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A scum top Alpha who refused to take responsibility for what he had done, and a poor pregnant Omega that had been abandoned. However, the compatibility of their pheromones was at a 100%, commonly called a Perfect Match, and the probability of this happening in the general population was 0.0002%.

— I’ve screwed myself big time and scared my wife away, what should I do?
— Keep clinging and pestering, get him back even if you have to kneel on a washing board.

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Tốt Nhất Phù Hợp
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aseret rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: --
Till Ch4:

ML has a disorder to sexually seek MC while not fully conscious. Then r*pes pregnant MC then wakes up......

MC: I love u but u don't love me. So I and ur employee tricked u to have s*x with me regularly for 1 year 3 month. And I got pregnant but course of ur disorder u did me yesterday too. Don't worry the disorder isn't anything bad as long your mate (me) is available for ur needs. We have 100% pheromone blabla.... Don't u love me?

d*ck ML: No, that child... more>> I didn't want with an omega I didn't love abort it.

Comments: abuse ML. MC just wanted to be loved what's wrong with that you tr*sh

Me: WTF!!! Sure ML is a super-mega ass, but MC isnt innocent at all in my opinion. Using someone who is not in the right state of mind to have s*x, who wouldnt want to when fully concious, isnt that also r*pe? <<less
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takame rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: Completed
PLS GIVE CHANCE TO READ FIRST. If you have a weak heart just skim up to chapter 28. The whole point of the novel is the character development. Story goes forward AFTER the r*pe. The early arc is just for setting the stage.

This is instinct-driven omegaverse, must not be compared to real life! jeesuz. And oh if you can't remove yourself from it, sure go ahead and fully blame someone that seems a bipolar? IMO this story should be read w/ the right perspective... omegaverse society and biology is different... more>> from us. The MC will wake up from his brain-dead lovesick state and the ML too will wake up from his s*upidity and suffer make up for everything.

The message is loud and clear. Even in an omegaverse where intuition is everything, love is beyond pheromones and gene matching. (and that hy-d-ra reviewer perfectly missed this bcos it's just so easy to judge) The Alpha is a slag, that is a FACT but I love his huge character development. Even just for this, give a chance to read. At first I just wanted to see how seme got kicked off his high chair so I MTL-ed. I didn't expect myself to tear up several times in the story :)) It pinched my heart so much. Especially at chap 39 when


MC kissed ML the same way the latter did one year ago... and literally showed him the coldness of how he was treated, when ML denied MC's feelings for him. Now what ML did was done to him and each and every dumb actions of his get slapped back to his face. I like how he faced all his mistakes like a man, not brush at off.


What made me forgive him is

the process where his arrogance was slowly broken. For me, the toxic actions he did is just author's idea to raise him high in order to make him fall down harder. (So I recommend to just be patient and read on.) Later, he made such innumerable sacrifices for the MC... he suffered for years and finally, he made the biggest sacrifice. Letting the omega go at the expense of his body, mental health, the company and his most precious heir-dom. I was a crying mess at this part. Very beautiful.


TDLR; A-level dogblood. It's a great novel to wash your tearducts. And YES, it's so cathartic seeing ML suffered and suffered and suffered in the later half of the story. They don't do this enough in other scum gong stories.

Above all, I think the best thing the ML learned to give to MC is RESPECT. Another important thing: The ABO universe in this story is SO detailed and well-written. It explained estrus, pheromones & the social behaviour w/c makes sense. The omegaverse's "animalistic" sensation felt real and tangible.

As a conclusion, please read tags and reviews. It's unreasonable to rate a story low because of PREFERENCES and totally ignoring how well-written it is. It's so unreasonable. This novel is good for it's target market and it's genre. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: --
Just wow, how people justify this, because this is ABO. Do you condone inadequate behavior and all that is happening, just because... pheromones? Ok.

Imma joining 1 star gang and I'd like to throw some cold water from things one is able to pick up at early stages. Especially, when there are so many reviews posing that pheromones should somehow correlate with feelings of love. Basic omegaverse setting is that pheromones serves as a physical attraction, not an emotional one, if you say that it represents love then anyone who... more>> recognizes pheromones of the other person should fall in love instantly by that type of thinking. Let's not abandon logic.

Btw about logic. Who wants to read about Alpha that takes an Omega to some place for talks, not a hospital for a check-up, right after raping them? And I must stress that in that situation when Omega shouldn't be able to sit (yes, to all the virgins, rougher s*x will give you the gist of how uncomfortable it is to keep a sitting position, which means his pain should be way more unbearable), this little Omega doesn't insist on doing a check-up, worried that contractions could have been hurtful to the baby, but instead sits comfortably, drinking fuken cocoa like some creep otaku shooting loving gazes towards ML who screwed him in unconscious state for more than a year. I don't understand this Stockholm syndrom princess and have no wish to find out, really. For the sake of dogblood, some stories can have all type of tragedy, but my problem is how they off the bat don't have any human integrity and realness.

