Despite Being Pursued As a Villain, All The Heroines On My Side?


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Su Mingyuan has become a villain in the world of urban novels. As long as he plays well according to the villain’s setting and completes the plot, he can get villain points, and he can return to earth if he saves enough 100,000.

Unexpectedly, Su Mingyuan, who had saved enough money, unfortunately, encountered a turbulent flow in time and space when he crossed back to Earth, and the time went back to his first day as a villain.

Everything has to start again.

“It’s merely a matter of starting over; the required villain value is less than half what it was the last time, and my acting abilities have improved significantly since the last time. I’m able to deliver stronger performances and am able to acquire a greater number of villain values more quickly…”

Su Mingyuan is optimistic and confident.

“Let see, I will do my best to taunt the male and female protagonists to hate me and then be punched in the face by them!”

“See if I don’t do my best to ridicule, make the male and female protagonists hate me, and then hit me crazily in the face and step on me.”

“When it comes to acting as a villain, I’m a professional!”

To begin, the first step is to attempt to harass the male protagonist’s sister, so that the two create an intense dislike for me.

Hey, what’s wrong with you heroine?

Not only do you not resist, why do you seem to… enjoy it?

Can you be serious!?

I’m a villain!

Wait… wait!

Why, apart from you, the way other female protagonists look at me seems to be wrong?

They came up one by one as if they were going to… eat me?

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Rampaging Dragon
Rampaging Dragon rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c158
I'm going to be frank when I say that this isn't a masterpiece by any stretch of the word but it doesn't really have to be. These types of stories are written with the sole purpose of entertainment and for me, it is exceedingly entertaining.

In short, this novel has good characters and a solid plot progression without being stuck too much.

Now onto the actual review, the MC is a villain in an urban cultivation novel just like Gao fushai villain but his system wants him to act perfectly like a... more>> villain instead of counterattacking. Which coupled with the fact that the MC treats this world and it's characters as actors in a movie, he has no reservations about getting his face slapped. This is one of the best thing about this novel since the MC does not actually become the villain, he just plays the part. Hence we as the readers also won't feel too bad to see the MC get into faceslapping situations.

However, despite his near perfect acting out of the situation, the MC already had dug his own grave in his first life.

Minor spoiler for the first ten chapter.


The MC in his first life wrote a diary explaining his situation as being forced to play the role of a villain because he was being coerced by the will of the world aka the system but he left out the part where he was doing this willingly to go home. The heroines after killing him in his first life, finds this diary and since he was the one who actually helped them, falls in love with him against the will of the world. They also end up killing the hero before they all returned to the past along with the MC causing his plans to go haywire.


Now, instead of the classic villain story where the villain collects heroines left and right, here the opposite is true. All of the heroines have solid personality and play a huge role in the advancement of the plot. They also act logically according to the situation


The fiancee who is supposed to hate him actually acts like she hates him since her becoming too close to him from the beginning would affect his standing as a villain. She instead goes for a gradual approach to conquer him.


As far as the MC goes, he is a pretty solid character himself. He isn't vain and can think with his head most of the time and takes opportunity presented to him without any shame. However, he is also extremely respectful to the heroines wishes and never crosses lines that they doesn't wish to cross yet. Also there's the fact that the dumbass thought he was the one conquering the girls when in fact it's the opposite.

Edit: I have pretty much caught up with all the available chapters and I must say that the character development in this is really solid. Not everything is sunny and we as readers do feel frustrated sometimes about the choices made by the characters. But, each and every one of them is growing after each chapter so I can't complain too much. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c131
Novel Absolutely 100% not recommended to read.
... more>>

Story is mediocre, badly-written, h**ny wish fulfillment where system villainous actor MC left a secret diary filled with musings and now every single heroine is madly in love with MC and wants to have s*x with him.

Novel begins with premise that MC has to act for villain value to go back to Earth and then just devolves into mindless smut as every girl leaps into Mc’s arms (it appears accidental to the 0 IQ Mc) and MC builds his harem.

