Starting as a Male Idol in a World with a 1:99 Gender Ratio ~Aiming to Bring Happiness to Girls in a World Reversed by Chastity~


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In a world where the gender ratio is heavily skewed at 1:99, with a majority of women,

Men have become herbivorous and withdrawn, while women are treated coldly by the men.

Born into such a world, Shirogane Aqua aims to fulfill his unrealized dream from his previous life – to become an idol.

“If men in this world are cold to women, then I want to deliver smiles and gratitude to the wounded women and heal them.”

Teaming up with Atori Ako, whom he met at his part-time job at a major talent agency, they embark on their entertainment career.

Their activities not only bring happiness and salvation to numerous women in Japan, but also spread their wings of salvation to the world.

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Danjohi Ichi Tai Kyuujuukyuu no Sekai de, Dansei Aidoru Hajimemashita. ~Teisou Gyakuten Sekai de Onnanoko o Shiawase ni Shitai~
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9 Reviews

New Ascardt
Sep 29, 2023
Status: v2c7
This one had everything to be good but it has one thing that I really hate, which is the fact that the author shoots everywhere which means that every 1, 2 or 3 chapters the MC is doing something different, in a chapter he's trying to become an idol, in another he's at school, in another he's doing Livestream. That's why I'm abandoning it just like I did with Never Die Extra.

Edit:In fact, this is my first evaluation on this site since when I don't like a novel I just... more>> forget about it and move on to the next one, but I had to evaluate this one because I expected a lot from it because of the title, the synopsis, the genres and of the tags (I've seen in some comments that many of them don't match the story). <<less
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New Wazouille
Sep 24, 2023
Status: v9c40
Hello fellow readers !

If you're looking for some h-reading, you can go away. There are some steamy passages here and there, but that's not the main focus.

The main focus of this novel is the story of Aqua, a young man from our world sent over there, who wanted to become an idol here and died at 20.

A world with such an overwhelming majority of women may be attractive for coomers, but we get to discover the pain these women endure in their everyday life. Aqua does too and decide to... more>> become and idol again, to make them all smile.

So yeah, it's really heartwarming.

But it's also absolutely hilarious. The comedy is really great and the 2chan-like threads are comedy gold that brought tears to my eyes and gave me abs.

You also have a good love development and we're getting to the point where the harem begins to form...

It's really a great novel to read, just don't go in with a coomer mind.

Can't wait for more chaps. <<less
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Jun 12, 2023
Status: c304
The tag is lying as f*ck, I usually do not review but this one is too pissed off.

... more>>

Polygamy my ass, Girls exist to fill that tag instead. MC does not touch them except for 1 girl which is pretty recent in my read. also can't count them as harem members at all, they did get attention, but act like a couple pretty no because he somehow just mostly gets act with the main girl only.


I can say... side characters get most POV for the entire novel rather than MC.

conclusion... I drop this novel, I am even confused why it is under 18+ novels when the writing style is pretty much just a normal novel. <<less
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Jun 08, 2023
Status: v1c21
So from what I've read, this is okay. There are things that might make you uncomfortable if this type of genre doesn't suit you.

Anyways, this is not role reversal. Where men become feminine and women become masculine. Nope, the men here are more reclusive all while the women are more h**ny.

The MC is trying to become an idol for the h**ny women is the gist of the story. Literally everything he does makes them wet. There's also hint of incest, but no incest yet. There are some explicit moments but... more>> no seggs scenes yet from what I've read up to.


The men are required to send their seed to the government or something for inspection and what not. So they are required to jack off on a highly specialized fleshlight. Or they can jack off with the help of their personal inspector.

MC is jacked off by his helper with the fleshlight modeled after her v*gina. And she is secretly h**ny for his D as per usual. He went again after being h**ny from his family of his mother and two sisters.


All right read, I guess. The writing is not bad. It's an ero novel at best, maybe becomes an h novel when more is TLed. Decent read if you like MC smiling like an angel causing orgasms at every women he meets. <<less
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Aug 29, 2023
Status: v7c27
Honestly, if you're reading for harem, this isn't really it. The girls get very little screen time compared to the men, and the male side characters get an unusually high amount of development, povs, and interactions. In comparison, the girl characters just show up for a few chapters at a time, and sometimes are just completely neglected, like his older sister or his sp*rm handler or his classmates, who've only been mentioned a few times in the past few volumes. The main female characters aren't even involved with him most... more>> of the time, and we usually just see them chatting or in a forum reacting to whatever the MC does.

