Must Spend the Villain’s Money Before He Goes Bankrupt


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[Warning: Mindless sweet and happy storyline, don’t question the logic, just enjoy.]

Ye Zhou transmigrated into a book and became the villain’s little lover.

He felt complicated emotions, a mix of sorrow and joy.

He was sad because the ending for both him and the villain boss was miserable.

However, he was happy because he arrived before the villain went bankrupt, meaning…

Ye Zhou: Holy shit, haha, so much money, this is totally worth it!

Our motto is:

We must spend all of the villain’s money before he goes bankrupt!!

Come on, let’s splurge; after all, there’s plenty of cash to burn~~!

A cool-minded career-driven shou x super-reliable villainous tycoon gong

One-sentence Summary: Must spend all the villain’s money before he goes bankrupt!

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11 Reviews

New iannani
May 21, 2024
Status: --
THE STORY IS SO GOOD but unsatisfying. So let me tell you guys why.

First of all, the romance development are too late. It seems like 70% of the story was just about how the MC being sponsored and supported by the ML to be a director. That 30% of romance are basically about how they're getting along, and not gonna lie that they confirmed their feeling quite late.

Also, I feel quite weird considering that MC didn't have any knowledge about being a director but he's doing pretty well. I thought... more>> so? Or did I perhaps missed some points that MC actually given? That's not sure.


And the last one, I feel that ML should not be forgiven. Yes, I know that MC is not the real owner of the body, so logically speaking ML did not wronged him or did any harm to him. I do understand that point. If it's just a simple conflict about being kept as a substitute, then it'll be fine. But if it's about being a blood bank for the White Moonlight and heart transplant, then it's not right.

I pretty sure the original owner will not agree too. Can you imagine if ML did not fall in love with current MC? Well pretty sure he will not care about his life tho. So hmm, very conflicted about this one.

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New Kelthulu
May 18, 2024
Status: c109
So far it's cute and fluffy for the main couple, not so much for the side couple but to be expected for the "villain couple". The movies are interesting and so is the comedy and I personally like the drama.
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Mar 03, 2024
Status: c164
Okay, everyone is like "this is not something new", but... does it have to be? It's heartwarming novel about film director which transmigrated to the book, and decided to use this opportunity to realize his dreams. Some may say he got a gold finger, but MC is very hard-working and his achievements are earned. The relationships are not rushed, and the couple is very harmonious. I highly recommend it if you need something to heal your soul.
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Jan 26, 2024
Status: c123
Currently reading via MTL. Entertainment circle/acting novel but from the perspective of a director and investor. Not new or unique story, but solidly done entertainment circle plot from a different perspective than usual, with a romance that avoids a lot of cliche drama, and an MC and ML who actually get character development.

The story and it's developments themselves are not anything new, especially if you've read a lot in this genre. However, it's executed well and the unique perspective gives a new spin on things. Also delves a bit into... more>> e-sports, livestreaming, and other showbiz settings as the MC invests and develops in areas outside of making movies.

Instead of fading in and out of the plot as needed, the ML remains important to the plot throughout, though the actual romantic development is sometimes is put on the back burner. The MC's major personal conflicts have to do with his position as a someone being "sponsored" and his unequal position to ML; MC doesn't lie to himself and realizes that he really loves the ML and that the ML really does love him, so despite dramatic developments that could cause an overly drawn-out break-up plot MC decides "I want to be happy together with him, f*ck it" and cuts that sh*t short. In MC changing goals for the sake of their relationship slowly turn him from the a person in showbiz being sponsored into being the daddy long-legs bestowing money upon talents. ML's character development is more subtle but still noticeable and actually there at all which is +1 compared to most danmei MLs lets be honest.

4/5. Good but not perfect. Has some parts that drag. Has some plot developments that are obvious to readers who read this genre a lot... and then a couple of plot twists that are genuinely surprising. I you like this sort of novel you'll enjoy this one. <<less
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Mar 12, 2024
Status: c62
The book’s plot is what you’d expect from a entertainment industry based bl. It has an ensemble of characters including directors, actors, investors, and a decent amount of face slapping.
Is it outstanding? No. Is it in any way special? Also no. But is it enjoyable? Very much yes.

If you’d fully read through the synopsis you’d understand that the MC is a very silly character, after all, you’d have to have a few screws lose to directly think “lemme spend all this money before he goes bankrupt” before thinking “I’m going to do my best to change the plot”. And that is what this novel is: silly.

There are moments where you’d question the plot direction, but only if you hadn’t accepted that this novel is meant to be silly. The MC goes through a lot of effort to burn money happily, and spends it on things that he doesn’t expect to get a return on. And of course, this book, being a comedy, will do it’s best to subvert that.

There are definitely plot points that are so coincidentally impossible that you’d question the direction it’s heading, but even then, it never broke out of the book’s universe. Every development in the book was something I loved, and at worst, pleasantly enjoyed. I definitely laughed and snickered a few times while reading this.

