The Story of a Man Who Is Reincarnated as the Shi*tiest Guy in a Doujin, but the Heroine Keeps on Coming Close to Him


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Suddenly I remembered.

This is the world of the erot*c manga I had originally read, and that I myself am the one who plays the role of the man who steals the heroine away from the protagonist.

I don’t have that kind of taste, so please let the heroine get along with the protagonist.

That’s what I should have thought…so why the hell are you bothering with me…?!

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Manga ni Tōjōsuru Saiaku no Otoko ni Umarekawatta hazu ga Hiroin ga yottekuru ken
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New GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
May 27, 2022
Status: c20
A fun read, and so far a pretty cute love story, even if the MC wants nothing to do with it.

In almost every other reincarnation story I've read where a character at any stage of growth beyond "baby" suddenly remembers their past life, their earlier incarnation's personality always seems to overwrite their current self, which never sits right with me. Our memories are what form the base structure of our personalities, so while suddenly gaining memories of a whole separate person would certainly change you to some extent, unless the... more>> memories of your current self got completely erased it should be more like a mixing of two people rather than a complete overwrite, with perhaps a stronger influence from more recent memories and whichever life was longer.

This novel handles the change particularly well in my opinion. The main character's previous life was a typical harmless japanese person with typical japanese values and morals. His current self (pre-memory recollection) is a tr*shy scumbag character from a doujin he read in his past life that delights in harming others and is willing to resort to r*pe and emotional manipulation to get his way. In combining these two disparate personalities, our new MC is still casual about sex, aloof, and not averse to conflict if he deems it necessary, but also now views women as people rather than just a sexual conquest, is cleaner, and has a healthy (er) respect for rules and laws.

If I were to name any gripes I have, the female lead is super easy and starts crushing on the MC hard extremely quickly, but the pace isn't actually unnaturally fast. She starts out disgusted with the MC because of rumors she's heard, transitioning to interest when he shows a kind side by saving her from a pickup artist without any expectations of a reward, and over a dozen chapters that turns into full-blown love as she gets to know him. It's fast, but some people are like that, and from a purely writing standpoint it's skipping a lot of the BS and cutting to the good stuff so it's fine.

Another minor problem is how cautious of the female lead the MC is. It makes sense, considering his knowledge of what he's capable of doing to her clashing with his upright morals, but he's in control of his own actions, he's not the him from the doujin, he's not forced to take any actions that his current self would have any problems with. <<less
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orpheus_rm rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: c69
This is a lot sweeter than I was expecting. It's not even really NTR, if I'm being honest. You can't steal someone's girl if that girl was never dating them to begin with. All of the girls are great and distinct. Even though the MC remembers his world as a world from a hentai manga, that doesn't really make much of a difference after the beginning of the story. Cute, healing romances and lots of annoying characters getting lightly NTR'd, though they never stood a chance to begin with.
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Heimlich Manure
Heimlich Manure rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: c29
I was scrolling through Kakuyomu and found this. The premise definitely caught my eye. I mean, reading through multiple h*ntai doujins and always avoiding the tag NTR. It is really interesting seeing how the guy was in the doujin in contrast to him with the MC's memories

There are some changes to the guy's personality

... more>>

He doesn't actively look for women to have his way with anymore, but when given the chance he'll still do it with a woman. He's basically a perverted gentleman, he won't force anyone but does the deed without hesitation if allowed


I like the male lead. He's realistic enough to make me forget that he has someone else's memories.

His relationship with the main heroine is cute for the most part


kinda feel bad for the doujin's protagonist


And the guy's backstory with how he became the man he is now is a prime example of:


tr*sh parenting


This story is a harem no doubt, with the chapter I'm currently in (29) there're 3 women who are actively involved with the MC


4 if you count the main heroine's mother


I've yet to give a full review as there are hints given by the author and monologue from the characters that there is something big about to happen, so for now I'll give it a 4 <<less
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