can f*ck them too (but only if you don't get blood on you since blood is infectious but saliva and other bodily fluids apparently are not. MC has the "brilliant" idea of sucking his zombie girlfriend's vagina fluids). So it's kind of boring to have to read the same zombie fight scenes over and over (I mind controlled them to kill each other, I got my zombie puppets to kill the other... more>> zombies). The aim is to collect enough brain gel for his zombie girlfriend to have human level intelligence and regain her memories. Who knows how long that will take. There's nothing really wrong with the story it's just boring since it's just one guy and his zombie puppets. <<less
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MazinKeima rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: c57
So far it is good enough, not as good as Dominion's End but at least better than Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils and The Trembling World. The title maybe dubious but it is not a pervert MC manipulate female zombie to do this and that. This is about a guy trying to heal his crush from the zombie virus with the help of his special ability. MC is smart enough and the story isn't too forced. All in all it is a good read. I would give it 4... more>> star but I love surviving the apocalypse genre and there's no real masterpiece in this genre so I give it 5. Maybe I should watch walking dead.

Edit: Ahem, forget the not pervert part, MC just mutate into a pervert somehow. RIP.
Change to 3 star. <<less
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Epythymy rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: c330 part2
Quite good Ecchi story.

I am actually surprised by the amount of comments like 'It's not what I have expected!' 'MC isn't a good guy!' 'It's a power fantasy!' 'Omg MC is a PERVERT!!!!'

Just wow. I mean, are you serious?

... more>> *Eyes opened wide*

Looks at the title: Girlfriend is a Zombie.

Poster: Girl with a scythe.

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Harem, Romance.

Tags: Cold protagonist, Strong to stronger, Monster girls, Perverted protagonist, Netori, Rape, Shameless protagonist, Polygamy.

Oh Mein Gott!!!!!

Is there a legendary Death Note/Code Geass - level plot waiting for me here!??????

Is the MC a kind guy who goes around saving everyone in need while becoming stronger through breathing and doing good deeds!?????

And harem!!! Just look at it! There is NO harem in this story! MC is holier than a saint! Women aren't needed if you can help others!

Sigh... Is it how it works?

Well, lets go back on track.

It's a good ero story which gives you exactly what it promised in the genre and tags above.

The plot is alright. As far as originality is concerned, just the fact that there is no 'system' or 'interface' of any kind is already original more than enough for a zombie story.

The only thing that is not satisfactory enough is probably the translation's quality. I can't say that it's too bad, but it's definitely not that good either. Sometimes some minor details are omitted and because of that it's hard to understand what exactly is going on or who is talking to whom etc. But it's still readable. The reason I know that it's the translator's fault is that I saw another translated version (in different language) and it was somewhat more detailed. But I still prefer English version. You know why? I am sure you wouldn't believe it, but it's true. This non-english version is fcking censored! WTF? When I've seen it for the first time I've nearly flipped the table. I've checked it because there are more than 600 chapters translated. But! But! But is there a reason to read it? Every Ecchi detail is glossed over or skipped entirely if possible. The funniest thing is that some people are probably reading it without knowing anything. The translator should be the Satan incarnate or something similar (it is censored without any reason whatsoever).

The moral of the story is that we should be satisfied with what we have here! <<less
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Gillmour rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c500

Some time ago I read this novel, a year or two I do not remember, and I left it in the 5xx chapters, not because I did not like it; but I think it had to do with reading 5xx chapters in 1 week. Yes, it was very crazy that time, and I blocked and left and I forgot because many things fell on me.

I do not see many revisions with many chapters and that's why I wanted to leave mine, sorry, I'll leave everything I remember.

well I think that... more>> from the beginning they realized that it is a harem of zombies, it is something obvious after seeing the first chapters and see the label harem.

here will come the spoiler parts, I will be as sincere as possible in everything I put.


this focuses on the MC looking for the cure to return her to normality to her friend and protect her from the survivors.

the MC I do not remember his personality well, I only know that he will do everything possible to protect her, he is not bad, he is realistic with what he can or can not do, so he avoids getting into trouble, so he always walks alone, besides that they could Discover that your friend is a zombie.

