Is My Attacker A Ghost


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The chaos caused by bullying reveals that ghosts are actually nearby.
Ouija boards, the Four Corners game, a dilapidated copper basin, and the ghostly shadows that follow at all times… Fear pushes Tong Xiaosong to the brink of collapse, but unexpectedly, it becomes his only redemption from the bullying.

CP: Zhi Xian X Tong Xiaosong
Content Advisory: Sweet pet, both are inexperienced, ghost as the dominant partner

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MiniPickleTL rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c108
Hello! Translator here!

I really enjoyed translating this novel I found it interesting when I first read it. I'm glad I got to share it with all of you guys!

I decided to translate this novel since it was nice seeing something ghost related. Growing up my grandparents were really into alot of supernatural stuff so I already had alot of knowledge in this field.

My personal opinion on the novel: ... more>>

There's alot of character developement for the main character. He is a little timid and shy at the start but he develops as the novel progresses and he becomes more confident. There's a nice balance between comedy and creepy events in this novel which is also nice.

One chapter might describe the nastiest, creepiest thing you could ever imagine whilst the next chapter is just comedy.

I've seen alot of people question and talk about how Zhi Xian acted at the start since his actions are a little weird to Tong Xiaosong. Keep in mind he's a paper person who mostly learnt about the world through Gu Xuan and other students which I guess kind of is the reason for his actions?

Ke Lin's death was really sad but he's living a good life as a ghost atleast!

I also like how this novel shows the consequences of troubling with the supernatural and the explanations of yin and yang!


It's sad it came to an end but all good things come to an end. Thank you for the lovely support during the translations!

ˁ•ᴗ•ˀつ~<3 <<less
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Lucy666 rated it
April 26, 2024
Status: Completed
I love this story so freaking much! The plot, the characters, the relationships!

The ML is absolutely hilarious. And he actually felt human, which is ironic since... more>>

he's actually a paper man turned into a human. His non-human qualities show themselves sometimes, but he's got a lot of character development, from an ignorant and somewhat violent non human to a law abiding human who follows all the laws (well, most of them)

It has smut but I'm not sure if the author actually knows how it works. At least they tried. Blood is used as lube, but not in the way you'd think. It's ML's blood. I can't — I wheezed so hard when ML just bit his wrist and used his blood as lube because he couldn't think of anything else and he also refused to let the MC feel even a shred of pain. ML is basically baby and that's what he learnt from the memories he got for some other people. Both ML and MC are so freaking cute and adorable together I melt.


The best thing about this story is the ML. The second best thing is the MC. Their character development, ML gets more gentle, MC gets a bit more violent. I love it. I absolutely love how much they influence each other positively, and trust each other so much that nothing can break it. Mc's friends and sister are also so cute.

I also like the fact that the ML actually makes friends. He'll help people because he's genuinely nice, and not because the MC wants him to. He has his own consideration of what's right and wrong. He's so different from those black bellied cold face CEO wannabes. Tho he is somewhat sly and black bellied, it's at an acceptable level for me.

Also, I don't feel like it was a scary read. It can't even be called proper horror. Or maybe my perception is off after reading stuff like my iyashikei game and my house of horror?

Translation is pretty good. All in all, it deserves a 5 star from me. <<less
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Couldnt_Tell_Ya rated it
April 3, 2024
Status: Completed
The story starts a lil frustrating as how unconfident and scared the MC is but as the story progresses it turns into a fluffy story as the MC learns to be more confident with the help of Mr ghost.

Very interesting mix of slice of life and horror.
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maevalily rated it
April 2, 2024
Status: c108
This was scary, cute and funny and I love that the ML was so nice and caring (and not completely exclusively towards MC) and wasn’t yandere!
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Wintercreeper rated it
June 21, 2024
Status: c87
I don't have many chapters left and usually don't drop novels so close to the end, but I can't stand all the dub/non-con anymore.

The first incident could have been okay due to the circumstances, but ML continues to do what he wants no matter if MC agrees or not.
It's made worse by the massive power imbalance, MC can't get away from ML, he basically had no choice but to "fall in love", which seems more like some kind of mental deviation caused by trauma and force due to ML making it clear that MC is 100% under his control.


Not to mention that ML is a mu*dering lunatic who is God knows how much older than MC.
Bullying is bad, the perpetrators obviously needed some serious repercussions, but mu*dering them gruesomely, and then convincing MC, a traumatised teen, that ML did a good thing, is nothing but gaslighting of the worst kind.


I do agree with another reviewer who pointed out that the writing is very juvenile and the writer likely very young, it matches with all of the questionable choices she made, there is a severe lack of maturity in both her writing and mindset.

Can't recommend, it's just downright creepy and uncomfortable to read.
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Rollandx rated it
May 31, 2024
Status: c50
[Dropped] I almost never give a review when I don't finish reading the novel. But I have to give a review for this.

The writing style is very childish, I doubt if the author is mentally mature. Well, maybe that's because MC and his friends are still in high school. But bro, the first 20 chapters of the story are very good, why does it become ruined after that? If you want to know what it is like, please read it yourself.

