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This is a story where you love me but I don’t love you. A sweet story about an alpha and an omega.

He did not cherish him in the past, wantonly trampling over the other party’s affection, cutting the other party with bruises all over. How much of a bastard was he, that he was able to exhaust the other party’s affection, and the other party only requested for freedom.

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New lavendidi rated it
September 7, 2022
Status: Completed
People who like this might be crazy in the heaf. Thank you @Nonamescheme for the emotion-filled comment. Reading this is basically angst for myself. I want to stop because it's so frustrating to read but am still doing so hoping to find that one tiny good thing to say and ends up suffering more instead because it's getting worse the more chapters there is.
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sleepingjay rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is pretty much what it says on the tin: a cliche "I like you, you don't love me story". There are points where I thought it would stray a bit from cliches and would be more unique, but in the end it never did.

I did cry for the MC, his pain is pretty well done. I was utterly disappointed with the reconciliation though.

... more>>

MC gave ML divorce papers for him to sign because he was done with the pain. ML tried to reject this by saying he loved him, but wasn't able to convince MC (and himself) that he fell in love. So ML just... gave up and signed the divorce. Why did he give up in just one try? I was annoyed by this. He hurt MC so badly, why did he feel that it would be quick to convince MC? He should have given them both time, and thought over things properly before rushing to MC. At this point he was still acting like he wanted MC to continue showering him with love, yet couldn't say he loved MC, even though a lot of his actions say he's falling in love. Instead of self-reflecting, he signed the divorce, choosing the easy way out of the problem.

Then, he still won't give up on MC and kept bothering him. He doesn't really do anything particularly heartwarming, just "husbandly duties" like picking MC up from work, etc. And ML was emotionally manipulative, using their baby to make MC accept ML's presence.

Then during fckng estrus, he "persuaded" (lbr to me it was: forcing) MC to marry him again. When after estrus MC refused the marriage, ML again... used s*x to persuade him to agree. And MC agreed (of fckng course).

It's a disappointment that instead of a proper courting and sincere apologies over a long period of time, there was only explanations and apologies in bed. I felt that ML was a coward who never faced his problem, and though this was acknowledged in the story, it never felt like he actually fixed this problem. He couldn't even talk properly with MC on MC's terms, instead resorting to s*x until MC gave in. I never felt like the ML deserved MC back. Even though ML was the one that supposedly regretted everything, it was still time and time again MC giving in. When ML didn't love him, MC had to follow his wishes. When ML loved him, MC still had to follow his wishes.

This is in no way romantic.


I don't agree with a bunch of the content, but it was engaging and well-written for what it is. The author's writing style is quite pretty, but the slightly awkward translation does detract a bit. <<less
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Junki Yard
Junki Yard rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c32
"A sweet story about an alpha and an omega."


Those of you who are looking for sweet, fluffy stories... run faraway!

All I see in this story is bittersweet unrequited feelings (lead characters take turns), dog blood drama, some unrealistic and conveniently written plot devices, misunderstandings, Misunderstandings and more MISUNDERSTANDINGS!
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: Completed
1st of all, the summary might be just a sentence but it says a lot in the story. I think it is perfect and there's no reason to change it in future.

2nd, don't be hesitant to read this, this is not your typical omegaverse. The story is so hard to read in a way that every sentences and chapters makes my heart bleed.

its a happy ending


3rd, the story also shows a lesson. Please learn to open up your heart and that not everything you see is true, and just because someone wasnt able to satisfy your expectation doesnt mean that person decieved you or your love.

It was a great short story, I really like stories like these. I'm really gratefull for the translator for picking this one up. Even though I've read it thru mtl, I will still support the translator.


I actually hate the younger brother because he's such an innocent jerk, MC saved him when they were still a child and he was still able to be ahppy go lucky even though they grew up and his older brother (the mc) is so shy and timid



The ML was almost an as*hole throughout the story, BUT if you put your feet in his shoes you'll realize why he acts that way



our MC was given a justice dont worry, and this story is amazing and simple


I highly recommend this to everyone

5 stars rating
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paperballoon rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: extra 2
I cried a lot. I feel so much for MC. However, there are a few grievances in this story.

... more>>

Like MC's "incident" when he was a kid that made him so reticent. Was he kidnapped? ML just skipped that part in the diary and didn't think too much about it. And MC's falling out with his family wasn't explained so much either.

I also wish that ML suffered more. I don't think he ever even apologized properly for misunderstanding and getting violently physical with MC that made him almost miscarriage. He just confessed "I realized I love you when you left" while MC was in heat (which made him muddle-headed that time) and poof! They're together again.

