I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Scumbag, Prickly Best Friend Who Collects Hate in a Gal Game. And the Main Character Is Too Incompetent To Be Useful…


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The Struggle of a guy who remembers his previous life and realized he reincarnated into the world of a dating sim he used to play.

However, there is one problem with the character he reincarnated as.

The man he reincarnated as was Akechi Hideyori, a man who possesses the ability to manipulate others to [Do whatever he commands at will]. A scumbag who used his ability to ruin the lives of the heroines as the game’s antagonist.

Realizing that I have reincarnated as the a character that was hated by all players, I planned to live out my life without getting involved with the game’s story but……..

Troubles always seem to find their way to me.

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Galge no Hate wo Tameru Kuzu de Gesu na Shin'yuu-yaku toshite Tensei Shite Shimaimashita. Soshite Shujinkou ga Munou Sugite Yaku ni Tatanai.......
Reincarnated as the Trash Scumbag Best Friend
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New betoran rated it
November 28, 2022
Status: v9c29
Okay, almost made it to the last chapter and... yeah, things made me scratch my head.

Really wanted to give it a 3 out of 5 but decide to go for the 4. Not because of the plot, but mostly because all the "Heroines" aren't really push to the side. They are ALL predominant and mention every few chapters and get a few words here and there. It's at its core romcom. There is the whole plot about superpowers in the world and shit, but... this is something that REALLY gets... more>> me... it isn't used, at all. By VOL 7 we barely are touching ONE extra "gift" aside from our MC who never uses his or the one we know to be ANTI-GIFt of the prota of the world which... is still only TWO mentioned gift in a world in which gift seems to be a big deal.

The MC surprisingly isn't weak, he actually defeats a gift user without using his own and even stops another dude from taking something from irene blablalba-san. Yet, this is a surprise for us. Because it was never mentioned that he trains or has great physical body compared to others. After all, I see the dude as a more open Hachiman with the whole thing about his evil eyes.

Really tempting to throw the story though. It was kinda hair pulling when, because there is no big drama the author in all his weird wisdom decides to say "oh yeah, the soul of the evil dude of the body you live in is actually still there and is bidding its time! lol!". That shit? That was not something possitive in a plot device way or narrative way. Because it shows that the author can't really push forward actual drama into the romcom.

Then, when they finally start the whole second part of the story where the protagonist supposedly experience gift stuff and fighting... there was NO drama or conflict added. Just more romcom with a side of slice of life.

So, what does author sama does? Does he adds a new gang? What about making the Gift Hunters more predominant? What about god being more active? What about some actual gift villains? No. Let's add another SOUL into this game! Here, let me pick the bully from his past life and put him inside this nobody with a gorilla body who I don't really like. Sike! So fun!.


That was the lowest and most cringe stuff you could had done author. You have a world, but you don't really touch it. You can make some world building or add more male side characters or females that don't fall for MC... but why do you have to do this? The whole "god killed a keycharacter" was something sour but okay... yet you punched us in the solar plexus by doing this cringe shit. It would had been better if the soul of that guy came to this world similarly to our MC and Madoka... but why, why must you force this cringe in such a way to add more drama or conflict when you had every other possible way open to you?

So, yeah. This story is literally MC straight from a romcom who is as dense as a effin rock. He can't see romance even if the girl goes to his face, looks in his eyes and says "I like/love you.". He somehow doesn't believe it for some reason and fabricates his reality on why they said those words. This is the whole plot by the way, this goes since he was 7 I think till now that he is 17.

But, I went reading this knowing that fact. The tags didn't lie... but oh boy the tags don't make justice to the sh*t that goes here. The PoV change is irritating yet not that much once you get used to it. When a PoV change occurs ALWAYS remind yourself that the PoV change is now from the point of view of the original game timeline when MC didn't exist and his body was the as*hole with mind control.

