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“This is a story about a shou who commits su*cide because of an incurable illness but whose spirit refuses to leave, and so he stays beside the gong and watches the gong’s regrets.”

Note: The first 24 chapters of this version roughly corresponds to the first 10 chapters of the WN version. After that, the trajectory of the story changes.

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May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
EDIT// So I do want to emphasize that, while I've now added the r*pe tag, this only happens in one chapter during an (essentially) sci-fi AU extra (specifically, chapter 48, titled FALLEN 4). The assault in this chapter has also been heavily censored to the point that it's ends fairly quickly.

For all of his faults, the ML in the main story never sexually assaults the MC, and while there are some allusions to mutual hurt/violence between them during their time together, the story makes it pretty clear that ML has... more>> never forced MC into s*x, at least. So if you're wary of that, just know that it only happens in the FALLEN extras, which you can safely skip. //ENDEDIT

Hey, uh, translator here! Despite my wishy-washy review on the original WN version, I had the book version of this story stuck in my head ever since I read it, and even as I can kind of admit to myself that, as a story, it's not super unique or special, it just does so many things right that many others in this crowded subgenre doesn't. (Also, after attempting to read a slew of similar scum gong abuse stories, author is right that a lot of people, however inadvertently, have taken ideas from her for their own stories -- and imo almost none of them have done it better, unfortunately.)

Note: The following is an edited version of the review that I originally left on the WN version of this story, so if some parts of this sound familiar, that's why. Do keep in mind that, in this review, other than the first spoiler, the remaining things that are spoiler tagged are major spoilers, so don't click on them if you want the full, unadulterated experience!

So, re: the published version vs. the free version -- well, it's a lot longer now. The first 24 chapters of this book edition roughly corresponds to the original first 10 chapters, with a few added details and scenes here and there, but no major big changes. It's after these chapters that the changes really start coming in.

For those wondering what exactly are the added scenes in the first part of this novel in comparison to its original WN counterpart...


The details about Luo Yuchen and Xiao Heng's school days, particularly their days playing soccer together, are folded into some bits of the narrative. Luo Yuchen also writes two songs for Xiao Heng instead of one, and the author even details a few of his attempts to get Xiao Heng "back" via TV interviews, etc.


After these first 24 chapters, the novel then switches gears and changes to the perspective of the love interest, Luo Yuchen. So instead of the old diary entries we got as an epilogue/sequel in the original, we get a fully fledged look into Luo Yuchen's head from beginning to end, not limited by the diary format. And this actually neatly circumvents a lot of the issues I had with the original.


Especially because the perspective switch happens right after Xiao Heng disappears in front of Luo Yuchen!

In the original, the story jumps right into a reveal that Xiao Heng had been in a coma all along, and then bam -- instant forgiveness for Luo Yuchen. Meanwhile, in this, some great tension is created by leaving (first time) readers in the dark about Xiao Heng's true fate and jumping backwards in time to the beginning to see what exactly was going on in Luo Yuchen's head, and we then find out that Xiao Heng is still alive only when Luo Yuchen does.

And without the diary format restricting what is written down, the reader really gets to dig deep into Luo Yuchen's regrets, while avoiding the tired old hat moments of Xiao Heng feeling sorry for him that were present in the original. This definitely helps me feel less annoyed over the whole scenario, and I felt I could more cleanly enjoy Luo Yuchen's suffering without feeling frustrated over Xiao Heng's sympathy.


And, with Luo Yuchen's perspective, the readers also get a lot more depth into his personality, and why he acted the way he did. It works a lot to explain (though not excuse!) his previous actions, and he becomes a much more well-rounded character as a result, in comparison to the original webnovel where he seemed like a cipher who either (1) was dense as f*ck or (2) suddenly repented for seemingly no reason. Here, he's still dense as f*ck and a dumbass, but readers can also see the justifications he makes to himself, and why he makes them, making him more understandable, even if still not entirely likable.