MC starts off high spirited to play the villain but if you’ve read any Chinese harem story, you’ll have already understood what’ll happen next. MC almost immediately stops using his brain and begins to think of how to feel up each girl. Author likes to add descriptions of Mc’s fantasies and tons of other random nonsense. There’s absolutely zero challenge, as every female heroine wants to kill the original protagonist (who author makes an attempted rapist and dumb creep). Rest of novel is just “blah blah female big breasts” or “MC thought he was seducing girl but girl really wanted to have s*x with Mc! She is sad she could only kiss him : (“ or “How could I have failed my villainy - says clueless idiot MC.”

The further the novel goes the worse it gets as MC becomes more and more scum. Author loves to use the evil original protagonist man to contrast against scum MC so that MC looks like less of a creep, but fails heavily due to the protagonist man being more and more a mindless caricature. Add in some NTR or cheating vibes and the fact that MC has a dual life as a masked knight man and that’s about the whole story.

Absolute tr*sh that isn’t salvageable unless you get really turned on by the author’s garbage s*x scenes.-900Nonatillion/10

The epitome of hypocritical harem Chinese MC novel where low IQ scum MC gets every female heroine. (With an added bit of masochistic tendencies on the Mc’s part). The real irony is the author poking fun at other harem-like stories while writing an even worse one on their part.

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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: c80
This novel is a prime example of carefully made junk food.

Just read it. That's all I can say.

In no way or manner is it a masterpiece, but it perfectly fulfills the purpose a novel is supposed to - it keeps you entertained throughout the novel.

A carefully crafted story with the right amount of tropes and cliches blended together in the right proportions. A superb cast of well-written characters.
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Arcadia Blade
Arcadia Blade rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: --
I feel like this novel is referencing to another novel I read.... Oh, 'Losing Money to be a Tycoon'!

Hello and you are currently reading my review on this novel.

If your asking why I decided to give my full review despite with the lack of chapters, its mainly because I scour more chapters through the use of MTL and decided to give my own point regarding this novel.

Before that, I would give some spoilers regarding this novel since despite the lack of chapters, its been explain in the future chapters (will... more>> be explain in about a few chapters about the plot of it all).

Okay, now on to my review.

As to why I reference the other novel, its heavily implied by the author (MTL provided the author's notes while translating) that he uses that novel as a reference to write this novel.

He was talking about how he wanted to write a novel based on it because he was inspired by how the MC kept making success but not personally succeed in his quest which he uses it as an inspiration to write it to his own. So, the heroines trying to ruin the MC's plan was copy pasted from that novel.

Based on that plot, instead of wanting money, he was given a task of getting faceslapped by the protagonist such that his points mainly depends on how much he get faceslapped by the protagonist. He needed to act like a villain like he was risen to the high mountains, only to trip and fall hard while getting laughed by the protagonist as he descends painfully into the ground. Each faceslap he gets, the more points he recieves.

But instead of that happening, the heroines ruined his plans by acting differently than in their novel counterparts, causing the protagonist to get faceslapped instead. Thats the premise of this novel.


MC - A good person that has to act like a villain in order to get points to return home. He had to act his role as a villain but he doesn't necessarily do evil things (only needs to act evil in front of the protagonist purely based on his role as an antagonist).

As the story progress, he would soon develop feelings for the heroines that they aren't just cardboard boxes just to make a harem for the protagonist. He also learned that they have their own stories and...


Even after saving them as a masked hero for the protagonist (sometimes the protagonist doesn't follow a certain plot and he would dress up as a white knight as the protagonist side-kick to save them), this combined with his diary to make a synergy effect of wanting to repay the MC by slapping the protagonist and wanting to fall for them.


All in all, he is just a guy who was given a villain body and has to act like a villain for the protagonist to shine while satisfying the system's tasks to earn points. But instead of that happening, both he and the protagonist get faceslapped at the same time by the heroines that are ruining their plans.

