The Corpse Ruler Confuses the World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils


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Her original self was a powerful jiangshi who had cultivated for innumerable years. However, when she attempted to unlawfully enter the world of the immortals, she was discovered by the Jade Emperor and thrown into the mortal world as punishment. Her soul then left her corpse, fusing with the body of the Motian Dynasty’s sixth princess. She didn’t even have a chance to fully comprehend her current circumstances before her maid unexpectedly ignored her mistress, even publicly provoking her!

“What? That weak and cowardly idiot who has neither her father’s love or mother’s favor actually mistook her older sister as her maid?! All the royal princes in the world loathe her?”

“Damn you! This old lady will let all of you understand why the flowers are so red!”

“Hey! Did you hear? That cowardly sixth princess unexpectedly snatched away the man that the eldest princess favored today!”

“How is that interesting news? That fourth princess who ran always ran amuck in the capital city is now confined to her bed now!”

The good-for-nothing counterattacks! The previously cowardly and incompetent sixth princess suddenly reveals her exceptional talents! She is full of radiant elegance, and unparalleled disdain!

She is driven by the desire to shed no more tears! However, if she had known what would happen later, she would have been better off acting s*upid! She had calculated thousands, tens of thousands of scenarios, but had never calculated one where one day, her own prey would unexpectedly turn around, and ruthlessly bully her instead! Damn it, she still hasn’t sucked any blood yet!

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Shi Wang Huo Tian Xia, Qi Fu Jie Yao
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KKristen rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c23
I honestly don't understand all the 5 star reviews. Did I miss something? To me, this novel is just the usual "black-bellied female MC" story, but executed more poorly than usual.

Before I come off as unfairly critical, please let me explain...

(I will explain in detail from here. I'm going to write a lot, since I don't like to give low ratings or bad reviews without explaining why. If you don't want to read a lot, skip down to the last paragraph for TL;DR.)

... more>> PLOT:

A powerful jiangshi (a corpse monster/vampire) tries to sneak into heaven, is caught by the heavenly emperor, and is forced into the mortal world. The story begins when she wakes up in the body of a weak-willed princess. The country she lives in has reversed gender roles, in which women hold all the power and men are just sexual objects.

This plot sounds interesting, but then you get to the plot holes...


  • She wakes up in the body of a princess. What happened to the princess? They never explained if she died or is just possessed or anything.
  • She immediately shows her supernatural powers and vampiric nature to everyone, and NO ONE asks any questions, whether they are servants, friends, or enemies.
  • Women are the ruling class, warriors, and "husbands" in this world. However, for some unexplained reason, all of the men aren't just subservient -- they have extremely weak and "feminine" personalities as well. They fall in love at first sight and cry easily, and are easily beaten up (even though they are strong enough to carry women in other scenes).
  • The old princess was extremely shallow, brown-nosing, weak-willed, and flat out abusive. She let her husband be stabbed and maimed, then threw him into a shed for his wounds to rot. Her servants loathed and disrespected her. All these months/years of hatred and resentment are IMMEDIATELY forgotten in a day. I'm not kidding - as soon as she shows any sort of "strength" or unintentional "kindness", her husband, servant, and other hot males instantly adore and respect her. They crave her attention within 1 chapter, and this is never explained.
  • Despite the author's attempts to limit her power (eg. she gets weak when she uses magic), she is still OP. She can dispatch people with only her killing intent, her wealth is limitless and she easily throws it around (despite being an "out of favor" 6th princess), she can physically maim the most powerful princess in the country in public with zero consequences, she is still inhumanly strong and has vampire teeth, etc etc etc...
  • The main character's personality is extremely inconsistent. She's supposed to be a cold-hearted monster with a killing aura, who lacks knowledge about human emotions or empathy for mortals. However, she immediately decides that a bunch of her servants (who she doesn't even know/remember) are "her people" and will show them warm-hearted concern, kindness, and rushes to exact revenge for them. She's supposed to be someone with incredible willpower who has cultivated for thousands of years, but she gets distracted, yearning, and horny as soon as she sees any hot guy. (Not just the main characters, mind you... she'll be standing up, heart-pounding, and drooling over anyone who is hot or can play music, even if they will be gone within 1 chapter.)
These are just a few of the many inconsistencies within the first 23 chapters.