This is my opinion, but I think I would've preferred it if MC died while giving birth (I think it was unrealistic that he survived AND think of getting pregnant AGAIN) so that ML can always carry his guilty feelings for MC especially when he looks at their son (who looks like MC). Or an alternate ending where MC got together with his nice boss. Whatever. I just really want ML to suffer.

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redxx rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: Completed
I will recommend you to read this when you are looking for a short and a angsty read. And I give this novel around 4-4.5stars. Because I am alittle disappointed with some aspects.

So this is basically:

A simple and short ABO story about childhood friends. ML who could not forget his first love and MC who wants his love.

... more>> There's the usual plots you would expect but I won't say its exaggerated or makes you annoyed.

MC is an innocent fluff and ML's behaviour is more than understandable. Some may felt he was a bastard but considering that


it has been mentioned ML really loved his first love (childhood friend, so thats like a decade of love) to the point of imagining them getting married and marked. Isnt his actions justifiable? Other than an unecessary slap to the pregnant MC.


MTL is quite reliable for those who wants to read ahead. Yes, yes I am the translator so trust me its a easy MTL read...

you dont need to mtl I Am Done ? <<less
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Estelle_star_QAQ rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: --
Okay, so here's my review.

As a fairly mature reader who has conscience of when things go too far, if say that this novel took things WAY too far.

The ML was disappointing and disgusting in everyway. Yes, we get that it's not easy to move on, but that doesn't mean you have any right to treat people that horribly without any firm proof.

Even if we excuse that, he should have, if he had a little conscience and actual love for the MC, left the MC considering how much he (ML)... more>> hurt him (MC), cause that is what one should do.

What what does ML do? He guilt trips the MC and manipulates into getting back together with his disgusting self.

Those reviews saying ML is not a scum but just realistic is honestly FUXXED UP. He is more than just a scum to treat a person that way and still not let them free. He's disgusting.


The MC, well, I'd say he's pitiful. He was devoid of real love his entire life but still turned out so much better.

To sum it up, the MC is a lovely, albeit extremely forgiving and naive human being who longs for love. He's what you get when you're devoid of affection. He deserves so much better that what he got.

For me, MC, as a character with feeling's is a lovely being but feels as though he doesn't truly belong there, in that dogblooded and unreasonable novel. Hell, the MC didn't even get the respect from anyone.


As an entire, this novel is a no-go for me. Please do not heed to the 5 stars reviews as many of them feel like people 'trying to be edgy'.

Read this if you like;

Unreasonable ML

Passerby characters

MC that literally is tortured by the author

Love triangle with a dead person.

MC that doesn't get what they deserve.

Don't read this if you're searching for;

You're searching for redemption arc

Better ending for MC

Good supporting characters

Reasonable antagonist

Respect for MC

0/5, not recommended if you like MC being respected and cared for by people cause this novel got nothing of it. <<less
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Shrike1978 rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is wrong in so many ways.

The relationship between the MC and the ML isn't angsty, it's dead on arrival. There's nothing there.

The MC supposedly loves the ML but, it feels more like he loves the happiness that came from seeing his little brother -who he genuinely adored- be happy and having a friend/brother-in-law.

That he has the expectation of a loving relationship with the ML who was totally in love with his dead brother and he wanted them to have a happy ending just completely ridiculous and... more>> forced into the story with a crowbar.

Then there's the big misunderstandings.

First, the MC's parents are scumbags. The only good thing about the story is that he cuts them off completely. To drug their own son to force a marriage between him and his dead brother's lover is seriously wrong and disgusting.

Second, clearing up the misunderstanding about why the MC didn't donate a kidney to save his little brother would take one. freaking. sentence. He's allergic to anesthetics. That's reasonable. And the ML would have understood at that point.

The whole running away while in a high risk pregnancy, doing lots of physical stuff while in a high risk pregnancy, not taking proper care in a high risk pregnancy, s*x in a high risk pregnancy..... give me a break! Also, they benevolent (and apparently stinking rich) bookstore owner who pays 10x the normal salary and an classy apartment so the MC can afford to high price supplements instead of instant noodles is too dumb to be believed.

At the end, I wanted them to get divorced.

It's not even worth mentioning that the translation is total garbage at this point. Read something better and don't waste your time on this. <<less
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The Dicktator
The Dicktator rated it
December 31, 2019
Status: Completed
The beginning of the novel was quite smooth. The plot (which is basically the romance between the two main characters) progressed neatly until the drama kicked in. It was an angsty story with happy ending which I'm into, though I despise too much drama. Anyway I have a few grievances with the story.

