Lost Temple


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Lost Temple, is a large-scale brainwave online game, our protagonist also entered the game warehouse and began a fantasy trip. The silent encounter of the angel family assassin turned out to be the world’s top bounty hunter in reality. All the way through, he was willing to wash his hands to make soup, he did not hesitate to wing his wings, when friendship has become love? Can love in the virtual world be corrected in reality?

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Thất lạc thần miếu
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Victuuri Road
Victuuri Road rated it
July 16, 2018
Status: c7
The description for this novel confused me a bit, but it got me interested in the story. ^0^ Basically, more than half of the world's population live their lives in VR.

MC, a Demon race archer/bard, is cute but is prettier in real life... cause he chose to be less pretty in the game. He learns a bunch of special skills and saves the ML, an Angel race assassin, who was lost and hungry in the forest.
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Yennn rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: c15
The story is a bit fast-paced and I was hoping for more world building. The character development was abrupt too and their personalities were too flat, I was shocked by how straightforward the ML was which left me laughing after a while.

The sudden appearances of characters, events, and 'rivals' was very numbing. It felt like I was just reading an essay all throughout and had to be read again to fully enjoy it. However, the story has a potential and there's a whole room for it to grow. It may... more>> be because the novel was just beginning, but I'll wait for future chapters for improvements. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c15
They get together really fast. They go from strangers to possessive confession to pushing the MC down in just a couple of chapters with no real build up to their relationship. So far it's been all in game and time is a little skewed; i.e. Suddenly it's one month later and they like each other. There's no out of game stuff at all and I don't know if that means he hasn't gotten out of the game since he went and looked that stuff up or if his real life... more>> doesn't matter. There's nothing on any kind of time dilation in game or anything like that so I guess his real life is just that boring. The game mechanics are vague and I'm pretty sure this author doesn't play online RPGs of any kind. If you have gaming experience you will find yourself rolling your eyes. I think the author wanted to get the meeting and getting together part over with as quickly as possible so she could focus on fluff but it's too fast for me and the world building too shallow. I might try this again once it's completely translated but losing interest by chapter 15 isn't a good sign. <<less
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