So, 3/5 is what I wanted to give but 4/5 because I feel kind it deserved it... till chapter v9c28 anyway. <<less
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New LongXi rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: --
Sigh, the MC is either one of the following: dumb, pathetic, without imagination, a broken record, or all of the above. From the very start the author repeats the same thing over and over again, scumbag this scumbag that, hated this hated that, morals morals morals. I think it’s just that we’ve been spoiled by korean or chinese novelists that could’ve written this better. The premise is really good, but the execution is severely over the top “hey I’m a japanese virgin” self-insert trope.
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koshwin rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: --
Denseness ruins everything yet again.

Q. Why is MC dense?
> Author's perspective: Cause the Harem can't progress if he gets in a relationship with one girl.

Q. Isn't it dumb that these guys (MC who get reincarnated into a game) don't realize that they won't f*cking get killed if they don't just do the dumb stuff that their alt did?
> Yes, it is very dumb and I'm tired of it.

Q. Is it impossible to have a Harem without denseness?
> No, just don't f*cking make the girl have her affinity... more>> meter hit 100 within few interactions.

Q. This has Galge element so surely author should know about how the affinity meter shouldn't hit 100 like that right?
> Apparently not, they just follow the same old cliché.

Q. Doesn't making him look s*upidly dense at moments that would lead to progress in the relationship make the readers seethe in anger?
> Yes, yes it does.

Very generic, just has more emphasis of "what happened in the game" (that's the only difference). <<less
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July 8, 2022
Status: v8c23
I can’t hold it anymore. I’m so frustrated.
Honestly, only by smacking the author’s face with bats... or nailed bats (if I got greedy), would make me feel better.

On to the novel, yeah his whole existence is overpowered. He can control anyone if he wishes but he won’t of course.

  1. The amount he used that power of his can be counted with finger. On to spoiler,

    he meets a girl who kinda drains peoples’ lifeforce just by touching them and she can’t control it. Then the MC sympathy with her and says, “I am also troubled wiht my powers, like you. Like what? On base of which bullshittery are you troubled by your power? Not that you can’t control it, right? Why would you say some 50 IQ shits right away?

  2. Aight, I can deal with how he acts, how he ask for people to sympathy with him because of how ‘pitiful’ his f***ing fate is. *cough* *cough* apologise for my manner. But what the f***? How dense does the author want him to be? At this point, even if the heroine says “I love you” this guy would think “Oh, she loves the words ‘you’” at least this kind of excuse funny if used for the first time. But f***, the author maxed his stats to irritate me. He makes all kind of excuse as if seriously thinking of a way to ‘persuade his reader’ but f*** no, it doesn’t make sense at all. I hate this main character as much as how I hate NTR.
Honestly, I don’t get why he has harem at this point. He’s dumbass, coward, s*upidly dense, annoying, irritating, so much that I’d be actually happy if he died in this novel.

The girls in this is so f***ing interesting! (Of course, sarcasms intended), the two went (MC and heroine 1) went to arcade then he play with her in the arcade. Then that heroine 1 goes like, wow I like him! UwU honestly, it’s f***ing disgusting.

The rest is the same. Heroine 2: H-h-h-he (NMC) t-tal-talked with me... I luv him so much! Wow he told me to rely on him! He is so reliable, I love him!

Heroine 3: He (NMC) played with me when I was a child! I love him!

Heroine 4: He (NMC) looks like the crush of my previous life... It’s frustrating but I love him
I don’t know how much years has passed but why the f*** are you still not aware that he is the crush of your f***ing life? His hobby, his habits, his speciality, what he likes all of that was basically the same. Would you mind taking a f***ing hint and evolve from harem materials shit?

Heroine 5: H... he (NMC) called me cute UwU I am so embarrassed... no... why are you leaving, why am I feeling this lonely.

the f*** is this creep? You’re seriously thinking that about the boy you just met? I know he’s trying to cure your drain touch or whatsoever bullshittery power but would you mind stop being a chick and regards anyone your love the first sight you landed?

NMC (novel) : Damn it, I am jealous of the GMC (game). He is really the protagonist of galgame. Everyone likes him.


