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Zombies suddenly appeared all over the world, quickly spreading through densely populated cities. It only took two years for every government around the world to collapse, leaving behind chaos and anarchy on a global scale. Without the law and order that once kept them safe, people turned fearful of both the zombie threat and of each other. Even in the face of the countless waves of undead, groups formed and fought over the limited resources that remained.

This culminated in a battle between two of the strongest remaining groups—the last beacons of humanity. What resulted was a devastating loss of life on both sides. Yohan’s group was completely annihilated and their surviving enemies were swarmed by zombies. Though he managed to suffer through this apocalyptic world for three years, his time was up. Unexpectedly, death had come not from an enemy, but from a friend. He had been bitten by his oldest and most trusted companion, who had been infected during the battle and turned into a zombie.

Accepting his fate, Yohan closes his eyes, only to discover that he has returned to the past, six months prior to the zombie outbreak. With his memories of the last three years, only he knows of the approaching apocalypse.

Given a second chance, he plans to do everything to survive!

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Return Survival
리턴 서바이벌
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NeriaTL rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c50
This is one of my favorite Korean zombie novels that captures the apocalyptic world very nicely. It has interesting concepts such as Zombie Wave & Airborne Virus alongside realistic approach to effectively killing zombies.

Who thought a 'plushy grenade' that barks could be so effective.


The main character is very rational and indifferent towards people. He's not swayed away by the opposite s*x or others. If they are a dangerous threat that could lower his chances of survival, he will eliminate them. In some sense, he is the antihero. Rather than saving people, he waits to see if they have the qualifications to survive. He wants comrades of equal standing, not baggage he needs to carry. This is partially due to the fact that

his parents abandoned him at a young age, but he never resented them for doing so. Rather, he thanks them for making it easier to survive since he doesn't need to protect anyone.


While the world isn't immersive like some masterpieces, the writing isn't bad. I've grown attached to the MC and the story is interesting. What makes the novel enjoyable is knowing that no one is safe. The MC, nor the reader, can tell what could happen in the future. If you haven't read it, please give it a second chance! Re: Survival definitely deserves a read.
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Pendragon05 rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: Completed
This is the best zombie novel that I've ever read so far. MC is really good, plot and development is good.

Edit: Alright, I've finally finished the series thanks to godedz017 for providing chapter 121-Epilogue.

In my own opinion, this is one of the best, if not the best zombie apocalypse fantasy novel that I've ever read. I checked the translations and decided to do some review to help the author and translator of this series.

First, the series is a zombie apocalypse with a twist of fantasy. It consisted of 4 parts,... more>> you can say it's 4 arcs. Chapter 1-90 is the Arc 1-2 and 91-Epilogue would be Arc 3-4. The world building is realistic so to speak. It provides you an insight of what would be the state of the world/people in times of anarchy or fall of government. Our main character is a determined person no matter what the situation is. He's rational and calculative and always stay true to his objectives. The plot was also well developed, it succesfully delivered the situation and story, also the characters and their nature. Overall, it did a decent/great job for a zombie fantasy apocalypse.

While checking the translations, I noticed that some of the chapters, or the whole translated chapters where split in 2 parts (note that I read chapter 1 to 120 when I was in korea for almost 2 years ago now).

So for example, chapter 33 and 34 in translated version is only chapter 33 in raws. I will provide spoilers for Arc 1-2 starting to the latest translated chapter 33 to support the author.


In this 2 arcs, there were 2 hybrid zombies that was introduced, 1 was already introduced in the translated version and the other one is, I will call it David and Goliath It's a big hybrid zombie that's strong and capable of firing anything that it ate (if my memory serves me right, other one is probably stronger that normal zombie. Note it happens during the camp extension arc.



