Living in a Class-Based World


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When Yuuta wakes up, he finds himself in a new body with most of his memories intact. It’s a world with a man to woman ratio of 1:10,000, rebuilt from the ashes of the old world – our current, modern world.

Naturally, men are treated as precious by each country, and they’re provided everything they need for living. But that comes at a price. Men have obligations and they are but one cog in a society of females which follows strict rules and adheres to a harsh class-based ideology and traditions.

This story is similar to World End Harem in its underlying idea, but unlike the manga, it follows a violence-free approach, putting more focus on the system. It contains soft p*rn and later on s*x scenes, but no non-consensual s*x like r*pe or NTR.

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l2aYz rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: --
I've finished the raw. It's a rare breed of r18+ novel that focuses on a story more than a s*x scene.

It's worth your time if you love gender reversal tag with a high female: male ratio. Most of the main chars have brain cells. Highly recommend.
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CommonSense rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: --
I've finished the raw.

This one right here is a hidden gem. It's so good, that it's weird that it never get translated before. It's so good that if only it wasn't a smut, it would probably have an anime. It's that good.

It's one of the "1:1000 gender ratio" type of smut, but it's just whole level different from the rest.

The author properly sets the problems of the world, and slowly unravels it as the story goes. By the end of story, you will realize why the author picked the genre.... more>> It's not just NSFW for the sake of fap material, it's NSFW because the world was the way it was.

And while the whole story is good, the NSFW parts wasn't a slack either. They're quite good for a smut. <<less
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February 16, 2023
Status: c5
As of time of writing, there are only 6 or so chapters. I'll try to be explicit in my description of what I perceived to be the general idea of the story.

Translation and editing: Quality is quite high. No obvious mistakes, and grammar, syntax as well shouldn't be of any particular concern. Doesn't look machine translated, so as long as the person responsible for it is the same, language shouldn't be a drawback. The Tl/editor chose to have certain Japanese terms bracketed so as to more accurately convey their uniqueness.

Concept:... more>> Well looking at the tags you'd expect a harem work filled with fan service to something semi-p*rnographic, and I'd say that impression seems to be mostly correct. No s*x or harem yet, but expect things to be heavily weighed towards a more s*xual nature. Ah the vistas of the human psyche and a profound understanding of -byologie- and -psykologi-, or, as the author would have it, fascinating events where women suddenly start masturbating uncontrollably upon seeing a penis, and salivating when smelling the "male pheromones" in the air, the rich c*ck musk and whatnot inflaming the s*xual desires of any nearby women. I predict many girls gravitating towards him in the future, the entire plot being centered around him enjoying this incredibly sexually charged world.

The author's fetishes for now seem to be quite similar to mine, so obviously a biased review: in this world, the ratio of women to men is astoundingly low. With phrases full of literary vigor such as "Hence, it was inevitable for men to have a predominant position in society. Women were submissive towards men, showing off their cuteness, beauty, and le*dness in order to draw a man's interest" and "[...]the permission to enter the Exclusive Male Zone was a cause for happiness, an honor, and a social status for the women of this world. Of course, the main objective for women here was to marry a superb male and have children with him, " reading this is analogous to reading someone else's masturbatory fanfic; the author being evidently a cis-gender male with a rather clear opinion of how a desirable woman should behave, and her place in society. A stark and honest look at the human condition, a placid and contemplative perspective on a society with wildly different mores and ideologies - this is not that. In fact, when our dear protagonist underwent a physical examination (regular checkup), four women gathered around him, with one of them giving him an enthusiastic handjob, and the others passionately masturbating. This was in a medical context, with the s*xual tones coming out of the blue, with no more justification than that women are extremely h**ny and incredibly easy to satisfy.

Oh, and his s**en is apparently of exceptional quality, being graded as very desirable and far better than those of his similarly old males. Expect much pining after his oh so majestic c*ck in the future.

