It’s Annoying Because My Childhood Friend Is An Archmage


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My childhood friend is an archmage.

To be more precise, he’s an archmage that cannot control his powerful mana and occasionally goes on a wild rampage.

“Skyla, would you like to have the empire for your birthday? I’ll make you the emperor!”

The most precise would be an archmage with no common sense and morals.

And I’m still struggling to keep him from destroying the Empire today.

…Life is very hard.


Every single day, the crown prince was dying as he cleaned up after my childhood friend and came to me.

“I need a fiance to inherit the throne. Why don’t we fake an engagement, Lady Skyla?”

“No, what kind of nonsense is that..!”

“In return after a year, I will send you to the Hebnia empire as it is the place you wanted to go so much.”

“….When do I start? Thank you so much.”

Can I finally escape the babysitting from my childhood friend? After dancing with the Crown Prince with such joy…

On the next day, it was reported that the walls of the palace were shattered by powerful mana.

Should I just give up on my life?

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I'm Suffering Because My Childhood Friend is an Archmage!
I'm Tormented Because My Childhood Friend is an Archmage!
소꿉친구가 대마법사라서 괴로워요!
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2 Reviews

Jan 27, 2023
Status: --
Currently reading the mtl and the MC is hardworking unfortunately her parents basically dumped their duties on it her to focus on their “love life”.. And so far she’s seems to be focused on working and male lead seems to be extremely attached to her.
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Apr 19, 2023
Status: --
Yeah, maybe this one just isn't for me.

The male lead is about as likeable as your average stalker and just as annoying.

He seems to think he "deserves" his "love", doesn't know when to give up after being rejected over 300 times, gets violent when he doesn't get what he wants, and has the wits of a brown paper bag.

Unfortunately for the FL, I'm sure the author will come up with some way to contrive their relationship into something resembling "romance". No chemistry, common ground or mutual attraction is needed when... more>> you have thr hand of God after all.

Not that it'll make for a entertaining story though, which I can assure you my few chapters of this so far were not.

If any of this intrigues you, by all means, I hope you enjoy yourself. <<less
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