I don't know what the author's goal is in this, but the male characters are unreasonably talented and are all good at whatever they do for no reason, and are placed by the mc's side constantly, put in his talent agency, and pushed to the forefront along with him in whatever he does in the acting or singing for no real reason. And it doesn't really make sense either, because when they're introduced, they're just a normal male classmate, a normal classmate who likes to crossdress, a music producer, a composer, a designer, etc. And then now they're singing and acting by his side even though they had no background with that previously. Like the crossdresser was a vtuber, for like a week, and then he's singing and stuff with his real face right after, like what was the point.

I don't have a lot to say about the female characters, because after they're introduced, you don't really hear a lot from them. They can be summed up as a variety of the mc's fans aside from a few that get a few more interactions due to the nature of their professions. The main female lead you see the most is a princess who is another fan is I guess is the lead because she's the richest, prettiest, and is a literal princess of a country. Anyway her only traits are; Fan, rich, princess.

Anyway I'm still reading anticipating the harem, and I think its cute how all the fans react sometimes.

Long story short, not really my preference, as theres too much time on male characters and all the 'harem' aspects get sidelined for the mc's and his male friends entertainment gigs. <<less
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Aug 10, 2023
Status: v6c10
The novel is truly addictive in parts and then very annoying and bland because it seems that the author wants to develop the characters in a good way so if you are reading this expecting the protagonist to f*ck all the girls quickly then you will find it annoying.

... more>>

Personally I hate everything related to the protagonist's friends like Toa, I consider them disposable and unnecessary characters for the plot and I also hate that the protagonist is a siscon who only pampers his younger sister and completely ignores the other members of the family, the older sister hasn't had a conversation with the MC in almost 70 episodes and is supposedly the most supportive member of the family, so it bothers me that the younger one has more prominence.


Even so, removing the things that I personally hate, there are characters that I love like Shumi and the other heroines and I personally like that they are all very sexually pe*verted, it makes me laugh a lot. <<less
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Jul 26, 2023
Status: --
Honestly this one is in a bit of a weird spot. First off all this started out as a smut story in a gender reverse world where there is about 1 man for every 100 women at the same time there is also a chastity reverse world where women are crazy about s*x and men being r*ped or kidnapped is a daily occurence while most men instead are herbivores who are often scared of women.

In comes the MC who on his debut as a male idol died because a part... more>> of the set fell and crushed him to death. So compared to every other man in this new world he is instead more in line with a normal teenage boy from our world and doesn't really understand that all the girls wants to spread their legs to him.

So the story is pretty much a smut story set up with an attractive h**ny guy in a world of reverse gender and a heavy skew towards the amount of women. At first the story heads in a fairly obvious way with the MC getting involved with a bunch of girls and doing some semi raunchy stuff but then all of a sudden it turns into more of a normal beta male story where the MC is involved with a bunch of girls but doesn't get together with any of them. So after the first few chapters where there was some s*xual stuff for the next 80 or so chapters nothing really happens.

Spoilers ahead.


Then he get's involved with one girl throwing herself at him but then he has to decline it because he can only sleep with someone he's in a relationship with, then over the next 20-30 chapters he starts a relationship with someone but then he can't do it with her because it's to early for them and then a third woman throws herself at him naked but again he can't do it because now he's in a relationship so it would be unfair to her.

So the story doesn't become much of an R-18 rated story at all and it isn't until ch 143 when the MC has gotten married that he loses his v**ginity and even then it's barely half a chapter of smut then afterwards there is some smut after this but to be honest there isn't much smut for the next 200 chapters or so.


Instead the focus of the story is around the MC being an idol in this gender reverse world and the fans and other girls reactions to what the MC does. For instance a large part of the story is written in the form of forum posts made by female fans reacting to what the MC is doing while also telling us some of the stuff that that is happening in the surroundings.

So the story while being posted on an R-18 site and explained as a smut story seemingly makes such a sudden shift is because the author also started posting the same story on a R-15 site but they don't want to rewrite it a lot so instead most of the stuff instead focuses around the R-15 parts and then it is just copy pasted between the two sites but on the R-15 site it just cuts out the raunchy stuff while it is fully posted on the R-18 site however because of this it's almost entirely catered towards an R-15 audience so to prevent to much of the story being cut out.

