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Waking up after a sound sleep, Xie Mingzhe reincarnated into the future world. Here a holographic trading card game is popular around the Galaxy, many professional card players and card designers coming to the fore.

——The competition is about to begin. Every player, please show your cards!

Other players’ set of playing cards: Thousand-year-old God Tree, Flame Dragon and Ice-crystal Phoenix!

Xie Mingzhe’s set of playing cards: Zhuge Liang, Diao Chan, Cao Cao and Sun Quan… (They are all important historical figures from the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China, AD 220 – 280)

Xie Mingzhe uses his unprecedented Character Cards with strange skills in the competition.

Audience: What the hell →_→

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Anra7777 rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c38 part2
It’s okay. I think I may be the weirdo among readers of this author, because I got really bored of “God Level Summoner” about a hundred, hundred-thirty chapters in. Still, I decided to give this novel a try because it sounded interesting and I like “Runaway Guide, ” although admittedly I’ve fallen behind on my reading of that.

I really enjoyed the novel at first. It seemed pretty exciting! But then I slowly realized that it was just the same plot happening over and over again.

MC makes a card. Everyone is shocked/in awe, he gets invited to a club, he refuses, repeat.


Since the plot is so repetitive, I imagine the real enjoyment of the story comes from the card making. But as I’m unfamiliar with Chinese literary and mythological figures, I don’t get the same fan excitement the author is clearly trying to invoke in the readers. The translator’s notes help, but I still find it difficult to care.

Considering all the glowing reviews for this novel, I understand that my viewpoint is in the minority. Still, I wanted to give my two cents. I’ll continue reading for now, but I might drop the novel out of boredom if the novel continues on its current trajectory.
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defragmentise rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: Completed
A funny gaming novel about a guy who transmigrated into a future where nobody knows of Chinese myths, legends and classical stories anymore. He started playing an online card game that allows people to create their own cards.

The cards he created started getting attention since he made OHKO cards that seemed tailored to target major league cards. The story is about MC learning how to play the game and create cards, and how everyone else just ended up getting headaches from encountering these cards, and then having schadenfreude over passing... more>> on the suffering to others.

MC and ML are no-nonsense and adorable, ML is a professional player that taught MC the basics of card-making and inevitably led him down the path of making troublesome cards. He's MC main enabler, while MC is just having fun playing and learning about the game. The two getting together is like two gremlins having a wedding much to the horror of the world. <<less
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redfeathersgirl rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: c3 part1
Since the translation is only at chapter 3, I went ahead and read it MTL style. Can't get enough of it. It's so thrilling. I can't wait for the scene (in the summary) to come up.

So basically, the MC got into another world. He woke up from a coma, found out he's still an orphan, had no money, and that the world he's in.. 80% of them played one game.. Which was a card game.

He got a job as an intern, his character in the game was a fat uncle.... more>> He also remembered that his psychic mental power (?) was high when the doctor examined him, so he can made cards with historical figures that's famous in his past world but didn't exist in his world now.

Everyone got shocked. Who's this death-card-making-fat-uncle?


who's actually a pretty handsome man

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Sceer rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm actually more interested in the card game rather than the romance (which is very slow and becomes official at 200+ chapters).

I love the card game concept of using characters from his time to make cards in this futuristic setting.

I have so many favorite cards but I forgot their names. I like the Cao brothers the most, especially their linkage skills - 8 seconds control! I also love Yan Qing (not telling you the skills!) Some of the cards are hilarious but important. There are also interesting cards with skills... more>> like Forbearance, Centralization, etc. (Idk if the English translation of the skills is accurate). I also love his "Xia" cards. Their enemies come up with unique cards too, Especially the ML lol creating gardener set cards.

In short, anything related to the card game is very interesting!

There are only 400 chapters and it's all about the 11th season. It ended well but I wish there was more about season 12. There are extra chapters after ch400 but they are more focused about romance than the gaming genre. The ending was very good, very sweet and full of love. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
April 30, 2019
Status: c271
A total must read! Welcome to a world where science has transcended the ages! The star card game implements real 3D effects and real time actions like never before! This is a true VR game reaching its highest peak!

Our protagonist is especially adorable and funny, mainly so when he makes new cards resulting in all the gamer gods wanting to beat him up! The male lead makes me swoon, a total slow burn love where the gong adjusts the temperature of our shou in the "frog in boiling water".

Characters are... more>> very fun with various personalities and the creative card skills makes readers desire to live in the same time frame!

