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Wen Xuan was the head disciple of Water Cloud Sect’s sect leader. He spent the first half of his lifetime respecting his teachers and placing importance in the way of Dao. Friendly towards other fellow disciples, he was everyone’s role model.

He once believed that he would spend a lifetime like this. Until one day, he met a younger fellow disciple (shidi) who was unbelievably skilled.

This shidi told him that this world was actually a novel. And he, Wen Xuan, would become the most unsightly, petty little villain in this leveling up style cultivation novel. With the next half of his lifetime on a bumpy spiral downward after an erroneous decision, he will be betrayed and deserted by friends and family, cast away and end up dying miserably alone.

“After dinner for leisure, many people would use a mocking tone of disdain to discuss your disastrous life. But no one knew how you survived through all those years. No one saw how you struggled to hold on to your principles in your lonesome. No one cared about the suffering you experienced and your perseverance. But I saw it. I know. I care.”

“That’s why I came to this world. To become your support.”

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82 Reviews

Sep 20, 2020
Status: c58
This is a fantastic story! At first, I was a bit deterred by the ratings, but it turns out there really was nothing to worry about. I'm so thankful I trusted all the multitude of positive reviews!

First of all, one of the things I enjoyed a lot was the somewhat novel plot. Unlike your usual transmigration story, the MC is not the transmigrator, but instead the ML. Thus, it was very refreshing to read the novel from the MC's point of view and his adventures.

In addition, the novel is plot-driven,... more>> which is always engaging. Furthermore, the characters are also very 3D-like and rounded, and their interactions are amusing and interesting, I particularly love the dynamics between the MC and ML.

Finally, I just want to add that the translator 'Infinite' is absolutely remarkable! I've noticed that she releases translations EVERY DAY! The translations are also of phenomenal quality, so I want to give a huge thanks to Infinite for being so hard-working and diligent. It's always a wonderful gift to come across a translator that provides the best experience for the readers!

Give this novel a try because it is definitely worth your time, and will not disappoint in any aspects! <<less
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Aug 02, 2020
Status: Completed
Actually it's not a happy-lucky go story. There is HE, don't worry.

Chapters ~70 are tearing. I didn't expect the bittersweet part of this story with the pasts of MC and ML, their mistakes with each other and their grow. Actually these chapters turn the 2-D characters in 3-D characters.

The ML's personnality is not that annoying, just at firts, we see him little by little giving up on the people who turned against him. His personnality actually annoyed me a bit in chapter ~60 but let's say there was... more>> a big backslash so I couldn't complain. And in the ending, The ML is definitely more free with his words. He would never have said these words in the first chapters. Another proof that he grew up.

And... I think I need to warn people. It's a really slow burn. They end up together only in chapter 80, or 1 or 2 before this 1. People need to know that during all the novel you won't see them together. They'll go from the friend relationship, to brother relationship, to love, not love, then unealthy relationship to finally being together.

I regret we couldn't see more fluffy things, or more precisely, I regret we didn't read a lot of chapters when they are a couple. The novel is lacking in this department. The end feels a little abrupt because of that. <<less
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Oct 10, 2020
Status: Completed
About 98% of the way through this novel, I was convinced that it was going to be a BE. Luckily, it's a HE, but... Just barely.

MC and ML tiptoe around each other for a long time as useless plot happens and toxicity runs rampant. This is primarily due to ML's abusive behavior, which explained by his backstory. Nonetheless, he should have encountered at least a bit of character development in the 100+ years he stayed in the world. Alas, that is really not the case. When they finally get together,... more>> it's not sweet or heartwarming, just a little melancholy.

Forget about there being a protagonist in the world, or about MC's master and his dead lover's backstory, or the sect that betrayed them, or even the demon that is destroying their continent, because none of that is resolved in the end. It's just left as huge loose ends.

I can't say I enjoyed this novel, and I definitely won't be reading it again. <<less
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Nov 11, 2020
Status: c82
Maybe more of a 3.5 stars.

Truly an anti-yandere and anti-codependence manifesto!

I would have loved to see an extended ending of their adventures further on into life, but I think narratively the arc did conclude. This is a story about overcoming obsession, really digging into the idea that "if you love something, set it free." The themes seem rooted in Buddhist, actually, given the clear rejection of attachment. (The Buddhist concept of love being loving kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity. Love is liberation and not about attachment, which is selfish.)... more>>

The issue is that the pacing was just too fast!