So if you read especially the first part of the story about 10ish chapters it really feels off compared to the rest of the story since it really seems like the author starts out with a story that is smut focused only to then change direction. Because of this the story also becomes a bit weird to be honest since a lot and I really mean a lot of the focus of the story is about how h**ny all the girls are for the MC while the MC in turn is h**ny for them but won't do anything because of different excuses like, I'm an idol and idol's can't have relationships, oh I can't sleep with someone I'm not in a relationship with, we are to young even if we are in a relationship, I'm sorry but I can't do it because I am in a relationship.

This coming from an MC with the setting and introduction, if I remember right, that the MC is super handsome and fairly buff, has a D twice the size of the average, 10x the libido of a normal man and highest quality swimmers so he's recommended to come and donate them as often as he can. In a world where gender roles are reversed where there is 1 man for every 100 women and polygamy is the norm and men are recommended to marry or start a relationship with as many women as they can handle. There is also the fact that in the character introductions the author will add stuff like the girls erogenous zone or favorite positon (even though almost all of them are virgins).

So with the above setting how the story plays out becomes a bit weird.

With all of that said the story is okey, there is nothing really spectacular about it and I honestly get a bit annoyed at how much effort the author puts into what happens around the MC since at times there is seemingly no progress at all because one part happens during 1 chapter and then another 5+ chapters are spent from different characters watching that one part or the forum posts talking about that one part. So it can become quite repetetive at times. At the same time this also let's us the readers see from a lot of different characters view points and how they feel.

So the problem in my book becomes that this is supossedly a smut story but then it's not because the author wants to post it as both a smut and not a smut, there is also the fact that because of the writing style the story either jumps quite a bit or is very repetetive on certain parts. The smut parts are also very rare, there is also the fact that some of them are just randomly inserted but then mentioned that it never actually happened in the main story. The author has also started to add Extra chapters that work as a view in some stuff that isn't happening in the main story, other stuff that randomly happens around the world like a shota having s*x with his family, what if situations like.

If the friend of the MC's boss decided to make a move on the MC since she's in love with the MC's boss and knows the boss likes the MC so by becoming the MC's wife and making him also get together with the boss they can have threesomes so she can do girl on girl stuff with the boss.

The extra chapters also include illustration for most of the girls around the MC.

But all in all the story is quite the mess because of how the author has chosen to both deliver and handle the story. Since I can't stress enough how the story starts as a smut, seemingly wants to be a smut but then isn't a smut but then wants to be a smut just not an actual smut so that it can still be read as R-15 instead of R-18.

So in the end I'll give it a 3/5 just because the story overall is okey I guess. <<less
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Jul 10, 2023
Status: v3c11
Well, it's not a bad read but that's it

Basically MC reincarnated in a world where there are almost no men, since they are so precious, they act like a**holes to women and MC got many girls follower because he is nice (they are online fans tho, they don't interact with MC)

As that guy adobe said, if you came here looking for +18 you'll get disappointed. Men have to be milked by law but there was just handjob in 3 volumes. It feels like a bait for h**ny readers (of... more>> course you know that he eventually is going to do a girl but at ultra slow pace) <<less
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Sep 20, 2023
Status: v8c24
Normally I don't comment, but I will for this one since it's a bizarre one.

At first, it's clear that the author aims for a very typical chastity-reversed story with the intention of making it quite erotic. However, as the story progresses, the author changes its path to be focused on the MC and his male friends 's growth in the idol industry, abandoning the story's main idea. It's not bad but in exchange for this, the story isn't about school life and ordinary life stuff, it is now rather more... more>> of a classical harem story. There isn't much drama and the author doesn't seem to manage their characters well. The main focus is his growth as an idol.

As a chastity-reversed story, that fact is basically thrown away. At first, it did look like a chastity-reversed story but as the story progresses, the author just seems to slowly forget about its main essence. Only the good things about a chastity-reversed story affect the MC, other things such as stalkers, s*xual harassment, stresses, and crazy girls are only mentioned and conveniently kept away from the MC for "good reasons* or do no harm to him. The point is, the author doesn't view the chastity-reversed with a "reversed" perspective, as if man in that story is the only problematic thing.

In conclusion, don't expect an R18, school life, normal life matters and a very much chastity-reversed story from this novel.
(I'm writing this at 1 A.M, so some of my points might seem invalid as I couldn't provide much backup information.) <<less
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