Also, instead of the heroines getting captured, its the MC instead that all the girls are on a battle royal for his dick. XD

Heroines - In the Past Lives, they are cardboard cutouts. In the present, they are fleshed out as time goes on.

Their characters are slowly being given life that they aren't necessarily just a harem member but also people developing into new identities as the novel goes on.


After reading the diaries and how instead of the protagonist saving them, it was the MC who did help them and he couldn't take the credit because he needs to act like a villain because of the will of the world (aka the system which the MC cross out) plans on giving it to the protagonist instead.

They also learn how his hardships (which he only describes how he set up such that all his credit were to be given to the protagonist and wrote it in his diary), his pain (how the world is against him but he only blurred out the system and wanting to go home) and how he was set up to die (blurred it as well since he needed to get killed by the protagonist to get the review and use the points he collected to go home).


Each of them having reasons as to why they stop the protagonist from faceslapping the MC while at the same time trying to win his heart and his hand in marriage. Which is implied by the description of the novel.

Protagonist - Successor in the first life only to get killed, Multiple Faceslaps in his next life.

Kinda standard for a novel protagonist which he is reference like how other CN MCs act.

He isn't hatetable as a character nor he has any special parts about him. Strong, resourceful and full of dumb luck.

Sometimes getting babied by the MC due to how their plans don't always work.

If anything, the MC doesn't even hate the protagonist (he only hates him because of the harem and he is the fortunate son of the world) since he even acts like a mother trying to take care of him which is kinda laughable to me. He would even trust the protagonist rather than the heroines because of how their plans were always ruined by them.


Okay, I won't lie but this heavily relies on spoilers since you only read the basic summary of it through the description. So, it basically revolved around the MC trying to act like a villain as a way to earn points to buy his ticket way home. But instead of the usual event which he knows off, the heroines began to act differently than his previous attempts in the past.


It is implied in the future chapters (basically like 8-10 chapters[currently 7 so its not much of a spoiler by then]), he had left a diary which he wanted to place a landmine for the protagonist before dying as a spite to ruin his harem. Which it did work but because of breaking the world for him to go home, it instead cause a new event which all the heroines get reborn with the memories of their past lives and made it such that the protagonist doesn't succeed in his plans while trying to make the MC into a hero which instead cause him to continuously fail in his events.


The Main Premise of this story is that our MC must try his best to be faceslapped by the protagonist of the novel while being stopped by the heroines who are doing their best to stop him from getting faceslapped.

Like losing money to be a tycoon, instead of losing money, he instead loses villain points to which he needs to get home.

First, the event starts where MC is confident that his plan works, everything proceeded smoothly to which he gets faceslapped by the protagonist, but in the end the heroine ruins everything by acting differently in the script and causing both the protagonist and the MC getting faceslapped by them. Repeat.


It also comes with a misunderstanding to which...

The Protagonist Clearly clueless that he is slowly getting set-up to die.

The Heroines misunderstands the diary which they thought that the MC is currently struggling right now. But only made it worse.


The MC clueless at one point, almost getting caught in the next point and ended up relieving after another misunderstanding is getting stack alone with more misunderstanding in the tower.

You are basically watching a Jenga tower which all of them are playing and only waiting until it falls all over.



MTL is a bit*h to read but at least it is bareable enough to let me enjoy the novel to the best I can understand.

I don't recommend it to be a masterpiece or anything, its plot is basically just an average modern rise to the top novel but with a twist and I can't make a good recommendation for you guys to read.

But for all its downs, it also has its ups.

Fun, enjoyable and good novel to pass the time if you are tolerable enough to MTL the sh*t outta this.

Its flesh out that the characters aren't 2D, the plot is heavily revolves around following the plot as in the past life but just an alternate end and if you like the other novel I describe about, you will also enjoy reading this as well.

