My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister


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Aah, again?

My fiance was gazing intently at my charming younger sister.

When I saw the blaze that lit up in those cold eyes, I was assaulted by deja vu.

My fiance had been in love with my younger sister even in the last life.
There was nothing I could do but watch.

And, by some karma, I was someone who kept returning to that exact moment.

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Konyakusha Wa, Watashi No Imouto Ni Koi O Suru
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135 Reviews

New CayLuhsYah
Jun 04, 2022
Status: c56
This novel is absolutely beautiful. I have a hard time explaining just how unique not only the concept of this story is but the writing style, the characters, and the plot of this story is. The author took their time with this story and it's quite obvious. I'm used to the setting that this story is in. It's a popular trope of Japanese light novels to have their characters in a fantasy land reminiscent of medieval Europe but I've never seen it quite like this.

The main character of this novel... more>> is engaged to someone that she loves but who does not love her. Instead the man loves her sister. She's lived countless lives trying to change her fate but every time she dies she comes back to the moment he meets her sister and falls in love and it breaks her heart every single time.

As she lives countless lives we watch as she self destructs, tries to change things, gives up, and etc. It's tragic and sometimes feels like torture. But that's her life. She lives a life that looks like and feels like hell. I don't want to say anything more out of fear that I might spoil some great plot points but please read this novel. It's definitely worth it in the end. <<less
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New entertainmen
Jun 03, 2022
Status: c42
Tragedy in every meaning. While reading you'll be an emotional wreck for sure. If you want to feel pained and helpless this is for you.

By the way the manga is as good. 10/10 Recommend them both.
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Sep 15, 2016
Status: c26
I'm up to chapter 26 in the raw, currently the latest chapter as of 9/15/16.

I decided I wanted to write a review but I'm awful at putting my thoughts into words. So, I'll give you a list of why you should read it (or at least wait intensively for the translations to come out). (I ended up writing a lot anyways, and the lost only has two things lol.)

- Ilya
Ilya is the protagonist, whose fiancé is in love with her little sister. Throughout the story, she witnesses the... more>> two fall in love and lives her life as a person in between their relationship. However, inevitably, she dies, only to come back to the starting point of their love story, and her back to being stuck in the middle. Through the many hardships, discoveries, traumas and mistakes she lives through, she really matures as a character.

She's not like a normal shoujo-type protagonist. For the good that she has (her undying devotion and loyalty of love towards her fiancé), she also has plenty of darkness in her heart.

I personally find her to be very relatable, and I can really sympathize with her. When she feels pain, I feel pain. When she grieves, I grieve for her. I think the issues she deals with would be pretty relatable to anyone. Things like unrequited love, an inescapable fate, pressure received from society, inferiority complexes, low self esteem, betrayal, etc.

I advise readers to be careful as she can be unreliable as a narrator (as you can see in a later arc). Keep in mind that this is first person, she is only speculating on how others see her, along with how she views herself. Her self esteem is not very high in the first place, and she has an inferiority complex towards her sister (not really a shock considering the stark differences in their treatment). Her expectations have also died somewhat. When she assumes something about other people, take it with a grain of salt.

As for other characters, sure. Al is definitely one of the best side characters, but others will be love or hate I guess. So far, each character has proven to be important in advancing Ilya's character growth, and I am looking forward to more interactions between everyone. (I feel like a M.)

- Story
The story itself is very interesting. Like I said before, it follows Ilya as she repeats her life of being stuck in between two people in love. It can get depressing as hell, but it expands on the "love" that is (not) around Ilya, and how it's not just butterflies and rainbows. Watching over Ilya is heartbreaking, but I feel like I'm awakening my M side because I'm so invested in the story. I just really want Ilya to be happy!! ;A; There are also some mysteries to unravel, such as: Why is Ilya reincarnating? Why always to the certain spot? Who is the mysterious Karasu? Why can't Ilya just be happy, Author-san?! (♯`∧´)

In the end, read this if you're looking to cry or be in angst. This story is great, but it's bad for my heart, really. If you can't wait and you're going to read the raws, have lots of tissues nearby.