There are 3 main enemies here in this arcs, by order, first one is the biker gang lead by a person that our MC knows during his first life. He was locked in a fierce fight with this leader, he is determined to kill this person to avenge his past comrades whom were brutally killed by this person in the first life. Also to avoid this person to grow and become unstoppable like it was in his first life. Also, connected with the other hostile group that we will discuss. Second one is the cultist group lead by the so called "messiah". Note that during this time, the group became large and they have stable 5 camps already. One of the appointed leader by our MC acted on their own and send his people to search for necessities that resulted in kidnapping. Said s*upid leader went to rescue the kidnap members but was alsoo confined for their s*upidity. MC and Sweeper doesn't want to rescue them but other leaders wanted to rescue. MC then decided to annihilate the cultist group. Killed the messiah in a brutal way and also instructed to massacre the cultist members even though some of them are also victims at first to avoid further conflict. MC wanted to removee s*upid leader but was not relieve of his position due to request of the recon team. Third one is the Seoul Union consisted of 2 leaders, 1 cunning woman and 1 brutal man for which they suffered significant casualties due to other s*upid characters/camp leader who didn't follow MC's order. This group consisted of strong brutal fighters, during MC's first life, biker gang's leader and this group merge and became powerful association. Very brutal and evil group. MC and his group went to the broadcasting station currently being lead by his own co worker at the first chapter and strong group of former police turned mercenaries lead by the old man. MC and old man made an agreement to help them fight against the association. The woman was captured and used by MC to bait the other leader. MC and his group killed the strong members of the enemy and went back to their camp to kill the male leader along with the surviving troops of association. This arc is very brutal because they suffered lots of casualties here. MC wants to kill the s*upid characters along with the camp members of the s*upids personally but decided to remove them from the group and left the decision to the old man due to part of agreement. Old man killed the s*upid characters and MC and his group along with the people of the other camps parted ways with the old man and mercenaries and also his former female co worker. Afterwards, MC finally revealed his secret and their group went on a journey to MC's island. They destroyed the bridge and made their way to the island. By this time, another female character who always had a dream were she can see good or bad situations saw that the group will be annihilated in the island by the zombies. End of Arc 2.



During arc 1-2, the group became stable and lots of talented survivors joined the camp that contributed greatly to the group.


There's so many informations but I don't want to make spoilers about Arc 3-4. Please do support the author and translator if you want it.

Overall, this review is based on my own opinion and judgement. At the end of the day, it still depends on other readers flavor if they will like this series. But I can assure you guys that it's definitely worth the read and I'm glad that I was able to finish the series after quite the long time. It's really hard to obtain the raws if you're not in South Korea that's why I'm really thankful to the person who provided the raws. Hope this will help. <<less
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novaes rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: c10
This is a bit more harsh than is fair, but it's hard to get behind this for anything other than dark, prepper survival p*rn. It tries to paint the MC as some sort of pragmatic, jaded, sink-or-swim veteran but to me, it fails to really show him to be much else besides a selfish a**hole.

He comes back from the end of the world and adapts near instantly. He shows absolutely no humanity, nor cares about any friends or family that he may have missed. There is nothing; no emotional moments,... more>> not even a pet goldfish. He just goes from zero to prepper maniac loner after a quick binge (because that's apparently all he missed), but later on has the audacity to desire trustworthy companions, despite having completely ignored everyone, not even trying to help a single human being before sh*t hits the fan.

That's it. That's his entire spectrum of character: a selfish a**hole. He does start to show a bit of effort later on after a few months, but I already don't care about him or any of his reasons for being an ass. He's just so damn... empty. Introduction fail. <<less
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hidemyass rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: --
MC is selfish but that understandable when u r in same situation. The question is that whether you live for something such as love, joy etc. MC here has nothing to live for- no lover, no relative... I'm surprised that he didn't go crazy.

He theory on survival is based on selfishness but that might not be true in some cases.
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HankyPanky2.0 rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c29
I found this novel to, so far, be pretty enjoyable. The MC comes off as down-to-earth and realistic about his situation, which makes sense because of his experience in the previous timeline. He doesn't have any qualms about doing what needs to be done and he always plans ahead, even if those plans fall through due to unforeseen circumstances. In fact, that is one of the main things that caught my attention, the unforeseen. Yes, our MC does have some foresight due to the previous timeline, but he's still caught... more>> off-guard by events that either didn't happen in the past or happened differently. There are times when he acts overconfident because he thinks he is perfectly ready and then has to deal with the consequences of his arrogance.

