The Story of a Man Who Is Reincarnated as the Shi*tiest Guy in a Doujin, but the Heroine Keeps on Coming Close to Him


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Suddenly I remembered.

This is the world of the adult manga I had originally read, and that I myself am the one who plays the role of the man who steals the heroine away from the protagonist.

I don’t have that kind of taste, so please let the heroine get along with the protagonist.

That’s what should have happened…

So why the hell are they bothering with me?!

Associated Names
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I Was Reincarnated As The Scumbag From a Netorare Manga, But The Heroine is Coming On To Me (Manga Title)
Manga ni Tōjōsuru Saiaku no Otoko ni Umarekawatta hazu ga Hiroin ga yottekuru ken (Alt Title)
Netorare Manga no Kuzu Otoko ni Tensei Shita Hazu ga Heroine ga Yottekuru Ken (Manga Title)
寝取られ漫画のクズ男に転生したはずがヒロインが寄ってくる件 (Manga Title)
漫画に登場する最悪の男に生まれ変わったはずがヒロインが寄ってくる件 (Novel Title)
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33 Reviews

New Touch-San
Nov 29, 2023
Status: c87
This is quite possibly the best JP romcom I've read in awhile. It had everything I could have wanted from this kind of story. A main character who acknowledges what he wants as normal and not some "sinful" act and just goes for it. A female lead who isn't totally dominant, but not a pushover either. The other heroines also have personalities of their own, and continue to influence the story, rather than only showing up once every 20 chapters just to remind us that this is a harem story.

The... more>> most significant aspect of this novel for me however, has nothing to with Ryuichi, Shizuna, or any of the other heroines. It pertains to Sohei: Shizuna's childhood friend and the manga's original protagonist. So very common in these stories does this kind of character remain ignorant, possessive, and just all around a total a**hole. This character type usually exists for the singular purpose of acting as a villain to triy to stand in the way of the MC and FL's relationship, as well as being a punching bag that we can dunk on. I adore how this author avoided using that trope here.

Sohei actually grows as a person, and can even sincerely congratulate the 2 on their relationship. It seriously makes me want to see him have a happy ending of his own. Of course this novel does still have a character who fills that role, but Akira is just too much of a coward to do anything, so we fortunately don't have to worry about anything happening to Satsuki.


I feel like I've said all I wanted to say. I'd definitely recommend you give this a read. It certainly is 3 or 4 hours well spent. <<less
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Mar 26, 2022
Status: c69
This is a lot sweeter than I was expecting. It's not even really NTR, if I'm being honest. You can't steal someone's girl if that girl was never dating them to begin with. All of the girls are great and distinct. Even though the MC remembers his world as a world from a hentai manga, that doesn't really make much of a difference after the beginning of the story. Cute, healing romances and lots of annoying characters getting lightly NTR'd, though they never stood a chance to begin with.
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Jul 04, 2022
Status: c55
To all the people calling this shallow because she's hopelessly in love with him because of his looks...

I think you're missing the point, lol. Real life relationships are similar in that a lot of them ARE shallow. I did have a very very brief popular period in college, and yes, you'd be surprised how fcking shallow it gets. Having a girl go head over heels for you by being good looking is something that actually happens in real life all the time. Like Tinder for one.

The point where you get... more>> depth is in what comes after. Looks will make a girl crush on you but it's the personality that locks in whether or not it turns into an all encompassing love. The heroine reminds me of some of the really easy girls I met at college orientation, and her personality is literally cardboard. But yeah I have met girls like her before, believe it or not.

It's just that they usually don't stay in the honeymoon period this long and are boring people cause all they can talk about are their partners.

Chisa is a better character imo, but I guess her promiscuous past doesn't seem like main girl material to a Japanese audience.

I'm rambling but yeah - the story is refreshing in the way that the MC actually acts like a real life f*ckboi but you know - he's nice and is chill with pretty much anything, which is the winning formula when you've got the looks to match. So to anyone complaining it's shallow... Maybe it just isn't familiar to you as a concept lol <<less
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Jun 07, 2022
Status: --
I don't get why this story is getting so many 5* rating when the story is mediocre at best. I guess people reading this never been in relationships like this before.

First off, the romance in this is so weak. The MC barely does anything to warrant the affection he is getting from the female lead/other girls. The guy just saved the main girl once and then all of a sudden, the girl loves him. He did not even follow up in persuing her, it was the female lead that obsessively... more>> progressed their relationship. The guy has a good looking face and is good at s*x. That's it.