I really wish that there will be a happy ending, but given the way this story goes... *sobsobsob*

Also, I really hope she doesn't go through with this political marriage and end up with fiancé-kun. Putting aside some a**holery, he doesn't seem too bad as a person, but he doesn't appreciate Ilya or truly see her, even though he is basically her entire meaning for living. It's sad, stop hurting yourself, Ilya. ;-;

I don't have much hope in the romance department except for Karasu. He seems to be the only decent choice right about now, but is he even human? (Not that I have a problem against human-nonhuman relationships.) <<less
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Mar 10, 2017
Status: c33
The MC is a tool of political marriage. Although she is unloved by her fiance, mother, and father, she still deeply loves her fiance. The story is told from her perspective as she wallows in a pool of emotions. Reincarnation after reincarnation her fiance is openly having an affair in full view of her schoolmates and family members. Every time she dies, she dies full of regret, but never learns from her mistakes. She forgives them.

For what reason does she continue to conform with the desires of those who abandoned... more>> her? If today was your last day to live, would you have preferred to live a fulfilling life or a life full of regrets? I think she should live a life true to herself, not the life others expected of her. No wealth is gained without risk.

If the MC has the resolve to commit suicide or run away, she should have the courage to persuade her sister and her fiance to let her be free. There are many things she can do, but she is buried in a quagmire called emotions and denial. <<less
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Apr 15, 2018
Status: v2c2
I gave this a 1 star because the story doesn't progress as of chapter 20, its a cycle of endless suffering with no resolution. There is a goal it seems, what that might be is anyone's guess, either way, it's an arduous chore to get through, I have never given a novel 1 star before, so this is my first one.

Its similar to Groundhog Day, without the humor and over a longer time frame depending on the MCs actions, the MC is stuck in an endless loop, reliving the same... more>> crap over and over with varying outcomes as she tries to alter her fate, however once it resets shes back to the beginning, forced to go through it all again. Unfortunately for the MC, she retains memories of each reset and feelings of love for the ML which is never returned, as the title states her fiance is in love with her sister, unrequited love, and betrayal is a constant theme.

I truly loathed the ML and FL, and to the MC I am over it, I won't read beyond this chapter, that was it for me, I feel there needs to be a warning to the reader, that if you are hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel then it might be a long time coming. The translations are slow, this isn't a criticism, I would probably be reluctant to translate this since it bogs the reader down into a depressed state, I can't imagine what this must be like for the Translator, you have my pity. <<less
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Jan 22, 2017
Status: --
Came here and leave this review to strongly recommend this novel and also suggest you to hoard some chapters before reading if you do decide on it. I'm never one for angst and usually run far when I catch just a sign of it, but this one is a magnet. I happened to click on ch4 (from the raw site) and from the first line to the second to the next, I was already pulled in and had to read through the rest of the available chapters. I'm no masochist... more>> yet I fell for this angst (and God forbid, a tragedy at that ;w;). That's just how incredible it is, like a bad drug for your heart but can't help but crave for it, and at the same time developing this anticipation that it would turn into something, either better or worse.

The author knows what they want, they built MC as the narrator and stick to her character without the slightest deviation. No explanation, no pleasing the readers, everything just purely MC's viewpoint, her experiences, her emotions. The writing is simple narration but engaging, relatable and bathed in feelings (the majority of them being ominous, dark, hurting, angst, angst and angst, which you may end up feeling the same). The focus is MC's growth while gradually unravel the happening around her.

Tag says villainess, MC's actions thought may appear so, put in any other novel and viewpoint, she may just be one, but she is undoubtedly not. She is no single minded devotee that wallows in none but her own angst and hopeless love. Her feelings and emotions towards other characters (for example Al at ch4) are described to a genius level. She also knows her own dark side.

If you came here for one of those grievance return taking ruthless revenge on everyone or seeking a glorious turnaround, this novel is not it, but you might just find yourself staying nonetheless for one of the best time loop reincarnation stories here. <<less
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May 22, 2017
Status: v4c2
As always, skim or skip my review if you'd like to read this with a fresh perspective. The rating may or may not change as the story is still ongoing.

