Childish Flower


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This is a story where you love me but I don’t love you.

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04/16/19 rrrrhexia-translations c15
04/15/19 rrrrhexia-translations c14
04/13/19 rrrrhexia-translations c13
04/03/19 rrrrhexia-translations c12
03/30/19 rrrrhexia-translations c11
03/29/19 rrrrhexia-translations c10
03/28/19 rrrrhexia-translations c9
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03/21/19 rrrrhexia-translations c6
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03/20/19 rrrrhexia-translations c4
03/20/19 rrrrhexia-translations c3
03/20/19 rrrrhexia-translations c2
03/20/19 rrrrhexia-translations c1
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New redxx rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: c25
A simple and short ABO story about childhood friends.

ML who could not forget his first love and MC who wants his love.

There's the usual plots you would expect but I won't say its exaggerated or makes you annoyed.

This is SMUT. Yummy.

This story is made of angst but no rape considering its a ABO, its a happy ending.

MC is an innocent fluff and ML's behaviour is understandable.

MTL is quite reliable for those who wants to read ahead.
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: Completed
1st of all, the summary might be just a sentence but it says a lot in the story. I think it is perfect and there's no reason to change it in future.

2nd, don't be hesitant to read this, this is not your typical omegaverse. The story is so hard to read in a way that every sentences and chapters makes my heart bleed.

its a happy ending


3rd, the story also shows a lesson. Please learn to open up your heart and that not everything you see is true, and just because someone wasnt able to satisfy your expectation doesnt mean that person decieved you or your love.

It was a great short story, I really like stories like these. I'm really gratefull for the translator for picking this one up. Even though I've read it thru mtl, I will still support the translator.


I actually hate the younger brother because he's such an innocent jerk, MC saved him when they were still a child and he was still able to be ahppy go lucky even though they grew up and his older brother (the mc) is so shy and timid



The ML was almost an asshole throughout the story, BUT if you put your feet in his shoes you'll realize why he acts that way



our MC was given a justice dont worry, and this story is amazing and simple


I highly recommend this to everyone

5 stars rating
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