Otome Game Rokkushuume, Automode ga Kiremashita


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When I regained consciousness, I found myself in an otome game. I would quickly head towards destruction. It made no difference whether it was a good ending or a bad ending. I became the character known as, “Mariabell Tempest,” the daughter of a pedigree family. Despite possessing an unrivaled level of beauty, I had the worst personality, that of a villainess.

Nevertheless, I was conscious, but was unable to make any actions as I was completely in auto-mode. In the first playthrough, I was extremely flustered; on the second playthrough, I was despairing; by the third round, I had already given up. And now, the fifth round has already ended. For the sixth round, for some reason I had become a young girl and regained the ability to move and talk. Eh, what the heck is this?

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On the 6th Playthrough of the Otome Game, the Auto-Mode Broke
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Akemin rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: c40
I have read till the latest chapter (chapter 40) so I thought I could share a summary of what has happened so far.

... more>>

Chapter 1-39 is pretty much about her daily life from 3yr - 12yr. She meets 4 of the 5 otome game characters during this time. However, there isn't really any hint of romance between them. The guy that she has the most interaction with is the son of a servant instead.

Chapter 40 is the start of the junior high arc. The 5th otome game character has just appeared.


To summerise, up till chapter 40, it's pretty much an introduction to the different characters + world building. Nothing terribly exciting has happened so far, but the main character is the rationale and calm type with some adorableness, so it has been quite pleasing to read. But hopefully it will get more exciting and the main plot will reveal itself soon. <<less
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KKristen rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c47
This was surprisingly good -- a slightly more serious take on the usual "I got reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game" / "I got reincarnated as cannon fodder" genre.

Basically, the main character was forced to live five of her lives in "auto-mode, " unable to control her words or actions, playing out the villainess character until her death. When she suddenly is born again as her younger self, she carefully decides to live her life as differently from the game plot as possible, terrified that one day the... more>> auto-mode may take over again.

So far, this has been a decent slice-of-life without much drama or action. However, it's written and translated pretty well, so it isn't boring. I'm looking forward to when the characters grow up a bit more so we can start seeing some hormone-inspired drama. (As of chapter 47, the characters have only just entered middle school. No romance yet.)

Edit: Originally rated 4 stars, now rated 3 stars.

The pacing of this novel slows down a LOT once the main character enters school. It takes several chapters to get anything done (and we're not talking "romance and drama" here... it takes her 3 chapters just to choose a school club, 1 whole chapter devoted to buying pajamas, 1 chapter describing the setting for the camp...) It feels like a whole lot of words but nothing happening.

I'll update this review later after the story really develops, if I don't drop it first.

Update: Dropped because of very slow chapter releases and very little plot development. Each chapter feels like an info dump with very little action. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: --
Story: Pretty generic fare, gives me the feeling of a more serious Destruction Flag Otome. We start with the MC as a child, trying to ensure that her upbringing is as different as possible to make sure that she doesn't grow up into a spoiled brat. Just in case the dreaded "auto mode" ever comes back.

Translation quality: It is very literally translated, there are some basic grammatical errors, and it is sometimes hard to tell who is speaking during conversations if the sentence itself doesn't give context. Overall you can... more>> still understand the story, but the quality definitely hurts the impact of some scenes. A good editor would do wonders. <<less
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DeanRae rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Has the generic plot so far but since it’s still one chapter not too sure how it will differ from the rest. Still, from the first couple of chapters it seems to be a good story, so my rating shall be a 5 for now.

P.S one thing that does differ is the part where she experiences five rounds before being able to "be" the character... coincidence? I think not.. lol
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Eristol rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: --
A generic series, nothing particularly interesting, very predictable plot, but it is good enough for a time pass. The one thing I find absolutely irritating is Mariabell's overreaction to capture targets. Even if one of them are in the same room as them she starts jumping around internally for no reason at all, although they don't do anything or even talk to her as a matter of fact save for a customary greeting I guess. I think she reacts to them a bit too much than necessary which is somewhat... more>> annoying. He wouldn't kill you just because your seat is next to his you know? Or just because you passed each other in the corridor or something like that. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: c59
This series is neither good nor bad. It is a relatively generic gentle vanilla series without any intense action, drama, fantasy, or comedy, but it has a dash of everything in moderation. The main character tries to deviate from the villain she was born as in order to prolong her life, which is pretty standard for this type of series. Her terror of what she perceives as death flags can be funny on occasion.

