Love, Expired


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Many years ago, Zhou Hao was still that nutcase that was proud on the surface, but underneath, he starved for love. He treated Jiang Yuqian as family, and was extremely good to him.

Jiang Yuqian did not love him, instead scorning him for irrationally clinging on to him, and finally sent him to hell with one kick.

Many years later, Zhou Hao’s disposition had improved a lot. He had learnt to love everyone good around him, the only exception being Jiang Yuqian.

Jiang Yuqian, however, was as though possessed. He started missing the uniqueness of the little nutcase, and started to cling on to him as though he was a plaster…

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Shruti kumari
New Shruti kumari rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: --
This novel is very much full of abuse and heartbreaking things. It's very emotional how MC just wants the love of ML but the ML didn't give a sh*t about it and treated MC very coldly like as if he has murdered all his family can't he just show even a little bit friendly towards him and when he realised that he love MC but MC didn't wanted him at that time ML even thought that he should take away all the people around MC so that MC only have... more>> him to depend. While reading it eyes became like a panda because of continuous crying it was so emotional. <<less
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astrobabe rated it
May 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Well, how to begin...I really like this story even though that might make me a masochist. It often seems that the "drama" and "mature" tags just mean a story will probably be tragic and depressing. But somehow, even though my heart often aches, there is that wonderful feeling of being pulled and the unshakable feeling of wanting to see resolution. I'm reading this through MTL and I can probably classify it as "medium to high" readability. There are of course parts that will not make sense, but the atmosphere and... more>> mood are often conveyed properly enough, even if that mood is most often "sad".

I don't know if I entirely like the MC and/or all of the characters including the ML and the side characters, except for MC's best friend. But I do know that I am rooting for them all. I want them to find happy endings despite their mistakes. There are a lot of entanglements all around. To be honest, they're all hot messes for different reasons. The MC in particular is as obsessive and irrational as the synopsis says he is... and he does a lot of s*upid things where you're just like, "STOOOOOP. Save yourself the trouuuuble. OMG PLS. YOU'RE KILLING ME." But in a very compassionate way. The ML is not a nice person...I don't even know if I want them to end up together. Part of me does but I also feel like that's the part that's been conditioned from reading all these BL light novels where it's like, "Oh, he's the ML. Get together. Okay." In this case, would it even be healthy for them to be together? I don't know...I haven't gotten far enough to get a sense of how they will develop and heal all scars left from the unhealthy parts of their relationship.

There are two important side characters introduced so far, and one is a cinnabun while the other is like...a sriracha cinnabun. Idk how I feel about the latter one who goes by the name of Sun Yiwen. Perhaps you will feel the same when you get to him.

I like this story because it is messy. I like it because it makes me feel something different. Often when I read other light novels, things are so clean and tidy and simple. "Ah, look, face-slapping. Eternal love across worlds. Uh... coincidental things that just work out in the MC's favor." Which is nice, but it gets stale after 50 chapters unless the author is adept at introducing different conflicts and rising tensions. The journey is often like entering a roundabout and circling 10 times before choosing the exit directly across from where you entered. The journey is often mindless, and you see the same scenery over and over again. This story... from my perspective, you're basically starting at a car wreck, and you're stumbling out. You sort of hope that you end up at a hospital so you can get all your injuries healed, but you actually don't have a phone so you're wandering around a little lost and suffering all the way. Even though it hurts to walk and it's an eternal struggle, you feel the indescribable need to try to reach that hospital. Will you end up at the hospital? You don't know. I don't know. But it's worth it to try.

I hope you try. And I hope you relish the experience as much as I do [did].

Edit: I completed the story. It's still worth 5 stars. I think I definitely missed some nuances and details because of MTL. There seemed to be parts near the 2/3rd point where it was a little stagnant? And some character developments that sort of just happened but based on the work as a whole, I'm inclined to believe it was due to MTL mistranslating key points that would've explained things. HOWEVER, honestly, this story kept me feeling anxious all the way until the end. It made me want to see how it resolved and also made me NOT want to see how it resolved because I had NO idea which way things were going to work out.

Be prepared.

Also things in this story people might not like:

Forced outing, adultery, coerced prostitution, stalker behavior, mental trauma

Some of these things are more prominent or are bigger segments of the text than others. 1, 2, and 3 take place during the first half and are events/scenes that aren't prolonged. 4 and 5 are thematic with 4 being integral to the relationship between certain characters and 5 centering around MC and how some people feel towards him. <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: c89
I think the most notable thing about this novel is how realistic it is. All the events has a logical cause and effect to it. (Take the MC's twisted personality for example. The terrible way he was treated in his childhood shaped him into the obsessive person he grew up into.)