You can see all the interlocking relationships allowing the rotten woman to fester their fantasies in each pairing.

It's A very good and heartwarming story.

Romance won't appear until ch 260 but the interactions and funny card skills make up for it.

11/10 <<less
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Danmei_Empress rated it
July 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This is the first novel that I found on a Chinese webnovel site and I must say that it is worth your time!

The MC is like a lot of other ukes, a cute little klutz but he is not only just that. He is also someone who comes with new ideas, strategy and an IQ when we're talking about the game he plays. It isn't just about a story that’s about the love of the MC and the ML. It focusses more on the plot and the virtual game itself... more>> and boy, am I glad that it did.

Although the ML has more experience than him, he acts like a supportive mentor and not like some savior: He doesn't "save" the MC, but helps him when he can. Cause, you know, they are still competitors and a relationship can't be build when one just depends on the other. Like a wise person once said: A relationship between two loved ones doesn't end because the love isn't strong enough, but because the friendship was to weak. The MC and the ML started as friends and grew to love each other. One a bit faster than the other. But there was progression and didn’t just blossom without watering it with time and effort.

The story, like the synopsis says, is about this boy who goes to the future and needs to find job. And when you've got no money or a roof above your head, you would take any job that you could find. So the MC stumbles on this card game job and finds himself able to use the history of China to make awesome new cards. The history behind every character and the funny skills he comes up made me laugh out loud for multiple times and kept me interested during my whole reading session. It is definitely a story which you could read for a second or a third time.

The only difficulties I had with this novel where the many Chinese names of card characters. (At the end, I wrote down the names and the skills and even drew the cards. It was quite fun actually. But maybe I am just too bored.)

Than we have the problem with everyone except for the ML and the MC. The other characters aside from the main couple and the side couple (yes, there is a side couple –two, but one of them gets no character development or real relationship development, so that one doesn’t count) were a bit bland and even if they had played an important role in some arc, they kinda disappeared later on and just ended up being in the background, soulless. So that was a bit disappointed. Still, it was a fun read. <<less
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_shinigami_ rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c110
If you like God Level Summoner then you will also like this one!

The game premise is unique in its own way and the characters have their own individuality that sets them apart making the whole reading experience fun.

Plus the MC is quite funny and cute plus he can come off as innocent when in reality he is a small mob boss with the way he trap his group mates 😄.

Oh and wait till he started making cards, 😂🤣 the gods reaction were just too funy.
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Dragon_Reader rated it
February 29, 2020
Status: Completed
It was a pretty fun book. Really interesting coz the author combined numerous Chinese myths and stories with interstellar card playing game. Even if you don't know anything about ancient Chinese myths (like me), the author included short stories for each character. So it is pretty interesting on its own.

The playing game is like yu-gi-oh + Pokemon except instead of Pokemon, there are characters/ animals/ plants/ ghosts etc.

The romance is so subtle, even those who do not like reading BL can practically ignore it.

T/L rating - 5/5
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Rio-mouse rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: Completed
I have to say some many thinks, the story although it gives indications of BL, kisses and furtive looks of love will be what you will find, that and a formalization of the relationship to boyfriends in 400 chapters, those 400 chapters practically leave the romance aside, the focus is only on the game and Nirvana, for what the recommendation should be focused on that adventure, but the final specials earned the 5 stars, was pure romance compressed in the best way after 400 chapters of frustration in search of... more>> romance, obviously I read it with google translator, but it was worth the pity, the cards are fun in their settings and when they appear in the game, but for me who was only looking for romance the last 100 chapters were torture, I was to be disappointed in the "last chapter", until by mistake I discovered the wonderful specials and that's why I recommend you read the story, because the specials are worth it for the romantics <<less
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Lost Happiness
Lost Happiness rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c46
Quite unique especially with the character growth being nicely develop. MC is using his experience to help pave his career and also help bring profit to his coworkers. Love their teamwork, so far its like a family. MC is very interesting for how he manage being in the business world.

ML is being a bit manipulative in terms of making the field equal for the next season of the competition. ML is guiding MC with his career because they are similar in some ways.

I love Chen Hao, I have the feels... more>> for his backstory. He has helped MC out in more ways than one. <<less
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Roseamanelle rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c105
This is the first LN I've MTL and I just love everything in this LN.

The MC and ML are two Cinnamon rolls even if there's no romance yet. The both of them are literally the death of the whole league. I love how the MC is unconsciously making everyone wanting to beat him. The ML is obviously here to guide him into the path of league destruction by helping him gaining experience.