This should be seen as one of those R18 novels around here, but definitely one of the better written ones (and fetishistic too. Not content with merely s*x or pe*verted waifus, nay, the author instead envisioned an entire world dipped in perversion and his own little harem desires.) I'm told there's quite a lot of material, so the chapters shouldn't be running out anytime soon. No r*pe apparently, no loli, no NTR (from women of course, men cheating on people isn't much of a concept), not yet any particular sissy behaviour or whatnot, probably a large harem, and women will all be said to have evolved to have exceptionally attractive bodies to attract men.

10/10 literary masterpiece. Sartre and Hobbes would have been proud. <<less
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anyaforger rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: c26
A fun adult read; that should have a comedy tag as the absurdity is hilarious.

Plot: World where men are few and treated as treasure. However, there is still a ranking system so the men have to work to achieve a desirable status. MC starts as the lowest rank and we watch his journey to improve with women's absurd reaction to normal actions.

The story starts off with a dark atmosphere, as MC is the lowest rank and looks down on by everyone. However, once the examination starts, it starts to look... more>> up to MC as he gets to live in a world where women desire any interaction with men; even the simple act of sharing a meal is a lifetime memory to this world's women.

It's an interesting read as there are a lot of relationship rules that MC learns through his journey; such as simply touching a woman is viewed as making them your lover or women need to pay more money in order to give men a higher ranking.

Highly recommend this for its' focus on it's gender system/society, funny reactions, and likable characters. <<less
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AReallyCoolGuy rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: Completed
A fairly fun smutty read; though it can't make up it's mind if it wants to be p*rn, or have a proper story - you'll often go through stretches where it's one or the either. Good luck trying to read a chapter for "literary purposes", only to get 20 chapters of world building, character development, and plot progression - only to get hooked wanting to know what happens next, and then be plot blocked by 10 chapters of s*x.

That said, I enjoyed the story quite a bit actually, it does... more>> start slow, but really picks up by the second volume, though there are some oddities to it (spoilers obviously) :

  • Like no one gets really annoyed that the original boy who was the MC was essentially mu*dered so he could be a better s*x machine. He had his personality replaced by someone else's... Yes, the body is alive, but if the personality and memories are wiped, how is that really different than mu*der?
    Some time later the story tries to clarify that "both souls" are there, but people should have been upset at some point in the story before then.
  • The character Saori is shown to be a fairly abusive mother who physically abuses her child, and mentally abuses her too by isolating her and showing clear preferential treatment to her other child... but this is all later swept under the rug as her being nothing more than "stern".
    This character has great development later on and has one of the most fun plot threads though.
  • Oh and the daughter she's abusing? She's shown in one chapter to be attacked by a manifestation of some sort that is attacking her sexually - but this is never brought up again.
  • The scumbag rival villain boy (I forgot his name) is probably considered to be the villain by most, and acts in a manner to make others miserable, but seems to not be too heavily punished. He just gets a bit embarrassed.
  • Meanwhile the sl*tty girl (layla? Liela? whatever) who simply liked fooling around, but unintentionally caused problems by doing so, seems to have quite literally gotten her brain melted.
    It's a shame too, because I think the character arc of her realising the harm her floozy lifestyle was causing and wanting to settle with a singular guy and appreciating the monogamous culture of the country she's in (compared to the sexually open country she's from) is a fun character arc... it just leads to a seemingly gruesome end for her.
  • We never really find out the ultimate fate of either of these characters though? Does floozy girl still live after the brain melting, or is she now a vegetable? Did scumbag guy turn his life around, or did he stick to his scummy ways?
  • Speaking of scumbag guy, he ultimately didn't respect women because he felt the women didn't really respect the men... and the story seems to prove him right. MC was an experimental test subject to make him a better stud, the boys are taken away from their mothers and raised on ipads (I wonder why the boys have behavioural problems?), boys/men are purposely made to have a very hard time meeting each other, if a boy is politically problematic (such as advocating for male rights) they are essentially put into a bubble where their influence cannot reach others (something that doesn't seem to happen to women).
    There just seems to be a string of examples that show the men being treated more like zoo animals rather than human beings.
  • Occasionally this sci-fi future world will have fantasy quasi religious mumbo jumbo thrown at you - which doesn't seem consistent or important to the story given the setting, but then suddenly the very last chapter seems to imply that it actually might be quite important... maybe?...
  • The ending is fairly good and satisfying, but that very last chapter (or the last part of it) blows.