Compare this to another shitty novel called atalier tanaka, where the MC is ugly and old. One female lead has 0 affection for him. But as the story progressed, he saved her from falling from a destroyed airship, shielded her with his body from a dragons fire breath, and pretty much accepted torture so that the girl does not get hurt. It took all that for him to gain her affection. And it was well earned there compared to this one.

The story here is just so shallow and revolves around shitting on the childhood friend getting ntr'ed. Like let's be real here. No one in real life would treat their childhood friend like sh*t just cause they got themself a boyfiend/girlfriend.

I would know cause my best friend was a girl and I can hug her, drink from her water bottle, eat her half eaten burger, or call her so she can let me stay over when Im drunk, even when she has a boyfriend.

It's just so s*upid when reading how the female lead is such a bit*h to her childhood friend.

It just shows how the author is inexperienced with real relationships. But Idk, this story might be good for you as a time waster. But hey, at least the translations are decent.

edit: my response to burningscarlet's review is that, the main female lead was not introduced as a shallow girl. Just because she now has a fck boi with her, should not result to her destroying her relationship with her childhood friend. That is just poor writing. <<less
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Aug 05, 2022
Status: c71
It's pretty good, but it essentially tries to have it's cake and eat it too. That's not to say it's bad, just undirected leaving it feel like a light novel instead of a proper narrative. If the title isn't off putting or is just mildly intriguing, you're probably going to like this.

Spoilers ahead.

The premise is that the protagonist is the bastard in a NTR doujinshi who steals away the heroine (s) and it tracks. Except that none of the heroines are actually in a relationship and he just makes them... more>> swoon and bangs them at the first sign they are interested.

So, we have a protagonist who has a group of women accepting of his philandering ways (ie. A harem), but then the story is more of a romance between the main heroine and the protagonist. Obviously having both of these forces in the story is like having a cake and eating it too. Unlike something like "The Marquis' Eldest Son's Lascivious Story" where the story is just about the smut the Marquis' eldest son gets up to or "The Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time" where the story is about some dude just trying to set up a place to live without being bothered, this story tries to have a harem and character driven romance. This makes it feel like just any other zany premise based Japanese light novel instead of a focused narrative.

That said the story isn't smut. It predominantly fades to black and focuses more on character development of the protagonist, the heroines, and the dudes getting "NTR'd". Either reformulating the story to focus more on the burgeoning romance and dealing with the protagonist's past dalliances or have the story lean more into the unwitting NTR'ing protagonist might make it a better story, but then it'd lose some of it's charm. The story does delve into realistic but unlikely scenarios which are fun and do ratchet up the tension at times.

The story explores interesting narrative space, but then fails to really set up reader expectations and meet them. This leads to me saying that this story is good, but not great. I wouldn't tell people not to read it, but I wouldn't tell anyone not already interested by the title or summary to give it ago. <<less
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Jun 19, 2022
Status: c38
At first I'm like "why do these women throw themselves at him?", but then I had a "Bruh" moment and remembered the plot. He literally reincarnated in a hentai manga. As a cultured man myself I have some knowledge in these sorts of holy scriptures, and in these literature the phallus trumps over logic. So this novel does make sense that it doesn't.
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Jul 03, 2022
Status: c12
Well, this novel is seriously cringe.

The romance in this novel is unnatural, the girl found the MC is kind-hearted because he saved her, so she actively tried to get close with him. And to make this happen, the MC's personality became the generic harem protagonist's personality. The girl also fell in love with MC because he saved her, and this is the most generic development ever in a romance novel.

The characters in this novel have nothing that makes them stand out. The only trait of the MC that makes him... more>> not a generic Isekai protagonist is that he is handsome, and that's all. The side characters have nothing that makes me want to read them. The FL (that Shizuna girl) is as generic an FL as any FL in any romance novel.

The world building fo this novel is non-existent. Of course, the world-building is not the main focus of this novel, but it'd be good to at least give us some information on where the MC is living and what the state of the world is.

There is also the plot. Each chapter never failed to consistently make me cringe. The development and the romance between the MC and FL is so cringe to the point that I got goosebumps. The author also uses slightly forced plot to makes certain situations happen, and due to the novel being so generic, its plot is often very predictable. For example, "For some reason, her heart is beating fast in her chest", or "Shizuna doesn't understand what she is feeling right now". This is not a word-by-word copy of the contents of the novel, but this is the general meaning it has. Just by reading this, I got goosebumps on my skin.