The discussion between the gods is absolutely hilarious each time the MC is making a move. Nie God's crow... more>> mouth is pure gold, making me laughing so much that I'm having a hard time not waking my family up. <<less
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Keisotsuna rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: Completed
So I just finished reading the raws through MTL, save for the extra chapters (EDITED: Oops, there was actually no extra chapters!!? 😱). And I have to say, this is one of the most unique concept I've ever encountered! And it isn't simply just novel, but it is also very well-written. Everything from plot development, the gameplay/design, the card making, the action/battle scenes— everything has been well-thought out and written wonderfully!

As for other reviews stating that it was plain and boring, that is only because the author is laying down... more>> the foundation of the story. In the later chapters, it will be particularly exciting with a lot of fun and detailed action / battle scenes. We all just have to be patient until then. (^-^)

I really enjoyed reading this novel, which surprised me as well since I initially thought I'd get bored with all the card-making and historical references. But no! I had a lot of fun, in fact. This is definitely at my top ten Chinese transmigration novels with the most hilarious, engaging, and exciting plot!! (≧∀≦) ゞ

Especially when I read the cards that the protagonist later made, their skills were so hilarious that everyone was left speechless and he became public enemy #1 (they all want to grab him and hit him, even the game developers team, lol).


Some of these hilarious skills are a pig character (or was it an orc? I dunno, blame the MTL) was carrying the enemy to "bring back as his wife" 😂 (This is a kind of enemy isolation skill which takes the enemy out of the battle field and essentially removes a key card of the enemy' deck.)


Another skill is making the cards "fall in love", which technically gives them a debuff (something like, "I don't want to attack the enemy because I love him" or "because I love him I will share all damage with him"). Not to mention there's also a skill that "makes the card pregnant" which technically makes a miniature, inferior copy of the original card with a much hilarious description and execution (like, suddenly the enemy/ally cards get a notification abive its head that says "your card is pregnant, oreparing for labor in 9, 8, 7...") 😆


The romance is slow. It's the type that didn't just sprung up but gradually grew and developed. The male lead, Tang Muzhou, is a very patient, intelligent and even cunning gentleman.


He was also the first to realize his feelings for the protagonist and even planned to "boil the frog in a pot slowly until it's cooked" or something like that (I'm pretty sure I got the idiom wrong hehe ╮ (╯∀╰) ╭)


Tang Muzhou is particularly black-bellied, hiding a cunning mind behind his gentle smile. Meanwhile, the protagonist isn't to be left behind. He has a bright, youthful and warm aura outside of the game. But his unique card-making skills and tactical skills completely reveal his shameless, thick-skinned, and tenacious character. When these two people are together, it is expected that chaos will happen. Ahh, I really hope to see more of their story. At least give me some extras!! (〒︿〒) <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: Completed
From the same author as God Level Summoner, an amazing story. Read this a while ago and am excited to read it translated. Props to the translator for picking up this story. I can only express my sympathy with all of the lengthy history/story background in the card making chapters.

Loved this story. Game is a little confusing, I think it’s kind of like a mix of Pokemon and maybe Hearthstone? I don’t really know what Hearthstone is except that it uses cards. But basically each card player has their own... more>> set of cards and you can call out your cards and each of them have their own skills, and also have their own assigned races and elements. So probably just Pokemon cards.

The author gets kind of long-winded when introducing the MC making cards bc he always uses a chapter on like two cards by talking a lot of the actual story and history. Unfortunately I’m not that interested in that so I just skipped directly to the card info itself. I admit I’m pretty impressed by the creativity of the cards, props to the author.

ML is actually the sweetest person ever. He really pampers the MC and doesn’t ask for anything in return. MC is a cutie, kind of really dense but they do get together without much drama. This author just really likes dragging things on. Like the main story is 400 chapters and they get together at like chapter 266 even though the ML fell in love maybe at like chapter 100 or something. Plus they barely even see each other at all afterward. Can the author not write it so that the MC and ML are in the same team? And actually get to be lovey dovey before the extras? Extras for the MC and ML are actually adorable tho, and MC does tell ML about his coming from a parallel world. Other side couple in the extras though was just painful. This author just always has to put in some extreme dog blood. Omg.
But yeah, really enjoyed this. Wish there was some like world competition like in God Level Summoner, just so the MC and ML could have been together longer. Also this is set in a futuristic world but I couldn’t really tell at all besides the holographic game. Would recommend. <<less
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natsume142 rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: c42 part1
what can I say, great plot and very slow in the romance area but the whole card trading storyline is just too awesome.. I love trading cards and I live BL.. I say this is an absolute win *the hulk face*
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Meiyap rated it
October 15, 2019
Status: c400
It was fun. Learning about certain chinese legends. Admittedly, there was certain things that were too perfect but it was still fun. I enjoyed the novel. Props for the author. Props for the translator.