... more>>

The ML behaved like a complete jerk. It looked like he was just looking for an excuse to doubt the MC so he could hate him. I get that he was furious but it was a grand douche move to abuse the MC while he's pregnant with your frickin' child and you did it without even giving him a chance to explain. Like you've known him almost your whole life and you also know that he's been in love with you since childhood. If he had any bad intentions then he would have made a move at least once. How self centred can you be to just assume that he would choose to let his brother die to have you? Also the MC was too self sacrificing and too devoted. Poor guy has low self esteem and to make it worse, his parents were awful human beings. I was very happy when he cut ties with them. What aggravated me the most however, is the fact that MC became pregnant fairly early with his second child. Like do you even care for your life? Though MC is a self sacrificing idiot, ML didn't even bother to prevent the pregnancy when MC almost died giving birth to their first child and he isn't even completely healed yet.

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October 3, 2021
Status: --
I feel like I'm being emotionally blackmailed into sympathizing with MC....

The ML sucks but I can't get over the beginning of what happens to ML.
... more>>

MC and his mom coordinated a pheromone release and timed ML bringing soup MC to make them have blind sek driven by their pheromones and trap ML into marriage.... The novel states that even though MC's brother, ML's white moonlight, died, MC's parents still wanted ML to be part of their family so it was "their idea" to induce estrus for both of them and MC was just a "tool" to be used in their plan, but dude is just as culpable. MC is selfish and knew that ML was still grieving over the death of MC's brother, it had only been 2 yrs, yet when MC's mom asked him if he "wanted" ML he said yes and just thought it would work out over time??? Also, MC begged ML to mark him while they were doing it, and I guess MC might not have been fully conscious during his request but that was still part of MC's original intent....



After their forced wedding, which was I think 2 wks after the r*pe, ML got drunk and went to the cemetery to see his white moonlight and the novel narrates MC pathetically waiting for him back at home like readers are supposed to react "aww why doesn't ML want to love MC after being r*ped and being trapped into marriage : (". The translation on shubaow was "Mu Jin knows the weight of his brother in his heart, but he still wants to strive for happiness, and he also has the right to love." This doesn't make me want to sympathize w/ Mu Jin.... it just makes me think he feels entitled b/c he "doesn't ask for much" so he feels that it's ok to ask for this? He knew what he was getting and set up the trap himself?


I keep reading these danmeis of authors setting up impossible situations where:
1) ML is a victim of sexual assault by MC or MC's parents or ML's parents
2) then the authors write ML to become an unquestionably disgusting monster that readers eventually can't sympathize w/
3) while MC transforms from the aggressor to helpless yet dedicated victim whose affections haven't been returned after yrs of marriage despite MC's "enduring love and loyalty" (ex. Muted)

It makes me uncomfortable b/c it implies the idea that:

1) sexual assault towards men can be excused if it was done w/ the act of "love" by the aggressor
2) the aggressor is just as deserving of sympathy for not receiving affection they craved after assaulting the victim w/ good intentions and trapping them into a relationship
3) the aggressor is not "evil" for committing the assault and they can be people who are "inherently good" that make bad decisions
4) the victim is not always the victim and can be just as malicious as the aggressor
5) this isn't an issue that necessitates divorce as long as you work through the situation as a couple and never give up on your feelings for each other (?)

The overall message can seem to be "there is no clear victim or aggressor, people hurt each other and the most important thing to do is to forgive and move on for the sake of your happiness".

As a reader, it seems like authors are trying to deliver a thought provoking message assessing different perspectives on morality and intrinsic nature of human beings but it just falls flat most of the time when the story is told through the original aggressor's pov and characterizes ML as a neglectful, emotionless, manipulative monster rather than a layered, dynamic character w/ faults like any other person. Then MC is painted as "obvious" victim who loved so desperately to the point of committing assault, despite being an innocent sheep for most of their life. "But that's the point!!" Lol, no, I feel like the authors are trying to gaslight the readers to view these situations in such a warped manner


It's undeniable that ML sucks in this story but I think anyone would be miserable if they:

1) grew up alone w/ no friends
2) their first love who they envisioned being w/ in the future dies
3) they were trapped into a situation of r*pe by first love's parents
4) their parents plus the aggressor's parents forced them into a marriage @19yo w/ their first love's brother who they have no feelings for

Just a reminder that this all happened within 2 years of the death of ML's white moonlight and the wedding was 2 wks after the r*pe. ML is 19 and MC is 18 at the time of r*pe and marriage. <<less
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Nonameschemer rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
So honestly this isn't a "Scum" gong but this story IS a weak shou. In all honesty to people who are furious with the ML.