This novel is recommended to those who wants to cringe at bad and forced romance and inner-monologues. <<less
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Heimlich Manure
Heimlich Man
Mar 25, 2022
Status: c29
I was scrolling through Kakuyomu and found this. The premise definitely caught my eye. I mean, reading through multiple h*ntai doujins and always avoiding the tag NTR. It is really interesting seeing how the guy was in the doujin in contrast to him with the MC's memories

There are some changes to the guy's personality

... more>>

He doesn't actively look for women to have his way with anymore, but when given the chance he'll still do it with a woman. He's basically a pe*verted gentleman, he won't force anyone but does the deed without hesitation if allowed


I like the male lead. He's realistic enough to make me forget that he has someone else's memories.

His relationship with the main heroine is cute for the most part


kinda feel bad for the doujin's protagonist


And the guy's backstory with how he became the man he is now is a prime example of:


tr*sh parenting


This story is a harem no doubt, with the chapter I'm currently in (29) there're 3 women who are actively involved with the MC


4 if you count the main heroine's mother


I've yet to give a full review as there are hints given by the author and monologue from the characters that there is something big about to happen, so for now I'll give it a 4 <<less
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Jun 19, 2022
Status: c23
Story doesn’t make sense.

a girl isn’t just gonna fall in love with you just bc you saved her from s*xual assault once. The heroine doesn’t make sense and it makes me angry, it sparks a primal rage in me due to how sh*t the story is.

also the MC doesn’t even change, his character is basically just the hentai character but less r*pey and scummy.

I also like how the title is like “heroine keeps coming close to me” despite doing nothing to push them away. If the MC would push (figuratively)... more>> the female lead away then the obsession the female lead has would make sense, she would go “am I not good enough” and she would essentially gaslight herself, but that’s if common sense doesn’t exist in that world.

but nooo, the MC just goes “ok”

“ok you want seggs? We have seggs then” <<less
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Sep 04, 2022
Status: --
In my opinion, this is horrible after reading a few chapters.

The heroine just automatically falls in love instantly with the MC saving her from a weirdo. Which I find completely dumb since you don't automatically fall in love just because of someone saving you from weirdo. She then proceeds to go after him constantly after that happens and is h**ny for the MC because of his looks.

... more>>

(to the point where she wants to have s*x to which they do.) Just dumb.


The MC is nothing really special except for his looks that makes girls h**ny. He tries making "better" choices for the body he is isekai'd in throughout the story.

By the way, the title and description is very ironic, since the MC makes himself go closer to the heroine by allowing her to keep on following him, and how he partakes with her requests on wanting to do "fun" activities.

Some more dumb stuff in the story, (spoiler)


Later in the story, the MC had s*x with the heroine's mother but that was before he was in the body. The heroine finds out and automatically accepts it and says it's fine and says she is happy for him that he did it with her mother. The heroine's mother also accepts the fact that the MC is dating his daughter. I find it illogical how this situation can be solved easily without any repercussions and how it is just easily accepted like that. Very dumb.


Overall, I personally wouldn't recommend you reading this since the romance is horrible and the story is mediocre. With also how the characters are so two dimensional. <<less
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Aug 25, 2022
Status: c80
My expectations were completely completely subverted while reading this novel. Really thought that this would be an NTR type of novel, but that couldn't be any further from the truth. If anything, this novel leans more so towards being heartwarming in a way. MC doesn't steal any women as they were never with anybody else to begin with, and they all genuinely come to love him, albeit rather too quickly.

Moreover, this novel is pretty lighthearted tbh, the only dark parts being in relation to the MC's family's prior treatment towards... more>> him while growing up.

Anyhow, while not being anything special, this novel is short and you won't lose out on anything by giving it a quick read. <<less
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Apr 03, 2023
Status: c40
It's unconvincing to believe this story was made in 2022. It felt like I'm reading a story that is so outdated that even the conversation is so stiff and awkward. The lines used and the monologue are so fake and embarrassing to read that made my skin crawl.

I could tell that the author wrote this story fully based on anime/manga/movies and without real life experiences to it. It was just bunch of scenes from other stories was put together to create a new below average storyline.

Even the events lacks originality... more>> and creativity like for example the author trying to convey to the readers that the MC changed and became a good man by showing us that the MC change the water of a dirty flower vase and help an old grandma pick the apples she dropped. Like seriously?? Jeez. At least a bit of effort to make a bit original and more compelling events would've been better.