Tired now. Gn
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numba1nobody rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: --
This is getting ridiculous.I don't care if it is slow romance but I can't handle this anymore.

MC is too naive and too powerful. He doesn't take other things into account and paid attention to one thing.

The starting is good but he is just so bad. He sold of cards that has insta kill passive and he be like "This is bad".I'm so done in this novel waste of time.

There is no logic. How can a card with insta kill exist in such games.... That's like breaking the... more>> law of gaming.

So unrealistic.

Those side characters are getting on the nerve and the MC is so so childish.

There are many information skimmed and that he said he is "experienced" but he isn't...

Ugh this novel is like one of those OP naive MC but unlike others where it have those s*upid b*tches with harem tag, this one isn't.

Is this really yaoi no it's not I keep checking mtl they didn't do it even once I think and why do they call each other brother when they are lovers e.e at least this is shounen-ai why the hell is this yaoi tag I can't even Even change it idk if I'm wrong or correct but whatever.
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moonrune rated it
April 9, 2020
Status: c13 part1
It's aite but the buildup isn't fun enough to justify the slow start and the suspension of disbelief is just not working for me. Everyone else has been playing this game for years but only a couple of people see past the low stats of MC's first card to realize the 10% targeted fatality can level up to 100%? First of all, that shouldn't even be possible because it's way broken as a mechanic--even like 50% would seem like a believable mastered skill. Second, everybody should know this. Everyone knows... more>> skills level up and by how much! Everyone knows ML is a high PVP ranker who specializes in flower cards! But a flower card-targeting OHKO fatality card gets passed over by everyone but like two rankers? This is too contrived. Also, the game's balance makes no sense, because the devs don't have any control over the cards players have access to. What even is this madness? They let users make their own skills, and the only limitation is the user's own innate spiritual power? Great, thanks, so only, I don't know, 10%? Of users are game-breakingly overpowered instead of 100%, that'll sure attract more people than it turns off for the unfairness. I wouldn't play this game, and I'm not interested in this story either. <<less
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AoAo rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: c52 part2
TL;DR: Pretty plain story so far, with a lot of OP characters but not a lot of action. A lot of chapters for the story to develop though, so I hope it gets better.

The story's premise is interesting and is a different kind of game from most other e-sports stories, but it's a little repetitive. I'm all for OP characters, but it's a little boring if there aren't any unfriendly characters or any obstacles. ... more>>

It's always just that he makes an OP card, makes the card even more OP, gets scouted, refuses to join the club, rinse and repeat.

I'm hoping in the next 150 or so chapters MC starts to enter fights. Reading about him almost flawlessly making cards gets boring after more than twenty chapters of it. A little bit of action would be appreciated, even if he's still way too OP.

And while I've read my fair share of slow burn novels, this is... So slow. Is it even burning? Who knows. A quarter of the way in and the ML (or who I'm assuming the ML is, I have no idea because he's so insignificant so far) barely ever appears. I don't think the ML and MC could even be considered friends at this point. If the next 150 chapters continue at this pace, I honestly think it would've been better to not even create a romance at all.

While I complained about the too-friendly characters earlier, I do think they're nice touches. It's nice to read a nice fluffy story where characters are actually supportive. Not many of the very many side characters have been fleshed out so far, but those that have have very interesting backstories. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
January 25, 2020
Status: c50 part1
Very much a typical OP MC who is brought to another world and brings with them a previous life talent that is coincidentally super helpful in the new circumstances. Not much romance 50 chapters in. MC and ML don't have super-established personalities, and side characters are not very interesting either. I'm reading this more for the business management and eSports aspects than anything right now. I do like the unique folklore card powers element of the novel, so that's fun.
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cosmicimmortal rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this novel very much, its more focused towards the Star Card game and the eSports League games rather than the romance, however it was still a very enjoyable novel.

The character cards were innovative and funny making the very game intensive chapters easier and much more fun to read.

I am a little sad the romance between the MC and ML wasn't explored very deeply but the relationship between them was still cute and satisfying.

Overall a worthwhile read and a definite 5 stars for me.
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