Living with the Idol I was Ex-Fan of


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I possessed the body of an extra who didn’t even have a single line in the novel.

Moreover, it was the body of an E-rank hunter who only knew how to use cleaning magic.

[Congratulations! You have acquired the title ‘Bakery Owner(S)’!] One day, while caught up in a gate, I acquired the strange title of a bakery owner.

Is this a possession buff? It’s a chance to become rich!

Rae-hee, who had been living the life of an ordinary citizen dreaming of becoming rich overnight, immediately opened a bakery in the outskirts.

However, the only customers who came were her childhood friend who was a pain, her former idol ultimate bias who she had quit stanning, and her ex-boyfriend she didn’t even want to see.

On top of that, somehow she ended up living together with her former ultimate bias.

* * *

“Take responsibility.”


“You made me into someone who can’t live without you. So you have to take responsibility for me.”

Wasn’t it the ‘bread’ I made that you needed, not me?

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When Does the Hunter’s Bakery Open?
그 헌터네 빵집은 언제 오픈하나요?
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