Btw, the idea is same as Madarame and clas pres from 'Seх Pistols' - the whole being unconscious and seeking warmth and this being kept a secret. I'm not sure if author is aware that her idea isn't new... at all :'D <<less
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June 2, 2019
Status: Completed
4.5 stars for me

The fact that someone RATE this just because of chapter 1 was absolutely irrelevant. I hate r*pe too, but the translator already gave a warning that this is a dog blood story. At least it's not like the cliche shoujo Chinese love story where the girl gets r*pe etc then the story goes on for thousands of chapters, ugh cringe

Although this one starts a bit off in the beginning, there was actually a good explanation for it. I was just disappointed with the ml's parents since they... more>> haven't got along for like 20 years, like wtfffff. I waited for them to be in love again but it didnt happen, wtf happen to an alpha who can't get away from his omega, the author shouldn't have added that since its redundant but overall the story is good <<less
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SublimiSomnium rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c1
Nope - that beginning is a deal breaker. Starts off with the ML violently assaulting the MC's door before he r*pes the pregnant MC. Reaction and thoughts of the MC make it clear they are in an abusive relationship and the MC was on the run. ML should be imprisoned and not be allowed within 10 miles of MC. Allowing the ML even the possibility of redeeming himself after this abuse is to normalize this disgusting behavior and I can't do it - I know too many people with similar... more>> situations IRL. Hope none of the fans have to deal with this situation or have to stick up for someone dealing with this so you can keep getting a good nights sleep. Good luck to the translator/s! <<less
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harukonakahara143 rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: Completed
5.0! 5.0! 5.0!
Just done reading this novel. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride! What a tear-jerker, heart pincher novel! :) This novel ignited my hatred towards the ML (alpha) because of what he did to MC (omega) but as I read towards the end of this novel, I can really see how the character of the ML develops.

... more>>

From a scum to someone who cherishes his omega.


I like the MC of this novel. He didn't immediately forgive the ML and let the ML feel what he felt before.


From chapter 39
Last fall, in this cafe, he rejected He An's love.

Now the same scene, but two people have changed their positions. MC kissed the ML with no emotions.

When He An (MC) handed everything back intact, Zheng Feiyu (ML) finally truly felt what He An tasted.


As their feelings grew, ML gave some advice to MC regarding his work and also helped MC with his studies. A very supporting person (ML) who now treats our MC with respect and love. #CharacterDevelopment


They have a cute daughter and twins. CUTe Twins.

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Dragon_Reader rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a book about a pathetic omega with NO self-esteem or dignity and an idiotic, abusive alpha with NO sense of responsibility getting together. Instead of slapping the sh*t out of the ML and having him arrested for his raping ways, the MC let's him inside every time. The ML, despite waking up in MC's bed AND his most trusted confidants AND doctors explaining to him about his medical conditions, decides that the MC is just a money-grubbing, cheating who*e and abuses him even more.

As for how they get... more>> together? Not important at all! Translation team is awesome but I hated the book. <<less
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Ravenexe rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: Completed
The story was written very well. I had cried reading this on mtl. ? The shou's feelings were written very well. The gong was just a bastard.?

though he did make up for it in the end.


its good that the gong was not forgiven easily. He deserves to suffer???



the baby was cute???

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tinkiness rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Read the raws. The TW is there from the very beginning, so don't like don't read. Second, it's instinct-driven ABO, so certain behaviours are expected. EVERYTHING is clearly tagged by the author and the translator so I don't even know why the hate is there.

I've read a couple other titles by this author, and they have a penchant for making the beginning very uncomfortable to read in that the CP relationship and the behaviours of the gong and shou are very questionable, but as the story progresses and the plot... more>> twists unravel, it does redeem all the mixed feelings you have going in. The plot is not as linear as you are led to believe; this is one author you don't jump to conclusions on early.

That being said, for this particular novel, I felt the omega wasn't showing enough of how much he's been traumatized during the healing part. His feelings for the alpha run deep -- AND IT'S NOT JUST BECAUSE OF INSTINCTS -- but unfortunately their first meeting is revealed too late, so by the time everything is out in the open, the omega's easy acceptance of the alpha back in his life isn't as affective. Obviously the shou is keeping himself mostly calm because otherwise it'd trigger excruciating pain, but that unfortunately hindered potential character dev and more connection with the readers. I would've liked seeing more of the omega showing why he fell in love with the alpha in the first place; the shou sitting in the bakery cafe just talking and learning from the alpha was a really nice segment.