Overall, I'll give it a 4 since I mainly based this due to reading it with MTL and it might not end up living up to my expectation if it gets fully translated. <<less
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Monomololo rated it
August 29, 2022
Status: --
I wanted to like this one, but I just couldn't.

The reason why is, well, you know those novels where there's a system or it's a VRMMO where the main characters gets every rare drop and rewards pop up to fill any need he has at the moment? You know how it gets a bit annoying after a while?

Well here it's the opposite, the system seems to ignore it's own criteria of evaluation and the MC gets screwed over again and again because of matters outside of his control, as in... more>> literal divine intervention is making it near impossible for him to succeed in fulfilling the goals of the system.

On top of that, I found the motivations for the heroines to have interest in him to be paper thin and as is common in these sorts of novels, the "antagonist" (the protagonist of the novel he isekai'd into) is immediately portrayed as a bad guy to justify anything bad that happens to him. <<less
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promet rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: c44
There's a similar novel where MC is a villain, but is supposed to kill the protagonist AND all harem members, and he also gets stuck in repetition, except that story's villain actually succeeded, killed the protagonist and all love interests FIVE times, and has had enough in the sixth lifetime because it's not getting anywhere, and he's fed up. Clueless of this, one or two love interests decided to seduce him to survive at last, and others learned from example.

That other story is, now checking, Kidnapped by the Heroine: I! The Villain, Was Forced to Sleep With Her!

I don't know which one was first, but this story is the inferior version of that one. In that one, MC is chad and deserves harem. In this one, the MC has chad... more>> moments, but they're just moments. He's a noob. The love interests manipulate and, if need be, wipe the floor with him when they want (the author of this story had a ret*rded idea where the MC cannot put his hands on any love interest first, or he'll be deducted points he very much needs... it's clear that the author is doing this as a self-insert for his wish fulfillment fantasy of being on the receiving end of female advances instead of having to pursue a chick). This guy literally put one love interest in her place by going to date another woman (not a love interest), only for his date to be intercepted by another love interest that wiped the floor with him... Smh.

If you know anything about male-female relationships and aren't a dumbass simp or other beta ret*rd, then you should know that there's no f*cking way in hell that a woman retaining her interest in (much less love for) a guy who can be easily manipulated by her, especially if he's being a doormat to her. That's why simps are disdained by men and women alike. Therefore, the MC we have here is someone who cannot have a happy harem end, because those women would sooner or later lose their interest in him. Other than this, I find this story disgusting to read when the protagonist (as in, the villain-turned-MC) is like this.

With that said, if you don't mind this, then you can enjoy this novel because it's an okayish (so far) parody of the urban cultivator/soldier king/martial artist/whatever harem genre. Just know that it's unrealistic wish fulfillment genre as well, whatever the author might be thinking in his dumb ass head.

Honestly, just go read Kidnapped by the Heroine instead if you want a decent version of this. It's also wish fulfillment, but at least it has some connection to reality (unless you're a clueless beta that empathizes with Japanese doormat dense dumbass harem protagonists, in which case you have a lot of growing up to do first). <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lulsec rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: c81
I liked it, I really did, until the cold FL came into play. I think of myself as a guy that can stand NTR, I enjoy it sometimes but for some reason I just can't stand the way she acts around the "protagonist". I know she is doing it so the plot doesn't go astray but I just can't f*cking stand it. And the way she is trying to win MC heart while she's acting like that kids girlfriend. Makes me so disgusted I want to rate it 1 star... more>> and get this review over with. And you know what? I might just do that, because I'm a petty man. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eti2d rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: c50
First and foremost, if you're here because you want a selfless, kind and caring MC like in The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me, then you'll be likely disappointed. Also don't expect something heavy-hearted. There's a reason why you won't find Tragedy or even Drama in the genre.