I do not understand the harem very well because there are many girls, but what happens is that it is separated from them, what I will say is that the 3 main girls or so to say what if or if they stayed with the mc:

her friend, the school girl (the one who was the strongest in the group) and her sempai (a girl who is x years older than him)

I do not remember the names because with the bing translator it was very complicated, I got used to the names of the bing because I read it when this novel had like 3 or 4 chapters, and remember to stop reading some years ago

I think this novel is very famous because they had many products from it, they can search for the name in Chinese in Google images:
-the girl who has the school uniform is the strong girl that I said.
- The blonde girl is her sempai.
- The last one that is left by discarding is her friend.
I have to admit that they have the best character designs.

the author avoids talking about known cities, because he names them as city x or city z, but decently describes the stage.

the level system is only for zombies, when eating the core they rise in level, I do not remember very well how were the phases; But what I remember is that the more cores you eat your strength grows and your self-control increases, you can think and also remember your past life and create your own personality from 0. This also happens with the girls of the MC, their personalities become fierce or different and they see human life differently.
I think I remember someone saying they were like walking sausages.

Humans get skills, there are many interesting ones I do not remember very well how the fights happened, but if they were decent. And they were divided into several classes, one for example spiritual like the MC and there were types stronger than the MC in that branch.

but humans are somewhat inexperienced in the use of their powers, or they only fight with weapons until now the MC has been in a lot of trouble but could be saved using their skills or help from their girls, more than any help from their girls because they are all more strong that he (because they are zombies and their lvl system is easier)

Now I will put a giant spoiler that I read in the last chapters that I read.


as I remember in the last chapters I read, the MC discovers a powerful organization that could catch (live) one of those very powerful zombies who came to plan and are very intelligent, and they caught them easily, which the MC achieved with much difficulty (he suffered a lot with his girls), so the next thing will be the fight against them (because his girls are zombies and he thinks that at some point he will meet them so he is planning what to do)

He also discovers secrets about how the infection started and the possible cure, this part I do not remember very well because it was a long conversation, but the thing was well thought out (I think)


the MC also becomes strong, I will not say because I do not remember well but it is not useless, besides that it has its spiritual power.


If you have any doubts, you can write me at NU.

the weekend I'll read the novel again from 0 and see if I can finish it before my vacation ends, for now I can only offer this revision attempt, sorry.

sorry if there are spelling mistakes


Well, I just read the translated chapters again (the 81.5) and I want to respond to the people who put their comments for the 5x chapters.

They say that the MC is perverted, I do not know how to answer that, virgin at 2x years of age, have a sexy friend of yours at all times, have to help her to change because she can not alone. I do not know, but if the MC did not get hard, he was a eunuch.

The MC says it from the beginning, he changed his friend but always controlled, if he were a sure pervert in the first chapters we might have had nsfw (+18) ; but no, because he is a man who does not want a doll he wants that woman (friend) that was always with him (he values ​​the memories) but there is a limit for what he can hold.

then I will leave to what they refer in the comments


In a chapter the MC comes into heat (as any normal human would, like men wake up in the morning) he kisses her passionately, but then realizes the s*upidity he has done (because he could get infected), but not what Then he saw the bottom of his friend. (Essentially that is the scene).

First there is something that must have confused and that the author left to our imagination, how we interpret that scene.

At no time did it come to my mind to do oral s*x, but to have normal s*x, and it is also an acceptance to reality, the possibility that your friend will not be human again, then like any other we want to enjoy our life with the person we love even if he becomes a zombie but not being a puppet (he saw improvements while eating the cores).

The MC is a pervert as much as any other man was surrounded by beautiful girls, I do not try to defend him, I just try to show the MC's humanity, and understand and feel empathy for him, so the MC is not an angel or a gentleman, the author does not exaggerate with those scenes.


Also respond to those who say that scenes with zombies are repetitive, obviously will be repetitive because this novel has 1300 chapters, besides that we are the first 1xx, and is finding normal zombies (you expect a super fight and great tactics against normal zombies) Sir I want to tell you that this is a zombie survival novel, the MC seeks to survive, not to commit suicide to a herd of zombies and survive in an inexplicable way (deus ex machina) <<less
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Yoburi rated it
July 9, 2016
Status: --
Very similar to Gods and Devil world novel in this case the MC have the power to control zombies like a necromancer but insted of a using a Skeleton of GDW he goes to try to find the love of his life that die trying to get to his house a smoking hot girl that was his chiledhood friend.

So he finds her turned into a zombie and uses his skill turns out everytime she eats the brain of another zombie she becames stronger and the MC because of the conection... more>> also gets stronger and he keep huting more powerfull zombies in hope to return her to sanity since the zombies in this novel aren`t really dead but only lost there minds.

His ability is pretty cool and his pet girlfriend zombie is a badass and you get all the classic a**holes, flys, freeloaders and red shirts in zombie novels plus so power ups from battles. <<less
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Ghaleon rated it
July 7, 2016
Status: c25
This is a pretty good read the MC is very mission oriented and driven to survive he is not afraid to voice out what he really thinks of survivors when prompted, he's got both the skill and strength to back it up and the girlfriend damn she's scary good
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
pisichi rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is good but the ending is absolute tr*sh.