I think Jian Yi and Wen Xun could have spent more time developing individually. We get a time skip for WX and he becomes the boss of a mountain of spiritual beasts. We are told that he's developed a different mindset since his cultivator days but we don't get to see the process. JY's arc is even more rushed: he spent 7 years offscreen trapped in an illusion and WX has to go wake him up.

The climax (WX and JY's parting) occurs in ch 79 or 78. Theoretically, this should be the middle of the novel! Notice however that the last chapter is 82.


There's a good build up before the climax at Ch 78 so the author might have lost steam? Not sure what happened. Still worth reading though. Gives you a lot to think about regarding love (of all types) and the relationship it has to oneself. <<less
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Aug 16, 2020
Status: c23
Beautiful translation for a refreshing novel. I'd really like to thank the translator for sharing this novel with us, the author has done a really good job at writing it and so being able to read it thanks to the translator's hard work is amazing. I've enjoyed it a lot and cannot wait to read the rest. So far, there's such a difference from the typical yandere/black-bellied vibes a lot the other cultivation bl novels have. It's a refreshing story where the MC & the ML support each other purely... more>> and there are no dubious/toxic vibes from the relationship that I have to turn a blind eye to. Also, misunderstandings are cleared up pretty quickly.

So far, I'm pumped to keep reading more. <<less
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: Completed
My heart aches after reading this story, but at the same time I feel so happy. It was a very satisfying book and the ending was simply beautiful. I actually didn't expect to love it so much because the reviews were mixed. But I really liked another story of this author, and the idea of transmigrating into a book to save your favourite character was absolutely kick-ass.

And the idea is fulfilled in a fascinating manner. So many stories where the MC transmigrates into a cannon fodder and works on saving... more>> his life. Here we have a guy who just lives his life, without realizing his cannon fodder fate. And someone nearby him is working desperately on changing his fate to the better.

But it is just a part of the story, even though very intriguing. Another part is exploring the butterfly effect, how small changes alter things on the big scale. But what this story is really about, at least for me, is what real love is, and how it can't be one-sided, cannot consist of one party only giving and the other party only accepting.

I am a very obsessive reader. That's why the summary of the story called for me immediately. So many times I dreamed into doing exactly what Jian Yi does: getting into the book's world and helping one or another character. But as I read, even I felt Jian Yi's obsession was too much. To build his whole world on one character from a book - too much. Not to mention the things he does in the later part.

But that's where the book reaches a perfect balance, because it is not just the story of Jian Yi saving Wen Xuan. Wen Xuan also steps up to save Jian Yi. They are together and rely on each other not because of codependency but because they love each other, and that's what people who love each other do.

I loved both Wen Xuan and Jian Yi. As someone said in another review, they are incredibly real. And other characters, too, you might love or hate them but they are complicated and memorable. <<less
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Oct 16, 2020
Status: c82
I absolutely enjoyed this novel. Despite being on the shorter side, there are two things it did incredibly well. Plot and character growth.

As our main character, Wen Xuan is caring, just and hard working. Unlike a cannon fodder with ill intentions, he fits the image of the upright shixiong. Meanwhile, his sweet and caring shidi isn’t all he seems.

The two of them face many challenges from within and without, and they’re forced to grow and change together. Even though I wish it was longer, the ending is perfect.

It’s certainly one... more>> of my favourite cultivation novels, and the translation is top notch. I highly recommend reading it. <<less
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: c82
I'm giving this book 2/3.5 stars.
At first, I wasn't going to write a review of this story, but now I get to the end of the book, I have many complicated feelings about it.
I feel like the most worthy thing to read about this book is Jian Yi's character development, and I'm not talking about character growth, because he stays during all the book being the same hateful, selfish, overprotecting and despairing little guy.
Other people who have read the book may disagree with me, but I think Jian Yi is the most interesting character in the book. When it comes to him I can only either pity him, despise him or feel empathy.
He is a humane character, he is selfish, a despicable and doesn't try to hide it, really different from Wen Xuan who is that righteous and forgiving character you all must be really familiar with.
One thing I like about this book is the concept of "When I say I want to save you, what I'm trying to say is save me". Because sometimes the person who want appears to be the tougher, meanest or most reliable is often fullfiling his own desire of wanting to be "saved" by "saving" others.
Jian Yi is an insecure character, and you can easily watch that through the plot, he fear being abandoned, being replaced and being alone, but in the end, who doesn´t?
His paranoia and protectiveness are the main factors that cause him and Wen Xuan to be in disagreement, because of this he is always guarded and doesn't trust others at all (There's only Wen Xuan). His obsession with Wen Xuan comes from his own insecurity. I just want to say, who doesn't fear being abandoned? Who doesn't want to feel like you have someone to rely on? Though Jian Yi's way of acting is never the correct one and his actions are always hatefull, I can understand him, though I don't approve his actions, neither do I approve him telling Wen Xuan: "You have no one but me", "Everyone will betray you", "Only I'll be by your side", "No one's life matters but yours". Who wants to have someone constanlty telling you that you're alone in the world? And, who wants someone who doesn't care about human lifes when he himself treasures them and takes care of them?
The plot is... Alright. It is really fast paced though, I couldn't really say it's the best plot or one really worth to remember, because in the end the author didn't really invest time in it. At the end there are many conflicts that were presented but never solved. There are many loose ends that's one of the reason I'm not sure how to rate this.
I think this book may really be worth reading, it may not be the best one or more memorable, but it deserves a chance.
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Mar 02, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is not about leveling up kind of story,