Also, the authors' notes are hilarious since she's looking back at her decade-old writing. In one of them, she writes that if she was following today's trends, it feels like Xiao Heng would end up having a happy ending with the white moonlight Xia Mingxiu, and I didn't even know I wanted that until she said it lmao. Someone please make it happen. In another, she's like, "Wait a minute! Did I really write this? Even I'm angry (at Luo Yuchen's behavior) !!" LOL

Another major change happens midway through Luo Yuchen's narrative, and this one is probably my favorite change from the original.


In that, when Xiao Heng wakes up, he actually doesn't remember any of the time he spent as a ghost by Luo Yuchen's side! (In the original, he remembers and instantly forgives Luo Yuchen, which is... ick.) This is actually super great, and the scum abuse is delicious here, since Xiao Heng still thinks Luo Yuchen is in love with Xia Mingxiu and is just confusing his feelings of guilt for love.

Xiao Heng rejects him five! times!! I (and the comments) freaking cheered every time this happened. Because yes!! Finally!! It's happening!! So. Cathartic.

Of course, as this is a HE, and Luo Yuchen is the male lead, he eventually (... eventually) gets forgiven. And I still feel Xiao Heng is a bit too nice to him after this... And even the author was like, "If I was writing this now, Luo Yuchen would get abused even more; be grateful you (Luo Yuchen) were born in the time you were" lmao.

They also kind of had an actual conversation about starting over and treating each other better from now on without either of them owing anything? But I still feel like Luo Yuchen doesn't really "get" it. He's still super "me-me-me, oh woe is me", but eh. Better than the old version of Luo Yuchen, who's just a shitty scum the whole way through.


I also really, really like that, for a story that starts with the MC's su*cide, the actual moral is that life is worth living despite it all. While I think at times this kind of theme is a bit overpowered by some of the scum abuse melodrama, but it's still done well enough, especially in comparison to other stories in a similar vein, that it's definitely worth a mention.

It's honestly kind of astounding to think that Orange Rain wrote all this back when she was eighteen, because some of the thoughts and views espoused by the characters feel very mature -- in a way that they actually feel like adults with actual life experiences behind them. I've seen a lot of actual adults slip up with these themes, and so to see a teenager be able to write about them in such a mature way definitely helps me overlook any small slip-ups elsewhere in the narrative.

I will say though that I really didn't like the last main story extra (right before the AU extras at the very end). It felt like it kind of inadvertently walked back on a lot of the relationship/characterization it had spent building, and also Luo Yuchen (as always) makes a shitty decision with terrible justification, but this time it's actually not interrogated in the narrative at all, which is the main issue. There were so many better ways to present the ideas in this extra, and ultimately it just left a slightly sour taste in my mouth, so I usually just pretend it doesn't exist.

In general, I feel while Xiao Heng definitely grows as a person in this series, Luo Yuchen kind of... doesn't. He changes his behavior, but he doesn't really develop/broaden his worldview like Xiao Heng does, unfortunately. Most of the missteps in this story are imo related to Luo Yuchen and Luo Yuchen's actions (and I don't just mean the abuse early on, but his actions later when he really accepts the truth about Xiao Heng, etc.) that aren't really interrogated in the narrative. It's definitely a moment where the dogblood melodrama is privileged over the aforementioned themes, whether because of space or time constraints. I'm able to look past it overall because there are some truly great moments in this story (chapter 35!!) but yeah it's definitely disappointing in retrospect, and one of the reasons I waffled so long about whether to translate this or not.

TLDR; Won't sell you on the scum abuse romance subgenre if you're not into it, but if you are, Like Love But Not is probably one of the better ones. The author is great at tugging at heartstrings, all the while having her characters deliver lines with actual emotional weight and meaning behind them. There are definitely some missteps owing to it's dogblood nature, but the pluses generally overshadow the minuses. Also, despite numerous scum abuse narratives coming out after this with similar story beats, most of them pale in comparison -- Orange Rain seemed to have perfected the formula in 2008, and I've yet to see anyone beat her using the same elements.

ADDENDUM// So this story also includes nine extras at the very end, titled FALLEN, that feature essentially AU versions of the main characters in a vaguely sci-fi-ish setting (though some handwave-y stuff is done to make it fit into the main continuity, ala next lives and all that jazz). It's... very different from the main story, but no less abusive. In fact, I think it's almost more abusive, and Luo Yuchen definitely gets his just desserts here, to the point that I actually felt sorry for him, unlike how I felt in the main story.