... more>>

So the ML gets r*ped by having MC's mom and dad drug their kid to go into heat and let the ML lose control and sleep with him. Than the MC was so deadset on getting the ML to love him even though he KNOWS the ML is still grieving over his literal lover who's also his brother?? Than the MC naturally has to get pregnant nearly immediately and slowly the ML is being guilt tripped into loving the MC. Now, they got hit with the misunderstanding and why wouldn't a normal human being be furious that they were r*ped, forced into a marriage by someone who literally killed the love of your life, and expects you to love them on top of that? If this was the shou who had this happen to them would yall even care that they slapped the ML for raping them into a marriage by accident? No, so don't expect the gong to magically not care about this ish


Now, do I think the MC is vindictive, two faced, or cruel?


Do I think they're entitled, s*upid, and weak?


The MC could have gotten the mark removed from the very beginning but, he didn't. He never considered that it was wrong to agree to a marriage you KNOW your partner doesn't have a choice in. If he loved his brother so much, how could he sleep at night knowing he's sleeping with his dead brother's man? I know, your gonna say that his parents wanted the marriage yada yada yada BUT

didn't he finally grow a freaking pair when he decided to runaway with absolutely no plan in mind how the hell he's going to support himself when he's literally pregnant with a child and has no way to pay medical bills? ISn't that sticking up for himself and putting his foot down?

so don't act like he was completely helpless. No matter what, he WANTED the ML to begin with and chose to be fine with situational r*pe leading to marriage. If some other random bum busted into his room and busted in him he would be more than fine breaking the bond and even getting rid of the pregnancy if he felt it was necessary.

He's s*upid on top of that for literally running away like a rebellious 12 year old and putting his own life and that of the unborn child he's so deadset on bearing in danger. Why on earth would you runaway from consistent, convenient, and critical medical attention and to the unknown when you KNOW you're already unhealthy to begin with? If he didn't have the MC halo he could have been assaulted on the street, trusting any random open building to protect him from anyone who wants to harm him. What if he got kidnapped because someone knew he had money? Boom, he's dead.

Finally, he's so weak minded. So wishy washy on things that would make logical reason to be firm on like not accidentally baby trapping your dead brother's man and firm on things that make no sense. He kept refusing to go back with ML and insisting on doing things on his own when he quite literally needs the pheromones of the ML and is relying on other stranger's pity in order to stay alive. What happens if this was the real world and no one gives a damn that your pregnant, it is ILLEGAL to give people money under the counter with no identification? The MC got into many noncon situations with the ML, and yeah, the ML should have still respected his lack of consent. However, if he did, the chances of the MC dying or ending up with more chronic health concerns would only rise.

The ML is s*upid for letting someone with such self destructive tendencies and in desperate need of psychological evaluation guilt him into staying with him. What they had wasn't love, it was people settling into a relationship because they have kids and feel attached to one another due to traumatic events. <<less
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dona rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c18
What an absolute waste of time. I dislike this novel for a different reason than what others stated. I don’t mind the cruelty and what ML did, if anything it’s quite mild compared to other novels so I don’t get what everyone is losing their minds about.

i just HATE MC. My god he’s got the personality of a dry sponge. I feel that authors use traits like “introvert” and “shy” to get away with this lazy writing.
Don’t bother with this low quality writing.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka rated it
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
First and foremost before starting my review I just want to say:

... more>>

Please love yourself. Cherish yourself. Keep yourself as your first priority before prioritising others. Always keep a leeway for yourself in any sort of relationship you are in so that your counterpart doesn't ever take advantage of you. I'm not making this statement deeming anyone in a negative manner but just stating facts. Please do treat yourself as an equal in a relationship and never lower your own values.


The reason why I gave this "chicken-soup" lecture is basically because of the fact that this novel does graze over some of those topics and if you're a weak-hearted person, you have been cautioned.


Honestly, it doesn't have domestic violence or such (apart from that one instance where ML slapped MC who was pregnant). But it does touch some sensitive topics, thus the prior warning.