Now dropped this on chapter 40, the things happening are just so damn pointless like— going to girl's house to eat food— inviting girl to house to eat food and going to school talk to some boring nothings like repeated conversation like "i really like you" "I'm here for you" blah blah blah. I read some people saying the MC was a Cool Chad MC but there was nothing like that, not a single bit, MC is a delinquent just trying his best to be goody-two-shoes and keeps acting like a good student helping grandmas— helping teachers. Aside from that there's also this bunch of coincidences happenings left and right, the author didn't even bother to create a chain of events of how it happens like for example:


MC realize that the heroine's mom was the woman he coincidentally slept with in the past. Heroine also learned about it because of a coincidence.

Another coincidence would be that MC coincidentally slept with the heroine's childhood friend's best friend's sister. As for how he met that sister well let's chuck it on coincidence once again.


I don't even have the energy to complain on other things. There's just too much of them so f*ck it. If you want to read a super unrealistic and cringefest story then go on man. Try it for yourself. Story: 1/5
Style: 1/5
Characters: 1/5
Concept: 2/5
Overall: 1/5 <<less
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Oct 05, 2022
Status: c86
This is what happens if you create a vanilla story where the MC is an NTR antagonist. It's surprisingly wholesome.

It's a bit short story but I like a lot of things here. The MC transformed into a kind guy, and despite changing so much he still retain some of his previous manners. There's also no NTR here depends on how you see it, after all the FMC love the MC on her own, even without a bad intention from the MC.

... more>>

The childhood friend too, manage to reciprocate his feelings, as he realized his pride is stopping him from confessing to the FMC and he's taking it for granted that he is her childhood friend, without even doing anything.


The story also touch the past of the MC, on why he became a delinquent. All in all, I think this is a pretty good story. Also the FMC didn't really automatically fell in love to the MC.


He saved her and the girl realized he's not a bad guy. After seeing him doing kind things she started to like him, and if you add her hidden masochistic tendency, well, that's what happened.


Sometimes things got a bit boring because of too much flirting each chapters, but then the author will immediately add a new development, so despite the repetitive scenes, it makes you want to continue reading.

I was kinda hesitating reading this after I saw that 2 star review and knowing that Travis Translations is the translator of this. But then the translation is very good and as well as the story that once I read the first chapters I almost not able to stop, and continue reading until midnight. Like I said, I love how wholesome the story is. Think of it as some good vanilla doujin story. The MC has relation with multiple women, and although this has mature theme, those "scenes" are mostly skipped, and just being implied. If you're not a fan of harem where the MC is actually in relationship in one girl and still having others then maybe skip this.

If you're looking for a wholesome romance that different from usual then I surely recommend this to you, but if you are looking for a so serious straight-laced one with lot of drama and dive too much on character feelings and mentality, then you might not like this light story. <<less
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Jun 20, 2022
Status: c40
It's good.

While I tried my best not to compare it to a real woman's personality, the one problem that I think should be given more attention was the MC's abrupt personality switch, which happens to be the focal point of where the conflict of this novel generated.

The girls' responses following this change of personality are best explained, as convenient.

The prejudice and hostile stance from other male characters are reasonable, but the girls where they always defensive for the MC? I don't think so. He used to be a scum, I... more>> thought this is the premise for this story.

Now, this's just me getting ahead of myself, but I think the author's going to write, he originally wasn't even that bad, type of explanation. And I probably won't like it. <<less
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Jun 17, 2022
Status: chp25
It’s not that good, the heroine makes no sense. She falls in love with him and is retroactive pursuing him to a illogical degree. There is not that much build up to the romance or at least not well executed. The original MC is an after thoughts, the ntr storyline is kinda just a fun goof, the relationship with ... more>>

her mom is so illogical with how it is just accepted what even

To be honest I thought the story would aiming towards a cleansing of the MC but it just seems to be going corruption of the heroine, but like the dumb half ass way. I don’t get it, if you want to write dumb smut write dumb smut. This is like dumb no smut, no redemption, dumb corruption, semi cuckold still of the childhood friend. End game I guess they become a couple, but I’m not invested at at all. <<less
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Jun 14, 2022
Status: c81
-Good to read so far so good and im sure theres no NTR netorare/netorase and the story focused on romance more and harem the story was written not so great but not so bad I would say it is good to read for killing time

... more>>

-In the early part of the story there are little bit of signs/foreshadowing of NTR but you dont have to worry because there is no NTR and in the latter part its all about fluff romance to the point that its little annoying and in the first place MC didnt steal or anything and some of his woman doesnt have a relationship or they were completely single before they got along to the MC.