The writing also isn't particularly good -- the author only knows how to describe how people look, not environments or world-building. The story jumps around without transitions (ex. she does something big, and it skips to the next scene with no explanation about what happened after). The pacing is weirdly too fast (things develop and are resolved too quickly), but also too slow (it feels like the plot has not advanced even after 23 chapters).

I don't think this is an error in translation -- the translation quality isn't that bad (the English isn't perfect, but it's not broken or too distracting). I think it's the novel itself.


Overall, I still think that this was a mildly-enjoyable way to waste some time. If you just adopt the mantra "DON'T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING", you'll probably be ok.

If all you want is fluff and some almost-smut (eg. heavy kissing for no reason), you'll get it here. There's lots of descriptions about "faces flushing, " "heart pounding uncontrollably, " etc, even if the reasons behind the lust make no logical sense.

Also, if you're looking for a ruthless female MC who is very bloodthirsty, doesn't bother to pretend that she's weak (or normal, or human), is directly violent, and makes strangers pee themselves, this MC will do that. <<less
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Mikleo rated it
July 18, 2016
Status: --
This novel is very interesting.

Basically, the situation is Reversed, with the Female race being the dominant one in the Motian Dynasty. The Dynasty that the MC awoke in is not Patriarchal, but MATRIARCHAL in nature.

This is very interesting since I have only seen a couple of novels out there with the same concept.

The MC is also not those goody-two-shoes kind of MC, nope, not in the least. She's pretty black-bellied and cold. She even killed her supposed fiance because he did something that she didn't like. Well, she didn't know... more>> that the man she killed was her fiance as this happened right after she transmigrated.

The multiple 1-star rating was most likely probably because this is a Matriarchal Novel. And maybe, because they didn't expect the MC to be so ruthless? But yeah, I think those low ratings amounts down to this novel having a Matriarchal System, which directly opposes Ancient Chinese customs (Well, not just Ancient Chinese, I think even now) in having a strictly Patriarchal outlook.

I like the author of this novel, as she/he has the guts to publish something that will contradict the flow of society.

Anyways, this is a good novel so far. I'll leave my rating as a 5 for now, I just hope it continues to be interesting and fun to read, lest I change my rating. <<less
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Narutolvr rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c23
*Sigh* All I wanted was a simple polyandry story about a woman who seduces and has her way with a harem of diversely enticing men. It would have been fine if it didn't have a strong plot (see Wife, You Can't Run After Eating), or great fight scenes, or comedy, or even genuine continuity in the writing/plot; I really wasn't asking for much. Yet, why? WHY? Why is the 1st novel that catches my fancy something that attempts and fails at all of these? The "funny" moments leave me so... more>> silent you can hear crickets chirp. The fight scenes are... what fight scenes, actually? The plot may or may not be there- in the first 2 dozen chapters, we pretty much know that the MC is forced to take over some spineless wimp's body in order to "learn emotions". Boy, that goal isn't vague at all!

But still! Somehow! The worst part of this freaking story is the inconsistency in the characters/scenes/everything! It's at the point where your belief is so suspended, you don't know if you're reading a story, or dreaming, because anything can (and will) happen regardless of it making sense or not. The one that had me nearly spitting blood was how easy it was for her to "fit in" and completely rewrite her old spineless, cruel, and lecherous character.

Every other reincarnation/transmigration novel has the MC do a bunch of stuff to prove herself before winning back the people who hated her, or throw in an unrelated party to suck up to her until she gets strong enough to go back and earn respect. Yet what happens here? Nothing. She says 3 words, kicks a couple of people, and calls some strangers "her people", and she's the nation's sweetheart. While we're on the topic, how does an emotionless monster gain such a strong sense of ownership over people she knew for a few hours who absolutely hate her guts? And why is said monster also blushing like a middle school girl the minute a vaguely attractive guy approaches her? Also curious why no one questions her new (OP) powers...I also very much hate these "genderswap" stories where men become effeminate and weak as long as they're not the dominant party. Like that, it doesn't seem like anything changed from regular except the ones in power don't have the d*ck. It would make a lot more sense if they built the division around male/female traits (women are in power because they carry the most important role of creating future generations, for example).