I have mixed opinions about this. For me, the first part of the story was like "stating facts in an assertive manner". For example, this happened, he did this then he did that and so on. There was scope of improvement in the sense that more narrative/context could have been added to at least improve the emotional base-line of the entire story. Then the mid-part was the melodramatic part. I don't really have much to add to this part apart from the fact that it could have been converged a bit so that it won't come off as boring. Then the finale is the part with which mostly the readers (or mostly the reviewers who gave lower ratings) are dissatisfied with. The part in which MC forgives ML for all his wrongdoings and comes in terms with him. Now, this is also the major reason for my previous unnecessary ramblings. MC whitewashes every single shortcoming of ML by saying, "He's just that sort of a gentle-hearted person and it is I, who is lacking in nature". The entire time I was reading MC's justifications for all of ML's wrong actions I was thinking "Does this guy have Stockholm's?" That's the part due to which I lowered my ratings.

As the previous reviewer said, "it is reasonable/justifiable. ML slapping the MC when he was in a vulnerable state (in the sense, that he was pregnant and also weak in health), not giving him the opportunity to justify himself and stimulating him to the point of losing his child and then running off to a bar to drink off his pains and sorrows. The entire time I felt like he was finding "justifications" for the death of his lover (who is MC's younger brother) just because he wasn't able to save him back then. And throughout the entire context, he just makes these "mistakes" and is forgiven for what he did. For me, the ML came off as an "escapist". He tries to escape from the reality of a situation and tends to find "justifications" for others' actions so that he isn't the one who's pushed into the limelight and for him his conjectures/ actions based off on those conjectures are as such, justified. Simply speaking, he's the type of person who doesn't like to face a complex situation head-on.

There are other similar instances and if I were to list out each and every single one of them then it would give away the entire story. So, I will let the readers be the judge in this context.


There were parts where I was frustrated but, given that it is such a short story and the author may have tried to present a bit too many ideas within such a short span that's why it might not have come off well thus, overall it's a decent read. <<less
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fudanshii18 rated it
December 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't know why this novel got a low rating. Did you not read the synopsis and that tags? ML is a bit scummy. Yes, but he also has his good points. At first, when he and MC got married, he was not a proper husband but he still respects him and do his duties as MC's husband but when he found out about that MC's kidney matched with his white moonlight... His actions are unforgivable.

For those readers who are exaggerating at how bad ML is, you are still wet... more>> behind your ears. He only hit him once and I guess it is normal since he was still so fixated about his past lover and remember, the marriage that happened between the ML and MC is forced by their parents.

He redeemed himself. He was so caring of the MC and to their child. I guess MC is too immature and dense, but I can't blame him since he was always pampered by his family and couldn't take any hardships, but he was too blinded about ML not loving him. I can see that ML has come to love him, not because of guilt or of MC's deceased brother.

Now, the reason why he signed the divorce paper is not because his love to MC was cheap, but it's more of letting MC free and have time for himself (MC).

When ML asked MC to re-marry, he was not being forced because MC wants to try it again. To give it a shot.

All in all, this is all just a big MISUNDERSTANDING! <<less
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kcNeko rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: Completed
A nice read but a bit predictable.

MC is sure is tough despite of having the most pitiable existance on Earth. ML on the other hand is quite understandable since he's confused


but at the same time he's a coward and jerk. And MC's parents too.




4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Honey B
Honey B rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Though The story was well written, I'm not a fan of painful love stories... and it was painful. ?

The story kept me interested until the end, no doubt about it.

The alpha was typical stubborn, and sometimes rash. The omega is the typical meek type, but so withdrawn that he couldn't express himself well. And he rarely speaks. And therefore a big ginormous misunderstanding blooms and pollinated the whole plot. Though I saw it coming, it was still painful to watch... ?
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Acidelia rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
I came into this novel knowing that I should expect a lot of heartache and tears. Yet, even with that knowledge, I was not prepared for all the tears that came out of my eyes.

The MC has such a pure way of viewing the world that I bawled my eyes out while reading- to the point my undereyes became the softest they've ever been.

Anyways, let me warn you that this story doesn't have a lot of 'fluffy' chapters. Instead, what it has, besides agonising and heart-wrenching events, are gentle moments... more>> and growth in both characters and how they see their relationship.

TLDR: 5/5 would cry again. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rainydayromantic rated it
May 6, 2019
Status: Completed
Omg who is cutting onions in here? These aren't tears, they were caused by the onions... yep it's all the onions' fault.

Prepare the box of tissues because this story gives a healthy dose of heartache before a sweet ending. It's a solid and emotional short story. There are some things I would love to have been discussed more, but the author does a good job of focusing on the progression of inner emotions of our MC and ML in the short story format that we are given. Definitely recommend this... more>> one if you are in the mood for a good cry (but don't worry, no tragedies here.) <<less
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darkelf01 rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: c11
I don't side with 'scum' ML often, but this time I do.