The story has a lot of potential, but it's a bit frustrating that the author didn't grasp it well enough. At least, it's still decent. The main reason why I'm giving it 3 and not 4 stars (even though I find the... more>> story still quite interesting) is MC's personality. While there might be some who have no problem with it (so take it with a grain of salt), I really dislike his promiscuousness. The reason why I didn't drop the whole story, though, is because the author bends this trait in a way that makes it more bearing (see below).

(from here on I'll refer to the protagonist of the world this story is set in as PW to avoid mix-ups with our actual MC)


1. MC's mental stress in playing the villain could've been addressed more
There are bits and pieces throughout the story that show that our MC does get stressed out because of his situation. It's mainly a conjecture, though. That's why I really hoped it would've been addressed more clearly. It was also a bit strange how he immediately accepted that he didn't reach his goal of finally seeing his family again, but had to do everything all over again.

It would've also been great to see more of his longing for his family. I can only hope that they do get addressed somewhere in the story.

2. Promiscuous MC (at least with boundaries)

While he does have personal boundaries and would show more restraint compared to others in the novel, he reciprocates advances from the heroines, even though he doesn't love them (at least in the beginning he doesn't see them as love interests as he believes that they all love PW, as part of the world's story).

He also has no problem sleeping with random women he'd meet through dating apps, saying that if he has to play the villain, then why shouldn't he use his new assets to sleep with women who would otherwise be out of his reach? It also seems that it's one way he tries to cope with the mental stress due to his situation. While these reasons are often enough to make me drop a story, I'm still reading this one because of the following reasons:

MC doesn't reciprocate the heroines' advances only because of his hormones kicking in. He's also doing it to vent his frustration and anger at them as they ruin his plans playing the villain time and time again and because he thinks that their advances are out of their own selfish desires/plans (e.g. He thinks 1 of them tries to be a femme fatale who attempts to seduce him in order to help PW). So, he often reciprocates their advances with a more intense approach, not realizing that the heroines aren't adverse, but actually very much in favor of it, though. The fact that they actually like his approaches is another reason why I didn't drop the story.

It also seems that he won't sleep with random women in the current timeline (he only did it in the previous one). From what I've read in the reviews, it also seems that he gets more likable starting from around ch. 50 and even starts to sincerely care for the heroines. I can only hope that's really the case.


3. Subpar translations
Expect many errors while reading these translations. You should also be able to understand the whole situation, so you can see when the names or personal pronouns get mixed up. Especially the latter happens a lot.

4. Misunderstandings that put MC in a more positive light
The Heroines see the MC as a kind person who was forced by some overlord of the world to play the villain as they only read his diary where he omitted the real reason why he played that villain. I wouldn't have any problems with it normally, but I just can't really cope with the fact that these misunderstandings also cover up more heinous acts of the MC, e.g. Why he gets intimate with one of the heroines. As mentioned before, I can only hope that the reviews saying that he will get more sincere in that aspect are true.

5. Heroines fall in love with MC too easily
While I can understand if they show a lot of regret in killing him and a lot of appreciation for him saving them in the past time and time again while in disguise, I find it a bit forced that all heroines (at least the ones who appeared up to ch. 50) suddenly fall in love with him. However, there could be an explanation for why they fell in love with him (it's just my personal conjecture, though).


It was mentioned that their feelings for MC's disguised form were directed to PW only because of the world's interference. So, them falling in love with our MC after being lifted from the world's control, might be acceptable if they would've originally fallen in love with his disguise.



1. MC isn't an idiot
While he does misunderstand many things, they're often justified as he doesn't know that the heroines also turned back to the past and aren't controlled by the world anymore. Oftentimes, he also just gets entangled in the heroines' schemes. There are quite a few situations where our MC thinks that he got the upper hand or control, but in reality, the situation was designed by the heroines as part of their attempt to seduce him.

But it's great to see that he tries to learn from his failed acts.

2. The heroines aren't 2-dimensional but fleshed out
I really like their distinct personalities. This actually makes them interesting and not just characters whose only purpose is to prolong the story and in the end make MC shine. They also have their own troubles addressed.