Another thing I want to mention about this novel is I hate children and how they serve as emotional escape routes for suffering adults, I'd rather the CP work out the issues between themselves instead of using the daughter as a tool. I might've rated this novel a 4 if the daughter wasn't there.

Overall it's a nice, entertaining read for the more mature readers who enjoy scumbag gongs fighting to win back the shous. The translation is still in its early days, so those who get easily rattled or have stronger black and white morals should probably let the chaps build before giving it a try. <<less
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Lea168 rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5/5 rating

(please note that it is a scumbag story incl. Abo/mpreg and r*pe, so overall rating on Novel Updates by all readers for these type of stories never exceeds 4.0 from my experience. But if you like/don't mind these tags, great chance you find this story super addicting!).

ML was a terrible and terrible scumbag in the first part. To the extent that I nearly dropped the story as I disliked him so much that didn't want to read about him anymore. However, I'm super glad I finished it.... more>> 2nd part was super great!! Especially when the evil ex appeared, it was super satisfying how they dealt with that and all the fluff in the end.


1. Be prepared for r*pe scenes in the beginning (though there is a medical reason for that and ML doesn't enjoy it. He was shocked too when he found out. You will soon discover that in the early chapters)

2. You will hate ML 200% at the beginning. 3. MC is a doormat in the beginning, but that changes. He is never the cruel type, but stays kind.

If this doesn't deter you then you will be pleasantly surprised by a totally refreshing 2nd part. The story and environment change 180 degrees and the healing and forgiving part happen quite naturally. ML becomes a super respectful and patient Alpha trying to redeem himself.

Side characters are really great. Supportive, loving. Especially ML's assistant and his Omega father.

I read the translation till chapter 14 and found the raws and MTL'ed it. MTL was doable and you get used to the errors. I recommend to find the raws yourself and click on the English option instead of reading those MTLed novel websites, those MTL was much worse. I couldn't find the raws for the Extras though. If anyone knows where to find please let me know :) <<less
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wired.eye rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: c82
It's strange how people rate novels based not on character construction but on their moral quality. High rate, only for novels with budha-like characters, right? Well, the disgusting 188 series gets high rates no matter how wicked and malicious the MLs are.
In this one, yes, the ML is among the scummiest of the scummiest. Truly hateful. But NOT because of the r*pes.

In this novel, ML has a unique condition, similar to split personalities, I would say close to what happens to werewolves in western fiction. He acts like a... more>> wolf, without limits, r*pes the MC on every encounter and when he is conscious he doesn't remember anything. The description of the r*pes highlights, not a situation of pleasure, but of the terror felt by the MC, especially during pregnancy. What I can understand, as well as the MC, is that this 'condition' is beyond the ML's rational capacity, and even after the attacks the MC tries to appease the ML like a pet.

What should be shocking is when the ML is CONSCIOUS, which is when he really destroys the MC and treats him like tr*sh, because of his pride as a top of the notch alpha. Hence he is indeed one of the scummiest of all of the scums.

HOWEVER, when there is a conversation between ML and his omega dad, we can understand the author's view of society in the ABO universe, which dismantles the argument that appears in some reviews.

The downside is, despite the (conscious) ML suffering a lot after confronting his 'other personality', and his own prejudices, he ends up being welcomed back by the MC. The victim's forgiveness should not be linked to living with the oppressor again. The reader must be aware that this is a novel and NOT a survival manual for those who suffer domestic violence or abuse.

3, 75/5, 00. The writing isn't superb, and the final part is a cold shower for anyone who expects the ML to suffer according to their previous conscious actions, and the victim MC being able to live a dignified life without the presence and protection of the former oppressor. Does the extreme rare 100% match demand that they have to end up as a pair no matter what? Well, yes. The title is 'Perfect Match', right? So, the author chose the ML/Alpha redemption road. <<less
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Cough rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 for me

I was really scared reading this because I rarely read um angsty novel. The ML is a scumbag! I really hate him, I cursed him while reading but after all he changed, he knows his wrongdoing, he knows he doesn't deserve MC and he knows that better than any, I still want him to suffer more tho xD This novel is hard to get through (for me, I usually read novel where ML isn't a scumbag) but it's so worth the tears and effort. He An is one... more>> of the strongest characters I've ever seen ToT. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
gnessa14 rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: Completed
What's up with all the low rating? This story is excellent. ML had a personality split of some kind which explained his earlier behaviors. One personality despised the forced pheromone match because of his past experience with an ex. One personality was attracted to MC.