It's not about a journey to face some complicated scheme and conspiracy,

It's not about how a canonfodder or a villain counterattack the original protagonist in a novel,

... more>> And it's not about some mindblowing xianxia plot.

In my opinion, what this novel is about is a journey to break a shackle. A journey to break a misconception. A journey of life to break a heart demon.

Sometimes, when you have a belief that A is A, that fact can terrifyingly attached on your mind, affecting all of your thoughts and actions, no matter it's the truth or not.

Breaking out from that deeply planted belief and obssession is hard.

And this novel tell us a whole journey how two people (MC and ML) face many things in the world, and how all of those years are their journey to break apart from their deeply rooted obssession that affected their mind and actions.

It's a good story.

The plot and conflicts are not that unique and mindblowing. Sadly the ending is quite abrupt. I wish there are some extra chapters, but there aren't. So, the ending felt quite abrupt, sudden, and left a huge hole of questions and inquiries needed to be answered. Especially the ending of the world in general, and even what would happen with the MC and ML later.

It's really frustrating and I really think this novel need some extras to answer all of those plot holes. <<less
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Dec 06, 2020
Status: c82

Don't believe the people who say the ending was kind of rushed — it was extremely rushed. The last few chapters should have been the middle of the book, not condensed into Sparknotes-worthy summaries.

It's a shame, though, because it had such a good first 70-80%. It flowed really well, had good legitimate conflict, and the world was fairly interesting.
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Sep 10, 2020
Status: c59
I adore this novel. It hides amazing twists that you totally cannot foresee in the beginning. Wen Xuan is such a sweetheart character, with a mild temperament and strict values/morals. He's so cordial and kind towards everyone, it makes you wanna wrap him up in bubble wrap when later THINGS happen.

Jian Yi, on the other hand, is such a little shit. But like, a lovable lil sh*t XD He definitely grows on you, with his endless sacrifices and devotion towards Wen Xuan. You can't help but root for him. And... more>> besides, the two together are so lovely???

I haven't finished reading the entire novel, as I am patiently waiting for translation updates, but I can safely say that it is a novel worthy of giving a chance! <<less
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow. Just finished it, it's quarter to 4 and I don't regret a thing.

Things that were great :

Our two main characters were so great, real, I loved that aspect of them. I was frustrated by them at points, and even kind of hated them at points (sorry ml) but was equally as touched and proud of them. Even when I was annoyed at the ML for his rather toxic behaviour, I immediately understood why he acted the way he did when we saw his past. I'm glad it was mentioned... more>> and explained and not just passed off as 'He's just a yandere so cool right guys (*'ε`*) '. Ml' s past made me cry ngl.

The plot was quite well woven, everything that happened seemed to have is reason, and when certain things were revealed there was even like a 'Oh so that's why' kind of feeling.

Things I might have done complaints about :

Wish there was more romance. A lot of the romance wasn't particularly romantic? The ending was great in my opinion but I would have loved to see some extras where after all that pain, I get to see them be cute together and heal and stuff. But oh well, the ending was still plenty satisfactory anyways.

I feel like some side characters stories didn't really get resolved or revisited, and were left without much closure. Like they were given great personalities and backstories but appeared to play a role and swiftly disappeared after that role was completed. But I suppose this isn't their story to begin with, so it's not that big of a deal.