This story, as can be discerned from the tags and other reviews, is meant to be a tragic tale of the inability to obtain the happiness that continually escapes one's hands. For the most part, it succeeds. The writing, translation, and story flow are all exceptional, and the angst is really played on better than most. I'd love to give this... more>> a 7/10, but I bumped it down to a 3 star rather than raise it to a 4 for the following reasons.

The main problem I have with this story is the character (s). And as a result, I also dislike the plot as well as it's mainly dependent on the characters here. I do give credit to the author though, and while the author does go far to make Ilya a sympathetic character, the fact that she's shown as an unreliable narrator makes me much less annoyed with her. My personal preferences aligns with characters who work for something, and IRL, even though this may make me sound cruel, I dislike women or men who hang around their past loves and regrets for ages on end. You'd think that Ilya would change, but instead she chooses to, as another reviewer has stated, "conform with the desires of those who abandoned her." I don't mean to say she should just go and recklessly try to murder them, but her actions (or lack of) irks me. She does mature as a character, but changing and maturing aren't the same thing.

Her story is expressed well, however, and there's no one dropping right and left at their feet to make her happy, so I'm not as angry as I would've been. I don't care much for the other characters. I don't understand why she'd even love that fiance of hers, for as far as I can see, he might as well as be a non-existent mob character.

People may be wondering why she hasn't found her happiness yet, and I personally think it's because of 1) fate, and 2) her inability to defy her fate (which I mentioned above.) Perhaps if Ilya would ever find it in her will to change, she might have a chance at happiness. However, with the way the story is heading I doubt it, and I'd rather be more satisfied with a realistic ending than temporarily happy with an idealistic one.

Despite my problems with it and my rather low rating in comparison to everyone else's (because of my personal preference), this is a gem hidden among the happy-go-lucky stories around. The writing is so lovely that I wish I could've loved this as much as everyone else did. I highly recommend any shoujo or angst lover to try. <<less
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Jun 15, 2019
Status: c53
her fiancé is a piece of sh*t and her sister is even shittyer than shit. Her innocence is a blade that repeatedly hurt her sister and makes her sister a villain when in reality she is in the wrong for stealing the fiance away. How dare she try to justify it with her weak health or even having the nerve to live with them. Soleil, her fiance is heartless. Literally a disgusting human being. This novel is NOT for the faint of heart. You end up questioning humanity and kindness.... more>> The ending -for me who prefers fluff or at least angst with a happy ending- for me was awful and I hate it. I feel unfulfilled as the FL does not have her revenge and seems to still suffer till the very end while sacrificing her life, her feelings, her mentality, and just herself. <<less
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Jun 01, 2017
Status: v6c19
Reading this story is like watching beautiful psychological train wreck in the making. Protagonist is caught in infinitely repeating time loop. Every time she has to watch her beloved fiance fall in love with her little sister, struggle to change her future usually making everything worse, then die horrible death. After all this loops she thinks herself worthless and goes with the flow no matter how painful it is, wearing smiling mask of well breed lady. Some will call her saint disposition maturity, I call it your psyche being ground... more>> to dust.

I understand I bit why she can't stop loving her fiance even after all this loops trying desperately and unsuccessfully to gain his love. If your parents didn't love you and basically ignore you it's perfectly natural to imprint on first nice person that is your fiance (supposed to love you, marry you and to not leave till death apart).


Recommended to read with big stack of tissues. <<less
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Jan 25, 2019
Status: --

I haven't gotten super far in the story but allow me to share my opinion so far.

I find the fact that she returns to that very same moment over and over again utterly heartbreaking. It's set up that no matter what she's meant to suffer. Reading this had me in tears wondering my she was never loved. The only thing I wanted for her is to be loved. No matter what she was tortured by a marriage in which he husband didn't love her and was devoted to her younger sister, even getting her pregnant at times. The part where they allowed us to peak into his mind made me hate him even more. He was selfish. Any way I looked at it he was selfish.