But since the author said that this MC will evolve from 3 IQ to 90 IQ, I will keep on reading.
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October 4, 2021
Status: v9c4
It's really good. Author really makes you sympathize with characters and almost every character has a deep personality.

Author also writes the scenarios of the original game's story without MC reincarnating in paralel to the main storyline and those events almost change the depth of the novel to a whole new level. In the main story it's a Harem comedy. Those parts are also very enjoyable to read.

MC misunderstands that he's hated and girls around him like the actual gal game MC. But even if sometimes his denseness is frustrating (also... more>> funny) there are some reasons that make this understandable.


He keeps seeing the original events of the game as the villain as dreams. Those stories are really heavy so it's no wonder someone who experiences it firsthand be affected.

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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: V4c5
Kinda disappointing, also kinda annoying.

Novel started when characters are way too young, call me old fashioned but it feels weird that elementary schoolers talk like them, makes me wanna call FBI,

I already expected MC to be dense but it is portrayed in a bad way, instead of dense he is a brick wall MC.

Author made too many shifts on POV and Timelines, author should have just made them side stories, I mean for me I'm not really interested in the OG game timeline since it is already changed in... more>> the current timeline, I know author wants to portray what originally happened but come on who cares about that its not like its important to know or like just mention it in one paragraph instead of 1 chapter. Or maybe author is a fan of Fate Stay Night and copying the Tiger Dojo Endings,

And the most annoying part of this kind of novel is MC believing in the nonsense that there is a game corrective force, I mean unless they introduce that there is a god who wants them to follow the story. The butterfly effect should have pretty much destroyed all the bad routes the moment he remembered his past life.

And each arc are short but for now each arc are just character introductions which further kills my mood to read, for me there has yet to be any likable characters so far and reading has already become a chore so I'll drop it for now and wait until someone gives it a good review that will change my mind.

About the galge the MC keeps mentioning that Breaking the Chains of Sadness is a masterpiece, my call is that its a kusoge, I've played my fair share of Galges & Eroges but no matter how much I think about it definitely sucks as a trilogy, it might have worked with just one game but 3?? Hell you already know the protagonists power and the main antagonist so sequels will lose its mystery feel, will make players frustrated because the OG MC will be powered down and make us watch him make dumb choices as sequels branches from the neutral routes so that means MC has no character development. Even the authors Risa Happy Ending Route doesn't feel like a happy ending and he had the gal to call it happy, just say its normal ending or best ending. <<less
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unseen_hz rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: v5c50
Kind of irritating to read. This novel suffers from many troupes I personally feel that makes it kind of a chore to read. First off the MC isn't just dense but he's dense to the point of being utterly s*upid. Secondly, the MC believes in "game corrective force" despite everything in the current timeline being completely different from the game and there no sign of anything being close to the plot of the original, so the MC is definitely just s*upid. Thirdly, the author writes multiple chapters of the original... more>> game timeline, which is jarring sometimes. The original game timeline has absolutely nothing to do with the plot at all and there is often no transition between timelines in the chapters other than the fact that the original game timeline is depressing. Also, the original game timeline ruins whatever enjoyment the slice of life current timeline has for me as it often just annoys me to read blocks of text about the characters suffering with no plot relevance. So overall not that enjoyable in my opinion. <<less
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Twistedfire425 rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: v3c15
It's so bad, honestly. Like it's be pretty good if the MC wasn't so dense, but he is and that ruins any way the novel would be enjoyable. The novel constantly has the MC have dreams about the games plot line and the nasty sh*t he does during it and takes up entire chapters with nothing relevant to the story happening. It's f*cking annoying to see that shit, like just quit with the game plot line it's totally irrelevant. An entire volume has been taken up introducing a character from... more>> his previous life (this kind of thing is super annoying in novels, I can't stand when there's more than one reincarnater or whatever) and talking about the MC and that characters time in that life and some other worthless sh*t that adds nothing to the story. The idea is good, but the novel just goes to total sh*t and is super boring. It also pisses me off the the MC gets so hung up about using his power and what he thinks might happen to him if he uses it, like calm tf down dude, it's not the end of the world, it's totally pointless to have even added the powers if it's not even used. <<less
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ansonwhale rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: v5c14
Normally I wouldn't really care much after reading a rom-com harem collectathon, but since this story isn't afraid to deal with some heavy themes, I won't hold back my review so far.