So far, the best part for me...

... more>>

.. is her friendship with the gardener's son.


That development was actually cute and touching.

If you are looking for a light series without much suspense, then this one is a good option to kill time with. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: c28
While this story is similar to most other Evil Villainess stories its less cheesy. Its a cute 'fix it' story with the MC avoiding her death flags. The MC feels more relatable since she's not stubbornly trying to stick to the scenario nor is she actively trying to fix things or trying to capture males. Her actions progress naturally as she just tries to live. Shes not obsessed with her past life or the fact that she's in a game.
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ike_00000 rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: --
Maybe it's not fair of me to rate it so low because I didn't really get far into the novel. But honestly, the way it's written just makes it so tiring to read, especially after it switched from the original translator. I'm not sure if it's because of the translator or the novel itself, but either way it's unbearable.

Also, the MC is way too naive and the story supports it, but it's ridiculous. Like this author is definitely one of those "everyone, even the bad guy, is definitely a good... more>> person at heart". A couple's relationship that would have ended up in divorce just became "both sides misunderstood the other's feelings" and that, coupled with various other elements of the story, just becomes unbelievably dumb. <<less
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Aldis rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: c107
It's more to slice-of-life genre rather than 'the beautiful and rich villains ojousama who try to defy her destiny', so I'm sure some people will find it boring. However, I do find it pleasing, peaceful, and interesting. The pace is reaaaaalllyyy slow tho. Almost no romance, ... more>>

although I'm pretty sure some of the Targets (who she avoids with all of her strength) attracted to her. Also, I found it interesting that she most likely found love in her childhood friend who did not appear as Character in the Game at all.


If compares her to other 'villain ojousama who try to defy her destiny', MC is the type that moving from spotlight, leaves the stage, and quietly enjoy her life. One thing that kind of miss was how the Author portrayed the effect of Auto Mode to MC. Well, she is still terrified and her current personality is shaped because that incident. But, how can I describe it, it does not shown strong enough and will make you see MC as a coward instead of traumatized.

And Summer Camp. And Bravery Test. I don't know why the Japanese author really like the Japanese High School trope fit in Past Fantasy European world style so much (like Student Council is not enough). <<less
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Justpassingthrough rated it
May 8, 2018
Status: c71
The story starts out well. It has a great premise but like most tome game novels it might have been better to just make it a fantasy/historical one instead. It starts out well but somewhere in the middle school arch it starts to get annoying.

It's like, in the beginning she played the game five times and so she's prepared to deal with everything and along the way adapts to her new situation then suddenly the author decides that "no lets revert her back to the way she was at the... more>> very beginning."

She pays a lot of attention to unnecessary stuff like decor. The author also has a bad habit of repeating the something. She's absentminded, ok. She freaks out every time one of the capture targets get near, ok. She's bad at making friends, ok. But you don't need to repeat it over and over. We get it after a few times. When you over do it it get's tiring. But other than that the novel is quite nice. <<less
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Abhieghail rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c47
This is interesting. Unlike the other reincarnation tropes, the MC is not op, which is more realistic. Her actions are well taught. She avoids flags because she analyzed how. I like the story so far. It is not exaggerated. I am looking forward to the future chapters, especially if she did end up with someone (ML) and who.
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minako25 rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: c20
okay at first, it was interesting but after reading for a while, I keep getting this feeling that this story won't end well. Why? If you know bakarina (which is pretty popular) since it was the first isekai story I read I thought it was amazing BUT thinking about it now, it's pretty normal since there has been a lot of stories like that (and there are some who exceed it).

Basically, I can guess the plot. She will try to not get involve but make a harem of her own... more>> and thennn not pick someone in the or something BUT seeing as it is still ongoing the author is probably giving up on this story but just couldn't let it go.

