Gyarugewe no Sekai yo, Youkoso!


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One day I suddenly got a chance to change the world, and without hesitation my wish came true. That’s right, all the branch off choices, events, and the lines of the characters of – everything I memorized about my beloved gal-game “Eternal Innocence” became reality. I originally wanted to go into the main heroine’s route, but somehow I ended up falling into multiple routes at the same time! And things that didn’t happen in the game started happening in real life! Will my heroine and I reach the true end?! Running through the infinite choices of real world, this is the 10th annual Entame Excellence Award story!!

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Galge no Sekai yo Youkoso!
Welcome to the World of Galgame!
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Date Group Release
06/07/10 Baka-Tsuki v1 scripted prologue
06/06/10 Baka-Tsuki v1 color pages
06/05/10 Baka-Tsuki v1 prologue
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