First off, great translations. Secondly, I'm not going to complain about details or pacing in a jp webnovel.

What I will complain about is the total lack of setting and plot development. The characters and world in this novel could totally just be amorphous blobs moving around in an amorphous world because of how little they are actually described. The... more>> 'gift' that people have in this 'game' world have shown that they are only really prevalent when it comes to the 'plot' and even then, it has only been used once as a party trick (not counting the dreams). There is also no mention of anything outsite of where the narrative takes place which makes the novel feel even more lifeless.

The story can be tagged with slice of life in my opinion. Without any spoilers, the structure can be summarised as meet new character -> learn about how they have a tragic ending in another timeline -> befriend character -> banter with friend group. In any order. This not only makes it extremely predictable, but it also ruins any character development because we straight up get told how they feel in the other timeline, leaving no slow discovery of secrets but also of character.

Another reason this should be slice of life, is that there is no incoming conflict at all. The only plot conflict you could argue for is that the MC has to avoid the death flags and that is nullified by the fact that he's doing pretty well not doing anything at all. (A.k.a he avoided the death flags just because he has reincarnated and doesn't act like a villain)

Ok im lying, he hasn't reached the first death flag yet but, seeing how the story starts 10 years before he will reach the next flag, there's still no tension at all. <<less
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The1trueSG rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: v5c14
I'd love to give it 4 but I can't. The author writes way too many chapters that are pretty much just the former game. I feel like I'm reading more about the previous visual novel than the actual story im invested in. It makes waiting for more chapters really annoying because it feels like a waste of time reading the ones about the previous game.
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SkyWind332 rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: --
For a person who claimed to like and played a lot of VN. The MC here is as dense as a rock. A lot of what happened in his life when he got into the game's world is a common troupe in a lot of Visual Novel so how come he isn't seeing any of that. Author make up your mind and be consistent with your character.
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boredhood385 rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: v13c3
Smol pp. Dense MC. You can root for the heroines but seriously you wonder 400 chapters in if MC is gay or just content to be friendzoned for the plot.

... more>>

once he meets an enemy he freezes up. Weak even for a beta male of japanese low esteem harem story. He loses even though he could've use his gift cause he's a loser and needs to be saved by harem and plot. Even when he wins it's because he isn't him and is the true scumbag man. Man such a hilarious story.

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Thecomicgeek rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: v2c8
The translation is great ty!

I couldn't continue reading it. The developments felt too slow especially for a novel with very simple writing. I just went through 5 chapters of supposed "harrowing flashbacks" "Forbidden sibling love (ew) " and I dont care what else and I was BORED!

Maybe another reader who hasn't read books like these before would find it more engaging
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DescartesSenpai rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: v3c17
Surprisingly good.

Seeing the name, I came waiting for another galge isekai where the MC took all the heroines from the game's hero. Quite surprised, in the best way possible, to find a very well written and well thought novel, funny, relatable, and with characters that slowly grow on you.

Graverobber is doing a great work on this translation, waiting with great expectation the next chapters.
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Rasselon rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: v6c27
Galge villain reincarnation, although doesn't feel like one at all because there is basically no story.

A mildly good one, a lukewarm combination of rom-com and tragedy with some brutal violence (latter is often forgotten, so it's just a rom-com). Generally very childish.

I really hoped for more focus on the actual story, but here everything is just structured around harem, so the whole thing is pointless because MC is dense to the point of calling it his supernatural ability. Somehow, even Brave soul of evil supremacy and Magical Explorer, both just... more>> harem+, have that "+" plot, here - nothing.

I snapped at vol6. I don't care that even a miniscule amount of self respect is not familiar for MC. But you know... Using abuse of the main character as a joke is too much. Especially when MC's self-esteem is so low, he won't even see anything wrong with it, and will even whine: "I am such a bad person, aren't I", while the abuse goes on and on and on.