Or author is receiving writer's block or just didn't want to continue writing anymore <<less
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uwuuuuu rated it
June 3, 2019
Status: --
When I first started, it was decent. The plot itself was quite interesting, considering how she had re-lived the same life for around 5/6 times and it's different from the usual otome game reincarnation. But oh my goodness. I'm only giving it a 2 star because of the translator's hard work and efforts, but this novel. I just can't. Over time, I get really frustrated and confused at the way this story is going. I can't seem to pinpoint what exactly was she trying to achieve at that specific moment... more>> and the dialogues. God. I don't even know who's talking and what on earth are they talking about! This novel just isn't my forte but the plot, like I said, was indeed interesting. I would love to continue on reading this but I simply am not able to. <<less
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Tykos rated it
April 19, 2018
Status: c62
This novel is like watching everyday life. It is really boring. The MC is a girl who was trapped inside the villanesses body and forced fo live through her mistakes over and over again and on the sixth try she suddenly got back her control. The novel itself isnt bad and MC is very realistic and her actions are understandable. However, she is deadly afraid of the capture targets because of the trauma she went through when she was in auto mode and as a result she always avoids meeting... more>> the capture targets which again is understandable, but that essentially is the entire novel - her avoiding the targets. The author keeps forcing the main character to meet the targets, yet once they do meet she only thinks about escaping and most times doesnt even talk with or just exchanges few words and that is it. She confronted one of the targets so far and for the next 20 or so chapters she kept repeating how scared she is and how much she regrets her actions. If the author wants the plot to move along he needs to either force MC to converse with the targets or completely eliminate the targets from the story or make them villians because so far the plot is just running in circles and going nowhere fast. <<less
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draw2much rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: c70
Is this actually a harem story? I'm 70 chapters in and it really doesn't appear so right now. Not that I mind, I don't like harem stories much. This is heavily slice-of-life, with a story that builds slowly. I personally like the pacing. The MC is charming and thoughtful. After relieving highschool 5 times over, and dying a few times as well, I can't say I blame her for being cautious. It's a nice take on the Otome-Villain genre. I've enjoyed it a lot, and wish it was updated more... more>> frequently! <<less
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YoriMei rated it
September 7, 2019
Status: c91
Honestly after binging through all available chapters, the most I can sum up my feelings is a really big “eh”. I’ve read both worse and better, this story stands quite literally in the middle of all of them. Mari’s got a decent, down-to-earth head on her and that typically “not like other nobles” sensibility a la hanging with/being nice to commoners. Surprisingly, no ML has really come forth just yet, even with 90+ chapters however all the capture targets are really summed up with a big shrug. The most remarkable... more>> out of the male cast would really be the childhood friend and the “Prince’s best friend” target.

As for plot, the tag line gimmick of going through auto mode doesn’t really do as much as you’d think. Honestly, you’d think the story would then revolve around trying to find out what automode is, how it works and how to make sure it never happens again right? Instead it just makes her scared of the capture targets and that’s it. There’s a budding conspiracy plot against MC but it’s at the very very beginning stages. Other than it, it’s truly just MC’s daily life.

Would I recommend this? Sure, if you’re in a mood for a villainess story this surely isn’t a bad one. If you’re looking for something a bit deeper though, I recommend that you skip this one and keep searching. This one has a decent set up, just no true goal in sight. <<less
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Lilhalleyjoseph rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: c90
The FL tries to come off as smart, intelligent, and wise, but to be truthful she is absent minded and can't seem to have a basic conversation. She's all over the place and can't seem to speak her mind or decode what a person is trying to say to her. We have no idea who the ML will be, but we might end up having a reverse harem.
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SayMrrp rated it
July 26, 2019
Status: c88
The MC's personality is my least favorite thing about the novel. She's a bit... wishy washy? She's got her moments though.

Honestly, I'd give it a 4, but there are some really fun moments that I bump it up. In general, the story is a standard Villainess transmigration filled with Villainess novel flaws, but it's a decent read if you're feeling that.

It's a slow story, so be patient for those highlights. Oh, and so far the automode hasn't really been of that much importance, just something to let her experience Mariabell's... more>> life. <<less
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kova10 rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: c47
Since I catch up when already 72 chapters were released, the slowness of releases is not a problem. The story is pleasant to read, even if the translation could be improved. I am a fast reader, and tend to be quite forgetful as long as the story flows.

Still the development is really slow, but the plot is interesting. Rated 3 at chapter 47.

I would say it's worth a read if the slice of life genre is not something you dislike.

Have fun!

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 28, 2019
Status: c79
It's a pretty average slice of life isekai story. Like Kisshouin from Kenkyo, Maria just wants a peaceful life. There's no conquering the harem or turning into a genius CEO. This is not the story for you if you're looking for action and excitement. Maria has lived through 5 deaths as the villainess and suddenly has free will on the 6th "playthrough". She's a pretty jumpy character because of that. She's always worried automode will turn back on or something and she'll lose control.

Read it for daily life things and... more>> the childhood friend! <<less
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