Mebius World Online – Mari’s VRMMO Diary, Embarking on a Laid-back Adventure as a Novice


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Mari Akizuki, a newbie gamer, reluctantly starts playing Mebius World Online, a VRMMORPG, after being encouraged by her younger siblings. However, she finds herself facing unexpected challenges and wonders why she can’t seem to relax in the game. As she continues her adventures, she begins to notice changes in her perception, which she never asked for!

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Mebius World Online 〜ゲーム初心者の真里姉と行くVRMMOのんびり? 体験記〜
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Myssoferia rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: c75
Hhmmm... Im torn between 3 or 4 stars. I will go with 3 for now and might or might not change depending on how the story will go.

Its a typical VRMMO story. I do like theres actual balance, theres no big difference in power between players. Although just like every hyper realistic VRMMO story, It have all the usual plot holes, but I will leave that aside because it's ultimately a casual healing story.

Now, regarding my rating. This novel isnt a masterpiece nor there is anything new. But as a... more>> simple casual healing story, as long it serve its 'healing' purpose, I would gladly leave a 4-4.5 for it. The problem is the story wasnt entirely healing for me.

Cute kindhearted and mature MC having fun in VR game with fluff partners, cooking and fighting monster. Thats a nice setup for enjoyable heartwarming story. Unfortunately the kindhearted part is taken too far. She is too much of a pushover, basically she cant say no or refuse people (normal) request. Even though doing it ultimately benefit herself too, she didnt show that she particularly enjoy doing it. But she didnt voice her opinion either about what she really wanted, so other character just keep dragging her around to do not-so-fun labour. If only author make her looks like she actually enjoy doing it or atleast being satisfied after the hard work is done, I wouldve let it slide. Sadly theres none of that being portrayed.

So, I took off a star, but I would still continue reading and sincerely wish there will be moment when I could put it back again. <<less
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mustachemerlin rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: c60
Very standard "The NPCs are actually alive" type VRMMO story. Has the typical theme of "everyone else were power gamers and abused the NPCs but I became OP because I was nice to them/treated them as real" like a bunch of others (Eg Game of the World Tree, Golden Experience, Apotheosis of a Demon etc.). The protagonist's main advantage over everyone else is her lack of game knowledge/pre-existing notions of how games work, so she treats the world like a real place and tries things other people wouldn't think of,... more>> being rewarded because the game world is just super realistic. A very similar character setting to Maple from I Don't Want to get Hurt so I'll Max out my Defense... but not quite as utterly game breaking.

She's got the Jester jobclass but doesn't seem to be going down the clown path very much. She's very much playing a Saint character. Totally Holy Mother Maria... except actually she's the Holy Onee-chan, which is funny.

The part where her fanclub is a group of lolicons is kinda uncomfortable, but they don't ever take it too far, only about the level of the Loli-god requiem music video that went viral? Warning for that content though.

I thought the in-world game design was especially interesting, particularly the big calamity event. It reminds me of the kind of junk Spec Ops: The Line (a real life videogame on the Xbox 360) pulls where it messes with your preconceived expectations of how to play a videogame to trick you into doing horrible and tragic things? Or the way Undertale's bad ending/genocide route is actually just the way you would play an RPG normally, grinding for levels. Our protagonist Mari is that one really unusual player who would play Undertale and get the pacifist ending on the first try without being told/spoiled that you're not supposed to kill the monsters.

I like these kinds of stories, this one is good. It digs for that same goodie two shoes feeling you get when doing all the side quests in a game, where you go around helping all the NPCs and solving everyone's problems.


As for whether the way the game is developed in world is realistic like someone mentioned... as an actual game dev? Actually kinda yeah. I wouldn't be surprised by anything anymore, what with the way AI is going. ChatGPT does utter nonsense I would have told you with every fiber of my little computer scientist heart is supposed to be completely impossible if you asked me in 2019. And the research papers coming out just keep getting more and more ridiculous. Last week Google fed their new AI a dictionary and a book about grammar and got it to speak fluently in a language I've never heard of and that it never trained on after just reading those two books. Calling it now, if we're not all dead or ens*aved by robot overlords in 2040, games are totally gonna work like this and I'll be out of a job.

Heck. There's even crazy talk going around about rendering that *doesn't use triangles* like every computer graphics technique made since like 1960 something. We have "NeRFs" and "SMeRFs" and Gaussian Splatting and Jensen Huang getting up on stage and saying that in the future every frame will be AI generated by stable diffusion 27. I could not have even imagined a machine that would work that way just a few years ago. It never in a million years would have occurred to me, it is already so, so, sooo far away from anything familiar to me. I've spent basically my entire life since I was ten years old fascinated by game programming, so you'd think I know a thing or two by now, but. The rules no longer apply and common sense got yeeted out the window. Videogames ten years from now might as well be alien technology or straight up magic as far as I'm concerned.

I feel like it's 2002 and I just read Alex Rider, laughing at their Sci-fi videogame machine that could "render individual raindrops, millions and millions of them every frame" and saying "yeah right like that'll ever happen" - low and behold. It's 2023, and even dinky little handheld game consoles like the Steam Deck can all push tens of millions of particles without breaking a sweat... The future's gonna be nuts, that's all I know.

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Golem83 rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: c51
There are a lot of apparent problems, plot holes, s*upid actions taken, ignorance of how (this) reality works... and many other points of contention that were quite difficult for me to go past early on. However, around chapters 6 & 7, nearly all of those were explained away cleanly (though sometimes slightly indirectly, meaning I had to actually think past the surface of things) and resolved.

To expand on that...

The main character's real life situation is not typical of most VRMMO novels and a direct result of that can be seen... more>> in her actions, behaviour, way of thinking, knowledge about games and her starting stats.

A second point would be that, the titular game "Mebius World Online" is also the first game that the main character has actually played.

Last for this topic; several of the things that may seem like standard VRMMO plot excuses devices actually have a foundation in how the game's world was developed and implemented, though this is mostly revealed around Chapter 50 & 51.


There doesn't seem to be room for any Romance plot involving the protagonist.

The author seems to be horrifically unaware of how the development, testing and release of games (or software in general) works in our reality, however that isn't too much of an issue outside of the prologue.

Lastly, one of the actual (early) spoilers.


The main character/protagonist, Maria (Mari Aki– offline), was in a coma for multiple years and is undergoing physical therapy. This directly impacts her character's stats due to the game system (which uses technology originally developed for medical use) basing the player characters' starting stats on a full-body scan of the players.

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