However, if you hate MCs who are s*upid, naive, s*upid,... more>> weak, and s*upid, don't even try to read it, you will be tormented by at least half of the story

Actually, the potential for this novel is very good, unfortunately... sigh <<less
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shuulys rated it
April 11, 2024
Status: Completed
Not bad... although the MC is not my favourite type of MC, he still grows to be strong and confident after some time. The ML is a little hmmm sus when it came to their very 'first' encounter (4 corners) but I guess he does love and dote on the MC alot so all is fine. I also didn't expect the novel to have smexy scenes 👀
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secondthots rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Definitely not like anything I was expecting

I was assuming something along the lines of Misplacement Game only to be baffled about the events that occurred instead. It’s been a while since I finished a novel—I’ve been half-assing a lot of them recently. But this one gripped me in ways I didn’t anticipate.

For one, the plot. Classic bullying, ghost to the rescue-sort of spin... but the twists—very unique. MC gets dragged into playing ghost games by his bullies & sh*t hits the fan very quickly. There’s mystery, a lot of graphic... more>> scenes, & crazy things happening. Makes me wonder why anyone would think messing with the ouija board at the dead of night is a fun idea. Absolutely absurd.

Not a perfect story, but it sure keeps you reeled in. If you enjoy haunts, supernatural romance, & being friends with spirits... this may be your cuppa!


But honestly the weasel getting with his sister??? Had my jaw hitting the FLOOR

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Fisukisuki rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: c101
Finished the main story and gonna read the rest of the extras later (I'm busy 😢), but I want to review this novel early.

Nothing I would ever expect. Th identity of the ML, the way he appear and introduce himself to MC. The valid misunderstanding that aching but understandable. The revelation and the acceptance.

Like seriously, I LOVE how the author wrote the characters. Sure the bad people makes me want to crush them, but... ... more>>

they end up died anyway. So we feel relieved without them. Lol 🤣


But I truly love how the author wrote the (good) characters are who are Flawed, but they are Good. They know the world is not just Black and White. That's why ML let MC have those good friends. And those friends also not trying to be Saint or Righteous.

I'm talking about when ML reveal his identity. They know who to trust.


Anyway this Novel was Intense in Exciting way but also Sweet when MC and ML get together. Also Heartwarming with the Family and Friends.

It's Solid Gold and Precious and I Love it SOOOOOOO FREAKING MUCH!!! <<less
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ntww12 rated it
March 27, 2024
Status: Completed
This story is a gem.

It’s a scary horror story. Really scary for me with lots of ghosts. Minimal comedic moments.

What I liked is that there is a clear storyline: It starts people who played with ghost games (like in many movies with Oujia board and all that) and suffer the consequences while trying to stay alive. Later there are other supernatural happenings in the story once the main mystery was solved.

The second thing I liked was the character development. The MC starts off as a bullied timid boy but in... more>> the story he gradually gets braver and more sure of himself. It is with the help of the ML.

What I had doubts about: The ML and his initial mol*st of the MC. Sometimes the ML acts too straightforward but I guess I can understand why.


He is after all not human. So I guess he’s also a bit weird? Idk. I didn’t quite like how MC first encounters ML.


To me I felt the romance was a bit rushed. But the story focused a lot on the horror aspect while the romance complementef it so I guess it was necessary.

I also like the side characters that turned up later. The three new roommates.


I felt sad about the Ke Lin arc though. That was really sad when they all cried.


Translation is 9/10 with some minor name errors. But very well done. Thank you!

A great read. Just try not to read at night cause it is scary. <<less
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sbob rated it
May 15, 2024
Status: Completed
Good series of ghostly adventures with the gang, with different scenarios that they eventually resolve. Main ghost plot line has a bit of build up but not much.

The romance is questionable, if it’s going to be toxic I rather it go all the way. My main issue is that the MC didn’t get very likeable for me. To be fair, I prefer strong leads, was hoping he would grow into it, but he never really did, other than mentally adjusting a little after he stopped getting bullied. ML was a... more>> psycho ghost gong who was gentle only to MC, which was cute in a way, but really wish MC was stronger willed, grew up, unwillingly fell for ML, both descend into hell together, hahaha.

The side character friends were cute and funny, nice camaraderie between them.


The death of one of them was quite shocking, but helped set the comedic tone.


Smut was surprisingly detailed and good, lol. <<less
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Vanlatte rated it
May 14, 2024
Status: Completed
A gem.

Although I kinda skipped when it comes to the romance, everything else is good.

[Note: not because it's bad, I'm just not in the mood..]

The characters are 3D (yes, the side characters too). Idk if it's because I've read too much of where the supportings are just there for MC and ML, but even a one chapter only appearance character is 3D.

The plot, the ghost story. It's short but very fullfilling.

Overall I'm very satisfied.
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Lotusmaker rated it
May 11, 2024
Status: c108
I found the novel to be quite captivating and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. From the compelling plotline to the well-developed characters, I was completely engrossed in the story from beginning to end. Overall, it was a highly satisfying read that left me feeling thoroughly entertained.

Enjoyed enough for it to be my first review. :)
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Smtha rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Its a true good horror story. But along the way it’s become sweet and endearing. Love the horror and a boy journey to grow up and learn to lived. But mostly I think the most horror part is those human who were wicked and bullies. Even the story gives a satisfying revenge I think its is still a fantasy outcome if a person didn’t know how to fight back and be strong in reality. So just let it be an entertaining story. I really pleasantly surprised there’s actual smut here.... more>> Its rare nowadays with good storytelling. If you enjoyed the good trill and sweet ends, this a recommended read. Thank you <<less
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