SSS-Grade Cafe in Front of The Dungeon


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I was stuck in a dungeon explosion while working so hard that I actually died.

But when I opened my eyes, I was back to the time of 3 years ago!

Well, I will live differently in this life. Salary is goodbye to s*ave life. I quit immediately and set up a cafe in the store my grandmother left behind.

There are no customers because she is right in front of a dungeon, but it doesn’t matter. All I want is to work two days and play five days. But.

[Class: I woke up as the cafe owner (F)] [Skill: I have the coffee in my hand (Lv.1)] [Mission: Brew 100 cups of mixed coffee (0/100)] [Item: Mixed Coffee – Increases recovery speed by 100% faster] After leaving my life as a wage s*ave, I became a coffee s*ave.

Also, the attractive regular customer who keeps bothering me is somehow unusual.

It doesn’t feel good. Isn’t it like the story of the main character of the RPG, who was just trying to run an errand, and ends up fighting the devil after getting caught up in something annoying?

Yes, I will not. I can not. I have no intention of playing more than the role of a novice innkeeper.”

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던전 앞 SSS급 카페
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New Lois. rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: c49
The story is very light even during moments when the author mentions some dark backstories the overall atmosphere of the story is very warm, there's lack of a 'thrill' but imo that's what makes it good, not all stories with 'systems' or ranking up progression need to have too much going on, it's very pleasant like smooth butter and powdered sugar. Try this one if you want something less dramatic.
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New hose246 rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: c43
This novel is pretty wholesome and lighthearted.

The first 20 chapters of the novel felt pretty rushed, but once you made it past there, it becomes pretty good.

The main problem of this novel is the first 20 chapters. Because it felt so rushed, some characters are introduced blandly, the plot felt forced, the pacing got wrecked, and plot holes appeared.

Several examples can be seen here:

... more>>

In chapter 8, the MC reported the dungeon gate to the Dungeon Management Office. The report she gave is absolute bs. What kind of connection does "feeling gloomy" and "strange noises" have with dungeons? Isn't that just feeling depressed and crazy?

Also, in chapter 8, the magnetic field response is complete bs. Dungeons have appeared for 20 years now, there's no way that people haven't proved a simple theory like the magnetic field response theory.

The ingredients for the coffee in the system is different from what the original is, and the author showed that the MC also knows it. But I feel like the author should show the reasoning of how the MC came to that conclusion.

There is also the fact that the MC can't talk about the future, but the cat can. So, can't the MC just tell the cat to talk about the future for her? Of course, this is just a question, as I know that the MC is reluctant in showing that her cat can talk.


But after that, the chapters pacing improved, and things started to get better.

One unfortunate part of this novel is that there seems to be no sufficient build-up towards the climax. Things just randomly and awkwardly pop out.

The characters are decent, the world-building is decent, and the plot is pretty wholesome and enjoyable. This is just a novel of a lazy girl who decided to open a cafe in a hunter's world. Recommended to those who want to read a hunter-gate novel that's not just all about killing monsters and leveling up. <<less
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Insideofadoge rated it
July 26, 2022
Status: c12
The general set-up: Burnt-out worker is reborn with pedestrian/nearly useless skills, wants to live a super lazy life, skill is more useful than anticipated and ends up saving the world (possibly, haven't gotten to that bit yet). Familiar, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

MC makes it very clear that the goal for her new life is to be lazy. She is obviously suffering from a pretty terrible case of burnout, which provides at least some explanation as to why she wants to conceal her new powers. But I mean, the... more>> system she meets says that her cafe-related abilities are tailor-made for her desire to rest, but I'm not sure the system has any idea of the amount of effort it takes to run a small business on your own. Anyway...

Info-dump and chatter from netizens if that gets on your nerves. Personally, I'm not crazy about it because such content is usually filler, crammed full of inside jokes that don't translate well but probably take a ton of time to even attempt to localize. But maybe some people find it entertaining 🤷‍♀️

There is a mysterious cat who is probably hiding a secret about the world, but... that's basically all cats, so it's to be expected, really. Potential for cat-related humour? Hopefully.

