Sonohi Sekai ga Kawatta


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On that day, the world’s aesthetic sense on beauty and ugliness is suddenly reversed. Fujimura who used to be bullied and shunned due to his ugliness suddenly became a good looking bishounen to the others. Apart from his encounter with a girl who was stalking him, his life will undergo a really drastic change.

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That Day the World Changed
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Date Group Release
06/09/16 RinkageTranslation c5
04/20/16 RinkageTranslation c4 part2
04/19/16 RinkageTranslation c4 part1
01/30/16 RinkageTranslation c3
01/30/16 RinkageTranslation c2
01/30/16 RinkageTranslation c1
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OneEyedLich rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: --
Protagonist is extremely ugly and bullied but one day, everything change. Every girls turn back to look at him on the streets, he became extremely popular.

One day, at night, he goes to the convenience store.

He is stalked by the ex top 3 girl of his school who has gone crazy for him
He's going to take advantage of it, and he turns into a male yandere lol

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Icura rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: c9 part1
You would think that this would be like most of the others in the genre: mindless harem. However, it only deals with one guy and one girl, both at opposite ends of the appearance spectrum. Even though the world's sense of beauty is reversed, he keeps his previous sensibilities, thus it's actually a strangely cute story of a couple dealing with the prejudices of the world.

With plenty of smut, of course.
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fearthedeep rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c28 part2
Pretty good, I'm actually enjoying this story quite a lot. I get the feeling he's going to go after those "top three beauties" and make them do lewd things. The s*x scenes and stuff are pretty good, and the story itself is decent. Hope to see more.

Edit: After being pretty stubborn, MC finally does some one besides his dear 1st Yandere.
Hope the Harem comes soon.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mnotia rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: --

That is a accurate representation of myself while reading this necronomicon.

The story is (in my opinion) a really well and set out stage for amazing potential but there are some variables that might irritate you along the way, example:

... more>>

Shizukis (whatever) aunt was jealous of her because the MC wouldn't love her I guess so she was thinking of making her "disappear" and take her place as the mc's lover/meat toilet. This could have been escalated for a few more chapters of the aunt kidnapping shizukipukimoo and the MC saving her or killing her off.

But the author decided to stick the MC and the aunt in a restroom and shizuki watashi has disappeared somewhere. Then after the MC f*cks more crazy into her in the restroom we slowly see that shizuki naraharas family is really f*ckin weird.


There are alot of possible outcomes of events going on in the story but the author took the easiest cookie cutout ones (the weird cookie cut outs) but the author makes it work by giving nice detail for those messy scenes.

All in all, my opinion of this story so far is that the MC is pretty normal (in a Asperger type of way) and the thought process of said MC is similar to that of someone that read Isekai Yururi- Raising children in a different world but the first time the group (MC and kids) meet a orc they wanted allen and elena to be captured a and trained. At the end the settings good just cause its japan... but reversed....

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SeventhTale rated it
November 12, 2017
Status: c14 part1
I quite like this one. Even when the world values changed which gives the MC a chance to almost do all girls he like he doesn't stick with that idea. I love how the MC retain his value as man and being not blinded by s*x and love even though his yandere. It's an R-18 novel which have a seemingly dark events but not since the MC is not that sadist.
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Redmi rated it
December 14, 2018
Status: c25 part1
When you have dialogues like “Aaaaaaaaaaaah ♡ I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry ♡ Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♡ I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy ♡“ you realize that this novel is not about the R-18 scenes, because they sucks. See that 'yandere' tag there? That, and also with a 'mystery' equivalent tag, are reasons you read this novel.

After all, I want to know how far the MC can push it when he stick it in crazies. Because there are only two outcomes for this novel, if the author ever wants to finish it. The... more>> MC lives, or he sees the boat. <<less
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Akemua rated it
February 25, 2017
Status: --
It's different but not my cup of tea. Actually, it's quite boring; but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Honestly, it's just a novel where some random nobody that's ugly as hell is suddenly seen as someone extremely hot because the world's perception of beauty changed. If you like that idea you might like this. Character wise they aren't too bad I suppose, cringy but that's kinda the point of this I guess? Plot? Lol.

I gave it something like a 2.7 simply because it's setting is different; still, couldn't bring myself to... more>> like it. <<less
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August 25, 2019
Status: c43
Very intriguing idea, but poor execution. Situations with the girls, especially the yandere, never escalate and probably never will.

The author always chooses the most easiest, non-realistic methods to write the story.

Nonetheless, the ero-scenes themselves are fine, and well-written.
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Gillmour rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: --
Interesting story, where you can understand many things if you think about it in hindsight.

but all this is eclipsed with things a little mundane, you do not know where the story will go, it's just something like a story of self-insertion.

It is also full of unnecessary text to over-think things and each new chapter gives you as a summary of what was left in the previous chapter as if I were a retard, knowing that this is a novel +18 treat me as a child.

for some reason it has been... more>> abandoned, because the same author must have realized that, history does not go to anything. It could be good with that of inversion of beauty but the author only filled his fantasies. <<less
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