Get Lost! I Don’t Have a Traitorous Disciple Like You


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Xue Chong is one of the top experts on the Slaughter Board rankings and possesses sharp gaming skills. Feared by all, he is seen as an inviolable and unapproachable person.

However, no one knew that Xue Chong had accepted a cute and adorable female disciple when he first started playing online games. Yet, just as his feelings were gradually growing, Xue Chong discovered that his disciple was unexpectedly a man!

Henceforth, Xue Chong was assailed by a psychological shadow.

Many years later, they met again. The meng disciple from back then had transformed, becoming a top-ranked player on the PK leaderboard and the #1 most attractive and wealthy great God.

Wang Chun: Master, master ~\\(≧▽≦)/~ This disciple missed you ~

Xue Chong: Get lost.

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dontbotherlovingme rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: Completed
This story is good if you like really cold, unfazed, strong MC and doggy-like, really devoted, perfect ML.

The MC has a psychological shadow when he was a child, reason why he is cold and tend to be by himself. However, the reason as to why he hates men seemed to be too shallow for me. I've read some psychology books so I have quite some background regarding the illness. Regarding this part, I could tell that the author did not do some deep research.

I could tell that the ML, on... more>> the otherhand, has a psychological problem but is seen normal in the novel. If we would think rationally, he is someone who is obsess with someone to the point he is invading the private/psychological space of the person. Sometimes, he is unconsciously bullying the person, himself. He won't listen to the person, no matter how many times he is rejected. If he is not handsome, smart, rich etc., this would be a crime. Even though he repented at the end, but we cannot deny he has some problems. And once again, the author did not do his/her research because the ML's action would be plausible if he has somekind of background as to why his character is like that. But, no. I think the author wrote his character due to the fact a man who is perfect and is in love with you to the point of madness is the new trend this days.

The plotline focuses more on how the ML was able to forcefully capture the MC. And how the MC willingly let himself be captured. There are not many angst or drama. There would be parents-against-them problem but with the ML's stubborness and with the help of the grandma, it was easily solved.

Compared to other yaoi stories I've read, this is already very good.

If you can think of this story as fiction, and likes overly possessive MLs, read this! <<less
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Riversong411 rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: Completed
I do have a weakness for stories based on online gaming provided they are not based on real-life games like LoL (those tend to be incomprehensible to non-gamers like me) . This one though is more in the style of Just One Smile is Charming a.k.a Love O2O, my very first C-novel and a top favourite even now. So it has a virtual setting and all the usual quests, PvP duels etc, without going into details of specific moves, detailed descriptions of specific strategies etc. Also the focus... more>> is predominantly on the interactions between the MC, the ML and the latter's guild members. I for one enjoy this sort of stories more, but if you prefer books that are more gaming-heavy, this may not be the book for you.

What I liked:

  1. the game world, a very realistic and immersive holographic one

    apparently you can even experience physical sensations, both painful and pleasurable

  2. the ML's guild members
  3. the realities of being in a relationship of this sort (it is a BL novel) is handled fairly realistically, as opposed to novels where everybody and their second cousin is gay.
What jarred:

  1. the way the MC's personality and psychological problems are handled is totally unrealistic.

    for instance, both a professor who is presented as a sort of mentor to the MC and ML, as well as the ML offer ridiculously childish "solutions" to what is a fairly serious psychological trauma, instead of advising the MC to see a therapist, which I strongly feel is needed

    . In fact, the relationship between the MC and ML would be improbable if not downright impossible in real-life with the MC's condition; at least as long as the MC doesn't receive some sort of professional therapy.
  2. the dynamics of the relationship between the MC and ML

    the MC is both emotionally and sexually cold. Nearly every instance of the love-making between the two is initiated by the ML, that too a bit too forcefully for my comfort. It doesn't feel very healthy

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