It got axed and end with no explanation or afterword whatsoever.

The worst way to end, such a shame because it is pretty enjoyable story.

Shame on you author.
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Jamerax rated it
October 8, 2016
Status: c57
Well it starts off pretty good, He has a cool power and a goal in mind which is more than I can say about some other main characters. However, he slowly seems to devolve into a lecherous weirdo with very little human kindness left in him. I get the whole "it's the apocalypse so I have to think of myself" mentality but he eventually seems to shift from ... more>>

helping his girlfriend (crush?) regain her sanity to just wanting to get stronger and have better control over her and his surroundings. Not only that but he actually has a power that could really help people take back the world but only thinks about himself which is kind of annoying after a while. He finds another girl too who he supposedly wants to 'help' but she has a bit of her mind intact and it gets in the way of his ability to control her, once again he sees this as a demerit not a good thing. So does he really want to help them or does he just want to control very lifelike dolls?


Had a more normal mindset at the beginning but now he's just way too cocky and full of himself. To the point where I kind of want a bus to hit him or something just to bring him down a peg. <<less
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Arcwindz rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: c231
I'm dropping this, and since I barely made half i'll just give it 3 stars even if it doesn't reflect my true review.

This novel background sounds great, it's an MC that has 'control' ability thus making him able to adventure with his zombie girlfriends. Nothing wrong with that... But the author is screwing it up.

The main character is made to be the weak one, which makes sense really considering it's supposed to be the girlfriends' stage, but no, the MC will dash head on against enemy or forced to be... more>> while the girls (which are supposed to be the stars) are treated as mere weapons that conveniently go out and in when it's needed. The MC character is also inconsistent, with him being putting his benefit first to somehow caring about people by putting himself at disadvantage, then revert again.

The author doesn't develop a clear sense of power level, everything is just faster or stronger, then you'll think there's no way an enemy can escape in a closed room only to read that "the enemy is faster" and managed to run... I skip ahead and still read some comments complaining about the same problem at 700+ chapters (facepalm)

The world building is also a mess, the author doesn't potray a good concept of growing zombies. Considering that zombies need to consume other to grow to some point, there are basic maths to calculate how much zombies are left, but yeah, high level zombies keep popping out in the same city while the MC will be conveniently hindered by "huge amount of zombies"

You know, I only read a part of this novel but there's this one time where the MC was thrown into a series of absurd decisions just to f*ck one of the girl in the end because the author wants it. And that's that, not long after I decided to drop this. Most plot points are done just so the author can have an easy time, 1300+ chapters of this? No thanks, 1 star, avoid <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
May 7, 2017
Status: c58
This one is ok- probably more appealing if you're really into zombies.

It starts off really well, and the focus (as the title describes) is a post-apocalyptic survival horror story. Well- it starts out that way. Now, at ch 58, the survival horror is still there, but it's no longer focused- it's just 'sh*t that happens to the protag', as he devolves away from his initial goal and becomes more and more of a jerk.

The Good:

... more>> Story is somewhat interesting. Writing is somewhat organized. Translation is good.

The Bad:

'Loot corpse for XP' style world. Protag is not as smart as the writer thinks. He's also a bit of a jerk/bully. Ok. more than a bit.

The Different:


So, turn a post apocalyptic love story that transcends all adversity into... a harem?

Sure, what could go wrong?

The writer's sense of logic & focus was clearly re-directed when he decided kissing mutant zombies gave beneficial effects. Then he starts introducing (and repeatedly commenting on) the idea of tentacle monsters? Whatever...


The only reason I haven't dropped this is the other stuff I'm following is slow/stalled. It's not bad, just not as good as this is rated. <<less
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Dasneko rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c21
I really want to like this because it has some interesting ideas going. However this author is writing it in a way that is very Chinese which I cant really like. Sure I can accept things like spiritual power and his "cultivation" way of viewing the world or how he refines his body, these things are all okey but just the way it is written for me is like taking the worst parts of that cultures literature and distilling it. Luckily it does not attempt to be too profound so... more>> far.

Another problem of this author is that he does not understand human psychology nor include complex characters (early on) in the story. In many ways zombie apocalypses are not about the zombies themselves but an exploration of humanity at its limits. Just calling scared people "leaches" granted its from a point of view of the protagonist, is just doing it wrong.