The development between the MC and the ML is also very sweet and made me cherish every humorous interaction they had. After reading about 62 chapters, I’d say they’ve made barely decent progress and is somewhat realistic within the bounds of chinese bl. I would like to say, however, despite it’s slow crawl, I didnt even notice how slow it was until I wrote this. I simply enjoyed the story that much.

Which is why I’m rating it 5 stars. Is it a phenomenonal book? NO. Does it have lots of plot holes? Absolutely! But I am biased, sleep addled, and I am writing this review simply because I enjoyed this book so much I decided to vomit words in the middle of the night.

Feel free to disagree with me. I do not have high standards when it comes to silly bl novel plots. As long as I’m enjoying it, that’s enough for me.
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Apr 19, 2024
Status: c78
I had fun reading it, until, ultimatelty, I stopped having any kind of fun. It's a drop for me.

The romance takes last place to almost plunging into a non-existence.

The progress between leads stagnates. There is also not much of any character growth to be noticed, in any of the characters shown.

MC is super overpowered.

Way too many side characters that feel like they have more importance than the leads.

... more>>

Also a transmigrator from a spiritual world randomly shows up? I gave up on continuing this around then.


To be more concise, since I can't criticize this novel endlessly: this is literally a braindead story you read to shut off your mind, not to follow a certain plot since you know how things will proceed since it's one of the many cliche dragged on stories that litters this site.

Is it horrible? No. Is it great? No. Is it decent? Depending on what you read it for, but it can be.

In my case I simply got tired reading it, my joy seeping through the edges. <<less
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Apr 02, 2024
Status: c75
I thought it would be a story where MC would happily spending money of ML's before the bankruptcy. Apparently MC's thought on spending money was because he thought when ML goes bankrupt or his wealth changing ownership, the OG!Protagonist aka ML's half brother would get less money from the previously ML's wealth.

It's Funny because of this thought, when he unintentionally earned sooo much money, he feel more troubled than happy. He's NOT Unhappy, just... Confused AF. Lmao 🤣

Just because he don't think his works would get recognized, doesn't mean his... more>> lazy with his jobs. If anything, he's Truly put his all as Director and truly Loved by his Crews.

He get the happiness of making people happy, while also hoping he can make the money lesser and lesser. He doesn't have mission whatsoever, it purely his own thinking and caution against the protagonists.

But there's one scene where blink and you might forget about it, but implied maybe the world was not as free as we readers see. Which mean MC's caution act was valid.

Anyway this Novel is truly Great so far!

ML is also Great character, but the reason of why he even take the Original Owner of MC's body as his 'little lover' was still a mystery. And while they already Hug and Kiss, they're still far from Honeymoon pace. Though MC and ML truly care for each other. Just... MC still don't dare to fall, and ML also doesn't show the attitude of "I want us to be true love" yet. But ML still sweet and doting. Not overly but absolutely GREAT!

The rest of the characters (that not the bad guys) are all So Great! I Love them so much too!!!

Pray so hard the rest of the story is as Good and Satisfying till the end!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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Feb 29, 2024
Status: Completed
I bawled my eyes out at the last arc. Nothing between the main couple but I just full on sobbed. It was good. I can’t believe no one hasn’t mentioned this.


When Director Sang passed away, and the MC carried on the burden of his legacy, his final movie, I just started bawling.

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Jan 15, 2024
Status: c121
This plot is not I haven't read before. I can say it is quite common. The only difference is that the MC is director but he can also do investment. He also managed to create an app for celebrities where they will go live there and it became famous.

The MC is also handling an esport team. He did a lot of investment and gave away lots of money to give allowance and budget to the survival show and the esports team.

He is also a great director. He managed to make... more>> a different and a good films. He directed comedy angst and horror. He also managed to film drama about prison.

I will read this once the english translation is completed. I will put star and edit my review once I finish reading this story. <<less
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Mar 27, 2024
Status: c69
It's true, it's pretty cliche and there are times when it's not really reasonable

But it's a fun read!

I've been down these past few days and I couldn't find the right novel to lift me up — but this did!

... more>> I love how the romance isn't just the sole focus of the story.

There is romance but the story doesn't revolve there. We get to see MC backing up people who are at their lowest (mistreated actors, hopeless directors, unlucky players) etc.

What made me touched is how MC "believes and trust" these people (there are quotation marks cause there a funny twist about this haha) but even with that, it also encourages me to work harder

One thing I didn't though was - the timeline is confusing. Sometimes the story will say that it's been a year, sometimes just a few months since MC transmigrated etc.

It's confusing and it might have been better if it was clearer so we get to feel more that MC and ML have been getting along for a long time (especially since we only get glimpses of their everyday life together)

It's a good read, give it a try!

i will definitely come back when translations done (or ill probably mtl this)

Thanks to the author and translator/s! <<less
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Mar 30, 2024
Status: c71
I loved it. It's pretty cliche but it was a fun read.

Can someone tell me where I can read the rest of the chapters. I couldn't find the MTL.
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