Our poor MC craved love to the point where she hated her own sister who was loved by everyone. It made her develop an inferiority complex that only got worse with progression. Her mother never loved her and her father didn't care either. Her sister was the only one who showed any familial affection towards her. I sat there and wondered how could she love the one who stole everything from her and even though at one point she denied her love for her it was very evident that she loved her little sister.

I just wanted our MC to be happy and loved. She was unfilal when she eloped with Al and when she escaped her residence but her sister was never once scolded for stealing her sister's husband. I understand that the two of them were in love but how could you do that to your sister. I wished our MC could cancel the marriage so many times. Why did she have to suffer? Why couldn't she be happy? Maybe I projected myself onto the character and thats why I was hurt so much but it wasn't fair.

The only salvation I thought she might find was in the arms of crow. I wished he would take her away. Away from the pain and suffering. Away from the people who didn't care about her and to a place with people who would. So far it hasnt happened. I need it to happen. I need her to find happiness. I won't be able to stop crying without it.

I've only gotten to chapter where she's died after saving her sister. This only one that hasn't started with that accursed tea party...i don't know what will happen from here on. All I know is that shr deserves not to suffer.

I'll probably update this once I get further.

Edit: I really hate white lotus characters with a burning passion... sylvia you cxnt im looking at you

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Oct 23, 2016
Status: c2
This is insanely good and i've read just 2 chapters. I feel a great emotional attachment to Ilya already. This story is really fresh because the "villainess" MC still has a love for her cheating fiancee after she keeps reincarnating. You might think that's dumb, she should just not try anymore and live a different life, but this makes total sense because it takes time to get rid of love (even if he cheated) if we're talking realistically. The story is written with taste, so her unrequited love and sadness... more>> isn't annoying but understandable. And I like how this story hits you in the feels in a sad but good way. I really love this character and just want her to be happy! <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 16, 2019
Status: c13
I can't read this, I'm not an M my heart can't bear this any longer, well written, but to much agony and sorrow; there is no happiness at sight for me.

I'm too weak to handel this.?
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Mar 13, 2017
Status: v4c2
The Novel started pretty well, unlike the other engagment Novel, I've been caught by the sadness of this story. The female lead is deeply is love with her fiancé, the Prince, but this Prince is actually in love with her little sister, we can follow through this Novel the emotions the MC feel, the feeling of betrayal, the feeling of rejection, denial and unrequired love. What's more, every time she dies, she goes back to the past and suffers the same trial every time, like an infinite time-loop. Whenever the... more>> MC feels pain, I also feel pain, whenever she suffers an injustice, it makes me want to beat this Prince of hers, and it makes me so sad. Although this Novel is original and distinguishes itself from its kind, it actually has one bad point. The bad point is : The story is bogging itself. What do I mean ? Simply that every chapter is about how the MC suffers, it basically doesn't move forwards. The pace is wayyyyyy too slow, I feel like the author tries to emphasize the sufferings of the MC, but it's dragging for nothing. The premise is pretty well built, the story is great and the unrequired love really hits the soft spot of the reader, but it needs to move forwards, it needs to gain more rhythm. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 26, 2017
Status: 31
I've read all of the published chapters and I have cried too many times to count. Her life is complete and utter garbage, and no matter how much she reaches out for support no one acknowledges her. One of the tags say she's an unreliable narrator and so far I don't believe that to be true. The fiancee seems like a piece of sh*t that refuses to give Ilya the time of day, for no real reason. Her life seems to be just a series of tragedies, that always result... more>> in her death... always! <<less
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Feb 18, 2017
Status: v4c1