Long story... long, it's actually pretty bad. I can't, in good faith, recommend this because I feel like there are way better novels out there, even if you're just looking to waste time. I guess if you're dissatisfied with the meager polyandry pickings on here it's fine, or if you just want to see if the story is that unbearable. <<less
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Kittybear rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c8
I give this a 5 star review, not because of the current story right now, but the potential I see in it. In all the novels and manga I've read, THIS is the most interesting one yet. There's no bullsh*t cultivation needed really in this or new powers that are even more BS given. It's not even a case of a real reincarnation really. It was more of a case of body possession. What's more, the MC is interesting in her own right. The plot so far has been a... more>> little cookie cutter. Strong person getting stuck in a new body of a useless dreg of society and completely turning around the situation for them. But that is where I see the similarities end.

The biggest difference in this is the fact that this is a matriarchy which is a very rare setting authors don't really use. It shocked me at first because this is the first I've read of something like this, but in no way does this make the story worse. In fact, to me, it made it even better! It immediately distinguished itself to be different than just a run of the mill reincarnation novel. Although it might feel strange to us readers due to its rarity, it's a fantasy book! The author can do whatever the f*ck they want to do with the story and if you don't like it, what are you doing here?

The second difference in this would be the fact that instead of the difference in personality and aura between the original owner of the body and the new soul residing in it being ignored, it's instead magnified in this! Usually, the MC is still mistreated for a while and silently endures the humiliation, but in this, the MC takes no bullshit! PERIOD! I can't even explain how satisfying that is to not rage at the absolute BS that is silently enduring and slowly plotting revenge. NO, in this it's a straight forward, "I am a badass now so keep your sh*t to yourself or I will kill you." There's no fluff in the death threats either. Instead of in most novels where they threaten to kill but usually never do it, this MC straight up does it in the next paragraph.
The other difference in this is how the love interests meet and their situations. In the novels I have read, the love interest is usually some unknown character that mysteriously drops from the sky. However, in these novels, it wasn't a matriarchal society. So instead of a strong powerful male companion, we get a more cultured and subdued male lead with the female being dominant. It leads to an interesting set up for their meeting and their relationship.
All in all, this is a nice fresh breath of air that I highly recommend to those of you with open minds to matriarchy settings. If you don't have an open mind, go read something else instead of wasting your time hating on this. My only criticism of this is the fact that it only has 8 chapters.

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MitsukiKanou rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: c56
The matriarchal society is very interesting. I love gender reversal stories because they show how absurd and arbitrary gender roles are.

The women in the Motian dynasty act like the dominant men in most Ancient Imperial stories. It really shows how foolish their arrogant and lecherous behaviors are. The men in the Motian Dynasty act like ‘weak women of the boudoir’ in most ancient Chinese stories. It really shows how arbitrary and culturally set the weakness is.

On another note, I finally understand how men IRL feel when a beauty clings to... more>> them. Ah, when one of the MC’s husband

Feng Chenling

asks to be spoiled, he‘s really so adorable, like you’d want to do everything to give the cutie the world. So that’s why. <<less
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Light Of Guidance
Light Of Guidance rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c11
This is A REAL GEM. The MC is Cool, Cold Ruthless but also have the caring and cute part. I love how she STRAIGHTFORWARDLY handle the situation. Did not pretend to be Dumb, Weak, she just be herself out front. I like the intereaction between her and the male lead... they just cute. Its totally a plus and show how unique this novel is with the reverse harem genre and matriarchy. Totally 5 star materials.
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hiohbye rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: --
Translator here (for you, @Mavsynchroid ;))

There aren't that many equivalents to this novel, so far that I've seen. It's not really a 'pampered miss' story in the sense, but it's not completely an 'imperial escapades' novel either.