If you enjoy scum abuse stories, then I'd recommend reading it, since it's really a much different experience. However, if you didn't enjoy the main story/aren't a fan of this subgenre, then it's an easy skip. I think the last chapter of this AU extra is actually a great capstone on this novel, and despite all its slip-ups, it makes for a singularly memorable ending. But, again, I understand if folks aren't interested, especially if they don't like the main story, or if the warning of SA turns them off. <<less
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Raizel_Pendragon rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel feels like a much tamer, optimistic BL version of a mix between Unrepentant and One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime. But... *Inhales deeply*

*pats chest* sorry! had to get it out.

The ML here is the sort that I'd happily hand over to counterattackers like Xie He (SCSG) or Chi Xiaochi (DPUBFTB) to deal with. Too bad that the MC has made this tr*sh his raison d'être.

Xiao Heng (MC) is sick. he loved Luo Yuchen (ML) to the point of obsession and obsessed about him till the point of sickness... so great an illness that even death couldn't cure it. So obsessed yet so selfless. Whenever it comes to the ML, his patience and love becomes infinite while IQ and self-esteem becomes near illusory.

I wonder if it's the cultural gap or the generational gap or just the absurdity of the relationship that made this feel so illogical and unsettling to me. I really can't wrap my mind around how anyone, not to mention a rich handsome and popular guy, could happily spend 10yrs in a one-sided abusive relationship with someone who's a cheater and an assaulter. I can't empathize with the MC cause I really don't understand how one can possess such altruistic, self-denying love for someone so undeserving. So jarring that I needed to constantly keep brainwashing myself that the MC is in a sense truly suffering from madness caused by his intense obsession.

Xia Mingxiu is a SOB. No one could convince me that this fake white lotus homewrecker is a good person.

He knew from the get go that the ML had feelings for MC and is just in denial yet held on to him and indirectly or directly assisted in tormenting MC for decades. He took the moral high ground and made a show of questioning the ML about his feelings for MC while being happy to unscrupulously roll around with him soon afterwards and not actually clearing up anything. Despicable and selfish. His acting and manipulation skills are top notch. so much that it's surprising he didn't win an Oscar before the end of the novel.


But the ML takes the crown on being the biggest ass**** in the story. I have a lot to say but I'll probably get reported if I start. Let's just say he's the breathing, walking, talking reminder on the disastrous effects of not using birth control.🙂

Bullying, assaulting and ignoring MC was his method of ensuring that MC cared about him?? Bringing home and rolling in the sheets with that homewrecker and treating him with all the patience and tenderness that MC and his decade long effort apparently didn't deserve was all cause he was stubborn??? The relationship lasting 10years was simply him (XH) playing around with him??? So preposterous that I'm angered to laughter. WHO in their right state of mind would willingly spend more than 10mins with an insufferable piece of sh** like you? Hehehe🙂🔪 And the big reveal of why he acted the way he did? Well supposedly it's cause he's an entitled overgrown manchild plagued with inferiority complex (cause XH is richer, smarter and better natured than him (atleast you're self aware😒)) & fear of abandonment... And even worse all these cause of the childhood trauma of your dad moving on from your mom who spent years helping him build up a stable livelihood too soon after her death?? So you swore you'll only love one person for the rest of your life and you adamantly believed that that person is Xia Mingxiu so you hated the fact that your heart was moved by a stolen kiss from XH. and decided to decide that everything is his fault.. Oh the irony! You became your father- used a guy for 10yrs and once he left brought your mistress home. No. You were even worse you didn't even wait a few days before bringing home your mistress after the breakup. Bro... WTF?! (ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻

And then he thinks that he can atone for everything by ending his life?! Hahaha 🙄 you really never understood Xiao Heng and even to this end you still have to be selfish. You are so precious to him that a scar on your body is a stab on his heart.. so sickeningly foolish.. (Both of them)