Their actions don't only revolve around our MC, especially one of the main reasons why they try to kill PW. They not only want to help MC out of love but have a personal interest in wanting to kill PW.


They really hated the fact that their life so far had been predetermined by some kind of fate. Even their feelings were manipulated, e.g. All the feelings they had for their rescuers (i.e. Our MC in disguise) were forcefully directed to PW. So them being just marionettes to make PW shine was sth. They couldn't accept. Another reason for that is that they were also prideful women by nature.


The heroines are also quite intelligent which you can clearly see in how they try to end up with MC and deal with PW even with his immense plot armor while having to try to not change the main plot of the story. It's great to see how they slowly drive PW into a corner or tr*sh him beside MC.

3. How the heroines fight over MC
It's really entertaining to see the heroines' rivalry against each other and how they use different ways in trying to seduce MC. They don't throw themselves brainlessly at him but use quite elaborate schemes and different approaches. <<less
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Elheim rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: c41
The title is misleading and this novel is not a harem rom-com as it presents itself to be.

The heroines are not on the MC's side at all. They have their own sides and are advancing their own agendas which makes this novel a battle royale between heroines. Cunning, savage, and ruthless, these so-called "sisters" will gladly step on each other while wearing a smile and giving compliments. They will stop at nothing in order to skew the entire plot to their favor and preference.

Then we sit here and watch as... more>> the MC struggles to regain control of an absolute trainwreck of a story. <<less
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orpheus_rm rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: c102
I love it! What a unique and refreshing take on the "reincarnated into a villain" story. The MC is entirely dedicated to his role as a villain and he's pretty much forced into favorable protagonist-like situations by all of the girls who are smitten with him.

This MC who actively seeks his own demise just keeps getting his self-destructing plots foiled by all of the beautiful women who want to eat him up. Reading that it sounds a little ridiculous, but the MC's motivations mixed with some misunderstandings from the rest... more>> of the cast make for some hilarious and amusing interactions.

Top tier for the genre. Love it. <<less
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Reindeer rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: c25
The subversion that urban martial system novels needed, with the main flavor of villain possessor novels and an epic spice of time regression! What an incredible blend of tropes and cliches with the right amount of self awareness, and yet also with sincerity. This writer is fully aware of how to use cliches as tools while also not forgetting the charm that they had. This novel is letting me experience all these cliches in a new and refreshing perspective. This novel seems to be gaining quite the traction here on... more>> NU and I really do hope it continues to do so. I won't explain anything about the novel, just go check it out for yourself and it will quickly prove itself to you. <<less
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TheOneEye rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: c36
It’s good novel compared to other cultivation novels where villain counter attacks and take advantage of heroines circumstances this one takes a humor turn on events the problem is heroines are all generic country toppling/cold/ceo/hidden family heirs/etc well it’s a parody fic so that’s acceptable but it becomes annoying real quick at the same time our MC is misogynistic in nature not that he hates women he just sexualises any and every women as pure flower/un touchable etc well it’s Chinese novel so that is inevitable but would have preferred... more>> if it was less other than that writing is good traslation are also good but in a long run it may become typical urban novel so heads up folks <<less
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yamatorules rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: c76
This novel's fine if you can get over the fact that most of the women in this novel are scheming to get the mc's affection. Three of them seem like they might be yanderes. The reason I deducted 1 star is because

... more>>

the MC decides to romance 2 heroine's by this point and it completely feels like he forgot to stay true to the original story. He should know how this will affect the story later but he only considers that they will follow his orders to keep making xiao ran (original novel mc) face slap him. It's mildly infuriating he doesn't even consider they might protect him instead of letting him get hurt further deviating from the original plot and affecting how many villain points he gets.



i have to drop the rating 1 star


i read a bit ahead and it's become purely about the romance with the female leads. His date with 1 took like 10 chapters and the villain points and system feel like they're completely forgotten.


if anyone decides to read this, read it as a romance novel and you won't be disappointed like I was <<less
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Fachi07 rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: c41
This novel reminds me of a worse (?) reverse harem villainess harem but with reversed genders. And now you might be thinking, "But isn't that just a normal harem?". But NO my foolish disciple, it's different. Very minor spoilers.