The second half redeemed ML and developed their relationship very well. ML's parents were also well-developed.

... more>>

MC had an operation to supress the pheromone and moved to a small town with his little girl. After a lot of suffering, ML split personalities merged and he wanted MC back. ML moved to MC's place to redeem himself. MC had no pheromone at this point so ML's feeling for MC didn't depend on it.


Just read the raw. Very good. <<less
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xiaoliyang rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: Completed
If you’d only read the first part and going, whooop, not for me, that’s fine. But, though it was a harrowing journey and I felt sickened by the ML, this story is more than the abuse it was actually warned to be.

This story, covering the dark side of ABO and pheremone compability, is more than the abuse it was presented in the first chapters. It is is about healing and forgiveness.

Reading their reunion is just heartbreaking

... more>>

The reunion at the countryside inn, wherein ML is expecting the reunion that we usually read about in these kinds of books, was beautifully written. MC was so scared of him and ML was so guilty and I was just screaming my throat and hurting all over.

ML was not forgiven easily. He had to earn their trust and MC was not a soft flower. He had withstood so much pain and come out of it still.


I warn you now though that you will bawl. You will be broken down into pieces and it will be glorious when the story helps put you back together.

Please give this story a chance. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, a rainbow after the storm, and you can wipe your tears and stand again when you cry and fall. <<less
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MaeJinIang rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I'll rate this novel 4.3

Cuz this made me cried so hard.

Just finished reading the MTL. Honestly, I am quite reluctant to read this novel because of the bad reviews. Still I tried reading it (Anyways I kinda like dog blood, tear jerking stories, so yeah¯_ (ツ) _/¯). This novel really made me cry a lot. Its tearjerking and I really want to strangle the ML so bad, only if I could enter the novel. ... more>>

ML was a jerk, YES he hurted He An (MC) many times. But as time passes he realized that he loved He An. He tried so hard to chased He An, slowly and not forcefully. What I love about this novel was that the MC (He An) has dignity and stand, he doesn't easily forgave the ML (Zheng Fei) and let Zheng Fei proved himself that he really love He An more than the pheromone thing. And also when Zheng Fei realizes that he fell for He An and chased after him he didn't use his dominant pheromone to get what he wants.


Yes, there was a time when he accidentally hurted He An again

because his 'spousal' something disease run amok again. He An was sent to the hospital and that time Zheng Fei was terrified and obediently distance himself from He An. He even plan to cut his glands off so he can be together with He An...


Anyways that's all. I'm spoiling to much I think. (。ŏ_ŏ) ╮ (╯▽╰) ╭

Please don't mind my grammar🙏. <<less
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Kumo723 rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: c42
Don't read this with normal logic and only read it as a skeleton in the closet guilty pleasure. Trust me, you're gonna hate the ML's ass.

I remember around chpt 3 -4 somewhere when the ML criticize the MC for being poor and having a bad income job. So what if his job doesn't pay as much as urs?? He's working and he's get taking anyone's money!! What's wrong with that?? It's money he worked hard for, he didn't steal or murder someone for it. And what's wrong with working in... more>> a pet shop and flower shop?? Some ppl just like pets and flowers, I mean know I want to work in a pet shop!! <<less
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Maddietheyorkie rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: Completed
After reading the first 3 translated pages, I went on and MTL it myself. Couldn't put it down until I finished mtling. It's heart wrenching to read, a lot of pain and angst. Story about your soulmate, love, lost, and regrets. You'll have to look past the r*pe tag. It's fiction give it a try, isn't that's why we read BL. I know sometimes it hard to stomach but it's a good redemption story. This is an ABO storyline so it has to do with pheromones and their attraction to... more>> these people have.


3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
agathe rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: Completed
This story has a very strong writing about hormones driven beings

by no way would it make sense considering earth evolution or biology, and in the same manner the A-O relationship can not be compared to human lovers relationships : there are stronger distinctions in matters of « gender » personalities. At the minimum the premise of the addiction of the omega is far of common dependency on a lover