So if you're looking for a fairly interesting take on the gender imbalanced story, with some occasional full blown s*x scenes - I think this is a pretty good option.
Hey, I enjoyed it enough to finish it with google translations, so it must be doing something right. <<less
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Kowsuashi rated it
March 1, 2024
Status: v2c10 part2
The other guy saying the character have brains is... A lie Though it wouldn't be wrong to say there is logic in their decisions. Eeeh its still p*rn logic.

As an actual story. The author fails to do anything worthwhile with the world. Typical lack of life experience making their characters become live streamers or shit... But volume 2 is not too fae into the story. But its still volume 2.
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December 23, 2023
Status: v2c2

If you're looking for only smut, don't bother. There is some, but it's largely not.

The story is good, though there are world-building elements that could affect immersion.

... more>> The MC is not a wimp, a few side characters are well developed, but many are 1D.

Story 4/5

The setting is post-apocalyptic with a new high-tech civilization having replaced the old one. Women outnumber men 10, 000:1. The MC is from the old world, reincarnated into the body of a guy from the current world.

It's not a bad story. Basically an isekai summoning to slay... not the demon lord. And it's time-travel rather than isekai.

World-building 4/5

In some ways, it's difficult to suspend disbelief because the setting is supposed to be sci-fi rather than fantasy.

  1. There is no explanation for the skewed gender ratio.
  2. The old world ended in a nuclear apocalypse. Food and (somehow) water ran out and countries nuked each other. I mean, desalination exists. Distillation exists. The planet is practically covered with water. The author somehow also thinks that nuclear power is barely controllable.
  3. Somehow, the memories and personality is transferred using genetic "fusion". That's not how that works.
  4. The odds of a male baby is better with natural conception rather than artificial insemination. Literally today you can go to a fertility clinic and pick the gender of your baby with IVF.

The social aspects are more believable and for the most part makes sense.

Men are not free to pursue their own lives, but are treated as a national asset. They are ranked A-F depending on how society perceives them. Women, on the other hand, have social class depending on how successful she is in attracting a high ranking male. High class women are those who have managed to marry and have children with a man. Their daughters have preferential access to men. Most women has never seen one. A few matriarchies exists that have been successful since the beginning.

Characters 4/5

Many of the side characters are 1D. That's probably because there are quite a few. That's OK, but they are usually the same big booty/titty woman that has an or**sm when a man comes within binocular range of her. A lot of the more developed characters also share this trait.

The MC and a few others are relatively well developed. Aoi and to a lesser extent Ayeka and Yukishiro. You get a sense of their personalities. A few others has potential. The MC is not a wimp, which is always unexpected and usually a plus.

The main male villain (classmate) is a bit comically evil, but not unbelievably so. You could understand his motivations given the context. It might be that he's already eliminated and just doesn't know about it yet.

The main female villain (matriarch) is also understandable given her context. She hasn't played a big role yet. So far, we've seen her being physically abusive because of her back story. I'm smelling a redemption arc. I'm not sure that would be good because in my mind there is never an excuse.

Other thoughts

  1. This is to a large extent shotacon. You see the 15 year old (previously 28) MC having s*x with women ranging in age (so far) from their mid 20s to early 30s. There are some love interests that are 15, which is also a bit of a problem for the opposite reason.
  2. If you're reading only for the smut, then don't bother.
  3. The translation is excellent. A few errors here and there, but largely very good and better than 99% of what you'll find on this site.
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