This novel starts off with a lot of angst and drama, but after ch. 30, the novel kind of shifts into a slice-of-life story as the MC starts to live a more monotonous lifestyle (with a few major events... more>> popping up). It's rather boring, but it portrays a very realistic depiction of a day-to-day lifestyle. I guess it's something we can appreciate in a novel because it makes the gradual development in the MC so much more realistic and it really captures the slow of a process it is for a person to change themselves.

The whole novel goes over the course of 9 years and I'm so impressed with how the MC was able to turn his life around, free himself from his past burdens, and become a better person. I see this novel as the MC's personal growth story rather than a BL romance novel. I don't really care much for the main pairing and merely view it as a product of the MC's journey.

One thing I want to refute is one of the reviewer's claims about abuse in this novel. Yes, the MC used underhanded methods to get the ML, but you can't call it abuse. The MC and ML's relationship could be called unhealthy at best. This novel has a lot of s*x scenes (especially in the first 20 chapters). The scenes themselves are not explicit, but the graphic descriptions of the aftermath is enough to give you chills.

My thoughts on the ending:


I feel that the MC would be better matched with Sun YiWen than the ML, Jiang Yuqian. It's really sad that they split because of Sun YiWen's financial crisis (he made a deal with his sugar daddy to pay off his grandfather's medical debt).

Sun YiWen - I feel like Sun YiWen is the most insightful character in this novel and was the only character whom the MC seriously listens to. All the advice he gave to the MC seemed to have helped him for the better and all the positive changes in the Zhou Hao's life could be accredited to Sun YiWen's influence. Sun YiWen definitely has a special place in the MC's heart and the only person to make the MC feel emotional yearning.

The ML - The ML never had this level of influence that Sun YiWen had on the MC even after they reconciled and got together. I would even go far as to say that Sun YiWen's influence is the only reason the MC was willing to reconnect with the ML. Ironically, it was also due to Sun YiWen's parting advice that the two ending up breaking up because the MC chose to follow his heart to travel to Africa (for a humanitarian cause) instead of staying with the ML.




10s - there were several instances of the ML willingly showing up to the MC's home and taking care of the MC. The ML's harsh opinions of the MC starts changing as they spend more time together. (This is the calm before the storm)

20s - 3 major incidents occurs, causing the MC to be pushed further in despair and shatter his interest in the ML.

  1. MC finds out from Yan Ming that the ML knew that MC went through a level 7 earthquake but didn't attempt to find him. (This incident was particularly hurtful because it showed that the ML didn't care even if the MC's life was in danger)
  2. The ML posts a s*x video that shows MC's face (The MC knows that the ML did this as revenge because the MC pushed the ML's love interest down the stairs)
  3. MC's mother dies (Alienated by his mother for years, getting his mother's approval was a huge obsession of the MC. Her death completely shattered him. His failure to reconcile with his mother lead made the MC lose all hope in saving his strained relationship with the ML.)

By ch. 30, the MC is so emotionally damaged that he becomes completely indifferent towards the ML. He moves out of the house that was bought by the ML and starts living with Sun YiWen. Yan Ming (who is also heartbroken) moves out of Teacher Jiang's home and joins the MC and Sun YiWen.

30s - The ML realizes his feelings toward the MC. His love interests decides to peacefully break up with him after realizing that the ML is in love with the MC. The ML starts investigating the MC and eventually starts stalking the MC (just like how the MC had stalked the ML before he blackmailed him)

40s - Sun YiWen leaves with Ou Yi (it is implied that they have a sugar daddy-baby relationship). The MC moves out of the city to a rural town.

ch. 47 - 3 year timeskip.

50s-60s - The ML continues to stalk the MC after he returns. (This whole section was very boring because all we see is just the ML following the MC in his day-to-day life.)

70s - the MC no longer rejects the ML's company and starts warming to the ML. He even quits his job to move back to City A to live with the ML.

80s - The MC's stepfather and half-sister stirs up trouble. MC has his emotional reunion with Sun YiWen. The MC comes clean to ML's parents about their relationship. The ML breaks up with the MC when the MC refuses to cancel the registration to volunteer at a hospital in Africa and for hiding about his confrontation with the ML's mother. MC returns after 2 years and the two get back together.

  • Zhou Hao - age 33 (at the end of novel)
  • Jiang Yuqian - age 30
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February 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Strong book contains abuse, trauma and much more.

But has a happy ending.
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