All in all, it's beautiful. I highly recommend to anyone who's scrolling through reviews, trying to decide whether to read it or not. <<less
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May 15, 2021
Status: Completed
When I finished it, I felt somehow troubled inside.

The plot is better than I had expected and many things I found irrelevant later turned out important and connected to each other which I liked that a lot. I'm glad that some things I noticed and thought were going to be left alone as plotholes were explained. But on the other hand, there were other things that were just introduced, briefly explained and wouldn't be dwelt upon too much, but okay.

The romance is there, but isn't really romantic in my opinion.... more>> It felt more like a long developement of their relationship and going through various hardships together and exploring the matter of trust.

At the beginning, I didn't think too much of the characters, but that's where I was wrong. Turned out that the characters, MC and ML, Wen Xuan and Jian Yi, had both their struggles and inner conflicts.

The ending took on a much heavier and darker atmosphere than the beginning; some things were revealed, some incidents happened and some people made big decisions - I was really proud of Wen Xuan when

he decided to save that girls life, I think her name was Ye Qin, and when he ran away from Jian Yi who was becoming manipulative; he accepted himself and his new form and he finally realised that he too made a mistake by completely relying on Jian Yi and letting him do whatever he wanted


Also, Jian Yi's behavour..

he.. Really had problems.. He felt so fishy to me and when his background was revealed I thought things really did make sense. He was a disturbed boy who just wanted to be loved. I don't approve of his behaviour by no means (I even wished for Wen Xuan not to get back together with him) but I understand where he was coming from


Regarding the ending for which many say that it was rushed - well, kinda; I think that the 10 year time skip was just the right thing to do, we were just told how things progressed (which is better than reading about 10 years of fighting demonic beast imo),

but I think Jian Yi's developement came especially too late. We got to know of his background motive in about, I think, the last two chapters and the whole thing just felt like an open ending.

I would've liked it if there were a few extras telling about their life after finally accepting themselves (and I mean both of them), about them going to WaXing Moon Island, meeting with side characters such as Zhang Xiaoqing, that Luo Qingquan, Qi Jibai and Murong Feng (I don't know why but I especially liked her), and see them grow as characters as they seem to have just embarked on their journey to do so.

I'm not really in love with this novel, but I certainly did like it a lot. It managed to touch me and made me empathise with the characters. No regrets about reading it. <<less
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Sep 09, 2020
Status: c47
ML is tiring AF. He is so dumb, I really lost it when he discussed that thing with that meng furong, like he was nearly coerced into marrying her. And the coercion came from the fact that he couldn't "neglect" a woman if the plan to help her without marriage failed. Need I say that the woman was a complete stranger, not his ex, not his friend, nothing. WTF??!
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Aug 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Hmmm, this is a tricky one. ML is a typical ML - a terrible person whose past doesn't absolve him of anything, obsessive and selfish. Basically he is completely unworthy of MC. But where this novel differs is that the author actually acknowledges it rather than romanticise it. MC doesn't allow himself to get swept along with the flow and be forced into a relationship. Rather, he falls in love on his own and eventually confronts ML on all his bullsh*t and helps guide him towards being a decent human... more>> being and making their relationship non-toxic. Unfortunately this is where the novel ends. As soon as it starts getting good and breaking the conventions of toxic bl it's over. This is the reason I have to give it a 3 star instead of 4 star, I was only able to start really enjoying it right at the very end, which I find a real shame. But props to the author for allowing them a real happy ending, instead of one where ML remains a complete nutcase who abuses MC while pretending his self absorbed obsession is love like most bl novels do. <<less
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Jan 28, 2022
Status: c82
8.8/10 <3

I really liked this novel! The main charecter is very likable and although the ML is a little brat I found him kinda cute.

I really liked that instead of the couple ending up codependent and toxic the charecters actually grew together. I love that the author did this because I feel like you see so many novels where the couple ends up being codependent and toxic with the ML being overly obsessive and it just isnt healthy and I've seen some where it's just straight up abusive. So the... more>> way the characters grew and learned from their mistakes was like a breath of fresh air :)

I also loved the plot twists and reveals in the novel like

jian yi and bis past, explained alot and was very heartbreaking. Also the reveal of wue xuans mom/birth TRAGIC I was spinning in circles

I loved the reveals tho because I'm so used to being spoiled!