-MC has a many women but he treats them as a friend (lover?) and not as playthings/objects despite being a s*x friend relationship and they got along well

-There are some ero scenes but it is only implied in the story and very short (hinted only)

-mostly in the story is about fluff romance and harem its like im reading semi-hentai or ecchi fluff romance manga

-7.5/10 score because the story has no clear direction and almost no problem or obstacles in the story but overall the story is not half bad

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Jun 12, 2022
Status: c28
*Might contain slight spoilers*

From the title it seems like some 3rd rate shitty novel but my but does it proves you wrong there is actual character development in this story the MC doesn't just becomes a Saint just cause he got his memories nor does he acts like a piece of sh*t he acts the way he is supposed to fir someone with such childhood.

He isn't someone who blushes everything something remotely s*xual happens, he dosent stare blankly at some random beautiful girl like a hungry beast, he isn't shy... more>> to show his desires and feelings to others, he acts on his desires and doesn't stop the advances of other women's infact he welcomes it with open arms.

The FL is one of the best one you could ever get she's no tsundere she is open about her feelings towards MC, she tries to understand MC so that she can get closer to him and get his heart for herself, she is very protective about MC (she gets angry whenever someone says something bad about him especially the original mc) and has mosaicist tendencies.

The other characters aren't also 2d cutouts they have their own personalities and their own past.

But I'm really scared I mean really really scared cause the MC and FL are so happy right now which is to good almost too good and there are also many foreshadowing's here and there which I'm not a big fan of I honestly wouldn't mind of you just the novel here.

Just pray the might lord that it won't go into its original NTR roots. <<less
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Jun 02, 2022
Status: c23
Honestly I am surprised on how good this is. When I read the title and summary I would normally have just skipped as normally these types of novels are not something I enjoy, but based on reviews I decided to give it a chance.

I am glad I did.

Good characters and story makes this an easy read. Translation is very well done.
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Nov 27, 2022
Status: c86
Dunno why people are crying about the story. Their complains don't even make sense. The "heroine" doesn't INMEDIATLY fall for the MC.

This story is the most realistic in terms on love that comes to mind, but take that as a grain of salt because most stories on romance already have the love flowing since chapter 1 and aren't build up slowly.

Either way.

Our MC is a dude from our world who read the doujinshi series that revolves around this world and he is the main culprit. He inmediatly feels cheated and... more>> doesn't want to follow the same path. Yet, fate makes him cross paths with the heroine his character ruined in the doujinshi. She didn't fall for him, he helped her. Because of her kind disposition she understood that the rumors are a lie and that she shouldn't judge a book by its covers so she tries being friendly with him.

Yet, by doing so. She starts noticing the true him, how he is actually very kind. Then, MC tries to push her away but that just fanned the flames of her masochist side. Which he didn't really aim for, but that made her more interested in MC.

Slowly, but surely she falls for MC till they do the S*X. She got mad at her childhood friend because she really didn't feel romantic love for him and began to fall for MC... so when her childhood friend insulted MC all she got from it was someone believing in rumors so she distanced herself from her childhood friend.

The other romances are sweet too and the only head scratching for me is the mom but even then it isn't something that happens inmediatly and it actually feels something normal because of the main heroine's personality and somewhat distorted view on love.

So, yeah. Story ends around c60 and all the rest can be best summed up as extra sweet side stories. <<less
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Jun 27, 2022
Status: c48
Unbelievably touching for a harem story, if not all that exciting; next to no conflicts and what conflicts there are are all too easily solved but there's still some raw left to be translated- though at chapter 48 it feels pretty much complete ending at great point too; the rest of the chapters were I the author would be the extras to show how their lives go.
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Jun 23, 2022
Status: c44
It's an entertaining story,

As most novels the romance has little sense, the MC is attractive an lucky at the same time, described as reincarnated into the bad guy and with a new personality inside it turns into a kinda good guy, it's full of web novel cliches about romance and how easy is for the MC, but despite every cliche it uses, it uses it right, it's a really good read, it's nothing new or amazing but it's a nice novel to pass the time I recommend it
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