Luo Yuchen is a person who didn't love anyone except himself. He took advantage when he can and discarded those who didn't cater to all his needs. He ended up hurting all the people by his side in the end. And honestly doesn't even deserve that SOB homewrecker much less a second chance with the MC. Yet, at the end dude had the audacity to buzz around the MC and ask for a second chance... but because how the MC's so irredeemably forgiving when it comes to him, and that he's only gonna be truly happy if this tr*sh's in his life, I guess this relationship is something the readers should begrudgingly accept



Other that that there are quiet a few plotholes, illogical instances and forgotten plot points. But considering that the author was just 18 when they wrote the original, I'd say it is a very good attempt.

The translator's done a great job too. I haven't read the original WN counterpart of this but I've heard this version is much more respectful to the MC. So if you're in search of a mild scatty angst with some scum gong abuse on the side, do read it. 3.5/5⭐
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seagullfan rated it
March 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I know the author was 18 years old when she wrote this story, so some flaws could have been forgivable. But, I'm sorry, in my opinion this story has nothing but flaws.

Where to start? Maybe let's start with the MC? Do we really need the MC, the one we should like and sympathize with, to be ... more>>

the entertainment industry boss who forces his employee into s*xual relationship? Didn't Harvey Weinstein got, like, a million years in prison for such things? The justification the MC uses is also the same old one "He could have said 'no'." Oh really?

Other than this bit of sleaziness, the MC is dull and in pathological love with the ML. To the extent that he cares about absolutely nothing else but the ML.

Come to that, the MC commits su*cide in his brother's new villa, saying casually "Oh, he probably won't be able to use it after that." Well, the brother is rich, I get it, one villa more, one villa less... but man, it's embarrassing.


The ML is a typical scum gong, nothing wrong with it per se, that's what I'm looking for when I read the stories like this. The crucial point if whether the author can convince me that the ML really regretted, really redeemed himself, really deserves being forgiven. I don't know if the author liked the ML too much

but she actually doesn't give him a real chance to regret. For a very long time he doesn't know what happened to the MC, then he is in denial, and when he finally accepts the fact, he is quickly informed that the MC is alive.

The only somewhat regretful thing he did was searching for that earring, and even there the MC interfered too quickly.

As for redeeming himself... there is a scene where the ML comes to the MC's ward and suddenly sees that the MC, who was in a coma for many months, regained consciousness and is talking to his brother or friend. Do you think the ML feels happy to see the MC wake up? Do you think he's concerned about the MC's health? Not at all, he sulks and feels resentful that the MC pays attention to someone else but him, and this is his absolutely first thought.

I was attracted to this book by someone mentioning that the MC turned the ML down several times after waking up. Well, in my mind, he didn't turn him down even once. But they kinda belong together, both are extremely unpleasant people.


And let's not forget the earring!

The designer earring that has such sharp edges they can leave permanent scars if yiu cut yourself by chance. You sure it's really an earring and not a shuriken? Just imagine the ML falling asleep without taking it out, it'll be a miracle it won't cut his carotid artery. And the whole book is filled with things like this.

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Cold Moon rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I really hate ML for what he had done 😠😡

And the ML's bf he is worst

... more>>

He know that ML has feeling for MC way before 10 yrs (That s*upid ML didn't even know) but he still accept ML proposal and hurt MC


whatever ML suffers grievance after MC sucide that he deserves it.

About MC


he really didn't die he was just in coma


Version ON


when MC become ghost he watch how ML suffers and when he woke up he forgave him and accept him


Version WN

When he woke he forgets everthing he watch and thought ML didn't love him so he gave up and then ML suffers after he accepts him


It's a HE <<less
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jealisu rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c4
i know that I'm jumping the gun with this review, but... I'm so gosh darn excited.

i actually finished reading the LLBN free web novel recently, and after the night that I binged it, my eyes were swollen for the whole day afterwards. obviously, I loved it.

but oh lord, after reading the TL of this version's spoilers... I'm ready to repeat that multi-hour cry session. scum abuse is my biggest weakness, and the fact that we will be getting MORE?? I'm floored, ecstatic, giddy. the first four very well-translated chapters already... more>> had my chest in so. much. pain. I'm about to be fed so well.