In those sorts of novels the male leads just... fall in love with the female lead with very little happening. Same here. And the characters, besides Ruo, all are very reverse harem male lead sorta dickheads. Like send a picture to your love rival of you kissing their crush sort of dickheadedness,... more>> send a picture to your best friend of you f*cking his crush sort of dickheadedness. Wow that is actually a word that google did not correct me for. Which is something that happened. The characters are all kind of forceful, and to not repeat myself too much, when I refer to characters I mean the fl's, and when I refer to them here I will be comparing them to said reverse harem male leads (I dislike them if you couldn't tell, they're all dicks, and the Japanese ones are always r*pey.) Ruo is kind of nice, currently she is the most proactively nice one and hasn't been a bit*h to the other female leads. Xie was very close to being cool but then she f*cked the scenario up and proceeded to be a d*ck the the MC. His sister is also nice, now that I think about it I really did just drop this novel cause of Xie, and many other reasons but mostly her. She was the one to force him into a date and then send a picture of them kissing to another fl. The only good part is that the lf's at least have some personality, at least if you ignore their unrealistic love/mostly obsession for the main character

The MC gets pushed around a lot, all the time in fact. It's mainly what the story's foundation is. And I don't mean he's a pushover, I mean it just seams like the world hates him. My previous paragraph's problems wouldn't be an issue if the MC wasn't such a little bit*h who loves getting pushed around, he literally thinks with his dick, it's like some sort of cope. So far he has literally failed every single task he has set out to do and the most that he has gotten has been like 6 or 7 kisses at most. I saw one man describe this as a "rise to the top kind of novel" but it really isn't, the main character is weak, get's pushed around, constantly loses, is separated from his family, and from his perspective, literally everybody except his sister hates him. I would have killed myself by now.

But a lot of people seem to like the novel strangely enough, if you agree with my thoughts but still want to read this premise then go read The Villain’s Diary – The Heroine’s Character Crumbles, it has a similar premise none of the flaws I mentioned. I would give this a 2 star but I just seem to be the odd one out. <<less
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katsuradesilver rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: c120
This is an interesting novel with good concept. The romance feel so satisfying when latter the


MC break through of his villian mindset and show his emotion to one of the heroine

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Lance26 rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c120
This was a good story. WAS. It was good with a flow and deconstructing the urban trope, but then it got too h**ny for its own good. The MC, Su Mingyuan, started from being the guy remedying the plot and became someone who let his d*ck decide his course of action after. I think MC making the decision to alter the plot after he saw the changes and the heroines showing actual personality is a nice touch, but MC just went at full throttle aiming to get inside their skirts.
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Shadowrun rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: c181
This story is by no mean a masterpiece, there are a few plothole & cringy moment there & there but it's certainly an insteresting one & a very enjoyable read

The plot: This is a romance-focus story in modern time setting with some cultivation element. The reason why the MC find himself in 'tough' situation is explained in the 1st 10 chapters but generally can be summed up like this