The protagonist is similar to a lot of the wuxia characters out there, in that she's indifferent and cold. She's ruthless, too, sometimes going too far (killing one of her lovers and depriving a mother of her beloved son!) with her actions, and somehow getting away with it no matter what. Still, in... more>> a way the environment she lives in perfectly suits her. Imperial politics are fickle; one moment the Eldest Princess is favored, and the next she isn't. A mother's love can only stretch so far, when an entire kingdom is at stake.

Characters aren't the deepest ones you can find. Many characters, disgusted with the previous Sixth Princess's personality, find themselves suddenly willing to forgive everything she's done in the snap of a finger. Male leads 'take interest' to the female MC like ants to borax; they know it's bad for them, but yet they still follow her. Like one of the posters above me have said, some of the characters have less depth than a sheet of paper (or, equivalently, a seinen harem manga).

The plot isn't the most consistent either. I agree entirely with @KKristen: what happens to the original princess? Is her soul ripped apart? Forced out of her own body and made to watch some random dead chick control her body? Furthermore, why does no one question her supernatural powers? If your eye and wounds were all recovered, would you be screaming devil or thanking the woman who previously caused you to become beat so bad you became blind?

Still, I think some posters are too harsh with the critique. In the end it's still an enjoyable and mostly heart-warming novel. There were parts that made me tear up a little bit and parts that made me laugh. It's clearly meant to be a light read, not anything as deep as I Shall Seal the Heavens or Douluo Dalu. If you're looking for a read to pass the time and alleviate some boredom this is a good novel to start with. <<less
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Pachia rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: c12
I love the main character she is so cool, but also quite kind to her husband. It was amazing how she used her magic to heal his eyes. It was also entertaining when she made a surprise face at her husband saying good thing about her. I end up accidentally clicking four start but I meant to give five stars.

I wish that somebody would just pick this up and translate it! It have been so long since there have been an update! (I would do it myself but I don't... more>> know Chinese and don't know how to become a translator.) <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c40
This honestly has to be one of the worst novels I've found on Novel Updates. This is nothing but a woman's wish fulfillment diary. The plot itself is pretty much non existent. It's about an immortal cultivator who just gets to the very top before being cast down into some cowardly princess (of course). However, after that it leaves that mediocre genre and just goes so much more downhill.

First off, is she a cultivator or a vampire? She randomly starts needing to drink a guy's blood after like 10 or... more>> 15 chapters, and the author suddenly mentions that blood was her food while cultivating... What????? She also has next to no personality. Not a real one, anyway. What I mean by this is, it's not like she never smiles or is really indifferent all the time. Instead, she almost acts like a side character, getting furious at a sentence a guy says, then worries about him in the next sentence, then acts smug and all knowing in the following sentence. Normally, having a varying personality would be great for a main character, but none of these emotions she shows matches a woman who's supposed to be thousands upon thousands of years old.


Close to the beginning of the novel, when she pretty much first arrives her in her body, she finds out one of her consorts got his eyes gouged out by her elder sister/princess. She then finds out she treated him like garbage after it happened. Her response to that is to first sit down next to the guy and literally just say... "..... Sorry." Then a couple chapters later, she ends up gouging out one of her sister's eyes for pointing a sword at her..... What??? You're both princesses! What the F is going on? You can just gouge out her eye like that? Why do you even care? You literally spent 10 minutes or so with this guy. "No one touches my people." Such a cliche and boring line.


It's just more random and senseless garbage like this, chapter after chapter.