Most of the love interests are bland, nothing to say. It's funny how author writes MC saying "oh you are so great, just an angel" to the girl, and then doesn't write about this girl actually being great, or rather being literally anything - it is just a few stiff replies from her, instantly evolving into her undying love. It might be realistic from the standpoint of a girl trying to shoo away some creep, who approached her for some reason while having some weird delusions. It's also "fun" to see such an angel will not just stay silent, but, I quote, "continued laughing with [Fufufu.]", when a person she's supposed to be in love with is openly insulted right in front of her, *chef's kiss*.

There are lots of strange things that irritate me, but this novel isn't bad. Well, you need some courage to actually call it good, but I am a brave man and bad parts aren't always present, so my overall impression barely balances out to somewhat positive. This novel probably isn't worth your time, most of the reviews before me are on point, but you can still try if you want to see some cheap one-sided romance with a dense rock, most of the dialogues are decent at least...

I am 100% immune to the "dense beyond the point of absurd" trope and do not consider it a flaw, so I had my share of fun. <<less
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Userthatreincarnated rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: v5c36
This was actually way better then I though it was gonna be.

Sure the MC is dense but I personally thought it was pretty fun.

These kind of stories are my fav also this one has kinda of a slow start but now that the MC has this big friend group the story is way more fun
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WoodleDoodle rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: v2c10
Originally, it felt pretty bland and it wasn't really what I expected. It's starting to get interesting though.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
notacomputer rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: v3c8
Here you have a story where the main character is existing within the bounds of the backstories of characters he previously knew from a game. It is brought up in-universe that it's weird for the main character to keep worrying about "being a bad guy" even though he is different. However, this changes nothing and the plot barrels forwards. Having the MC become paranoid while not properly explaining that within his actions doesn't make the story feel less manufactured. The given reasons, ... more>>

the dreams that he's having

, aren't enough to rationalize his behavior.


It would be better if the author leaned more into the idea that the MC still has that "evil" inside him which can effect his actions if he isn't careful, but that isn't focused on. It's implied, but it needs more examples of him struggling to control himself.


Other than that, the dialog is funny even though it feels unnatural when considering the age of the children.

It's a little refreshing that the framework of the world is modern fantasy, but it would be nice for more world events to happen. Having the world be modern just seems like an excuse to not focus on the world around the characters.

Overall, it's engaging enough and I want to see what happens with the drama. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kertxtreme321 rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: v12c19
It's one of the unexpected novels that I have find. Sure, it's full of cliche but the thing that I liked about this one is the original past and how they are different to the story now. MC is dense but it's understandable.

... more>>

The original past or rather, the original game was quite brutal. The buddy of the MC of the game (supposed Best Friend that our MC possessed) was actually a real tr*sh. Used his power for a lot of horrible things like one of the heroines, Eien who is called as the birdcage got manipulated by the tr*sh to kill her own parents. That's not all, there are ALOT of horrible things that the tr*sh has done. That's why our MC is so oblivious to the feelings of the girls since he always encountered those memories in his dreams


Remember this, the overall number of the game is 3 (each game takes plsce from 1st year to 3rd year). And from the raw, it's still at the end of the 1st year <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: v6c1
Very basic galge story. Dense JP MC gets a harem, doesn't do evil things and

*bing bang boom*

this is now a harem SoL. Worldbuilding is bad, random people have crazy powers and its ignored. No plot points are exciting or written well.

Probably the blandest but not horrible attempt I've read in the genre.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
katsuradesilver rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: v3c3
What you expect from a villain isekai novel will not be met. It just borrow the concept and then instantly become harem/sol novels that you are sicked of.

And the denseness really ruined it all. Freaking annoying also.

The first few chapters are ok, so 2 star for that
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Le-Ether rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: v5c45
To really read this. You have to know which is the real game dialogue and which is the alternative dialogue. Each characters are flesh out and fine. Ironically they speak as if they are in high school than middle school. There is some world building in current chapters but it is short.
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