One of the best novels to its truest sense that can be found on "novelupdates. Com". It's one of the novel I want in my top 10 but not in the favourite list. A tragedy where you take on a emotional drive. Its reflect how much conflicted we humans are to whom we love. A novel I wanted to write a... more>> review just after I was caught up with the translations. I think this is one of the novel you should binge read. Because if you read ch by ch you won't be able to feel the characters. Although I haven't got much further into reading this and only around the starting line. But the only thing unique in this novel is the pops. As of now we only have the main PvV. Not the other characters. Which is frustrating cause we can't see the other side of the tragedy. Which can be lacking as a novel but the unique thing that want you to keep reading it. Such a unique love tragedy is hard to find. <<less
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Oct 27, 2016
Status: --
An exquisite hidden gem! Like wine ages and becomes finer, MC gradually matured more richer emotional depth. It was so easy to turn to vengeance and hatred, yet amidst unbearable pains inflicted uncaringly again and again under the guise of family and love, MC still chose to live kindly, to uphold her vows of loving faithfully and to forgive. In a purgatory with no escape, each person seemed to drown in his/her own madness, for her strength and virtues, it seems like a bit of salvation was sown inside this... more>> reader's heart. May you one day find your peace. <<less
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Sep 04, 2020
Status: c55
Hello fellow masochist.

It's another novel that will make you cry twice. 1st because of the protagonist's plight, 2nd because of frustration, and 3rd because of that unsatisfying ending.

Some might think the MC is a doormat that didn't do anything to help herself, but I have to disagree. She did try and fix her life, but none of it works that after several reincarnation she become numb to it all and decided to gave up.
... more>>
  • she try to fight for her fiancé's love.
  • She tried to get her fiancee and sister together
  • She tried to find love with another person
  • She tried to run away from her old life and family
  • None worked
Her life sucks. The god hate her. I got a feeling the author run out of idea near the end, and that's why we got crow's backstory instead.

Definitely recommend for those who enjoy suffering for any of the reason mentioned above. <<less
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Aug 03, 2018
Status: --
This is just plain depressing. Reading it makes me pull out my hair, I feel like screaming at that girl, acting so helpless and pitiful. If time is looping do something e.g. Know what it is making it loop, it's common source, is it the whole world that loops and what those dreams indicates, idk go crazy, live your life far far away from any source that makes you die early and live a long life, start a hobby, live a life of a muggle or peasants, as an actress... more>> or a nun or become a demon king and rule the world, anything really.

Just don't act like those tragic heroine or damsels in distress that can't move on from one broken heart. There are many fishes out there in the world for you to catch and if you don't like one, change, the next one for the reset. ;) Like the saying goes; if you don't like where you are then move, you're not a tree to sit on your ass and keep b*tching about your situation and do something. The translation is good and very prompt. =D <<less
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Feb 02, 2017
Status: c30
This story is so tragic.. and since it was told from the perspective of the Female Lead.. It was so depressing, since it seemed that most of the people around her are against her survival in many time of her reincarnations..

Why oh why??!! why did Ilya have to go through all of this... My heart broke after every arc.

And since I cannot wait for the translation to catch up with the original, I decided to read it using google translate.. and what can I say, even with choppy translation... more>> (you know how unreliable GT can be), I was so traumatized with her suffering that I dare not read the translation by the translator fearing that my heart will break even more. I think I may have to wait for a bit and hopefully there will be time where Ilya will find her happiness. I am sure that I will break if I were to be in her place.


Since the status of this story is still ongoing, the current arc was quite a shocker, as she discover some underlying scene happening behind her.. I also did not expect it to be, considering how the story had gone in previous arcs... Oh well, as some reviewer had mentioned previously, Ilya is quite unreliable narrator as she only told the story from her perspective. I can't wait for the translator to catch up with the original.


BTW, I actually give it 4.5 instead of 5 because this story wallowed me in too much sadness and I became depressed because of it.. I remember moping around after reading it.. and even now, whenever I saw the translator updating the novel, I cannot help but cringe in sadness remembering what I had read... Damn it, I want a fluffy moment for Ilya!!! Like seriously~ <<less
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Apr 25, 2020
Status: c55
Dear god why

I'm crying as I write this

Everyone should read this


make sure you stay rooting for Crow because he's good and so is Ilya she's bae


I binge read this entire thing in one night it was just so amazing and heartwrenching

Make sure you only read the Nocta'sHermitDen translation, it's the best one and has all the chapters

Definitely be prepared to cry, 10/10, even in each loop you discover something new and I am just in love with this
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Jul 27, 2018
Status: c28
I thought it would be an good heart-wrenching story, but this wasn't good. No matter how many times MC gets reborn, she doesn't change at all. It's always "It's hopeless, I have nowhere to run, I still love him, but I can't do anything so I'll just let them be, etc". The character development is just depressing. Given nobody treats her well and her life seems meaningless to her, she still doesn't learn how to love herself and find something to make her happy. She doesn't try to find herself,... more>> but is instead always preoccupied with her fiancee and her little sister.