In a brothel auction, she sees that one of the people being sold is a demon. Takes him home, and literally minutes later, another demon trying to kill him shows up and takes her hostage. So.. She bites his neck and drinks his blood..... WHAT!? The guy easily managed to take her hostage, but she can somehow bite into his neck and take the time to drink his blood with him just "pushing her away" after?? He then turns into a wolf or something like that. Just... so childish


It's like the author just thought up these silly cool "moments" and tried writing them down, but the other huge problem is that... Well, before I say this, I have to say it very well may be the translator screwing up and translating everything in an extremely simple manner, but I somehow doubt it. Anyway, the other huge problem is the writing is just plain awful. It lacks absolutely any details. If you actually take ANY amount of time to think of any of these situations in a realistic manner (minus the cultivation and all that of course), you'd realize none of it really makes any sense. It almost feels more like a script than a novel. Telling people the broad strokes of what's happening, and hoping the actors in our own heads do a good job of letting the "plot" come across well.

This novel is really... REALLY bad. I'm honestly absolutely shocked that there are people rating it five stars. FIVE STARS!!! You can't go any higher than that! That's as close as you can get to claiming that a novel is perfect on this site!! Pretty sure these stars are from the people who go.. "like it! five stars!" or "didn't like it! one star!" with no in between.

Anyway, if you're hoping for anything like all the other female MC bad ass second chance etc etc novels, you will be utterly disappointed with this one. Whether it's the plot, the characters, or even the writing, it's just honestly all bad. Skip it if you value your time.

Umm, hey poster hiohbye up there... noticed that you have the same unique name as the translator... and website that the novel is translated on... Might be a good idea to include that fact that you're the translator when saying things like "other reviews" are too harsh.. Obviously there's no actual NEED to do it.. but it looks kind of off. This is just my opinion of course. Also, while you gave it five out of five stars, your review doesn't sound ANYTHING like a 5/5 review. Sounds more like a 3/5 star review or something.. hope you're not just trying to bump up the review score for the novel you're translating.. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Now I know the feel why those rubbish series that has plentiful of curvaceous woman got so much rating and love. Imagine josei version of beautiful girl, with limpid eyes, her smile so charming, her hand like a white lotus, so pure and refreshing.

A slightly dense MC with a good story.


Up to chapter 12, I feel this really deserve 5/5 star, in fact it got that high rating more or less because the scarcity of polyandry themed novel in NU at that time. Like you got excited because of new... more>> car/stuff.

Few months has passed since the translator churn up some new chapter, I decided to MTL..

some character

mc's sister

got OOC, and the male lead-tachi got their 'character setting' tangled together, like if you remove the name from the novel, and just judging from the speech or behavior, you won't know which one is which.

so I feel that I need to reduce the rating I give. <<less
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New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c24
Female dominant novel that hooked you in. I like this novel already. I like how protected MC toward her husbands or concubines.

Worth to readin this novel.
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littlemimi rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: --
I give this a 5/5 because it's really unique and refreshing. However, it's mostly for people who are okay/like it with dom female MC with sub ML otherwise it's not for you.

The reasons I give such high rating is most cause:

1. ML is very sweet and loyal. Usually traits found in 2nd male leads and I always feel bad for them cause MC choose the jerk-o-assh0les who cheat on them yet still get accepted.

2. The female MC is direct and very strong (aka doesn't need to be rescued like those... more>> characters that are potrayed as 'strong' but still needs rescuing)

It's overall a good read and if you still not sure, just give it a shot. You get to decide if it's good or not personally <<less
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dramamonster rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c51
2 stars. This started as a very fun, slightly confusing, silly but entertaining story. Then it went downhill quickly.
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Lily Noir
Lily Noir rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c21
Five stars!!! I really recommend this. It breaks convention and is a breath of fresh air. The setting is a matriarchy and the traditional roles you read in other novels are totally reversed (it's nice to read about a place where the woman are in charge for once). The Main Character is well developed and consistent in characterisation, as are the rest of the character. Give it a go.
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ACE11111 rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Oy you 1-2 star givers, stfu ok, this novel deserve more than that and as we Novel addicts know that it's one of its few kinds. Like how many novels out there are about polyandry or reversed harem, huh? Like we need to give more value to it knowing that there exist only a few of its kind....

And also the story is soooo my style, especially the forgotten and ignored male lead no.1 in the shed, and how he garnered feelings for her especially when he was healed by her...... more>> btw it wasn't even her fault for all of those mistake it was the princess before her....