like the TL says, if you don't like this genre, it won't be for you. but if you do, the characters and plot are uniquely satisfying. the overall theme - of life being worth it after all - also scratches an itch that is too often neglected by dog blood tragedy writers, methinks.

cheering for the TL!!! it must be difficult to translate through the haze of your tears.

edit: i'll try to actually write a more coherent review when my finals are over, lmao <<less
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Suyo rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is so well written. I cried many times while reading it. I want to say that the most person who wronged MC was himself. If someone didn't treasure himself no one would treasure him. You can't lose yourself like this in the name of love. The pain he lived wasn't worth it. The ML wasn't worth it. He wasted 10 years! In addition to the 6 years before. Such a long time for someone who abused you psychologically and physically.
I can't say the MC love wasn't beautiful because it was. I can't help thinking that I wish I had someone who loves me like this but I know it's actually terrifying to be loved by such a person. Not because it's bad but because it's too good. You will get used to his pampering, to his existence. You can't do anything after him if he left someday because he used to do anything for you. I can't imagine how could someone live after such a person disappear. Habits is such a terrifying thing. I don't know how the ML could let go in the beginning but I understand he did that because he was too confident the MC couldn't live without and he was right.

what I know is the more you love the more you hate but that wasn't the case with the MC. I didn't understand how could he not hate him after

watching him love and kiss another person. He made his lover come to THEIR HOME after only one day after he left. HE WATCHED THEM HAVING S*X IN THEIR HOME COUNTLESS TIMES. He treated his new boyfriend so gently while he makes him in pain when he have s*x with him.


how could he not hate him after he watch all that how could he!!! And after he enjoyed himself to his fullest then came back to say he loved him!!! If it were me I would hit him without any hesitation!!

he abused him for fuk*ng ten years then got together with another man after all that he dear to come back and say he loved him!! No one needs this cheap love!!!


I hoped this novel has a sad ending. That tr*sh doesn't deserve to be happy at all. I only wanted the MC to be happy. I wanted him to get together with a better person. A person who loves him and knows his worth.

To be honest, in the beginning, I didn't hate the ML because


I thought the MC really forced him but after I knew what the force they talked about was I laughed. Clearly, the ML excepted his request and wanted the same because the tr*sh desire MC deep down. The Mc's request was to live together he didn't ask him to have s*x with him at all but the ML was the one who wanted him every time.


the ML is childish, rude, gloomy like he owes you ten million, selfish, and a coward. He didn't care what the people around him feel at all. I want to have a real conversation with the MC and Xie to ask them what they really like about such a person. He really doesn't deserve these two people's love at all.

The ML feelings are really complicated. Anything he thinks about and does were completely nonsense. He himself doesn't know what he wants For example


he is confident the MC loves him. He is confident MC wouldn't leave him but in the next second he will say the ML just playing and he will throw him away after he had him. Don't ask why he thinks like this because he himself doesn't know.


there is something I could never understand about him


he always has a desire for our MC and when the MC kissed him when he was sleeping he found out he liked men. Do you think he goes to our Mc? No not at all he goes to Xie. He saw him so beautiful in the hospital. He decided that Xie was his true another half. He said if it wasn't for Xie's illness he wouldn't be able to come over to the fact he loves men. I think he gives his promise because he was sick. However, I don't believe he felt anything at all for Xie. Anyway, after Xie's surgery was successful they got together then one day our MC kissed him. He was shocked at how much that kiss affected him. At that time he knew his feelings towards him. After that did he thinks things through and decided to face it? No, he didn't. That coward was scared. He didn't want to be like his father who forgot his mother after meeting a new woman. So instead of facing his feelings, he decided to blame our MC that everything was his fault. He began to cover his feelings with hate. Actually, when he went to MC he knew our MC would ask him to be together. He knew he can refuse and MC will still help him but he didn't. Simply because he wants to have MC. He wants to have him but didn't want to feel guilty that's why he pretends to be forced. He's the one who drags MC to have s*x but never treats him gently. He takes advantage of our MC but still thinks he is a drama queen. He will act intimate with Xie just to make MC sad. He ended up hurting MC and Xie at the same time and waste everyone's time.


