The Female Lead Saves the World


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I merged into the citizen 1 of the novel I was reading, “.”

However, awakening as an A-class healer and winning the 25 billion won mega lottery?

But it’s all in vain. Because the world in the novel I merged into is scheduled to end soon. “Do you think I’ll give up 25 billion won so easily?!”

I’ll do whatever it takes to stop this end. I will save this world with the money, abilities, and knowledge I have!

However, the original male lead who is supposed to help me and his guild are in a completely bottomless state. They have to rebuild the guild, which has no money and the worst reputation.

“I’m here to join the Justice Guild.”

The beginning may be modest, but the end of the Justice Guild will be magnificent!

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The Heroine Saves the World
여주가 세계를 구함
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