I'm gonna give it 5 stars for a good translation and very promising setup. Chapters are nice and substantial, which is always appreciated. There's not enough to give it a "real" rating at the moment, but the way to get more chapters is to review what we have!

EDIT: The translation is now at nearly 50 chapters, and I think I will stick to my 5 stars. The MC is slowly beginning to connect to other people in her new life—she has regrets about a few relationships in her life before, and she hesitantly sets out to repair what has been broken. She also is connecting with new people, primarily just by being good-natured and willing to help a stranger in need. The people she helps then help her in ways she could not imagine—it's a lot like a fairy tale, actually. <<less
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baejoohyun rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: c28
this is the first novel with female Hunter MC (the MC is not exactly a Hunter, but it's a Hunter's world) that I read and so far it's good

the MC is likeable. Her way of thinking is really ordinary and relateable. She's not the typical smart MC, but fortunately not too dumb either. Her goal in this second life is to live a lazy life, and it's really relateable how she ended up working hard because she's still tempted by the reward money 🤣 I relate to her being weak... more>> to good looking people too, very realistic

I know sometimes there are people who complain about a female MC not being independent and need a strong male MC to protect her, but I think this novel is just right. The author clearly showed that she's weak and it's not a sin to be weak. On the contrary, I like how the author didn't pull weak-but-u expectedly-strong-when-needed. It frustrates me how some weak main characters in this genre being able to survive hard crisis alone when they're certainly described as weak. I'm glad the MC in this novel is a total support type and need other characters to do the hard work for her.

and I'm a total sucker for netizen chatters 🤣 in another novel like DoD or Becoming a Star, it serves like a representative for my feeling as a reader, but in this novel, the netizen chatters contain the world-building information. For me, this is the smart move of the author because there's no way the MC can know everything, esp when she described to have little knowledge of Hunter's world. <<less
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theliongirl rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: c37
This is kind of what “The S-Classes I Raised” would be if it was a slice-of-life romance targeted towards women with a female protagonist. Which is to say, I absolutely love it.

After dying due to a monster, Kwon Rieul travels back in time and Awakens, gaining the skill to make coffee that applies an effect when drunk. Oh, and it’s also delicious.

As you can tell, this skill will probably become OP in the future.

The translation is great and the narrative is really entertaining. The characters are interesting, and they don’t... more>> get on my nerves. The translation’s not too far into the story, but it seems like the plot is slowly building up, and I’m actually interested in seeing what happens next.

About the probable male lead:


He’s Korea’s top hunter, an S-Class who awakened as a child. His identity isn’t public, and is only known to his guild members. He starts investigating the MC because he thinks she’s suspicious and interesting. The MC thinks he’s a weirdo but gives in to his requests because he has a handsome face.


I gave it 4* as of chapter 27, but I’ve upgraded it to 5* now that I’m further in because I’m enjoying it a lot. I think this is my favorite of the novels recently translated on here, and it’s quickly rising up my all-time favorites list!

I’m very excited to see how it develops, and definitely recommend trying it out if you’re interested! <<less
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hunter09 rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c40
This is a delightfully light-hearted RPG flavored story. All the poor MC wants is a nice safe cafe with as few customers as possible but no, the plot has provided her with many over-powered friends and relations that insist on dropping by for a cuppa. Shenanigans ensue.
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thefabulouspotato rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c39
first impression: its like a whiplash. Personally im not a fan of "chatrooms" inside novels. The format is hard to understand if youre not familiar but thats still ok. The bad part is the netizens, like reviewer Insideofadog mentioned. Theyre next level annoying like chronically online redditors who downvote u for anything and are condescending af. I feel like my mental health took a hit, so I hate that. Its giving toxic gamer having cringey petty arguements about their bias. BUT! Chatrooms only appear rarely in chapters so its okay.

other... more>> than that, everything is good! I enjoy the owning-a-cafe part. Its like a slice of life. Its not too slow either, and there are quite a few good cliffhangers. <<less
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