It Seems The World I Reincarnated Into Has an Odd Gender Ratio


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The mundane protagonist, Jin Maehara, died in an accident one day. Just when he thought life was over, upon waking up again, he found himself in a parallel world where the ratio of women to men was overwhelmingly different, with a much higher number of females.

“Could I possibly create a harem with this…?”

This is the story of the reincarnated Jin and the women surrounding him.

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Redmi rated it
March 22, 2024
Status: c52
This novel is a better version of "Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu". The world setup is more realistic as accommodation to the lopsided gender ratio.

This novel's story is suspiciously similar too compared to Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu; I suspect that this novel's author has read that novel and noted some of the bad decision making problems that novel's MC has done and making sure his MC doesn't do the same.


... more>>

- This novel's MC did not accept the invitation to join the Student Council, opting instead to join a sport club.

- This novel's MC's family did not have a housekeeper/maid character, replaced by two female siblings instead. I have to point out that the mother character in both novels are carbon copies of each other.


Not only that, this novel has quite a lot of great 'multiple POV' segments, many comedic moments and dialogues including the toilet variety, but most importantly, the author suppressed the jealousy tendencies of the girls in this world. This allowed MC to openly sailed many boats simultaneously without repercussions.

And I have to say, MC's visit to the ahoge family and the preceding POV before it is the best part of the novel so far.

For the MC, his characterization starts slowly. At the start of this novel, the MC is not that different compared to other JP male MCs of other isekai novels that suffers from reduced IQ upon reincarnation or transmigration. But after a certain event where....


... the MC was groped in the train by a pe*verted girl in his first day at high school. The harem-building MC takes the assault in his stride and made the girl one of his boats instead. Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu's MC will not take that assault lying down.


In his quest for harem, the transmigrated MC will ab*se his high-spec character and will spout all those flowery and cringing dialogues and actions just to get what he wanted. This is where the author really shines. The author can make the MC do all those off-putting things without offending the sensitivity of the readers. Intergrating MC's 'disgusting' behavior with the main plot almost perfectly is a great job well done by the author.

The translation quality is good too from this translation group specializing in translating c*astity reversal novels. Unfortunately, only this novel from their list are any good. The others are either just bad or be awful at times.

If you are looking for another novel that reads just like the prematurely-ending Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu, this novel should go to your reading list. <<less
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