And so what if she's attracted to other males that are not even one of the male leads, like we always see a prince or emperor just taking anyone they facpncy even if they only sell cabbage or are homeless and vulnerable maids () that they abused) to be suddenly one of their toys, concubine or personal bed servant, hmmm?! Like she never even crossed that line and all his male leads were given peoper title like whatever to all you oversensitive and overacting readers that can't appreciate a good nivel when you see one😑 mind you I prefer this than virtious empress😂😃 <<less
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wintryday rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: v2c16
I am quite disappointed in this novel because there is so much potential for it to be amazing. The premise of the novel is very interesting: MC, who is a jiangshi who needs blood to live, wakes up in a body of a princess. She needs to handle her harem and the other royal princesses that cause her trouble. The problem lies in the author who starts a new plotline and then suddenly abandons it mid-way with no conclusion or logic at all and throws in another new plotline. For... more>> example, at the early part of volume one we are introduced to the demon brothers, MC fought with a rival princess to obtain one of them, author hinted quite heavily that they are attracted to MC and they are highlighted to be on the closest playing field to MC as they are not human. Through some events, they get caught by the rival princess and then author drops this plotline. The author doesn't mention the demon brothers again, MC doesn't mention them again, nobody ever mentions them again, it's as if they just dropped off the face of earth and everyone had amnesia.

I see some reviews here commenting on how unrealistic MC is, being a jiangshi leader who is so strong yet blushes everytime a male harem member touches her or accidentally sees her in compromising positions. This is the least problematic issue in my opinion, this is a self-indulgent reverse-harem story about a jiangshi who has transmigrated into the body of a princess in a matriarchy with male concubines... who cares about realism?

My biggest problem with the characters in this novel is how flat they are. It seems that all the male leads are just badly done one-dimensional stereotypes. Author doesn't care to flesh their personalities out aside from letting us know how beautiful they are or how charming their phoenix eyes are. Any background given of them doesn't add to their personality. Basically they are flower vases here to prod the plotline onwards. The point of a harem or a reverse-harem is to showcase how different every lead is and that plays into the fantasy, for example, a cold general type, a spoilt prince type, a kind scholar type. What is the point of a harem where there is not much difference in each of the male leads? All of them are beautiful, ok fine. Then what? There isn't even any satisfying romance beyond "MC sucks blood of the resisting male lead, male lead then suddenly is attracted to MC." There is no romance, no smut, what is the point of this novel being in the harem genre?

Don't get me started on the s*upidity of MC. I can't even... I'm giving this 3 stars because despite all this, I can't stop reading, because I am hoping to have some resolution from this novel. If you would still like to read this, go ahead, but go in with the expectation as if you're reading a shitty fanfiction written by a adolescent girl. It looks alright in the first couple of chapters, and then it's a crap show as you go deeper. <<less
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Aris12 rated it
December 2, 2017
Status: c24
Cool novel with strong protagonist. In this novel female are dominant they are cool. I like this novel, I hope they update chapter.

MC is cold and strong. She is like captivating crown prince MC. Both are cold, cool and strong.

Interesting novel recommend to all.
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xun ikeda
xun ikeda rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: v2c16
Xun'er think this novel is sooooo my type those who only like single love stories back off (No offense) but seriously if you are not into these types of novel then Xun'er advice is to not read it.

those who love men harem like Xun should read it. The plot is a mess right now but I guess the author wants to get ready for the long way and he/she wants to make some pointers which we obviously will forget, there is going to be a lot men there and it's... more>> 15+ rated so kids shouldn't read this, Bye folks <<less
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Khushi Blue
Khushi Blue rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: c24
This novel is interesting with female dominant. I like this novel where MC is strong and cold personalty. I hope for more updates. I yearning for chapters. Best reversed harem novel that hooked you up.

I highly recommend that novel to everyone.
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Ming Lan
Ming Lan rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c24
One of best female dominant story that hooked up. I like how protected and caring toward her concubine. I like how strong MC is.

i hope someone pickup this very unique novel. I strongly recommend you guys to read this very good story.
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