Although the premises are biologically non sensical (yes reproduction is way more important than pairing, and survival is too much a... more>> key to make people that hormone crazed), the unbearable and irresistible influence of the pheromones is really very smartly implemented

i liked how it was not just about the « poor » s*x crazed weak and victimized omega - and although you will dislike him the alpha has it quite bad in there

and basically I liked how it’s not so human - making it a bit different


Start first : it’ A happy ending story, but it’s not naive and silly, as said, the beginning is very violent. What’s amazing is that the relationship can repair in such a clever way that you can be ok with it - knowing you’re very very unwilling to forgive anything for a lifetime, and for many chapters

it’s nearly unbearable beginning the abuse are savage, the MC is tortured to a very bad level, it involves r*pe, but worse, it involves « mutilations » and it’s quite angsty and sour for a long time (endure around 10/12 chapter skipped quite a bit)

then the duality of the ML who litteral split personality to resist and « control » his unbearable impulses - which of course brings hell- is quite interesting... maybe that’s the best part - saddly it’s a bit short and becomes underwhelming once he finds the truth about himself


why 4 ? If not 3.5 - well, I like fluff, but it seems to lose smart the more it becomes fluffy,

In a way I really regret that the idea of this society under hormones influence is not more different - the strong premise is somewhat betrayed, and get lost in stereotypical ending


the key to bring every to a good place is ok, but weak, and you can regret the play of « fate » which deprive the MC of decisions making

small details at the ends becomes way too stereotypical of « good » thinking », bordering silly nonsense and it looses depth and charm

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
switbluangel rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: Completed
There was r*pe. There was lots of abuse. There was lots of dog blood drama.

So why am I giving full marks? Because there was redemption. There was character growth. There was understanding between the MC and the ML.

Most novels I read with similar tags only have the ML give me a certain discontent but not this ML. Sure he was scummy at first, and mind you he comes close to my top five scummiest ML of all time, but as the novel progress, you can see his character development as... more>> well.

This novel is not just about falling in love and pheromone compatibility. This is about forgiveness as well as redemption (and when I say redemption, I mean true redemption. Not the kind a lot of novels are showing now a days where the characters turn from bad to good but the kind where you right the wrong you did)

One of the reviews said to read it from chapter 28 if you're not into r*pe, abuse and dogblood, which is true but you will never feel the essence of the entire novel that way.

What I recommend is start from chapter 1. You have to steel yourself though because I kid you not, it's going to make your blood boil.

I like how MC also have a character progression instead of remaining stagnant being manipulated with love and pheromones.

Over all the novel is good. It'll bring you heartache, lots of tears, anger, frustration, laughs and lots of fluff (on the later part of course).

A very well written novel. Thanks to the author who created such a good novel. <<less
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December 23, 2022
Status: c13
Dropped because the story lacks logic and the author isn't good at developing her characters. Grade-school writing.

The MC lives in a fictional equivalent of a modern society - at this point in the story the author has not given any reason why, when the ML continuously force himself on the MC, the MC doesn't

A: Call the police and get a restraining order

B: Go to the hospital - at least when he's r*ped while pregnant (he's bleeding each time, so any normal person who doesn't want to harm his own health... more>> would seek medical aid).

C: Reveal the problem to the ML when he's conscious again so they together can try and solve the issue.

While the ML is not developed properly and so far only presented as a complete scum man, he does have reason to be hostile to the MC. The MC and the ML's assistant has hidden the ML's assaults and his unconscious beserker-state from the ML for over a year. Why don't they think the ML deserves to know how he acts and why? The assistant in the beginning even thinks to himself how the ML repeatedly raping the MC makes the assistant's job easier, because afterwards the ML is easier to be around after he has 'relieved his pressure'. That's some serious deception and basically pimping the MC for his own benefit. Yet the assistant is portrayed as a good person.

What the MC and assistant does also completely denies the ML any agency. A more skilled author would examine how the reveal affected the ML's mental state - wouldn't he from now on be constantly afraid of losing control and succumb to his unconscious urges?

The ML seems to be the typical cold CEO-type who acts brain-dead.

The MC has clear Stockholm syndrome - hiding the truth from the ML to continue to get his 'love' (aka being r*ped again and again). Yet when he gets pregnant and the r*pes become a problem (damages his health and a risk to the fetus), he still doesn't try to fix the issue or even telling the ML that he got him pregnant (the ML deserves to know this). The MC finally has enough when the ML r*pes him to an extent where his and the child's life are in danger, which seems hypocritical considering the ML acts in the exact same way as always.

The author's lack of logic and one-dimensional characters is annoying - I picked this up because someone compared it to Alpha Predator (which is ABO crematorium done right), but this author doesn't have Shui Qiancheng's skill of writing compelling, three-dimensional characters. When a crematorium goes straight for abuse without any build-up and just makes the MC=pitiful and tormented and the ML=scum, then there's no tension to the story and no personality to the characters.

Won't rate it since I dropped it early on, but considering I've read another story by this author which also wasn't very good and had the same problems with illogical character decisions and underdeveloped writing, I think it's safe to say that this story isn't worth reading unless you like brain-dead dogblood melodrama with dumb characters. <<less
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