... more>>
  • Our MC from Earth, be transmigrated to a novel-like world by an unknown 'Admin' with 'System' to support him
  • He has to play the role of an flamboyant rich handsome villain, which is the 'stepping stone' for the novel MC
  • He gains point by being humiliated by the novel MC, at 100k point, he can go home
  • To advance the 'novel plot' smoothly, he often disguise himself, saving the heroines, contributing every thing to the novel MC
  • He can't tell anyone about the 'System', so to relieve stress he writes a diary recording everything he has done
  • His final performance is be killed by the MC & at the same time gain enough point to go home
  • The 'Admin' while trying to bring MC back home is heavily injured, force the 'System' & the novel world to collapse
  • Our MC now has to do everything again but this time only need 50k point
  • After the 'Admin' injured, the heroines no longer under its influence & now can now have free thinking & action of their own
  • They discover our MC's diary & realize he's the one that actually 'love' & 'care' about them deeply, unlike the novel MC only after their beauty, body & power
  • They team up & kill the novel MC, going back in time with our MC
  • They now know why our MC act the way he was, fell madly in love with him
  • They try to relieve his burden, but unknowingly ruin our MC plan (which is hilarious
It's a bit convoluted because of the way the story is told but the general plot is quite simple. What drive the story is the colorful cast of characters.

The character: the characters overall act quite decent, their actions all have logical reasons behind that in line with their characters. All the main characters are quite flesh out with multiple POV showing their side of thinking, motivation & desire without dragging down the story timeline. In which the heroines' POV are the highlight because of how obsessed they are

  • Su Mingyuan: our MC, he's actually very likeable. He's smart, but not omnipotent. He's true to his desire, but never touch the heroines without their consent. His plan fail all the time but his optimism make him bound back & replan his future. He's arrogant but only for the sake of acting, he's actually a very kind & caring person.
  • Xiao Ran: novel MC, he's the embodiment of typical MC in lots of cultivation novel: arrogant, powerful, lustful, harem-seeking & extremely lucky. Our MC developes a weird but hilarious father-son relationship with him (only in our MC's mind) because he's the only one that properly following his plan. He's the 'villain' in this context.
  • Xiao Ruruo: novel MC sister. She's a pure, innocent angelic girl but secretly a succubus herself (even though she's not aware). Often ask for intimated moment with our MC.
  • Su Xuelan: our MC's sister (which is definitely not related by blood, she's adopted). A massive brocon. She dote on our MC so much that unknowingly ruin most of his plan. She has a huge disadvantage because our MC only see her as a sister.
  • Xia Xueqi: our MC's fiancee, she's the most cunning & 2nd devilish heroine. She has the most well-construct plan to get our MC love, she get the most progress so far.
  • Murong Hongxue: Queen of the criminal underworld, the most ruthless one. She doesn't mind using 'dirty' trick to get his attention.
  • Liu Mengning: famous actress. She likes to ride rollercoaster at night, she uses painting to catch fish. She's the most devilish one of them all.
The characters interactions are detail & flesh out. The catfight between the heroines are fun. The way the MC blissfully unaware there is a massive battle royal full of yanderes after his heart is funny as well.

The story has a comedic, lighthearted tone, well-paced. The translation is somewhat terrible at first but slowly improved as more chapters released. Definitely recommended. <<less
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Trashheap rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: c48
It's a pretty fun read, but there are some major issues with the protagonist's toxic level of 'optimism'. It isn't optimism, but pure refusal to see things realistically. He isn't dumb, but you'd think he'd realize something is going on after two or three time of things not going according to plot. But, nah, he's too blind to even consider that something changed after he reincarnated again. It's my biggest gripe with the story. If not for how well the other characters were written, I would have dropped the story... more>> in a heartbeat. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: c23
It's essentially a gag novel.

The running joke is only the MC & Novel MC are unaware of the fMCs plans. They're basically playing connect 4 while the fMCs are playing chess. The novel is fun, pacing is quick and it's well written with a likeable MC.

Have to see how it shapes up and expands on the premise. I hope it's not just face slapping bait over and over.
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Aharlequin rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: --
Very entertaining novel.

It's like eating like your favorite snacks and you would be addicted to the novel.

It is like ' Heroines peaking Villain's novel ' but this novel has more development and actual skinship than entire novel of ' Villain's novel '.

I have been reading a lot of Chinese Urban Novels and this novel is like fresh breath and quite amazingly written.

So it's 5 out of 5 novel.
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