In my opinion this story would be much better if it was not zombies and if it was not during an apocalypse. Lastly I at least give him some props for at least acknowledging that the zombie virus in itself is perhaps more terrifying then the zombies in how it can spread but then again the main character chooses a dagger which is suicidal when even the smallest drop of blood could spell your end. <<less
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clowred rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: c301
Surprisingly a lot worse than I expected it to be. A strange way to start a review, but considering the rating you would expect at least some sort of superior story telling, for a web novel of course. But instead what this novel relies the most is the fan service and the mature scenes that start appearing at some point.

Maybe some will say that it's a zombie story, that it doesn't really matter how the interaction between the characters unfold behind the scenes as long as the action is dope...... more>> Well, the fan service never stops, there is always some sort of scene in the middle of an action scene where the protagonist makes a remark about the opponents body parts or where at some point is molesting them. And this is just the beginning...

Not forgetting about the story we move back to the world of zombies where we expect to see something at least a little more special. Sadly, if you read 50 chapters you can also say you read 300 or maybe more. The author has given up on creating a clear image of the surroundings, so we get university A, B, C, D etc, within city A, B, C, D where you can find at a few minutes distance a navy base, a military research base, a huge lake, a zoo, and many other places of interest like pharmacies and so on between which the protagonist can almost insta travel.

Dangerous zombies at some point no longer appear unless the protagonist is not engaging in some sort of mission. And most of the times the action scenes are the fights between the weaker characters against the zombie before the protagonist start his super hero appearance.

The protagonist is not someone special beside a relatively interesting power up, he is plain and most people ignored him before the end of the world. So how come he is suddenly able to face any type of situation with a calm demeanor? Our author describes this period of transition as the week when he had to learn to sleep half awake to keep the connection between him and the zombies. Now onto the love interest, as this is one of the main reasons he was able to become stronger. Our protagonist was for some reason taken care by a campus belle, the most beautiful person in an university for those not familiar with the term. He of course manages to find her after the end of the world, and she is a zombie of course. But not any type of zombie, but one that had already evolved. A coincidence, but well, one that we can move on from. But, this is the starting point of the coincidences which are of course the *drum noise* cliches:

  • 99% of zombies that are strong and capable are women
  • He is of course not going to only stick with the original love interest
  • Most humans left alive are dumb AF and the protagonist needs to save their asses
  • We move from one location to another but the events always unfold the same
  • The protagonist AF towards any men but he is willing to jump through fire if its a woman who asks for help
  • Lastly, any form of *liquid" from his zombie partners is a boost up for the protagonist.
That's about all, but this describes almost 90% of everything you can read in this story. The other 10 percent is the interaction between characters which at times is good and at times is boring AF. My rating will stick to 1 star and I'm giving up on it forever. Lastly I propose another name for this novel - "My necrophilia adventures" <<less
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Exodius rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: c35
Basically, this guy has weak ESP and can barely control some zombies. His girlfriend is a zombie, and he's trying to cure her by way of... brains? Yeah, so that basically it. The story is enjoyable, but just doesn't have that same feeling as reading an amazing book.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yellingbrian2 rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: c81
Welp, It's been over a quarter of a year after the last chapter was released and I'm still check for updates every month or so. So I've come to believe I liked this series.

  • I like it because the MC is a little bit unknowingly insane, cutting up corpses and trying to love a zombie
  • The super powers are interesting and well explained,
  • The world's zombie-evolving situation leads to some unique story-line possibilities and action
  • MC and Co don't truly try and save everyone, and when they do it usually backfires and is ultimately pointless
  • With the MC dating zombies, it forces the story to always stay in the thick of the Apocalypse, never staying in a human settlement for long.
Honesty would like to see how the story ends, what happens to the world,... more>> and the main characters. Not a perfect novel by any means, but still I enjoyed my time with it <<less
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Ruubix rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c26
Once you get past the fact that this guy is puppeteering zombies and the girl he likes it's interesting. I admit that other reviews made me have doubts, but I suggest giving this one the benift. ... more>>

It's plot has just started moving and building and unlike most zombie novels this guy heads straight for the hoard instead of running away and hiding in the shadows.

Not for merely his own benifit but for the hope that the girl he loves can cultivate to become strong enough to grasp back her sanity.

It does have room for improvement, but I'm hoping once the plot gets rolling and the girl gets cultivating it'll get pretty interesting. I'd like to see them find others with similar powers too.

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moevora rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: c219 part2
The girls were cute, beautiful.. For that this deserves 5 stars, welp I'm gonna avoid reading this tho coz of abrupt ending..

Go for manga if u want more of ecchi, full colored girl moe scenes..
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