Yes, while she did try to change her fate by running away, the story just breezes through it. There wasn't really any character development there imo.

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Sep 21, 2017
Status: c40
This story is really depressing. In a good way though! Sorta? I swear I'm not a masochist, but this story definitely makes me feel like one for liking it so much.

The main character in the story is Iria, and she's constantly beaten down by pretty much everyone and everything. She can't do much about it either and in many ways is fairly passive throughout the story. There are a crap ton of outside forces working against her, and much of the main story is the reveal of what's actually going... more>> on and how she works past them. Or doesn't, in some cases. You'd have to pretty much have no heart to not cry while reading this since Iria's story is really sad. Take the Tragedy tag seriously. It's there for a reason.

The story as of 9/20 was last update 8/12 with chapter 40, and it seems like it's nearing completion unless there's another big plot twist coming up.

The story itself is so far structured into generally two major portions. The first portion basically serves as an extended prologue and shows Iria struggling through the first couple of instances of her life as it loops back around every time her life ends. It basically functions as the background premise for the second much longer portion, which starts around chapter 18. It can be said that the real story starts at 18 and everything up to that point is for the purpose of setting everything up.

There's definitely an emphasis in the story on playing up Iria's pain and struggle. It's somewhat painful to read at times since Iria is fairly resigned to her lot in life for a good portion of the story, and you really want her to just stand up and yell at all the injustice done to her a lot of the times. Don't be fooled though, there's a reason for a lot of what's going on.

Iria herself is fairly relatable, though not necessarily likable at times. She spends a lot of the story wallowing in her misery, which often leads her to make some very questionable choices that makes the reader want to reach out and yell at her for not taking the obvious route due to her own self doubt. She often misunderstands other people, has a lot of complexes about herself, and goes out of her way to justify her own ill treatment. It's understandable how she got this way, but it can definitely be painful to follow such a character. I'd ask readers not to judge her too harshly though and not to give up on the story too quickly since she does try her best and I feel her story is one worth following.

Fair warning to those more squeamish. The main character suffers a lot in the story, up to and including r*pe, contemplation of suicide, and multiple instances of death. It's not a story that gets off on torturing the main character exactly, but it definitely gets dark a lot. So if that turns you off, you were warned.

The translation seems to be done by mainly two people. I'll note that the writing for the story itself is a step above what most stories are like in terms of difficulty and is a bit harder to translate as a result, so bear that in mind. Forgetful Dreamer does a fair job at translating things and I didn't note any major errors. The translation has pretty good grammar and sentence structure as well, and mostly reads like proper English. Endofdays42 unfortunately isn't quite good enough to tackle this and has a lot of trouble with turn of phrases and translating things into understandable English. His sentences can get pretty choppy as well, suggesting that perhaps English isn't his native language? Neither is unreadable and they both are translating separate chapters it seems, so you'll end up reading both of them. Just understand that there's a quality drop for Endofdays42 chapters. There's also konoHoshiworks, but that was pretty much just an absolute mess of a MTL and it doesn't seem that he plans on continuing anyways so just avoid that. I don't recommend trying to read this with a machine translator since the writing is fairly dense and often uses language that machines don't translate well.

I'll also note that the author has actually asked that his work not to be translated after receiving a request from a Korean translator. He has a note posted 04/24/17 stating that he's basically blanket refusing any and all translation requests of any of his stories (posted or otherwise) from anyone. He says that he wants to focus on writing and doesn't want to deal with anything like that, hence the blanket refusal. So take that into consideration before reading, I guess. <<less
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