Let's see things from his POV.

You're a gloomy kid who grew up in a strict motherless family, forced to grow up too fast whose first love is a bright little sun whom you cherishes very much since childhood, because he's the first light in your life. And by that little sun's side is a little moon brother who liked you too, but to you, he's just a weak kid you should protect.

Then, the first love died before he grew up. It's destined to become your lifelong regret because you also lost your little sun and someone whom you wanted to spend a lifetime with.

You returned to how you used to be, you even convinced yourself that you can't return to his house because it'll break the illusion that he's still alive.

Then due to MC's mother's selfish scheme, you were forced to be with MC, whom you don't have even a speck of feeling for.

Even though you know that you don't love hin, you still decide to go through with the marriage because you know that it's what the parents and MC want, so you gave up in resisting and said the vow even if it's their fault first. The mother drugged her son and the son forced you to bed him even though you decently denied him at first.

So it's totally normal for you to avoid them after the marriage because they already got what they wanted, right? MC's parents got a strong backer and son in law who'll take care of their business, your father expected you to swallow their business after they were gone and the son got your body.

You don't even have any friends to share your thoughts, so you can only run to your little sun's grave after the wedding to apologize to him.

What more does he want? Your heart? Your love has died two years ago and in his place is a guy who statutorily r*ped you even though he's a kinda good guy. Still, you tried to be with him even though your pain was still fresh and you slowly started to let go.

Then sh*t hits the fan at chapter 11

Wow, I was as enraged as the ML at that one. I know the justification, but I still wanna wring someone's neck so badly


This novel kinda remind me of the 'replacement' trope but the white lotus is the MC, the MC is the brother and the ML is a trapped guy who was supposed to show how happy and expectant he is about the family they reluctantly formed but with sadder plot and no real villain.

I think some romance novels would be better if it's from the ML's POV so that readers wouldn't be biased against him, rather than the limited viewpoint an emotionally weak MC who still expected the ML to be a good spouse to him after the things he did to and hid from ML. No, dear. Marriage wouldn't magically make a reluctant guy be a good husband. Even more if it's against his wish.
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July 9, 2019
Status: --
A good one. I cried a few times. MC is so pitiful (。•́︿•̀。)

... more>>

Its an HE.

MC is inlove with ML since they were young, while ML is inlove with the brother of MC (they were lovers)


but suddenly he got a disease and died leaving our ML heartbroken


after a few years MC and ML met again and MC's mother plotted them to mate while MC is in heat thats why they were forced to marry. The beginning of their marriage is somewhat awkward and peaceful and MC got pregnant. Only to be disrupted when ML discovered that MC could have help his brother with his disease, he thought that MC chose to abandon his brother because he love the ML. A huge misunderstanding!!!!! They fought and MC fell miserable. He ran away and found a job, determined to raise his baby by himself only to be found by ML a few months later and forced to comeback and give birth. An accident occured and MC fell into coma. When he woke up he divorced ML and choose to live alone while he visits his son from time to time. While the ML uses his son so that MC will stay with them. When the heat of MC came thats when ML confessed his feeling and proposed to marry. MC says yes (like sht, he is in heat so he is not in the right mind, ML took advantage of it!!!!)

ML is a jerk, I hate him to the end.

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readingthings rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I was a bit nervous that this story was going to be too heartbreaking for me because of all the comments. As it turned out, it wasn't bad. So either I'm immune to certain levels of drama or it wasn't sad at all. Might be because we're given the perspective of both characters. It's an understandable situation really. Add is a little bit more plot devices and we could have had a telenovela here where it would feel like our souls were being torn to pieces. In all, it's a... more>> decent piece of work to read and the translation is good too. The story is worth a read.

For anyone who can't stand heartbreak and likes to read a bit of spoilers like me:


So the drama of this is that the ML thought the MC plotted against him to trap him into the marriage. The ML was in love with the younger sibling of the MC (who died) and was tricked by the mother-in-law to bond with the MC (who was in love with the ML). When things begin to go good the MC finds some stuff and jumps to some really intense but logical conclusions and BAM! Drama. Things happen and we get a bit of reverse role going on. So readers can feel that justice is being made for the MC. This story has a happy ending. Although it could turn into a cannon fodder tragic story. Add in some transmigriation and.. huh... nevermind. I'm getting way off topic now.

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