Some people may feel that the MC is selfish and an as*hole for no reason, but this isn't true. He's explained all of his actions fairly clearly and has even given logical reasons as to why he doesn't just save everyone he runs into. There are also many times when we see a softer side to the Yohan, showcasing the vestiges of humanity that still remain within him, whether or not he wants to admit they're there. Yohan came from a broken, bloody world filled with nothing but pain and hardship, culminating in the death of him and anyone he still cared about. I'm excited to learn about how he decides to continue using his second chance at life to build a better future for himself and others. <<less
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sukets rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c20
Survival is probably my favorite genre, but usually is badly portrayed in web novels, and this is a prime example of it. I hate these kinds kinds of novels where the plot moves characters, and not the other way around. Always feels superficial, forced, and uses deus ex machina a lot.

This novel uses indifference and rationality of the MC only when its useful, but when the author wants to raise the stakes, MC forgets all his indifference and rationality in a heartbeat.

... more>>

Mini arc around chapter 20 is basically that, bad ideas, which don't actually follows the ice cold personality that MC should have, all because the author needed the plot to go some way. He fights a third party inside an enemy base alone, and without any kind of information or any resemblance of an escape route.


All in all, it's basically a deus ex machina galore, which you can feel the smugness of the author of how smart he thinks he is while writing. <<less
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JNhanSmile rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c1
The beginning was pretty decent. Expecting a lot from this novel. Will update review when novel gets going.

The first chapter tells you about the MC'S history vaguely and the number of groups that he's been in. Shows that he has definitely experienced his fair share of hardship. Excited to see the future of this novel.

Thank you Meteor Strike!!!

Many thanks,

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Dovah rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: c30
Love this novel! Mc's the best. He's really sensible and has his priorities straight (for surviving in a zombie apocalypse). Love how his abilities (both mental & physical) r realistic so he really needs to use his head and balance unrealistic desires vs. Safety. It's awesome how mc's thinking patterns r like an adult who had experienced an apocalypse and not like those idiot OP high-school harem seeking naive MC w/ a hero complex from other webnovels. Mc's also knows his abilities, is cautious, & realistically confident but also flexible.... more>> Definitely not like those shrimpy head-bowing indecisive salaryman types that is always seen to be bullied by his harem stereotypes from other webnovels. Love how mc's IQ & EQ doesn't go offline even when the opposite s*x tries to tempt him. I'm really enjoying this translation. The translator is doing an awesome job too. This is my current favorite apocalypse novel that is still being translated. Can't wait for more xD <<less
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massmada265 rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: c147
This is definitely a novel that embraces the "Journey is more important than the destination" as the story building all the way up until the end is excellent with numerous unexpected, yet plausible, issues. The absolute weakest part of the novel is the last 2-3 chapters, however the zombie survival genre gives it a pass because the story getting there is what matters and is what the main strength is. Seriously the ending is just good enough as it basically just ends the story after the main conflict has passed,... more>> and there really is only one plotline that is hinted at with a main side character that is never addressed after the initial hinting, but that plot line is never really started rather than started and abandoned halfway.

A brand new car with a dinky little bow on top is still a new car even if the little bow on top sucks, the bow is just to finish up the present that is the story. A nice little story that has a slightly annoying paywall at 30/147 chapters which is $2 a month via patreon, but I finished it within that time easily and the $2 is very worth it if you liked the free chapters. <<less
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chinguyen rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: c1
This novel is seriously good. The characters are the best elements - their chemistry made you keep anticipated whats gonna happen on their journey and how high is their chance of survival - like the series walking dead, no characters are truly "safe" here. Even with the knowledge of previous life, MC is no superhuman, his journey is literally full of blood sweat and tears (well the tear part might belong to his enemies).

I like how level headed, practical the MC was. He is ruthless and survival-centric, but he still... more>> has morals and principles that he follows. The major characters are all competent and interesting people, who all have distinct humane traits. Keep in mind that while they are competent people, their enemies are just as strong if not much stronger than them, so no victory was ever an easy win.

All in all, this series wont fail you, both the novel and its comic adaption is grade A. <<less
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