In the beginning, I wondered how could the MC tried for ten years without giving up until I knew the reason


the tr*sh ML would abuse him to the point he wants to give up. When he wants to give up on him, the tr*sh would be a little good to him to give him hope. Then he repeats the circle again and abuses him !!!!


I liked Xie. He's such a good person. He faced the ML about the truth and didn't take advantage of his behavior. Even though he goes along with it and hurts our MC. Love is selfish I understand it but did the earth ended to be in the middle of two people how loved each other? He just wronged himself. If he refused ML in the beginning no one will be hurt now but he stayed with him. I know why he's guilty. After all, our MC helped him as much as the ML did. No, actually he helped him more.

I love the brother so much. He is my favorite character in this novel.


to think he liked and was willing to share everything with the illegitimate child who he didn't grow up with. I really don't know what to say to describe him because he is so great.

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Evesneon rated it
January 27, 2024
Status: Completed
After years on being my To Read pile, I've finally completed it.

About me: I like a good angst. I love the angst MC and ML experience. What the author can give, I'm wholeheartedly able to receive.

Completed this novel (together with the extra FALLEN), makes me think our ML didn't manage to grow as much as I like. Yes, the author wrote this in her teens so I'm giving leeway to that. However, take note if you want to see character growth, our MC grows a little but our ML will... more>> go from a scum to an henpecked dog with no actual growth except making sure MC belongs to him and solely him.

It's good for a quick read but not one I'll recommend to reread again and again <<less
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fudanshii18 rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn’t expect that this novel has another version. I read the original version first and was unsatisfied. I see that this version is more detailed and more bearable to read. MC is more likeable in this version.

ML is an utterly sh*t. In this version, it is explained why he detested MC unreasonably. He’s really s*upid. It is clear that he likes the MC yet he’s being d*ck. He felt inferior to him (really, dude?) and felt that he was just MC’s plaything. Rating him 1/10. Gave him 1 to... more>> give justice to his “good” looks. Words do not suffice how much I hated him.

“In these ten years, my conduct had always been the same, and I continuously let him down, while then giving him a little bit of hope again when he was about to despair. I repeated this cycle of giving him ten lashes for every piece of candy, the more sweetness, the even more miserable.” - ML

At the very least, I wanted ML to suffer for 10 years.

MC did wrong ML first. Forcing him to be in a relationship with him taking advantage of the fact that the white moonlight has sickness. BUT HE IS NOT A BAD PERSON. It is said in the web novel that he doesn’t have any hopes that ML would agree, and even if ML did not agree, he will still help the white moonlight.

ML and MC wasted a long length of time, also delaying Xia Mingxiu’s (white moonlight) life. I felt that he was easily let off by the MC and WM. It could have been better if the MC end up with Xia Mingxiu instead of the ML.

At the end, it’s a happy ending! ML became a loyal dog to MC. He learned how to treat him like a fragile vase and became an ideal husband. MC wasn’t that obsessed with him anymore and can leave him anytime he want. <<less
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Rimamr rated it
September 9, 2021
Status: Completed
In the beginning of the novel they wrote that the novel will angry us the only thing I'm angry with is the author

Writing that the MC was beaten by ML to the extent that he have to be taken to the hospital that was unnecessary at all and not mention this won't effect the novel, just being cruel with him and does not showing love to him and betrayed him was enough for us to hate him why make it seem like the ML is total beast

To be honest I'm... more>> more sympathy with the ML more than the MC no one accept to be forced in relationship for ten years the MC was selfish with his love to forced the ML to stay with him even he know that he love someone else especially that they weren't in love relationship when the ML love the other person

What I know you love someone you let him live happy with who ever he love not forced him to be with you

Don't know why the writer make the ML seem that bad in the beginning from what I see while reading the novel he wasn't bad by nature he just can't accept to be forced to do what against his feeling

with that I'm happy for the happy ending


The person who was wronged by this novel was Xia Mingxiu

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