My only complaints would be the rushed ending and the whole

cave arc-when wue xuan turned into a beast and was completely dependent on jian yi. I had to suffer through that arc I was so pissed at how toxic their relationship but I was glad it didnt stay that way <3


Overall I would completely recommend

7/10 Angst

8.5/10 charecter development/ depth

8.5/10 pacing and plot*for first 85% of story


verryyyy slow burn they take until the last 2 chapters to finally get together officially


>mentions of r*pe, death, toxic relationships (only at certain points dont worry) <<less
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Oct 20, 2020
Status: Completed
This book isn't particularly great or particularly bad. (I honestly felt like rating it a 3.5, but decided to round it up in the end.) However, what really stood out enough to push me to create a review, was the characters' growth. Both of the main characters, Wen Xuan and Jian Yi, are flawed. Wen Xuan strives to be "good" and attempts to help and trust everyone he can. He learns how impactful his naivety is as the book progresses, and by the end, I was extremely satisfied by his... more>> growth and his acceptance of all of himself. Although he ultimately did change, I believe that Wen Xuan still retained his inherent sweetness. Jian Yi, influenced by his past, was a bit of an opposite to Wen Xuan in that he did not trust anyone except for Wen Xuan. His attempts to force Wen Xuan to feel the same guardedness (? I couldn't think of a better word at the moment sorryyy) was because of his desire to protect Wen Xuan. He also grows, and learns that he can't force Wen Xuan to depend only on himself, and that yes, there are some terrible people out there, but that this doesn't mean you should close your heart off fully. Wen Xuan should be credited also for recognizing his dependency on Jian Yi and leaving. When an unbalanced relationship is typically shown in a novel, it's not often that it's broken off. Ai, this is becoming longer than expected. The side characters didn't completely disappear from view, and, to address an issue that another comment pointed out, a few events weren't completely resolved. When an enemy usually appears in a typical fantasy story, most of the time, people gather to destroy it. In this story, the demon was left to its own devices, in return that it didn't harm others. I found that that was a conclusion. Not all plots have to have a grand ending. But, I do feel that some things could've been better tied up. The concept, world, and characters had more potential that could've been squeezed out if the book was longer, but this is alright too. All in all, although the plot itself wasn't incredibly intriguing and was more of a "find my backstory while falling love" sort of journey, I was pleased by the two main characters and their growth. The ending was satisfying, but I don't think it's the sort of story I'll re-read. If I was recommending books, I don't think this is the first book that would come into mind, but if you're passing by, why not give it a try? Oh, and before I forget, the translation is well done, so don't let that stop you! <<less
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Jan 25, 2022
Status: c82
Omg what a trip 😭

Ok when I first started this I was like ‘wow this is interesting... ’ because it was from the point of view of the ML and not the MC. So yeah it was good and held my attention for like the first 70 chapters- BUT THEN THERE WAS A TWIST AND I’m not gonna spoil but like it was really surprising!!
For people saying the ending was rushed I 100% agree but to say it ruins the story isn’t right.

one of the only novels that had me crying tbh
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 25, 2021
Status: --
I really want to start swearing when I saw the word END.

The hell was with those emotional agitations they gave when the ending was abruptly thrown? The heck?

I feel indignant and I have a lot of frigging questions left. There's a lot of damned plot holes and loose ends. Oh my god, I'm so frustrated.

... more>> Spoiler: ⚠️

  • What the hell happened to that scum of a sect leader? That disciple? The others?
  • Did his former shizun die or did he survive? The description was too vague.
  • What the hell is up with that old man?
  • How the freak did the they patch things up so easily at the 75th to 80th chapter? It's not freaking satisfying to me!!! Damn it, I'm not asking for any emotional drama of reconciliation but--- IS THAT IT?! If yes then I'm hella disappointed!
  • Why is it that the novel was so good already but just had to end up that way?!
Yes, I understand that having someone in your heart can be replaceable, I just don't find MC's logic on it satisfying enough. There goes a few chapters of heartache for readers that is staunched by a loose end.

I really debated giving this a 4. I wanted to give it a two but I know that's just my illogical indignance.

Ps. If someone gets spoiled or something, I apologize, I don't know how to activate the warning. <<less
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Jun 04, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm a fan of fluff and romance, and this was neither. The MC had very mentally unbalanced vibes (and actions) that only begin to heal in the last chapter. The first half was kinda sweet to read, but I only finished it on principle. The writing was okay (and the translator lovely!) but it's definitely not my style. I can handle some drama and angst and tragedy, but this felt like dog blood with no resolution -- did I waste an afternoon?
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